Helping Mom around the house gets sensual

This story takes place a little over ten years ago.  I was in my mid-thirties living the single life after a hellish divorce. My ex and I had called it quits about four years prior and I had decided to start a new life. I moved back to my old home town just to be in closer proximity to my friends, family, but mostly my Mother. She had been living alone for almost two years after her most recent relationship had ended in disaster. The fact that I was starting to get concerned about her overall welfare and being all by herself was the deciding factor. It was hard to recall a time when she was ever single for very long. She always had someone there to be by her side.

Almost inevitably, one winter’s day Mom had taken a bit of a nasty spill on some ice in her driveway. She was a southern gal and not used to severe cold weather yet. I’m still not sure why she decided to grocery shop wearing high heels in the dead of winter in the first place. I got the call from the hospital and raced to Mom’s rescue immediately. Fortunately, the injuries weren’t too severe and she would make a full recovery with a little time. One of the doctors informed me that she had two nasty fractures in her upper right arm and a broken wrist on the opposite.

The medical folks had put a large plaster cast on the troubled arm which kept it bent at the elbow but still stuck out at her side to keep it somewhat elevated. Her wrist also had a smaller version of the same type of cast but she still had a little more mobility with this arm, but could barely move her hand. She was quite a sight. Despite the ordeal, Mom was in pretty good spirits which made me wonder just what kind of pain medication they had administered, and how much. Before she was discharged, the nurse had handed me a stack of informational papers on how to care for Mom in her weakened state for the next month or two. I glanced at them briefly and I could already tell this was not going to be easy.

Upon returning Mom to her home, the first step was to get her as comfortable as possible. It seemed she wouldn’t be going anywhere especially to work for a while and neither was I. After getting Mom up the stairs to her room, it was decided that I was obviously the one who would be in charge of wardrobe among other things. It wasn’t intentional but I was rendered immediately bashful at the task. Mom had picked up on it right away.

“Oh come on now baby, it’s perfectly normal for a son to see his Mother’s naked body at some point.” she said in all seriousness.

In my head I responded “Yes but not when I’m THIS old!” I had seen her in the buff several times when I was a child, but this was a whole other set of circumstances. With Mom’s blessing, I reluctantly sat her down and started taking her hospital slippers and slacks off then started up towards her pantyhose. I tried not to stare as I fumbled to find the waistband of her hose when Mom spoke up.

“No, leave em’ on hon. They keep my legs warm. I usually just sleep in em’ anyways.”

The thought of that statement was admittedly a little exciting. I had always been a great admirer of my Mother’s perfectly sculpted legs. They really did compliment her petite little physique. As a kid, I used to love seeing her wear pantyhose of any color and she wore them all the time around the house. They just seemed so silky and soft. I remember always wanting to touch her heavenly, nylon-clad ankles, calves, and feet. Maybe getting to see her lounge around the house in her hosiery wasn’t the worst idea ever.

I carefully unbuttoned her blouse and tried to slide it down over her casts with minimal effort. It took some doing but it did come off with a final tug.

“The bra too baby, I’m sure as hell not spending two months in this damn thing.” she said sternly.

I went around to her back and started feeling for the hooks or whatever was keeping the contraption locked over her chest, but couldn’t find them.

“What the hell are you doing’?” It unhooks in the front.” Mom said with a giggle.

Now I am facing my Mother as I fumble to unfasten her black lacy brazier trying not to stare at what was underneath. It looked like Mom was studying my expression as the utter awkwardness began to show in my beet-red face. She smirked eerily at me the whole time. Finally with a snap, the lace separated. As predicted, both of my Mothers silky white breasts exploded from their confines. I tried not to glance but couldn’t help notice their deceptively small appearance was just a ruse. Mom had a slight frame but her ample bosom was hardly in proportion with the rest of her.

Mom smirked. “Well, what do ya think?”

I decided to throw a little of her teasing back at her and said “Yeah, not bad Mom, Very nice! I can’t believe I used to suck on them when I was a baby!”

She chuckled and motioned to play-kick me as I slid her bath robe over her.

“Are you sure that’s what you want to wear, just pantyhose and a robe?” I asked.

“Of course not silly, I’ll need my slippers too.”She joked.

