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Sex stories, mom and son, incest, son fuck your mother, “How long have you been sexually attracted to your mother, John?” asked Holly Connor to the young man sitting before her.

The 21 year-old was silent, studying the psychologist. She was a striking redhead with a strong resemblance to Julianne Moore. She was wearing a gray woman’s suit, white buttoned blouse, and sitting crossed legged with a moderate show of leg. Her 3 inch red pumps gave her a professional yet sexy look. He figured her to be in her early-mid 40s, similar to his mom. Dr. Connor was definitely a MILF, but not like his mother.

“Approximately a year,” he answered somewhat boldly.

Holly met his peering. She maintained a poker face and exuded a professional demeanor. Her mind, however, was recalling the young man’s entrance into her office just a few minutes ago. He had sandy blonde hair, was about six foot, and donned a royal blue polo shirt which showcased his muscular arms. He also wore denim shorts that displayed his strong thighs and legs. On his feet were summer flip-flops. She resisted the urge to glance at his crotch, and mentally returned to the discussion.

“Was there an immediate occurrence which began the attraction or did it just evolve over time?” the therapist queried.


He quickly responded. “An immediate occurrence.”

“Describe it.”

Holly watched John’s pupil movement as he recalled. A hazy appearance of his blue eyes told the doctor that he was enjoying the reliving.

“My afternoon class was cancelled so I went home early. I was in the house and walking in the hall to my bedroom. I have to pass by the bathroom. Mom had just walked out of it. She was naked and her hair was wet. I guess she just showered.”

Holly looked to John’s right.

“You figured you had the house to yourself. Am I correct in this presumption, Ashley?”

Ashley Nichols sat looking slightly uncomfortable. The stunning blonde was a dead ringer for porn queen Brandi Love (sans tattoos). She was in a summery yellow dress, the top portion draping over her full and large breasts. She also was cross-legged, however a much better view of her sexy legs was unconsciously offered—to the therapist.

Holly couldn’t help but view the smooth and toned look of Ashley’s thighs. It made her hark back to her sorority sister’s thighs which the good doctor’s face was between many a night back in the day. Ashley’s high heel, tantalizingly dangling off her foot, did not help the redhead’s concentration.

The mother cleared her throat and promptly replied, “Yes.”

The psychologist shifted her focus back to the son, despite wanting to leer at the mother’s legs and thighs. “Continue.”

“We were both surprised, literally running to each other like this. Her mouth opened as if she was going to scream. Nothing came out. Also you’d figured she would cover herself up right away. She didn’t.”

An eyebrow of the clinician was raised. “‘She didn’t,'” she repeated the last part of the son’s description. Then she asked, “How long would you say it took for her to cover up?”

His answer was immediate. “A good 3-4 seconds.”

Holly shot a look to Ashley, then returned to the son.

“What happened next?”

“She just stood there with her hands at her side. She closed her mouth. Next she—maybe I am wrong—seem to stick out her chest at me. She said, ‘Oh, John. What are you doing home so early?’ Then she crossed her arm over her breasts and with the other hand covered her vagina. What also struck me was the normalcy of her voice—not upset.’

The psychologist shot another look to the mother. “Ashley, you didn’t try to hide yourself right away? Why?”

She looked down and up, released a distressed sigh then answered. “I wanted John to see me.”

“You wanted your son to see you—naked?” the counselor repeated Ashley’s reply to add emphasis to the illicit attraction.

Uneasily she replied. “Yes.”

The therapist pushed. “Why?”

Ashley’s tone was demure. “I was thinking about John while I was in the shower. When I opened the bathroom door and I saw him, I was surprised he was home. Initially I was surprised he saw me. Then…” she trailed off to pause and then continue in an almost embarrassed tone, “I wanted to see if he liked me nude.”

“You were thinking about him while you were in the shower? Is it fair to say you were fantasizing about your son while you were in the shower?”


“Were you masturbating?” queried Holly.

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“Did you climax?”

A little stunned at the question, Ashley replied incredulously. “Yes.”

“So you pleasured yourself, came, and then when the object of your desire unexpectedly appeared, you wanted him to see you naked. Would this be a valid presumption?”

“Yes,” croaked Ashley.

The psychologist turned to the college student. “John, after your initial shock, how would you describe your mother without any clothes on and why do you find her so stimulating?”

Directly and confidently he replied. “My mother is a MILF goddess. I mean, look at her! She is so sexy. I loved seeing her bare, big tits. Her areoles are also big. Her nipples were erect and fat. I love big tits. She works out a lot at the gym so her waist could rival a girl’s my age. She’s got wide hips, just like an older woman should have. Her pussy that day had some stubble on it, like it was recently shaved. I like that on a woman, not too much pubic hair. Or well trimmed. I also like a bald kitty too. And mom’s legs are long. I LOVE long legs. Mom has snakes for legs. As a person, Mom is a doll. She is sweet, caring, faithful, and is fun to be around.”

Holly saw how Ashley stared at her son during and after his verbal appraisal. The parent looked flattered. A small, shy, appreciative grin appeared on the blonde. The therapist began questioning her.

“How long have you been sexually attracted to your son, Ashley?”

The mother released a guilt-ridden sigh. “I guess it began a few months before the shower incident.”

“And this was how long after the divorce?” Holly would soon realize she unintentionally stepped on a sore spot for Ashley.

The mother’s reply started out nicely with “More than a year” then suddenly shifted to an upset “Dr. Connor, what kind of doctor are you?!”

The clinician recalled the intake form. Ashley’s husband was a serial philander. The discovery of this and the marital split were devastating to her.

“I am sorry that I brought that up,” she apologized. “I am just noting the time-line of attraction.” She paused, then calmly answered the venom-filled question. “I am a clinical and cognitive psychologist with a concentration in human sexuality. I specialize, as you both know from your referral, in mother-son relationships. I help two consenting adult relatives who are physically and emotionally attracted to each other but who are unable to initiate a relationship. I help them overcome the societal objections and begin to foster the relationship so that both mother and son are fulfilled in every conceivable way.”

The blonde shifted in her seat, slightly embarrassed at her lashing out at the one person who would help her defeat her hindrances to the relationship she so desired.

Holly offered Ashley a forgiving look. The psychologist was about to continue when John interrupted with a question.

“Why do you offer this type of service?”

Consensual mother/son relationships are currently on the rise. Previously we had Freud’s immortal Oedipus complex. The X-rated film Taboo, about a woman who has a sexual and loving relationship with her son after her husband leaves them, was one of the biggest grossing adult films of all times. Its next three sequels pertained to, or contained an element of, mother/son incest. You had the occasional porn film which had a splash of this type of illicit sex. And if you think about it, May-December romances are nothing but the G-rated version of a mother and her son.

“Over the past several years, the internet offers proof that the female parent and her male offspring are not only having consensual sex, but an emotional relationship which rivals the “normal” husband and wife couple. According to Answerbag, ‘there is plenty of research indicating clearly that over half of the world population has had some sort of sexual encounter with their mothers/sons and between 10 and 15 percent have had full intercourse. It is in fact the most common type of incest by far.’ Many of those who admitted to having sex with their mother or son said it was the best sex ever. Within those, the partners feel they have an intimacy and emotion in their relationship they never had previously with a non-relative.

