Step Mother’s Advice – The conclusion of Step Mother Advices

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Lay back,” Cynthia said with a smirk on her face. Ben did with his arms at his sides and his pointing tall into the air. Cynthia took Ben's palm and thumbed a massage into the center of it for several seconds. “Why is it you don't then? me?”

“I- its complicated,” Ben stuttered as he felt his hand guided between Cynthia's thighs. His fingers were placed at the crotch of her shorts and he felt the warm, tender crevasse of her lips. The moist bunch of shorts and panties that was open to him. “I- I don't know if… I don't want to take advantage of you.” Ben stuttered as his middle finger began to rub up and down the center of her crotch.

Cynthia bit her lip as her hips rocked back and forth slowly, riding his hand. Her small hand reached out and delicately touched the shaft of his cock. His dick reacted by flexing and releasing a small drop of precum at her touch. Petting him, Ben's heart raced as he watched Cynthia licked her lips as she stroked him.

“Ben,” Cynthia said, looking him in the eyes. “Look at me… does it look like I'm being taken advantage of?”

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Ben felt his mind slip down a slope of self degradation and vulnerability. Like he was on display for the world to see, stripped naked to see how truly pathetic he was. He wondered if this was what Cynthia was doing now. Maybe that was what she was doing last night, too. It was all an insult. A form of torture. An elaborate prank making fun of how pathetic he was.

Cynthia must've sensed his mind slipping from the moment and his body retreating from her touch, because she moved onto him now. Onto the bed, she swung a leg over his hips and straddled him. Ben watched her pull her shirt off tossing it to the side of the bed and her luscious 19 year old breasts fall and bounce before him.

Cynthia looked down on him with passion in her eyes and something else. Something he had never seen before. Not truly. “Do I look like I want you?” She asked. Without waiting for a reply asked again, “then why don't you take me?”

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Cynthia rubbed her hand up and down the center of Ben's chest while her other hand wrapped around the hard cock that flexed between her thighs. Stroking softly, she stared into his eyes as she stroked him over and over again. Her gentle fingers felt like a massage on his cock as the playful, goofiness that Ben had been used to seeing in Cynthia was gone. Her expression was of caring, of concern, and desire. With tender eyes she looked down at Ben as she stroked his cock with a look he had never seen. Cynthia looked at Ben with love in her eyes.

Ben's heart quickened as his cock flexed and stiffened in her palm. She was rubbing his pre- that leaked from his tip up and down his shaft. He was so close to cumming in Cynthia's hand when she suddenly stopped. Kissing up his chest, she kissed his neck, then sucked on his earlobe. Her hot breath massaging his neck as her nipples brushed along his chest with her swaying .

She removed her shorts and panties, tossing them to the pile of clothes with the rest so that she was as naked as he was then. She lowered her bare pussy lips down on Ben's throbbing shaft. Careful not to allow him to enter her, she grinded her soaked pussy lips up and down his cock. Arching her hips as she pushed her round out then dragging her hips down as she pressed her clit down on his hard member. Ben thought he could nearly cum just from the feel of her body on his. The sight of her breasts jiggling as she teased him.

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