Several days went by and I was still at my Mother’s beck and call. We decided to set up camp in the living room on the big comfy couch in the living room. For the most part, I did the cooking and cleaning and other household chores which kept me occupied. After dinner we just watched TV together as I rubbed her stocking feet until she fell asleep. We both enjoyed it and she didn’t seem to even care. The pain medication kept her in a bit of a stupor and I could tell she was behaving a little loopy at times. I don’t even think she realized she was laying on the couch with her robe untied and wide open on occasion. It was also my job to be the robe-wrangler and keep her covered up. There were times when I would just enjoy the show, but felt a little guilty eyeing my Mom’s goods like that.

After the fourth day, the topic of bathing eventually started to surface. I had been dreading this ever since I read about it in the instructional sheets the nurse had given me before we left. Sitting idle for all this time meant a basic sponge bath simply wouldn’t do. Mom could bathe like normal but the biggest concern was keeping the casts dry. In that aspect the tub was out of the question, not to mention getting her in and out of it without the use of her arms.

After hours of brainstorming, the two of us had discussed every possible scenario to accomplish this feat. The best we could come up with was clear wrap and duct-tape over the casts in the shower. The stand-up shower was huge and had two large frosted-glass sliding doors for easy entry. It seemed like a flawless plan in the beginning. After carefully sealing Mom’s casts in plastic wrap making them impervious to water, we decided it was time for the trial run. The plan was perfect except for one small problem. We forgot that my mother only almost zero mobility in her arms and hands to wash herself with. She would only be getting herself wet with no possible way to cleanse herself in her condition.

Being a good son, I tried once again to overt my gaze away from my completely nude Mother’s body. This made it increasingly difficult to assist her. I tried reaching only my arm in the shower, flailing aimlessly to hit her with some soap in an attempt to scrub her, but the big glass doors made things worse and water was getting everywhere. The last thing we needed was another slip and fall mishap.

Mom was getting agitated and finally shouted “Oh for fuck sake, just get in here with me baby!”

I wasn’t sure what to do. I just froze there hoping she was only kidding. She was not.

“I’m not getting in there and getting all wet.” I said in protest.

“Then just take your clothes off too.” She shot back.

Again I just froze not knowing how to tackle this. Was I about to get in the shower with my own Mother, naked? Mom just stood there waiting for me looking pretty serious. I began to strip and slowly slid the heavy door to one side.

“It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before.” Mom said with a smirk.

The only way I could rationalize this was to blame the pain killers she was on. They were working, but they were obviously making her high as a kite.

I got completely into the large shower, slid the door closed and began to engulf myself in the warm water. It felt nice. Even though the two of us just stood there naked and wet, it gradually felt almost natural. After washing her long dark hair, I grabbed her sponge and squeezed a bunch of her pretty smelling female soap onto it. Neither of us said a word as I just stood behind her and started clumsily smearing the soap on her back. The awkward silence was almost too much to bare as I just stood there washing the same shoulder repeatedly. Finally Mom spoke up.

“You do know you have to wash me in other places than that?”

I just sighed “I know, sorry. This just feels weird.”

Mom just started to chuckle a little bit before she spoke again.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to be bashful. It’s only skin and it’s alright if you touch me, I’m not gonna bite. I’m your Mama and its perfectly normal to help me out even if it means touching my butt or looking at my boobs.” she said giggling.

Mom continued, “Weren’t you the one that was making jokes about how you used to suck on my boobs?”

That broke the tension between us and we both began to laugh. I started to move the sponge to different areas as Mom coached me where she needed scrubbing next. After completing all the basic areas, there were only two spots left to go. THE two spots! Mom knew I would have trouble as I reached for her chest from behind her.

Mom commanded “Aw just go for it, you can scrub my tits too it’s no big deal, you’ve already seen those.”

I reluctantly smashed the soapy sponge into one of them and started a clumsy scrubbing motion.

“Whoa baby, you gotta be gentle with those, a little softer please.” Mom warned.

Now I stared to move my hand in small circular motion barely touching them at all. Mom was getting annoyed at this point. She spun around facing me and put her good hand over mine.

“Here, like this.” she said softly,

There was no doubt that this was how she wanted me to touch her. Mom moved my hands in a gentle but firm scrubbing motion. Not too slow and not too fast, it almost seemed erotic. She repeated the same on her other, now stiffer breast, and turned to rinse. I had to admit, I haven’t so much as touched another female in years and I was a little turned on by the physical contact, but she was still my mother and had to push this deep down.

Mom cocked her head back towards me and smiled. “Just one spot left.” she sang.

After just cleansing my Mom’s chest, I was a little less hesitant to scrub her vaginal area. I loaded more girl soap on the sponge as Mom took a stance with her feet apart. I took a deep breath and once again started cramming the sponge down there briefly. Mom let out the same annoyed sigh.