“Additionally, incest websites devoted to mother-son sex and those ‘general’ incest sites containing mother-son loving are plentiful. There are several adult actresses now who concentrate on mother/son or step-mother/son films. And of course there are the current popular terms, ‘cougar’ and ‘MILF’ to describe a sexy older woman. MILF, publically, is used by a young man to describe a desired mature woman other than his mother. However, privately, many young men—like you, John—look at their own mom and label her a MILF.

“I would say the primary reason for mothers and sons getting together—besides the obvious attraction to the forbidden, which is always a powerful aphrodisiac—is that the world has been and continues to be a cold place for many people socially and personally. Divorce has been on the rise for the last four decades. With economic strains and geo-political concerns like terrorism, people are turning inward for love, sex, and relationship security. They say there is no stronger love than a mother and her child. What better person to share your heart, bed, and life with than your mom or your son? I can personally attest to this.”

Holly stopped talking—purposefully. She wanted to see Ashley’s and John’s reaction. She got what she expected from them: silence and wide-open eyes. The blonde broke the stunned quietness.

“You had a sexual relationship with your son?”

“Yes,” the therapist declared proudly and with a smile. “My son Robert and I were faithful lovers for three years. It was the most emotional, sexual, intense and pleasurable experience of my life. It was also thrilling because of the forbidden, incestuous nature. His touch, taste, virility, and passion to please me as well as himself was beyond ‘new’ for me. His loving was just the right prescription for my neglected body.”

Ashley continued her query. “‘Neglected?'”

“My husband cheated on me—a lot,” the psychologist addressed. She then leaned forward and gently put her hand on the mother’s bent knee. She tilted her head and offered the parent a supportive look. “So I know exactly what you’ve been through, my dear Ashley.”

A second silence fell over the room. It seemed like all three individuals were drawn to Holly’s hand on Ashley’s knee. While it appeared to be a gesture of support and generally was, the touch also had a profound effect on each person’s psyche. For the psychologist, it was a way to touch another woman in a semi-intimate way. (It was something she hadn’t done for years and the hidden Sappho feelings she still harbored were happily rekindled.) Feeling another woman’s skin, aside from the accepted handshake or hug, stimulated the therapist. She found both this son and mother very attractive. Her hand on the divorcee’s flesh released mental images filled with wonder…wonder of what Ashley looked like bare, how she responded to having her breasts felt, how her pussy tasted, how she sounded when she was orgasming—was she a screamer? Did she squirt? Holly’s cunt was becoming moist.

For Ashley it was also a measure of support—and a reawakening of her infrequent and very private wonderings of ‘being’ with another woman. The blonde never indulged her bi-curiosity, but that curiosity remained within her sexual mind. Looking back at the therapist’s caring yet unusual gaze, Ashley saw a woman who was very much like her: 40’s, professional, wounded by a carousing spouse…and alluring. It played on her own mind that she found the psychologist appealing. Women often will compliment another female’s beauty without the slightest hint of being sexually attracted to the recipient of the compliment—at least consciously. Ashley, in her need and want to overcome her objections to being her son’s lover, was now faced with the additional element of finding this ravishing redhead sexually handsome. The gusset of the divorcee’s panties had started to become damp.

John had long been a fan of beautiful lesbians or bisexual women. He had often jerked off to sights and visions of sexy women touching each other, kissing, rubbing breasts and nipples together, going down on each other and wailing in delight to girl-on-girl pleasure. The sight of the therapist’s hand on his mother’s knee had his dick aching and twitching. Both women were hot. He was emotionally and sexually in love with his mother and if things worked out, he would be always faithful to her (unlike his shithead father.) Being a man—and a young man, at that—he recognized the good looks of another woman. In this case it was Holly. His fevered mind already had a lured vision of her and his mother, the two naked, and on the carpet before him in a sensual 69, his presence long forgotten by both women as they ate each other out. Hearing the psychologist’s own incestuous revelation excited him to know that another hot mom was bedding her son. He wanted to know more.

“So how did it start?”

“Robert was just two years older than you, John. He was a gifted athlete in school, and a Dean’s List member.” The redhead chuckled at what she was going to say next. “And what a ‘member’…he had. Plus great looks and personality.

“The first time we made love was right after I discovered my husband was on his fourth girlfriend. I threw the bastard out of the house.” ‘The bastard’ had an evil tone to it and was the first time the doctor did not display her cool, professional manner.

“I was crying and a wreck. Rob held me, comforted me. He reassured me everything was going to be ok. He also said that if he was his father he would never cheat on me. ‘I would have no reason to, not with such a magnificently looking lady’ like me, he stated.

“I adored the compliment. Being in his arms was so soothing, safe, and comforting. I cannot remember the last time my husband held me tenderly like that. I looked into my son’s beautiful eyes, and at his rugged face. I felt such love. The smell of his Calvin Klein cologne Obsession for Men—oh, I love that one—took me away from the pain. Then I felt his penis get hard against me. He was soooo mortified. He jumped up from the living room couch where we were sitting, screaming apologies. I heard the apologies, but I didn’t listen. I was so mesmerized by his erection. It stood so tall and proud through his jeans. The sight of a big fat ‘one’—made big and fat through contact with my body—had my sexual being take flight. I was wet like a dish rag.

“I calmed him down and told him how appreciative I was that he found me arousing. I kissed him lightly on the mouth. Then a little heavier. Before you know it, we were Frenching like Parisians. Hands were everywhere. Clothes were on the floor soon after. Then we fucked like two alley cats.”

The parent asked “What happen? Why did it last only three years?” John nodded his head in agreement with his mother’s inquiry.

At first, Holly was quiet. Then she began to sniffle, and a tear streamed down her face.

“A drunk driver’s hit him as he was crossing the street near his college. He died in the ambulance on the way to the ER.” More tears fell from Holly’s eyes. It was all she could do from completely loosing it.

“That is why,” the clinician began as she regained her composure, “that is why I do what I do. I found very unconventional but very satisfying love—from my son after discovering the years of my ex’s infidelity. I want other mothers who have been ignored and discarded by their husbands, or widows, to know how wonderful consensual incest can be. It is pure satisfaction and joy for a single mom to be loved by her son if he offers it, and to hell with societal hindrances. As long as no gets hurt or there is no force—it’s no one’s business if a mother and son act as husband and wife in the privacy of their home.”

Holly’s personal history and strong belief greatly decreased Ashley’s objections, though some still lingered. John felt justified in his feelings and desire. He was going to say, “You see, Mom?” but it appeared the psychologist was going to reestablish the clinical nature of the visit. She wiped away the tears, shook her head as if removing cobwebs, cleared her throat and looked at his mother.

“Ashley, what is about your son that you find attractive?”

A flush seemed to awash over the blonde’s face as she answered. “His looks. His character. His romantic and faithful way he was with his girlfriend. He bought her flowers and gifts. I LOVE that. I wished I was the recipient.”

“‘Was,’ ‘bought’—you’re speaking in past tense? He isn’t dating this girl anymore?”

The parent answered, “No.”

Holly looked at John. “How come you broke it off with your girlfriend?”

He was self-assured in his reply. “I want to be with Mom.”

Ashley looked touched. The psychologist was impressed, and saw such a parallel between John and her late son.

The mother cleared her throat, signaling her intent to continue. The therapist couldn’t help but notice a new facial expression on Ashley. She looked like she was about to say something naughty, and enjoy saying it.

“Also, I liked the way he made love to her.”

