Step Mother’s Advice – The conclusion of Step Mother Advices

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Ben lined his up with Cynthia's pussy and pressed the tip inside her tight pussy lips. He felt the pressure squeeze on him as he pressed inside. He heard Cynthia moan while kissing Angela. Thrusting inside her, Ben had to force his bare cock in and out of Cynthia several time before he pushed all the way inside her.

“Arrghhh oh !” Cynthia cried as Angela kissed and sucked on her neck. Bucking his hips Ben picked up the speed. “Oh my god, baby, yes yes fuck me!”

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Ben gathered Angela's loose hair into a ponytail grip with one hand as he Cynthia. His hand gripping Angela's fat breast with one hand as he fucked Cynthia's tight pussy. Suddenly, he pulled out of Cynthia and guided his cock inside of Angela's eager pussy.

“Oh god!” Angela cried out as Ben pulled her head back by her hair. “Oh my god, yess…”

With hard bucks of his hips, Ben fucked his hard making her giant breasts clap together with every thrust. Cynthia pinched her nipples and mashed Angela's breasts together as Ben fuck her pussy raw with a hard grip of her hair.

“Ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh yeah yeah!” Angela cried out as another orgasm washed over her. “Ohhhh godddd…”

Ben pulled his cock out from her pussy and rammed it back inside Cynthia who wasn't ready. “Ahhhh fuck!” Cynthia cried.

Her legs closed around Ben's hips refusing to let him pull out as he fucked her deeply. Angela twerked her hips, grinding her clit down on Cynthia's wet clit as the euphoria erupted between them. The sweaty mash of bodies squeezed, pinched, grinded on another as the chorus of screams peaked.

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“Oh god- oh god, Ben,” Cynthia moaned. “. Cum inside my pussy baby!”

Ben gritted his teeth and groaned at her sweet words. His hands gripped Angela's thick hips as he fucked Cynthia's tight pussy. Cynthia's voice screamed, “I'm cumming I'm cumming oh god yes I'm- I'm… ahhh!”

Ben's cock spasmed hard as he released strings of hot cum inside Cynthia's tight wet pussy. She writhed just as Angela writhed as she came again, grinding her pussy on Cynthia's. Ben held his shaft inside Cynthia until the last drop of his cum had oozed out and inside of the girl before he collapsed in the bed beside the two women.

His oldest stepsister and his other stepsister's best friend. What a wild weekend. How did this happen? Where is this going?

After several minutes of them catching their breath, Angela stood up in silence, gathered her clothes and left Ben's bedroom. Cynthia and Ben remained naked in his bed longer. They held each other in silence with Cynthia curled into Ben's chest. He didn't know what would happen when Brittany came home. He didn't know what he would say to his when he went up stairs. He didn't know what would happen with his father when he finally came home from the business trip. What Ben did know was, he was going to be the man he was meant to be from now on.

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