Need to Fuck Mom, A son needs his mother’s body

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Need to Fuck Mom, A son needs his mother’s body, It happened because of our love.

As a son she was the perfect mother, as a man she was the foundation for almost every fantasy. There is no simple explanation of love, and I have never felt the lack of it. My life is rich with friends, and encompasses many women I call lovers. Yet, still every fantasy I have is of a women approaching sixty years that most likely had no clue of my endless fantasizing. Until I finally pushed our boundaries to a point where our sex lives could be discussed.

A medical condition made my libido jump and sadly led to a state where no opportunity to fulfill my desires existed, emotionally I coped. My only sexual release was masturbation. I learned to live with and express my troubles as a fact of life.

Shock, love, awe, and damnation.

More! My private struggles with sex and sexuality turned out to be an open book to the women I loved most. Intriguingly she outlined a comparison between our situations, where her desires were thwarted by opportunity and physical ability, and mine were artificial and self imposed constraints. Our discussion was not an attempt to justify a new relationship, our only goal was to help each other understand our situations.

Despite our best intentions, the facts dominated. Two mature adults with exceptionally and physically demanding and active libidos shared our experiences of a nearly year long stretch without sex, with both of us acknowledging a nearly overpowering desire to satisfy our needs. My mom had been physically neglected at what is often considered the peak of a mature women’s sexuality, and I had even less physical satisfaction in an even longer time period as a horny late twenties male.

Fuck it. What is there that I could possibly lose. A women that I love unconditionally and that loves me unconditionally would not end in tragedy. I took the initiative, I started my plan to make love to my own mother. Simplicity and decisiveness is the key to making a good plan and taking it to fruition. I started by showing up when my father would not be around, I furthered my goals by slightly elevating the amount of touching. Normally I would hug and lightly massage my mom (no where intimate), now I pushed the limits. My fingers strayed down her sides, faintly brushing against her breasts, roaming slightly too far down her back and onto her ass. Slightly further but still not anything shocking.

I’m the baby of the family, and my mom always tried to get me to cuddle and share a bed. Sometimes I’ve complied, but normally I choose sleeping alone. This visit showed no change in her wishes, however I finally jumped at the opportunity to share a bed with mom. I gleefully acquiesced to sharing her bed and was soon enjoying her thorough back massage. I had started pushing the borders with my previous touching, I was now ready to start earnestly seducing my mom.

My hands caressed and stroked her back gently sliding towards her front while i eased my body against her rear. I let myself slide into all her gentle curves, my thighs pressed against her thighs, my chest nearly lined her entire back, I wrapped my arms around her in an effort that could only be described as an attempt at total physical immersion. Modesty slowed me down, despite our near total physical contact I left a pocket of space to accommodate my painfully swollen dick. My attempt at seduction was by no means halted by my last vestiges of modesty. Where touch was established I was fearless, my hands could answer to no one.

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