Helping Mom around the house gets sensual

Her shoulders were first and then more of the outer extremities got washed. I tried to stall as long as I could by wasting too much time on cleansing the less intimate areas. As predicted, Mom was starting to look a little annoyed. I decided to appease her and squeezed more girl soap in my hand. I surprised her and cupped both of Moms breasts from behind and started a gentle scrub.

Funny how I wanted to teach her a lesson by trying not to initiate contact right away, then it backfired. The second I felt Mom’s silky, warm mounds in each hand, all logic flew out the window. Now I wanted this just as badly as she did. I cleansed Mom’s tits as if they were covered in tar. I began stroking them in a circular motion and pinching the ends just hard enough to arouse. This went on for quite a while and I could tell instantly by Mom’s erect nipples that she was into it.


I spun Mom around so we were facing each other and started the process all over again. Mom closed her eyes as I continued pawing at her succulent bosom. The only thing I was thinking was how badly I wanted to use my tongue in place of my hands to clean them. I never really knew how much of an arousal this could be for a woman. This held especially true in my Mother’s case. She remained silent but i could tell by the way she writhed her soaking wet body, she was enjoying it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman that turned on. Mom spun away from me and turned her head back.

“Only one spot left!” she sang playfully.

It seemed that this whole act was now consensual. I quickly put more soap on my hands and couldn’t wait to scrub her down there. I held Mom steady as she spread her feet apart and without hesitation, I put the flat of my slimy palm across the entire length of her gash. It felt wonderful! I instinctively started to explore every inch of her warm wet pussy. Mom let out a few soft moans while I fiddled with all of her womanly parts. She knew that I was now officially into it.

The motions continued for quite a while. I’m sure she was more than clean by now but I just couldn’t stop. I gradually introduced a fingertip inside of her and began to stimulate the skin folds surrounding it. I Looked down at Mom’s face and she was in complete bliss as she cooed aloud. Now on my knees, I sunk a few of my fingers deeper into her incredibly wet chasm and began to undulate her lower half rapidly. Mom started to howl in unison. I looked down at myself to see that my cock couldn’t be any harder. The head was engorged and dark red. I couldn’t believe this was all due to my own mother. This was all just a playful teenage touch and feel session before. I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

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