Step Mother’s Advice – The conclusion of Step Mother Advices

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“Oohhgodddd!” Angela exploded as Ben's fell from her and her juices squirted down her legs and his. She shrunk down to her hands and knees, collapsing in front of the desk as she panted. “Ohfuu- it it won't stop. I I can't- mmmmmnahh,” Angela mouthed as she writhed on the floor through the continuous .

It wasn't until Angela's orgasm finally passed and she began taking deep breaths to calm herself did Ben hear a whimper from his doorway. Without thinking he walked over there. His cock still swinging between his legs.

“Oooomm,” the high pitched whimper came again and he saw even Angela had sat up from her place on the carpet to see what that sound was.

Ben opened the bedroom door and saw the woman wearing a white top with no bra that exposed her hard piercing through her shirt. She had a cornflower blue short skirt that was flipped up to her belly with her knees spread eagle. Cynthia's slender fingers were fast at work on her clit, rubbing viciously on it. Ben saw her beautiful eyes pinched shut and her free hand clasped over her open mouth trying and failing desperately to muffle her escaping moans.

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“Is someone there?” Angela's exhausted voice sounded concerned.

Ben looked back at his naked stepsister then back at Cynthia who was still riding her orgasm. Ben smirked and thought of one word. Confidence.

And with that he reached down and startled Cynthia into a gasp as he grabbed her arm to bring her in his room.

“Cynthia!” Angela screamed, startled. Ben didn't hesitate. Pulling Cynthia to her knees beside the bed, her his throbbing cock. Cynthia wore a smile of excitement as she parted her lips as she took the head of Ben's cock into her mouth for the . Her eyes closed and her tongue lapped the head of his penis over and over as she savored the moment.

Cynthia's tiny hands wrapped around his shaft as she pumped his shaft while her lips worked up and down the head of his cock. With each push, her lips went farther and farther down his shaft making him groan.

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Angela, tipsy from the alcohol, swayed from side to side where she knelt on the bed in a daze as she watched the site. Ben threw his head back in a grunt before looking down into Angela's eyes. There was curious interest in her eyes as she watched Cynthia devour his shaft. When Cynthia suddenly deep throated his entire shaft, gagging on it, Ben closed his eyes and grunted until she pulled her lips off of him.

When Ben opened his eyes Angela was on her knees beside Cynthia and grasping his shaft. Stroking his wet hard member she pushed her lips down his shaft as Cynthia took his balls in her mouth one at a time. Switching back and forth. Angela's massive breasts bounced as her head bobbed up and down on his cock. Their lips met around Ben's cock. They kissed and licked at the tip of his penis as Cynthia's hand cupped Angela's breasts.

Ben grabbed Cynthia by her arm and raised her up to her feet and pushed her down on the bed. Cynthia looked up at Ben with excited wonder as she was tossed around under Ben's charge. Angela was guided on top of Cynthia. Straddling Cynthia, Angela mounted her as she immediately leaned forward. Their breasts mashing into another as they kissed, experimenting with another beyond what they had previously.

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