Step Mother’s Advice – The conclusion of Step Mother Advices

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Cynthia was risking much for this chance, she knew that, but what she didn't anticipate was her urges overtaking her like they did the night before. Having successfully manipulated Ben and Sharon into the same room for last night. Cynthia could help her horny curiousness. Huddled in her familiar spot outside Ben's door crouched at the foot of the stairs, she teased and tortured her own for what felt like hours while Sharon and Ben navigated a episode of an online porn scene. The soft moans that escaped Sharon's lips made Cynthia swoon almost as much as the deep growls of Ben as he entered his .

To be true, Cynthia couldn't believe the two of them didn't hear her through the door. Her face was flushed to a sweaty temperature and the erotic moment had surged to a level she didn't plan for. Any reason or logic she possessed was gone. on horniness, Cynthia entered the sexual swarray in Ben's room without a thought. She fingered Sharon's pussy without hesitation. Cynthia nearly came watching Ben's long hard devoured by his stepmother, then only for him to cum on her face. God, Ben must've been in heaven last night.

The uncomfortableness between the three of them were equally matched, which was a good thing. It meant neither one of them were horrified or upset about what happened, but all of them knew the ramifications of what it could mean. Of what could happen if Brittany found out about Cynthia and Ben. If Angela or Brittany found out about Sharon and stepson. How would they react? How would anyone react? Why does doing something that felt so right, feel so wrong, too?

Sharon left to go about her day, hurrying off to the gym and the store to put distance between her and the house and those who lounged about the house. Brittany and Cynthia spent most of the morning and afternoon laying around the couch watching trash TV. Angela had to go see her man which she seemed especially annoyed about so she disappeared for several hours. It was sexually infuriating and frustrating laying on the couch and imagining Ben down stairs all by himself. He was alone. He was hiding like the nice, shy boy he was. Maybe he was even stroking his shaft right now? Thinking of me coming down there and finding him, just like in one of the porn vids he watches. I was so close to his cock and yet I didn't taste it last night. I didn't feel it inside me. He could be me right now. I could be downstairs wrapping my legs around his hips and force him to cum inside me.

Cynthia rubbed her thighs together under her sweatpants and hoody she wore. She had to think about something else. She had to focus on something else because she was starting to pant. Sooner or later Brittany is going to ask why she was constantly flush and sweaty and acting like a bitch in heat every time she was within 10 yards of her little brother. Eventually, she would have to admit her intoxicating lust and love for Ben.

Cynthia didn't know how Brittany would take the news. She thought she would support Cynthia in most of her healthy relationships. Brittany was a good friend like that. And she liked her stepbrother almost like a gay best friend. Ben was a nice trusting guy who she felt like they could be roommates. In fact, that was even discussed since all three of them would be going to Boston University starting next week when Ben started and Cynthia and Brittany returned for their sophomore year. Angela lived with her boy toy so she was out as a roommate, but the three of them could still live together.

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