The last description caught both John and Holly by surprise. The therapist naturally asked, “You watched your son have sex with his girlfriend?”

The divorcee nodded, displaying a mischievous grin.

“You watched me and Daisy?” John asked. His timbre was slightly loud and a mixture of surprise and arousal. He continued the inquisition. “At the house? When?”

This is getting spicy zipped across the psychologist’s mind. She wanted to lick her lips in auditory anticipation but settled for uncrossing then crossing her legs to enable her supple thighs to rub against one another in a brief attempt to quell the brewing heat between them.

“Yes, it was at the house,” Ashley continued, “It was 4th of July weekend.”

“Sounds like an explosive moment,” Holly quipped at her.

The blonde picked up on the joke and returned with “There were more fireworks inside the house than outside on the street.” Both women chuckled at the double entendre.

“Explosive?” the redhead jokingly asked.

In synch with the running joke and the comfort of the psychologist, Ashley kept the naughty look and nodded with an “Ah uh.”

With aching nipples, Holly asked, “Did you see ‘it’?”

A dreamy look came over the divorcee. She shared it with her son, then with the clinician. “Oh yeahhhh,” she confidently and sexily responded.

“Describe your son’s penis, Ashley.” Holly’s need to know this was actually more personal than clinical.

“It’s a divorcee’s dream! It’s about seven inches—no more. It’s not too skinny and not too wide. It has good length and girth. The top of it reminded me of a plumb.”

John, meanwhile, was speechless, dumbfounded, and turned on. His gorgeous, horny, voyeuristic mother was describing his tool while he was screwing his girlfriend to another gorgeous MILF. Currently, that tool was having blood rushed to it faster than in a trauma center.

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“But, Holly, it just wasn’t his prick.” (Holly? It surprised him and amused the doctor how the mother went from ‘Dr. Connor’ to ‘Holly’ while decadently recalling seeing her son banging his girl.) “It was his tongue.”

In a girlish tone, Holly inquired, “What do you mean?”

“I started spying on them when he was just finishing eating out Daisy. From the angle of where I was standing, his tongue was working overtime at licking her pussy. It was like he was enjoying an ice-cream cone. Forget ‘enjoying.’ He was OBSESSED with lapping at her and sticking it into her just like a dick. She screamed things like, ‘Oh yes, John! You eat my pussy so fucking good!’ Between her moans and the way she was writhing around, I figured my son to be an oral expert. I didn’t even get a chance to rub my cunt. Watching my son eat out his girlfriend gave me an orgasm—and I didn’t even touch myself!”

Looking directly at the single parent and with a seductive voice, Holly asked, “You like getting eaten out?”

Her own voice hoarse, Ashley replied, “Ohhh, yesss!” Then she added, “You too?”

Maintaining her visual lock on the mother, the psychologist replied in a hushed tone, “Yes!”

The pair of panties was brimming with wetness.

The desirous parent looked at Holly expressing non-verbally her want to continue.

“Go ahead, Ashley.”

“He withdrew his head from between her legs. His face was shiny like a new penny. Daisy then started to beg him to screw her. ‘Oh, baby, fuck me now! I want it so bad!’ I started echoing in my own mind her words as if I was telling John. I just changed it to ‘mommy.’ My mind was yelling, ‘Oh, John, fuck mommy now! I want it so bad!”

The psychologist’s nipples were so hard now they could cut glass. Their sexual longing was so intensely it was almost painful. Her cuntal secretions flowed into the underwear gusset like a wild river. It was all Holly could do from tossing aside the manila folder, hiking up her skirt, slip her hand into her panties and paw at her fevered snatch while begging Ashley for more details.

“John was bare-chested when he was going down on Daisy. When he stood up I really saw his chest. I’ve seen it before. But now I was viewing it as a sexually famished woman. It is breathtaking! My son is chiseled.

“Then he quickly removed his jeans and underwear. He left his socks on. I actually thought that was cute. When he shoved down his pants and underwear in one shot and his erection bounced into view, I couldn’t get my fingers into my cunt fast enough. He picked up his jeans, fished out of one of the pockets a condom, tore it open with his teeth, slipped it on and got between Daisy spread thighs. Oh, how I envied that girl! Then he directed his stiff penis into her and proceeded to bang her six ways from Sunday. While they rutted like weasels, I came twice more, wishing—yearning—it was me receiving that world-class fuck.”

Holly sat back in her chair, steepling her fingers pretending to professionally reflect on the discussion. What the redhead really needed was to personally gather her thoughts which were X-rated and had run amok. She would have to send her skirt to the dry cleaners, thanks to her teeming muff. She hadn’t seen such a good-looking couple like Ashley and John in a long time. Her id was running wild. She wanted to take them to into her private room and ravage them both. She knew she would have no trouble getting them into a torrid threesome and spend the afternoon fucking and sucking each other. But Ashley’s plight was so similar to her own. She wanted the blonde parent to know and experience the obvious attraction and love her son felt for her, and vice-versa.

“Ashley, may I be blunt with you?”

“Why yes.”

“I really don’t see the problem here. You are attracted to your son. You masturbate about him. You’ve seen him ‘in action.’ You wished he was eating and fucking you instead of this Daisy. You like his qualities. He is attracted to you and wants to bewith you and love you faithfully. Go for it!”

Ashley was frustrated. Not with the doctor, but with herself. She slumped in her chair and exhaled.

“Yes, you are correct in everything you said. But it also what you said: John is my son, and neither of us is supposed to feel this way about one another, especially me.”

The psychologist acknowledged to herself that Ashley’s objection sounded whiney and was weak. It was time to take her and her son to what she dubbed The Bedroom. Before that, though, she wanted (and needed) to do something. She looked at the young man, specifically his groin.

“John, all this sexual talk involving your mother—it excites you, doesn’t it?”


“I see the tent in your shorts,” she said matter-of-factly. He looked at her somewhat sheepishly, remaining quiet.

“I want you to stand up, John,”

The college student did as he was told. He stood up…with the bulge in his shorts on full display.

Out of the corner of her eye, the therapist saw the mother’s eyes widen at the sight of her son sporting a massive woody. Holly herself had to briefly stare at it in her own adoration of the stiff, fabric-covered dick. She stood up as well and walked to Ashley’s child. She faced him and asked, “Do you mind?”

John had no idea what she was asking about. Confused, he simply nodded in compliance.

Holly looked at Ashley and spoke. “If I had son this good looking and with a ‘package’ like this…”

The doctor cupped her hand under his balls. She held them a brief second, massaged them and then rubbed upward, along the steely contour of his erection. She quickly whirled her palm over the penile top and took away her hand from John’s crotch.

“…I wouldn’t let him out of the house to go to the supermarket.”

“Uh!” groaned John at the unexpected, brief, but pleasurable touch of Holly. His boner lurched in his pants, while a heavy shot of pre-come stained the front of his underwear.

Ashley felt like a hungry dog seeing food and wanting it so bad but was chained, unable to get what she so desired. She also felt a tad jealous at what Holly just did to her son. And yet her arousal edged up slightly seeing him in another sexual situation.

Holly, meanwhile, felt sluttish glee having sexually touched a man for the first time in eons. This glee was so profound that the therapist didn’t care that her love oils were coating her inner thighs. Looking at the conflicted facial expression of the mother, she could see the internal battle going on in Ashley’s mind.

