Step Mother’s Advice – The conclusion of Step Mother Advices

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“I see you…” she said as she continued to writhe slowly on him. Her breath labored as she hummed a moan between her words. “I see you better than you do. I see the man you can become. I see the life you could live. I see the man I'd stand beside… But that's not the man beneath me…”

Cynthia got off of Ben abruptly and went to the dresser beside the bed. Opening the top drawers, she pulled out a pair of black panties. My 's panties… walking back over to the bed, Cynthia brushed the tip of the panties down Ben's face, his chest, then wrapped them around his as she stroked him with the panties gently for several seconds.

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“I saw your stepmother, too,” Cynthia said. “I saw the way she looked at you… talked about you… You should have heard her talk about finding on your laptop yesterday…”

“What? When?” Ben said, surprised.

“While you were out with friends,” Cynthia shrugged. “You left your laptop open with stepmother porn playing when she brought down your laundry.”

“No, I didn't,” Ben said.

“She thinks you did.” Cynthia said. Ben's eyes became recognition as Cynthia continued. “She also thought it was coupled as odd timing when you add in that you asked her for advice on girls before you leave for …”

“But you…” Ben started.

“I told you. I see you. I see your lust after her…”Cynthia said, stroking his shaft with more purpose. Engorging his cock with his stepmother's panties around him. He felt his heart rate rise as the pleasure increased. “I'm the kind of girlfriend that gives into her boyfriend's desires. I'm the kind of girlfriend who wants her man to have everything he desires…”

Ben squirmed as he was near cumming. He was so distracted he almost didn't hear the thudding up the stairs as someone neared the bedroom door.

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“But that's up to you. If you want to be the man you could become…” Cynthia said. Her words disappeared almost as fast as she did. Leaving the black pair of Sharon's panties draped across my cock, Cynthia snuck into the bathroom and closed the door just as the door to the hallway opened. Ben froze as he laid naked in his stepmother's bed with her panties on him as she stared at him from the doorway. This was another in Cynthia's plan, Ben thought. She wants me to Sharon while she listens, again.

Chapter 5


Sharon was in a daze as she laid naked on her bed. With sweat on her brow and her breath finally coming under control, she stared at the ceiling. Ben had left her to go back down to his room a few minutes ago and Sharon still could not believe she did it, again. For so many years she had dealt with celibacy due to her estranged husband, she forgot how amazing it felt to have a man's cum inside her. She could feel it begin to leak from between her pussy lips.

Sharon had forgotten how much she loved . How much she missed being with a man. How much she enjoyed being around someone who was a good man. It wasn't like she wanted to be with Ben but the mutually beneficial relationship she had with him felt so good. It was exactly what she needed. Exactly what she wanted.

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