Sexy psychologist helps mother and son mate

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“How long have you been sexually attracted to your mother, John?” asked Holly Connor to the young man sitting before her.

The 21 year-old was silent, studying the psychologist. She was a striking redhead with a strong resemblance to Julianne Moore. She was wearing a gray woman’s suit, white buttoned blouse, and sitting crossed legged with a moderate show of leg. Her 3 inch red pumps gave her a professional yet sexy look. He figured her to be in her early-mid 40s, similar to his mom. Dr. Connor was definitely a MILF, but not like his mother.

“Approximately a year,” he answered somewhat boldly.

Holly met his peering. She maintained a poker face and exuded a professional demeanor. Her mind, however, was recalling the young man’s entrance into her office just a few minutes ago. He had sandy blonde hair, was about six foot, and donned a royal blue polo shirt which showcased his muscular arms. He also wore denim shorts that displayed his strong thighs and legs. On his feet were summer flip-flops. She resisted the urge to glance at his crotch, and mentally returned to the discussion.

“Was there an immediate occurrence which began the attraction or did it just evolve over time?” the therapist queried.

He quickly responded. “An immediate occurrence.”

“Describe it.”

Holly watched John’s pupil movement as he recalled. A hazy appearance of his blue eyes told the doctor that he was enjoying the reliving.

“My afternoon class was cancelled so I went home early. I was in the house and walking in the hall to my bedroom. I have to pass by the bathroom. Mom had just walked out of it. She was naked and her hair was wet. I guess she just showered.”

Holly looked to John’s right.

“You figured you had the house to yourself. Am I correct in this presumption, Ashley?”

Ashley Nichols sat looking slightly uncomfortable. The stunning blonde was a dead ringer for porn queen Brandi Love (sans tattoos). She was in a summery yellow dress, the top portion draping over her full and large breasts. She also was cross-legged, however a much better view of her sexy legs was unconsciously offered—to the therapist.

Holly couldn’t help but view the smooth and toned look of Ashley’s thighs. It made her hark back to her sorority sister’s thighs which the good doctor’s face was between many a night back in the day. Ashley’s high heel, tantalizingly dangling off her foot, did not help the redhead’s concentration.

The mother cleared her throat and promptly replied, “Yes.”

The psychologist shifted her focus back to the son, despite wanting to leer at the mother’s legs and thighs. “Continue.”

“We were both surprised, literally running to each other like this. Her mouth opened as if she was going to scream. Nothing came out. Also you’d figured she would cover herself up right away. She didn’t.”

An eyebrow of the clinician was raised. “‘She didn’t,'” she repeated the last part of the son’s description. Then she asked, “How long would you say it took for her to cover up?”

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