It was time, concluded Holly.

“Perhaps a less clinical setting is in order,” the psychologist, in a low tone, offered. “Why don’t you two get comfortable in there,” she gestured with her hand toward the door which led to The Bedroom. She stood up and smiled seductively at mother and son, reaching for their hands.

“Come on.”

Holly, hand in hand with Ashley and John, led them into the room the therapist used for special cases. It was a small but lavish room complete with a kind-size bed and a chaise lounge facing the bed. After closing the door, Holly was in front of the mother and son who were standing next to each other adjacent to the bed.

“This is the room I enable a mother and son to really begin to explore and enjoy each other. I don’t use this for every one of my clients.” She put a hand on the upper arms of the blonde and her son. “I use it for only special clients, like you two. Special…beautiful clients.”

There was a moment of silence as the three formed a triangle. The silence was offset by the varying degrees of heavy breathing amongst them. Anticipation, excitement, and—for Ashley—nervousness hung in the air. The parent and child looked to the psychologist for guidance. She gave it.

“John, kiss your mother.”

The college student, without hesitation, leaned into Ashley’s face. Holly’s hand released itself from his as he motioned. Her other hand went to laying flat against the middle of Ashley’s back. It was a preventive measure in case she hesitated. It was needed, as the blonde flinched and tried to back up.

“I love you, Mom,” he sighed, before pressing his lips against hers.

Holly saw Ashley was not repulsed, but not receptive. She leaned into the blonde’s ear.

“You have your man, now, Ashley,” she erotically whispered. “Your son, John, is right here…willing and wanting to be yours, and yours alone. You never have to go without any love—every type of love—ever again.” The therapist gently pushed aside a blonde strand with her fingers and rested her lips on the mother’s ear. “No more lonely nights. No more broken heart. No more being without the touch of a man. You have your man right now. Right here. He’ll fuck you and suck you—anytime, every time. This is the man you have wanted for so long…your son, John. Now, Ashley, kiss your son like you really want to.” Just before pulling away, Holly flicked her tongue at the edge of the parent’s ear lobe.

Holly’s words, her touch on Ashley’s ear, the zeal and passion from John’s lips against hers, all that had passed between her and him—it was entirely too much for the divorcee. The last wall of resistance fell within her mind. She puckered up and returned her son’s kiss. Then the blonde wrapped her arms around John and pulled him into her. The liplock grew intense and hot. The two mouths hungrily crawled over each and soon their tongues joined the fun. Spit was swopped and heads rolled lazily round as mother and son kissed like newlyweds.

The heavy, amorous smooch was halted by Ashley. She pulled away to look deeply at John. Initially there was a pained look on her face. Tear streaks seem to indicate this. But a happy smile soon appeared on the mother’s face.

“I love you, baby. I love you, John,” she declared in triumphant. Immediately then did her eyes close half-way, giving her a hazy look, and she replanted her lips against her son’s.

The kiss returned to its five-alarm status, now with hands roaming over backs and squeezing asses.

Holly looked on as the illicit couple began to strip. The counselor felt pride and a bit envious. But she would make her presence known later on. For now, it was time for Ashley and John to enjoy and love each other. And the therapist would cherish every minute watching this taboo mating. She backed away from the lovers to the chaise lounge, where she shucked off her jacket, and begin to unbutton her blouse. Neither the blonde nor her son heard the zipper on Holly’s skirt being pulled down or saw it hit the floor. They were too busy as their own clothes were coming off.

Ashley and John were soon standing naked off of the left side of the bed, arms wrapped around each, embroiled in a blazing French kiss. Little moans escaped from both of them as their illicit attraction was physically materializing.

“Oh, honey!”

“Mmm, mom!”

The young Adonis gently pushed his mother onto the bed. His eyes scanned her curvy, luscious body. Her big, beautiful breasts quivered with desire and excitement. They jiggled, begging for his mouth and hands. Her erect nipples, so mouthwatering, also seemed to scream for his attention. He would spend orally and manually adoring her traffic-stopping bust another time. For now his mind and mouth were laser-like in their destination. He slithered down the opulent female form, off the bed onto his knees, with his face now hovering over Ashley’s simmering vagina.

The in-heat aroma was musky, overpowering, and alluring. The whole pubic mound throbbed with sexual thirst. Her pubic hair was like a small patch of golden wheat, now matted down from her drenched panties. The labia majora was puffy and shiny. The labia minora was parted like a rose, revealing its moist, inner pinkness. The stiff clitoris projected from its hood. Pearly pussy juice steadily drooled out of the open slit.

“Oh, John!” yelled Ashley as she felt his face drop onto her crotch, and he proceeded to mash it all over her twat and inner thighs.

The young man was acting like he was possessed, or trying desperately to return face-first to the womb that bore him. John furiously rubbed his face over every inch of the forbidden cunt, smearing her nectar all over himself and her. He quickly brushed his cheeks against her thighs and vulva. This caused Ashley’s breathing to start coming in short gasps, and her hands to massage her breasts.

“Yes, baby! Yes, John! Eat your mom!” the divorcee hollered. It was half a command, half a plea.

He progressed with his facial massage, now mixing it with brief licks and kisses to her pubic hair, mons, and the crease of her thighs. He inhaled copious amounts of her pussy perfume. The college kid relished in greasing his face with another coat of her flowing honey.

John soon began to rub his face into Ashley’s delirious and humid cunt more slowly. This gave way to his tongue languidly fluttering up and down her enflamed petals. His head bobbed north to south, south to north, making sure his tongue lapped at the entire length of her juicy slit. The tangy taste of his mother’s pussy had a stranglehold on the young man. He wanted to taste, savor and swallow every drop of the forbidden ambrosia. For John, there was only one word to describe the taste of his mother’s pussy: scrumptious.

Suddenly, the voluptuous MILF’s eyes popped open wide and she wailed. “Ohhhh!”

Ashley’s muculent outer lips vibrated in delight as John’s tongue slithered in between them, barreling inward.

“Oh, you horny bastard! Stick in your tongue in it! Stick your tongue in it!” the writhing beauty lustily cheered. “Fuck mommy with your tongue!”

And that’s just what John. He corkscrewed his slippery tongue deep into his mother’s drenched, frantic muff, giving her unimaginable pleasure.

“Uh, ughhh!” groaned the overheating blonde as her cunt muscles contracted around his coiling tongue. “Oh, you dirty little boy—sticking your tongue in mommy’s pussy! Ahh! That’s it. Motherfuck me with your tongue! Motherfuck me!”

Meanwhile Holly, laying on the chaise lounge, was enthralled at the decadent sight before her. She was also bare, after just having brought down along her long legs the soggy material that was her panties. With a flick of her foot, she kicked them off. It landed near her discarded bra. One hand was caressing a heavy breast and stiff nipple, while the other was between her open legs.

“Aaahhhh!” the redhead groaned as she curled her index and middle fingers into her warm, gooey cunt and expertly fingered herself.

“So fucking hot!” she hissed in lewd appraisal of the illicit cunnilingus she helped ignite. “That’s it John! Eat your mother. Eat her good!” she whorishly encouraged.

The fingers that had been slipping in and out of Holly’s blazing twat were quickly raised to her mouth. The licentious doctor noisily sucked her own cream from the digits, and returned them to her open crevice. She wiggled her fine ass deeper into the lounge and spread further her legs, getting more comfortable to masturbate while watching the raunchy act on the bed.

