Step Mother’s Advice – The conclusion of Step Mother Advices

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“I'm not- I mean, I won't,” Ben said defiantly.

“You know, your has been talking about you. She even said she couldn't believe you were still single. She said how good looking you are, and how she'd like to give you some advice, you know, some like, pointers about relationships, but she didn't want to be too forward about it.” Cynthia shrugged. “Maybe you should ask her about some advice at some point…” Cynthia turned to leave the room as she saw Ben pondering her words. With a final smirk she said, “just a thought…” before disappearing up the stairs.

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Cynthia hung out up stairs with Brittany for some time just watching TV in her room. She listened to Sharon loading the washer downstairs. Time passed before she heard Ben's car start and leave the driveway. About the time Sharon was switching the load of laundry into the dryer, Cynthia snuck back down stairs into the basement. Opening Ben's laptop she looked up the website history on his browser. She found a slew of video all filled with curvy stepmom's being by strong, muscle bound men. Men Ben wishes he could be like…

Cynthia found a particularly video that was rather long and positioned the laptop so that it faced the open bedroom door. Pressing play, she looked at her phone and thought she timed it out right. The dryer should finish any minute, giving Sharon enough time to fold the clothes and come down here to drop off Ben's clean clothes as she normally does.

The video was 39 minutes long. She turned the video volume up so that it was definitely noticeable when Sharon came into the room. Cynthia found herself hesitating as she thought about leaving the bedroom. Was this a good idea? What if it didn't turn out as I thought? Is this what I really want?

The buzzer on the dryer went off indicating it was done. Leaving Ben's door open, Cynthia quickly snuck back up the stairs before Sharon came to finish folding the laundry. She was committed now.

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Chapter 3


Breakfast was filling and exactly what Cynthia needed. The orange juice took the edge off of the slight hangover she had from the night before. It still was as surreal as any dream or fantasy she ever had. Glancing at Ben and Sharon when they weren't looking, Cynthia saw the awkward looks they gave another and their strange demeanor. Last night really happened…

The thought that she successfully orchestrated a mini of sorts between her, Sharon, and Ben while Brittany and Angela passed out was surreal. Almost as surreal as Cynthia having fingered Sharon last night.

Cynthia wasn't a . At least she didn't think she was a lesbian. She's never been attracted to women before in her life. Sure, to make the boys freakout before she and Brittany have kissed and touched each other. It never meant anything. It was just for shock value. Brittany and Angela were Cynthia's best friends. She didn't want to do anything to jeopardize their relationship, but at the same time she saw something in Ben. Something that was real and true. She saw a man she didn't just want to , but a man she could see dating, living with… maybe even spending my life with…

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