Step Mother’s Advice – The conclusion of Step Mother Advices

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Cynthia chewed on her lip as her eyes darted between Ben's face and his long cock. She tried to match her fingers fucking her to the strokes of his shaft. As if every stroke of his shaft was him pumping it inside her pussy. She had longed to be fucked by Ben for some time now. It was an off the wall at one point but now it was a desire she needed. She must have him. The thought of his cock exploding inside her pussy. Shooting his sticky deep inside her.

Cynthia's fingers vibrated on her clit over and over as her eyes rolled back into her skull and the pleasure overcame her. She orgasmed three times before Ben finally shot his load into a clump of tissues in his palm. Cynthia heard the moans explode from the porno when Ben accidentally disconnected his headset. The big breasted woman cried out fakely, “Oh, yes, son! Fuck your stepmommy right in her pussy!”

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Ben scrambled to close his laptop before the moans rang through the house. Cynthia retreated and hid before she could be spotted by a now paranoid Ben. Sneaking back upstairs, Cynthia couldn't help but toy with an idea. If Ben desires his … maybe he should get her…

Chapter 2


“Hey,” Cynthia said, startling Ben from his phone on his bed.

“Oh, sorry, hey,” Ben said sitting up right. “What's up?”

Cynthia giggled at how quickly and easily Ben always apologized. You know, all he really needs is a spine and he might be the perfect . “Your wants you to bring up any laundry you need done. She's putting in a load.”

“Right, thanks,” Ben said, scooping a few items of clothes off the ground and tossing them into a laundry bag he had at the foot of his bed.

“You should enjoy it while it lasts,” Cynthia smirked. “Once you're off at you're going to be all on your own.”

“What? You will be there,” Ben said. “I thought you'd take over doing my laundry.”

“In your dreams.” Cynthia laughed. “What are you up to today?” Cynthia asked.

“Oh, I just was going to meet up with some . You know, last time I'd see them for a bit after I leave next week. but I'd be back later tonight.”

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“Anyone else you have to say bye to?”

“Not really,” Ben shrugged. “Short list.”

“So, no new then?” Cynthia asked with a twist in her hips. Her pencil skirt lifted some as she moved.

Ben retreated, stepping back as his face cheeks reddened, “What? Um. Uh no, nothing- no girlfriends.”

Cynthia smiled and leaned back against the door frame to his bedroom. The girlish smile drawn across her lips, her shirt raised up above her belly button, and her skirt inched up her thigh as her foot leaned back against the door frame. Cynthia caught Ben's eyes dipping below her eye line as he drank in her body. Ben was such a polite boy, him even having inappropriate thoughts about her caused Ben to feel ashamed. He looked down and fumbled with his stack of old high school papers on his desk.

“You know, you're a good looking boy,” Cynthia said. “You don't need to be single for the rest of your life.”

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