“Sorry, I get it now, I’ll try again.” I said.

“Good Lord boy, how did you ever get to third base?” Mom asked sarcastically.

This time I placed the soapy mass squarely in the center of her lower half and began to rub it firmly back and forth. I think I was doing it a little too well as Mom’s head fell back and her eyes were closed. Was she enjoying this? I guess I couldn’t blame her, it must have felt wonderful having someone else caress all of your private parts with warm soapy water. I was a little freaked out at first but decided to run with it. I repeated the motion a little bit longer and I could tell she wanted to let out some type of moan. What was happening? Were we trying to turn each other on? That’s when I decided to stop and Mom began to rinse herself off.

As I started to rinse my face off I heard Mom giggling harder again.

“What now, whats so funny?” I asked.

“Oh, just that” she said glancing downward at me unable to point. I looked down and to my horror I was fully erect! I hadn’t even noticed that fondling my Mother’s genitalia with a sponge had made me rock hard. I was mortified and jumped out of the shower.

Mom was still giggling “It’s okay honey, it just happens. I’m not gonna lie, it felt good to me too.”

“Now can you help dry off and get me dressed with out getting a hard-on.” She laughed out load.

I dried Mom off and walked her back in her room. She could tell I was beyond embarrassed. After I removed the plastic wrap devices, I slid her robe back over her body and tied it shut tightly.

“I’m sorry, I know that wasn’t easy for you and I didn’t mean to tease ya.” she said with a smile.

Mom’s eyes were locked onto my crotch while biting her bottom lip and muttered. “And you really have nothing to be ashamed of, especially with that.”

Come on, can you forgive me?” she asked as she stroked my face with her good hand.

I paused and pretended to give it some thought. I was mainly focused on the thought of how impressed Mom was with my ‘manhood’.

“I’ll let you pick out my pantyhose tonight since know you like them so much, any color you want.”

Busted! She caught me admiring her nylons a little too much lately and I had a suspicious feeling she knew about it.. I agreed and went to the drawer where she kept all of her stockings and things and I selected a pair of off-black ones. They were incredibly soft with some type of design up the ankle.

“Oh, I forgot about those, very pretty. You have to put them on me though.” she said softly looking up at me. Even in her doped-up state, she was still able to call me on my long time pantyhose crush.

I waited for this moment for many years. I finally got an excuse to roll that sweet nylon up those sexy little legs. I straightened the seems across her painted toes and they looked amazing. The light reflected a silky sheen from her dainty feet, all the way up her gorgeous thighs. I didn’t even bother putting underwear on her first and Mom said nothing the whole time.

Afterwards it was back to the couch for TV, a foot message, and off to sleep. I wasn’t sure how much sleep I would be getting after an experience like that. Mom was probably to stoned to remember any of it, But I sure did. After she fell instantly asleep I felt the need to untie her robe so I could just enjoy the sight of my mother’s pantie-less, nylon coated legs all night. It took everything I had not to start masturbating right there next to her. Part of me wondered how much of her I could touch inappropriately and for how long? If it weren’t for her stockings being in the way, there was a good chance I could at least finger her pussy. What was happening to me?

More days went by and Mom and I kept going through our daily routines. I’m still not exactly sure if Mom remembered any of our shower scene together. She would occasionally make some kind of flirtatious remark or accidentally expose herself from beneath that robe. Mom was even letting me change her hosiery on a nightly basis now. High or not she got a kick out of letting me touch her in some way more and more. I didn’t mind it either. It was like I was getting gradually more comfortable seeing and touching her all the time now.

Still being on the fence about our previous bath-night, it was once again time to handle the issue. My poor mother was probably too proud to ask again, but this inevitably had to be done without question. Was I looking forward to this or dreading how wrong this was? Either way, i still had to touch her naughty parts again. I started the shower and got the water at a comfortable setting. We applied Mom’s water proof arm wraps and stripped down. At first, I was dreading this situation. I had wrestled with the events from last time on a moral level and still knew this was wrong but it was also a necessary evil. No one else could help her in this state, but I didn’t have to enjoy it either.

Like before, I began to wash Mom’s long and lovely hair then rinsed it out. I was about to reach for the soap bottle when Mom reacted.

“No, use that one this time!” she said pointing at a smaller bottle.

