Step Mother’s Advice – The conclusion of Step Mother Advices

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Ben made it to the second story of the house having tiptoed around the living room where the TV played and, he assumed, Cynthia and Brittany still sat. Creeping into Sharon's bedroom, Ben saw a pile of his clothes on the corner of the large King size bed. He walked into the room to grab the pile and heard the door close behind him.

Startled, he turned around and saw Cynthia standing behind him with a devious smile on his lips. “Holy shit, you scared me,” Ben half laughed.

“Stop, talking…” Cynthia said without explanation and Ben complied. He stood in a daze as he realized how much her appearance had changed since this morning. Cynthia's hair was taken from the pony tail it was in and was washed. The hoodie and sweatpants she once wore had been exchanged for a pink pair of booty shorts that barely covered the lower curve of her thick butt. Her white top was scrunched around her full breasts that bounced freely beneath her clothes without a bra. But the low cut V of her shirt left plenty to stare at as she approached.

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Cynthia took the clothes from Ben's hands and tossed them on the floor. Leading him by the fingertips, she brought him around the foot of the bed, passed the master bathroom attached to the room, and sat him on the far side of the bed. Ben couldn't help but think, this was my dad's side of the bed. The thought gave him an uneasy pause as he followed along.

“You've been avoiding me,” Cynthia said as she loomed over him. “Did you not want to talk about last night? Did you not like last night?”

“I… I… no, I liked it I just-“

“You just… Do you not think I'm attractive now?” Cynthia asked as she entered his personal space.

“No, I just- it's complicated, you know. And-“

Cynthia took Ben's hand and lifted it to her breast. Through her shirt, Cynthia held Ben's palm to her breast and he instinctively groped and mashed the breast into Cynthia's chest. He watched her eyes close and her mouth pant as her hardened and protruded from her shirt. “It's complicated? Mmm… Is that your I see hardening against your jeans right now? Do you think I'm attractive?” Cynthia asked as she turned around and placed her butt against Ben's lap. Twerking to the left and the right, she held Ben's hand around her body on her chest as Ben felt her hair brush his cheek as she panted.

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“Yes,” Ben said simply as his cock throbbed against the fabric that separated Cynthia's and him. Turning back around Cynthia removed Ben's shirt, then unbuckled his belt, and unbuttoned his jeans.

Cynthia's hands grabbed at Ben's waistband as she bent over. Her breasts bounced before Ben's eyes as she smirked. “Do you want to me?” Cynthia asked in a raspy whisper.

Stuck in a tense stare, Ben replied, “I do…”

With a pull of her arms, Cynthia pulled Ben's pants and boxers off of Ben, leaving him before her with his throbbing cock pointing up at her. Ben felt exposed and realized he was completely naked while Cynthia was fully clothed. He wanted to reach down and put on his clothes but then remember Cynthia just took them all off. I don't want to be rude. She took them off for a reason.

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