John was like a man with a steak after weeks in the desert. He was insatiable feasting on Ashley’s pussy. He had stiffened his tongue and jabbed it into the frantic hole with agility and urgency. Then he suckled on the eager labia minora, gently rolling them between his own lips, delighting in their slick, wrinkled texture.

Ashley moaned, “Eat mommy’s pussy! Eat it! Oh, yes, son, eat me!”

The ecstasy Ashley was enjoying was about to be maximized as John headed north—to the prized clitoris. In a concentrated barrage, he flicked his tongue at it. He swiped at the sexual pearl with determined and lustful strokes. The nerve endings in the clit lit up like a Christmas tree…and therefore lit up Ashley. Her orgasm was sweeping over her like a tidal wave.

“Ugghhhh!” she grunted.

Her talented son had just inserted a finger into her gushing cunt, then quickly rammed it in and out while he lapped at her clit. He managed to insert another finger into her greased anus and completed the cunnilingus trifecta. The gorgeous divorcee was now flaying about like a fish out of water.

“Ohhhh, Johnnnnny! I’m cumming. Don’t stop! Uggghhh! You FUCKING sexy son, you’re making mommy cum!”

The power of Ashley’s orgasm was immense. She held his head steadfastly in between her splayed thighs, curled her toes, undulated her hips, and lustfully ground her flooded, convulsing sex into John’s face. She rode it as if she was in rodeo. Her cuntal lips were spread on his face, swamping more of her honey from his chin to his scalp.

Holly was also cumming. Heated whimpers came from the sexy psychologist as she furiously rubbed her own love button after a steady dose of intense finger-fucking. Her whole lower body buffeted as her open, sodden pussy jettisoned a torrent of love oils, staining the chaise lounge.

“Oh, Ashley! John! You guys have me…” she couldn’t continue the sentence as her climax hit.

John could not hear Holly. He was still plastered in between his mother’s legs which were now wrapped around him. Ashley, on the other hand, did hear the therapist say something. She lifted her head up and saw the redhead nude and masturbating on the lounge. Having another woman—another hot older woman like herself, the same woman who instigated this sex act no less—naked and getting off on her and her son, turned on the parent. The arousal of the blonde, already ballistic thanks to John’s expert oral mechanics, was increased knowing she was being watched. Ashley doubled her writhing motions and heightened her moaning

“Johnnnyyyy! Eeeaaattttt mmmeeee! Uggghhhh! Oh, yessss!”

The mother humped her son’s face into orgasmic oblivion. The spasming of her nether region, the torrential outpouring of her sap, and the pornographic sounds she made gave the young lover an incredible rush. He felt a decadent thrill and pride at what he was doing. He remained tenacious in sticking to her thundering cunt, so that his mouth, tongue, and fingers could finish making her happy.

When it was all over, Ashley, John and Holly were all spent. He remained within his mother’s legs, his head quietly lying on her vulva, with his arms wrapped around her thighs. He was over the moon and so proud of himself for what he just accomplished. In his perverted mind, he felt like he had just won the Stanley Cup, World Series, and Super Bowl all in one shot. His eyes cast upward, watching his mom’s breasts rising and falling as her breathing returned to normal and she had a post-orgasmic grin on her face.

The stud raised himself and bent over his mother. Her closed eyes opened as she felt the bed move. She looked up at her smiling son. His entire head glistened with her juices. Her scent was like a heavy aura around his face. She returned the smile. He lowered his face and they kissed. As they shared her nectar and their saliva, the tongues soon danced together feverishly. Then she began to greedily suck on his tongue. The blonde had often tasted herself while masturbating. But now that nectar was being orally provided by her son, it was such an incredible turn-on for her.

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They mutually broke off the kiss to gaze at each other. Ashley and John peered longingly at each other, their lust now abated with profound love.

Holly could see the strengthening bond between the new-found lovers. She let the moment linger a bit more, than said. “You two are fucking incredible!”

John and Ashley looked at the naked, prone and splayed-open redhead. He did a double-take, seeing Holly au natural and realizing that she had autopleasured to him eating out his mother. Seeing another beautiful MILF nude who had been his voyeur made his deflated prick twitch with life. Ashley, unlike when she first noticed the masturbating psychologist, now could leisurely admire the naughty counselor. The mother saw Holly had large breasts and long legs too. The one noticeable difference was that the clinical cunt was bald. It was smooth, and with the large stain in the lounger, made Holly look delicious to the blonde.

Holly got up from the chaise lounge. Sexily, the therapist sauntered over to the bed. She eyed the mother and son with a seductive look and smile. Ashley and John were captivated by the beautiful, naked woman approaching them. They were also getting aroused by her. Holly put one knee onto the bed and motion forward. She firmly planted her lips against Ashley’s. John was spellbound as he watched the two sexy ladies enjoy a long, luxurious kiss complete with dueling tongues. Holly pulled away from the blonde and shifted to the son, enjoying a comparable smooch with him. When Holly’s tongue parted ways with John’s, she licked her lips and gave a bawdy look to the divorcee.

“Hmmm, Ashley! Your pussy juice tastes wonderful.”

Mother and son were both visually bewitched by the therapist’s X-rated review. Then Ashley felt something.

“Aahhh!” the parent exclaimed.

She was unexpectedly thrilled by Holly’s hand on her pussy. The counselor petted the maternal twat, and briefly slipped a finger into the honey hole. She withdrew her hand and put the glossy palm and digits before the son.

“John, your mother is wet and horny,” she seductively deducted.

Using the same hand, the redheaded temptress put it under his ¾ stiff prick. She rubbed its underside and then wrapped her fingers around it. She applied a few brisk strokes, making John fully erect. He threw his head back at the exquisiteness of her touch and sighed. The redhead looked at the blonde.

“Ashley, your son is hard as granite.”

Holly paused, building the anticipation between the impassioned lovers. Then she surmised.

“You two need to fuck.”

Moving on the bed away from the couple, the counselor returned once again to her voyeur status on the lounge. She loved seeing the hungry, lusty look between mother and son, and hearing their mutually labored breathing. The psychologist’s eyes widen at what was happening. Ashley leaned back on the bed, bent her knees, and spread open her sexy legs. The parent instinctively licked her lips at the sight of John’s member bouncing to and fro as he positioned himself to mount her.

As his thick, hard cock was nearing her moist slit, the mother unabashedly reached for the swaying penis. John, preparing to grab his tool to guide it in, was caught off guard. He looked quizzically at Ashley. He saw an endearing softness in her eyes.

“Let me put in, for the first time.”

The doctor sighed at the incestuous sentimentality.

John relented…and then moaned when Ashley took hold of his sex


The touch of her hand around his raging hard-on for the very first time was amazing. His whole body shivered.

Ashley guided John’s vibrant, forbidden, erect cock to her waiting cunt. She placed the expansive and rounded penile head against her soaked labia. It rested there for only a few seconds but it seemed like an eternity to the two. They began to pant as they viewed his bubbling pre-cum mixing with her seething oils. Still holding the fleshy stalk, Ashley then inserted it into her sweet, buttery gash.

As his helmet penetrated her cunt lips, their eyes immediately flew onto each other.

“Uggghhh!” John grunted as his robust cock, aided by Ashley’s hand, slid effortlessly into her taut, smoldering pussy.