This wasn’t here before was it? I don’t remember seeing this one last time I was in here. After I popped the cap open, the extremely sensual fragrance wafted through the mist and it was heavenly. I stood behind Mom and we both agreed that it smelled very nice. But when I looked around for the sponge to apply it to my naked Mother, it was gone! It was in here the day before when I bathed. but now it seemed to have just vanished.

“What’s wrong hon?” Mom asked.

“Where the hell is the sponge? I just used it yesterday before I went grocery shopping.” I said puzzled.

“I don’t know baby, I din’t have any others.” Mom stated. “Guess you’ll just have to use your hand then.”

My hand? That would mean I have to touch her everywhere directly. Once again the wave of guilt and shame began to loom over me. At least last time I had the sponge as a buffer between me and Mom’s skin, but this just got real. I started to poor some of the purple goop in my hand and looked down at Mom who had a weird grin on her face. She was still on the medication so I don’t think she realized she was even doing it. Did she plan this? She must have waited till I was out, came in here, and snatched the sponge out of the shower. That would mean that she deliberately wanted me to make full contact with all of her naked parts. It was pretty clever, so I decided to call her bluff. Now we BOTH wanted this.

Her shoulders were first and then more of the outer extremities got washed. I tried to stall as long as I could by wasting too much time on cleansing the less intimate areas. As predicted, Mom was starting to look a little annoyed. I decided to appease her and squeezed more girl soap in my hand. I surprised her and cupped both of Moms breasts from behind and started a gentle scrub.

Funny how I wanted to teach her a lesson by trying not to initiate contact right away, then it backfired. The second I felt Mom’s silky, warm mounds in each hand, all logic flew out the window. Now I wanted this just as badly as she did. I cleansed Mom’s tits as if they were covered in tar. I began stroking them in a circular motion and pinching the ends just hard enough to arouse. This went on for quite a while and I could tell instantly by Mom’s erect nipples that she was into it.

I spun Mom around so we were facing each other and started the process all over again. Mom closed her eyes as I continued pawing at her succulent bosom. The only thing I was thinking was how badly I wanted to use my tongue in place of my hands to clean them. I never really knew how much of an arousal this could be for a woman. This held especially true in my Mother’s case. She remained silent but i could tell by the way she writhed her soaking wet body, she was enjoying it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman that turned on. Mom spun away from me and turned her head back.

“Only one spot left!” she sang playfully.

It seemed that this whole act was now consensual. I quickly put more soap on my hands and couldn’t wait to scrub her down there. I held Mom steady as she spread her feet apart and without hesitation, I put the flat of my slimy palm across the entire length of her gash. It felt wonderful! I instinctively started to explore every inch of her warm wet pussy. Mom let out a few soft moans while I fiddled with all of her womanly parts. She knew that I was now officially into it.

The motions continued for quite a while. I’m sure she was more than clean by now but I just couldn’t stop. I gradually introduced a fingertip inside of her and began to stimulate the skin folds surrounding it. I Looked down at Mom’s face and she was in complete bliss as she cooed aloud. Now on my knees, I sunk a few of my fingers deeper into her incredibly wet chasm and began to undulate her lower half rapidly. Mom started to howl in unison. I looked down at myself to see that my cock couldn’t be any harder. The head was engorged and dark red. I couldn’t believe this was all due to my own mother. This was all just a playful teenage touch and feel session before. I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

Mom stopped and I removed my slick fingers from her sticky twat. I stood up as she turned to look at me with a look I’;ll never forget. Mom looked downward, smiled then turned her back toward me again. I wasn’t sure what was happening. She took a small step forward towards the steamy pouring water and bent over slightly spreading her feet apart even wider.

” Come on baby, you know what to do.” Mom said seductively.

I placed one hand on the small of Mom’s back as she braced her self with her good arm. Again, just on instinct, I grabbed the base of my rock-hard cock and lined the tip up with Mom’s quivering pussy lips. It briefly dawned on me what I was about to do. There was no way to undo this. The irony of coming out of the same opening I was about to penetrate was almost too much to contemplate, but I wanted this just as badly as she did. I also took a small step froward and in doing so, I began to breach my mother’s vaginal opening. Mom gasped hard. I continued inserting the entire length of my rigid wet cock as far as it could go. We were both motionless for a few seconds as if to let reality catch up. The sensation of being all the way inside her soft, warm, abdomen was electrifying.