The mother was literally at a loss for words or sound. All she could do was form with her mouth a large “O.” When the upper quarter of her son’s dick passed into her, she released her hold of it to let primal nature take over. The rest of his prick—seven inches of sleek and youthful masculinity—glided into her vagina. Her flowing lubrication encompassed and welcomed the entering male organ, providing it with the slick surface needed for a glorious screwing

With his manhood leading the way, John gently rested his body onto Ashley’s prone form. The hairs on his chest bristled against her sensitive nipples as her breasts gently flattened against his full descension. As his rod passed deeper and deeper into the maternal snatch, it felt to John like he was entering a deliciously wet, and warm valley. It was a valley which initially felt exquisitely tight, then quickly and deliriously adjusted itself to his incoming slab of beef. Once his burly balls careened against her ass, mother and son knew he was fully within her. It was at that point that she released her pent-up gratification.

“Aaahhhh! John, baby! You feel absolutely incredible!”

Fireworks were going off inside his head. He couldn’t get over that his entire schlong, from tip to root, was in the cunt he lusted after for so long.

“Oh, mom,” he asthmatically sounded, “you too! Your pussy feels wonderful!”

The sexual fog between parent and child was broken by Holly’s raspy directive.

“John, fuck your mother.”

On cue the blonde hunk, in a push-up stance, began to revolve his lean ass as he shoved his crotch downward. John was gradually and methodically fucking his sultry mother’s needy cunt. The randy cougar’s flaring hips rotated, commencing her overjoyed response to the delving phallus.

“Ah! Oh! Ahhh!” she groaned aloud.


Their lips reconnected. Initially it was a slightly hurried but sensual kiss. Then, as the humping steadily developed, the urgency of the kiss also grew. The tips of their tongues did their own kissing against each other, while the tongues themselves were rolling over each other like two eels. Muffled sounds of groaning within their mouths could be heard.

Within no time, Ashley’s son was flexing like a work-out machine, banging her at a steady clip. He delivered waves of precise, fulfilling jabs to her sweet, moist, receptive pussy. Every powerful thrust he meted out caused her spread, bent knees to shudder and fly backwards.

Lying on the chaise lounge, Holly resumed pleasuring herself to the incestuous copulating.

“So, Ashley,” the therapist inquired as she strummed her twat, “do you like that your son, John, is finally fucking you?”

In between moans, the ecstatic divorcee replied, “Oh, yes!”

The psychologist double-downed with “Do you like the way your son is fucking you?”

“Yes!” was the immediate and shrilled answer.

“Say it, Ash. Say, ‘I like my son fucking me.'”


Holly was flabbergasted at the response.

The spasming beauty continued. “I LOVE my son fucking me!”

It was a pleasant surprise for the psychologist who, upon hearing the illicit affirmation, plunged two fingers into her horny hole.

“That’s my girl,” cooed the redhead.

Hearing his mother proclaim that she LOVED him fucking her, the mind-blowing feeling of her affectionate and syrupy cunt, the building low sound of flesh against flesh—all while the naked and sexy therapist is watching this frigging herself—ratcheted up his motions. A surge of unbridled lust overtook the young Adonis as his stroking of Ashley’s twat morphed into pummeling. The blonde’s ecstasy was flying off the charts.

“So big! So good!” was her wanton assessment of the hard and satisfying cock she denied herself of for so long.

Ashley impatiently wanted and needed more of the young penis. So her long legs wrapped themselves around John, pulling him in deeper to her blistering, creamy slit.

“Oh fuck!” he exclaimed. The jackknifing of his mother’s legs forced his locomotive cock even further into her buttery recesses. It was an erotic undertow, as her cuntal muscles pulled him down into her searing, aching, pink depths. It resulted in the multiplying of his excitement and his penile head nudging her cervix. This made Ashley expel a long, drawn out groan.

The naked mother was white-hot horny. Her sexual self-confidence roared back as she arched her shapely body, hedonistically accepting the vigorous, intentional strikes John’s manhood was providing. Her undulating hips matched his fuck rhythm. As good as he gave, she gave good back. Every downward stroke of his was met by an upward shove of hers.

“Ahhh, mom! You’re the best piece of ass I have had!” the hung lad proclaimed.

Sweat began to pour off of the young stallion as John re-doubled the strength in his arms and proceeded to drive his zealous erection even more into Ashley’s pulsing nook. John was banging his mother like an open barn door in a tornado. Her overflowing cream now made the acoustics of wet, slapping flesh all the more louder. The sex went from illicit to illicitly raunchy. The meaty goodness of her son’s cock was wonderful to the divorcee.

“Ohhhh, yes, honey! Fuck me! Fuck your mommy! I need it so, so bad! And your dick feels soooo damn good!”

This was music to the randy therapist. Reclining on the lounger, Holly’s heated vagina was releasing a current of juice. The self-pleasuring redhead, with three fingers in her fervid and lathered gap, was on her way to her second orgasm as she watched with blatant lust John bedding Ashley.

“Fuck your mother, John! Fuck her! Don’t stop!” she lecherously egged on.

Both lovers heard Holly but were so lost in their own torrid and forbidden world, neither looked at the psychologist. Ashley and John’s mating was feral, and could easily rival that of beasts in the wild. The faster he fucked her, the hornier she got and thus the harder she fucked back. Their grunts could be the soundtrack for a NatGeo special on gorillas. Mother and son, crazed with lust, simply could not get enough of one another.

The strapping lover was bulldozing his hard, hefty cock inside Ashley’s succulent pussy over and over again. She was completely enthralled with the quality and quantity of John’s thrusts. Lasciviously she tightened her cunt around his pistoning cock, squeezing it for all its carnal worth. Wildly, she thrashed her head on the bed from side to side.

“Ohhhhh, Johnny! Johnny! Fuck meeeeeeee!” she moaned. “Don’t stop! Don’t ever stop fucking your mommy!”

He, after a few more shoves, responded by pushing her longs legs up, exposing Ashley’s glistening twat, and pulled out his tool, with a semi-loud “plop.” His elongated prick, coated in her glazed honey, jumped about proudly.

Holly’s keen eyes caught this. She ceaselessly licked her lips at the sight of the shiny and firm dick, wishing it was plowing away at her own hungry muff. Her hand, rubbing herself in a circular motion, now concentrated on her electric clit, preparing for her next orgasm.

Ashley immediately threw her head up and glared up at John. It was a mixture of shock, hurt, anger, and unfulfilled passion. She saw a devilish grin on her son’s handsome face.

“Oh, that’s right,” he said and with a forceful shove, slammed his hardness right back into her starving gap.

“Ugghhhh!” she howled.

“You didn’t want me to stop fucking you—ever!”

John, with new-found vigor and a conquering rush, began to pump Ashley tempestuously. His hips were a blur as he loved-tap Ashley’s womanhood with unrelenting force, speed, and sexual fury. She threw her head back in shameless glee.

“Who’s your man, now?” he asked heatedly.

The writhing beauty at first couldn’t answer. The power of his downstrokes and her upstrokes had her literally bouncing off the mattress. When she tried to reply, she initially sounded like she had a stuttering problem. Finally she was able to annunciate.

“You, baby! You!”

“Who owns your sweet, hot MILF body?”

“You do!”

His final teasing inquiry was “Who am I to you?”