I held on to both sides of my Mother’s soapy ass cheeks as I retracted my cock completely from inside her. I wanted to experience the sensation a bit more. Once again, I poised my self and plunged my shaft in it’s entirety deep into her chasm. It was like her warm, moist lips were licking every square inch of my throbbing cock. I could feel her walls tighten around every vein coursing through my swollen pole. I repeated the insertion over and over, each time getting faster and deeper. I was astounded by Mom’s ability to withstand a series of such intense insertions. She had a petite body but managed to take the entire length of my rod like a champ.

Mom was in a complete state of nirvana. I knew it had be n a long time since she felt the sensation of a cock in her ass and she let it show. After her tight lower half accepted me in, we started full-on fucking. Mom’s head bounced up and down in bliss with every thrust. She was biting her bottom lip as our pelvises collided, trying not to scream. Despite having a child, Mom’s vagina was surprisingly tight. I was fascinated by the sight of seeing it stretch around the girth of my dick as it continued to penetrate its puffy walls. Mom lifted one of her legs on the edge of the ledge so we could really build up some momentum. She was clearly into this.

Now I had mom’s slippery hips in my hands as began to pull her down over my cock as I fucked her feverishly. Mom couldn’t take it anymore and began to express how good this felt aloud.

“Yeah, yeah, fuck me, fuck me!” She said through gritted teeth.

I began to fondle her tits from behind as I relentlessly kept ramming my stiff cock inside of her little soaking wet body. I couldn’t hear anything but the sound of the soap amplified the slapping noises our lower halves were making as they slammed together. Mom began to buck wildly as I pounded her oozy cunt without mercy.

“Come on baby, fuck me hard!”

Now I had her hair in my hand and pulled it slightly. The other hand played with her pussy as I continued to drive myself all the way in her red and puffy opening. This sent Mom into over-drive. The whole time she was still yelling out obscenities and directions no son should ever hear coming from their own mother.

“Yes! Yes! Come on baby, fuck me! Fuck me harder! Fuck your Mommy! Yeah, fuck mommy good!” Mom shouted.

“Yeah, you like fucking your Mommy don’t you baby?” “You like putting your big cock in Mommy’s little pussy don’t you?” She continued.

As strange as that sounded coming from my Mother’s own lips, I guess it was true. This was without a doubt the best pussy I have ever had. Even growing up I had at one point wondered what it would be like to have sex with my own Mom, we have all done it, but I was actually going through with it. I ogled her silky legs and shapely round ass since I was a kid, but who knew I would ever get the chance to spread her apart and openly fuck her one day?

The tension in my sack was getting too great. It was time to release but I wasn’t sure how to do it. I could just pull it out and let it go down the drain, or I could just finish inside her which made it so much hotter. The notion of blowing my wad up my Mom’s tight ass was getting me off on a whole different level.

I yelled out “I’m gonna cum!”

“Mmmm..! Cum in me baby! It’s okay. I want you to.” Mom screamed out. “You can cum in Mommy’s pussy honey!”

That was the hottest thing I had ever heard and without hesitation, I began to pump my Mother’s body with every drop I had. Mom let out a few final gasps as I felt the fluid leaving my body and entering hers. There was so much I could actually see it gushing out the sides of my Mother’s swollen pussy lips. I retracted my cock and saw a long line of the slimy white goo dribble from my cock. Mom’s cunt was gushing with the same substance and trailed down one of her slender legs.

Still panting, we exited the shower and toweled off. I was a little hesitant to dry Mom’s lower half. After such a relentless pounding it must have been a little sore. We went to the bedroom to dress and we just kept smiling at one another.

“That felt so good baby. Mommy really needed that.” She sighed.

I agreed with her. Too bad she would probably not recall any of this because of the pain-killers. They probably had a huge part in over-riding her inhibitions. She sat on the bed as I went to fetch her hose and robe. I noticed she still had a small trail of my cum seeping out of her hungry pussy.

“I don’t think I’ll wear nylons tonight baby.” Mom stated.

“Why not?” I asked. “You always love wearing these.”

“I know but they’ll just get in the way in case we decide to do that again.” Mom said as she pawed my crotch with a smile.

I guess there were really no limits now. We didn’t have to wait to see each other naked in the shower anymore. We both consented to having sex so all bets were off. I could fuck her right here on the bed if I wanted. As wrong as this whole taboo situation was out in the open, the sky was the limit. My cock was getting hard again just thinking of the notion that we could do anything we wanted for the next month or so.

“Well baby, I’m gonna go lay down on that big ol’ couch.” Mom said seductively. As she left, she managed to slide the belt of her robe completely off and threw it at me playfully over her shoulder.

“You coming?” she smirked.

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