Normally Ashley would have gotten pissed at the line questioning. But her mind was so flame-broiled with lust, she would have identified herself as a Martian if meant keeping getting this superb and monumental lay. Yet, even in her libertine delirium, she realized she was verbally committing herself to her son as he literally was planting his staff in her. She willingly and sincerely answered.

“You are my son, John. I am yours!”

Conquest complete, the son mentally declared.

“That’s right, my dear sexy mother, Ashley. You are mine!” he mightily claimed.

He rewarded her by slowing down his motions, screwed briefly at a somber pace, and then without warning began to pulverize her cunt once again.

The divorcee’s head flew forwarded at the sudden change in tempo. Her eyes were big as saucers and her mouth was wide open, yet she could not speak. She could only gasp. She was met by his cocky smile and a knowing look. He pressed his lips to hers, pushing her head back onto the mattress. She enveloped her arms around his neck and pulled his upper body into hers.

This was good for John. His forearms were painful and he sounded like he had COPD. He relinquished the kiss and rested his head on his mom’s ample bosom. His lungs and muscles appreciated the break.

One of his muscles didn’t need or want a break. That muscle was moving like a pile-driver. It unrelentingly plowed with boldness into Ashley’s thunderstuck twat. She had lowered her legs and planted her feet on the mattress, keeping her knees bent and spread, continuing to give his hard-charging cock uninterrupted access to her throbbing snatch.

In a sheer matter of time, the foxy blonde’s orgasm hit her like a drone strike. It burst forth from her loins and radiated throughout her convulsing, voluptuous body. Her toes curled and her juices cascaded out like Niagara Falls.

“Oh, John! I’m cummmmmming! Mommy’s cumming! You’re making me cum!”

The 21-year old’s upper body jumped skyward, as if suddenly awoken by an alarm clock. He grabbed hold of her generous hips and fucked his lusty, naked, orgasming mother like there was no tomorrow. John hammered Ashley savagely. His ardent cock was like a Texas oil rig ‘on 11,’ quickly and boldly thumping its gratifying self into her thrilled, gushing pussy. The son was hell-bent on making this an earth-shattering orgasm for his mom.

It was. As her sexual crescendo encompassed her mind and body, Ashley very briefly feared she was going to pass out from the colossal screwing she was getting. She didn’t; it was just the hysterics of the moment and their mutual high-flying body motions.

“Ohhhh, gaaawwwwwddd! Johnnnny! You’re making meeeee—”

Her lusty proclamation was cut off by her son’s.

“Aaaahhhhh! Mom! I’m cumming!”

As she was creaming all over his speeding dick, the first rope of hot, thick semen orbited out of the pulsating cock top. It quickly mixed with her raining essence, forming an incestuous brew of sexual fluids. A second and equally potent release of jizz hit the back of her vaginal canal, and then a third and then a fourth.

“Aaarrgghhhh!” John shrieked as he ejaculated tremendously into his mother’s cunt.

Ashley was in the throes of a richly deserved orgasm. It was beyond exhilarating that her lover, her son, was himself now peaking.

“Uuggghhhh, Johnny! Give it all to me. Cum in Mommy! Cum in Mommy!”

As his heaving member belched out jet after jet of the illicit sperm, Ashley’s insatiable cunt was determined not only to accept it all, but wring out every last drop of the creamy substance. The young hunk was euphoric as he enjoyed not only the pleasure of cumming, but the milking her nether muscles gave his spewing prick. The mixed solution dribbled out of her gash, down her loins into the expansive stain on the mattress.

Their shared climax was, putting it mildly, powerful.

When it was all over, John and Ashley lay together, and breathing like two race horses at the Kentucky Derby. Their bodies were coated in perspiration, along with bodily fluids below the waist. Mother and son were basking in their first-ever love making, cuddling, and not wanting to break the taboo contact their bodies were sharing post-coital.

He moved, his softened tool slipping out from her completely satisfied gash. She released a disappointed sigh. He tenderly hugged her. She responded with an adoring kiss.

“I love you, John.”

“I love you, Mom.”

They kissed tenderly again and they soon fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Sometime later Ashley stirred from her slumber, thanks to a sensation she was receiving. It was an exhilarating sensation, one she enjoyed sometime earlier in the day. She was being eaten out, again. With eyes still shut, she smiled widely.

“You can’t resist feeding on Momma’s pussy, can you?” she asked.

The naughty feeling had her lazily rolling her body into the mattress like a relaxing cat.

“Hmmm, baby!” the blonde hissed, and then opened her eyes to look down her body.

Between the mother’s spread thighs was Holly. The naked psychologist’s head was rolling around as her tongue licked Ashley’s cunt in excruciatingly slow circles. The divorcee’s eyes flew open.


A new wave of sexual delight echoed out from her tended-to vagina throughout her body. She threw her head back, and released a drawn-out sigh.

The therapist paused and lifted her head, passionately glaring at Ashley.

“I just couldn’t wait to enjoy the taste of your pussy filled with your son’s cum.”

Already there was a light sheen on Holly’s chin. With her eyes still locked on the blonde, she descended her head, took a hit of the strong musk, and resumed sensually drawing circles on Ashley’s pussy lips.

Ashley was stunned. She put her head back down on the bed. Her mind couldn’t wrap itself around the fact that earlier today she had sex with her son—a first time event, and now was having sex with another woman—also a first timer. She let go of the utter amazement and submitted her mental processing to the pleasure Holly was giving her.

“Aaahhhhh!” groaned the divorcee.

The parent’s cunt vibrated once again with distended petals, brewing ambrosia, and lustful desire as Holly’s lingua erotically and calmly lapped at it. Also Ashley’s nipples were hard as Chinese algebra and her breasts felt glowingly full as she was experiencing and loving her first girl-on-girl experience.

“Ohhhhhh, Holly! You do that so nice!”

From the beginning, the redhead’s tongue painted slow, wet, feathery circles on the blonde’s pussy. It was much different from John’s method. Both gave her oral sexual pleasure she had long forgot about. But Holly’s leisurely approach had the mother’s hands grabbing the nearest piece of bedcover and squeezing it tight.

It had to be a woman’s touch she guessed.

The frisky therapist again raised her head to respond to her lover’s compliment. Holly’s own horniness, reignited when she started to eat out Ashley a little while after she and John fell asleep, was steadily climbing. An incredible thrill seared throughout her as she viewed her patient. Ashley’s face displayed a look of pure carnal joy, while her huge breasts, with hardened peaks, rose and fell in accordance with her heavy breathing. The counselor’s own juices were fermenting.

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“Thank you, Ashley.”

Holly raised her entire form and, like a stalking panther, stealthily climbed upward and over Ashley’s heated body. Her face was inches away from the mother’s. The two beauties gazed at each other, lustfully, hungrily. The blonde could smell her own cunt cologne from the panting redhead. Their lips met. The kiss was electric, their mouths impatiently rolling and pressing against one another. The divorcee’s ambrosia was shared, heightening the passion between the two women.

When she kissed the incestuous mother, Holly’s hands went to Ashley’s buxom breasts. She weighed the breasts, massaging and caressing them. They seemed to bounce with excitement in her nimble hands. Her fingers toyed with the erect nipples. She tweaked and squeezed the bloated peaks, eliciting whimpers from Ashley.

“Oh! Oh! Yes! Ahhhhh!”

Holly quickly dropped her open mouth to an aching tit. She eagerly sucked on it, taking into her mouth as much of the upper half of the fleshy melon while her hand tended to the other breast. She busily flicked her tongue at the nipple and areolae. She kissed, lapped, and tasted as much of the breast as possible. Then the seductress switched so that she was palming the recently orally loved tit while she suckled the other one. Every inch of that mammary was also awarded with kisses and licks.

Ashley’s breathing was more like gasping as she watched Holly worship her bust. Their eyes met again and the redhead orally slid downward. Starting in Ashley’s cleavage, she dragged her tongue down the foxy blonde’s skin. The doctor’s tongue languished briefly in and around the belly button, obtaining giggles from the mother. It then descended further.

When Holly’s tongue was in the drench pubic patch, she dabbed at it and kissed it. She intentionally bypassed Ashley’s clitoris. The tongue then rolled out again over the wet, plump lips, and shimmied along the burning crevice.

“Don’t stop!” begged Ashley, as her generous hips started to buck.

The MILF added nuzzling Ashley’s crotch to her oral repertoire. She also slipped a hand between her own spread thighs to caresses herself. Her frantic digits were massaging her own creamy, wet, simmering pussy.

The randy redhead expertly planted small butterfly kisses, intermingled with licks, all over the overheated sex. A stream of honey flowed out…into Holly’s eager mouth. The redhead’s frenetic tongue was greased with another coat of the tangy sap as her throat couldn’t keep up with swallowing it.

Holly hadn’t made love to another woman in almost two years. Her son and her practice had kept her bi-side in line. Virtually all the time, bringing mothers and sons together, she got them screwing without any sexual involvement from herself. But when this taboo pair walked into her office, she was turned on like a light switch. The doctor WANTED to be with them, especially the mother. Holly was now with her, and they were both ascending to Sapphic heights of pleasure.

As Holly’s eager tongue was tickling her sensitive, gooey twat, Ashley threw her head to the side where John was. She didn’t see him. She turned her head to the other side, to the left of the servicing psychologist.

“Oh!” she exclaimed in almost a girlish tone.

There was her son. Still naked, he was standing a few feet diagonally behind Holly. His eyes were riveted to what has happening to her, his hand slowly fisting his long, hard cock. The mother was completely and lustfully enamored with not only the amazing gratification this stunning doctor was orally giving her, but the fact that her son was nearby watching and masturbating.

“You like what you see, my sexy son?” she temptingly asked.

Holly was so lost in the pungency of Ashley’s scent and the delicious taste of her pussy, she forgot that John was behind her. She heard the question and saw Ashley motioning with her eyes for Holly to peer behind herself. The therapist did. Holly carnally licked her sticky lips at seeing the young, bare Adonis gawking at the all-girl show while beating his meat. She licked her lips a second time at seeing the stiff, lush cock again.

“He’s speechless, Ashley,” she lewdly reckoned.

He was speechless. John couldn’t not get over the hot, sexy, MILF lesbian display before him. His luscious mother was naked; her bountiful tits quivering, her bent parted legs showcasing her burning, shiny, open cunt. In between those legs was the beautiful and also-naked therapist. Holly had been bending forward to graze on his mother’s bush. Now as she stood up glancing over her shoulder at him, she was a wet-dream come alive. Her lovely ass was very curvy. Her long legs were spread and her red pumps were still on, giving her the look of a Bond girl.

Holly could see the lust in his eyes, for what she was doing to his mother, and for her own sultry, naked figure. A brand new release of her juices came out as she saw him grip his dick tighter and pump it faster. She gave him a sluttish glance and then turned around to face again Ashley’s sumptuous pussy. The foxy redhead leaned forward, plastered her mouth back on the gash, and seductively stuck out her lavish butt, erotically swaying it to the left and to the right.

Ashley noticed a difference in her new lover’s touch. The doctor was now feasting on her cunt with more vigor and zeal. Her tongue was cutting a hurried swath across her labia. Holly was more aroused, and Ashley’s own arousal intensified because of it.

“Ah, fuck, Holly!” she groaned, before a fresh round of her cream was released into the clinical mouth.

The wanton therapist smiled to herself, not only for another syrupy basting from Ashley’s twat, but what she was about to ask the mother.

“Ash, is alright if John fucks me?”

Before the blonde could answer either way, Holly’s tongue moved like a steamroller over the mother’s eager clit. She provided several heavy laves to the sexual pearl, sending Ashley’s legs to stand up in a V position.

“Ugghhh-eeeee!” screeched the mother.

“Not just him and I alone,” contended Holly in almost a business-like tone. “I mean while I eat you.”

Impishly, the redhead blew air on the frenzied clitoris. It resulted in the mother heaving up her hips and almost sending her torrid crotch into the therapist’s jaw.

“Ohhhhhh!” Ashley bellowed.

John got really excited at this X-rated negotiation.

The sexual tigress resumed her steady tongue-lashing to the anxious pearl while her fingers began jabbing in and out of her patient’s syrupy cunt. She kept up this dual attack for a bit longer and then stopped. She withdrew her digits and stopped licking to look up at the shell-shocked mother with almost a bored look. Truth be told, Holly’s twat was leaking out more sap than Ashley’s. She was dying to complete this threesome with the mother and her son.

“So what do you say, Ashley? Can John fuck me while I eat you out?’

The divorcee was crestfallen, left sexually aching by the sudden departure of the dazzling satisfaction she was receiving. Her breathing was guttural pants, while her disappointed gash pulsed about, almost like searching for the satisfying tongue and fingers it lost. It was too much for her to bear.

“John, do you want to fuck Holly?”

His reply, in a cracking voice, was “Um, yeah. If that’s ok with you, Mom?”

How cute, thought the counselor.

Ashley realized Holly had gotten her all hot and horny then suddenly stopped as a bargaining chip to have John fuck her. Her pussy seemed to be screaming for its missing attention. Holly’s tactic worked.

“Alright, alright. You can fuck my son! Now shut up, Holly, and get back to work on my pussy!”

The redhead tilted her head and said, “Sure thing, Ash. And thank you.” But not before she glanced over her shoulder to the son and growled.

“Come on over, here, Johnny and fuck your new aunt!”

She returned her tongue and fingers to Ashley’s delirious snatch, just before she widened her stance and stuck her ass up and out at John. The curvy cheeks provocatively rolled to the left and to the right, beckoning him.

The young stud was visually lost at the lush ass in front of him. His mom’s butt was tighter and had a few less wrinkles, but Holly’s behind was still a MILF wonder. The way her rear, high in the air, sexily sashayed made his hard pecker leap and bubble up some pre-cum. He sauntered over to her. Standing behind her, John confidently took hold of her extravagant hips and began to edge his hot, hard, excited cock into her buttery cunt.

“Uggghhhhh!” Holly moaned.

“Oh, shit, Holly!” yelled John as he immediately sensed she was way much tighter than his mom. Her pussy was so excruciatingly tight—making it an absolutely wonderful entrance for him. The slickness her juices offered was wooing him to penetrate even faster. But the ultra-snug fit and the desire to cherish this snugness won out. He delivered his precious dick oh, so slowly.

Holly stopped eating out Ashley. She wanted to savor the moment, and every centimeter of this virile, young, hard prick entering her. She rested her head on the bed just below Ashley’s crotch as her delighted cuntal muscles worked frantically to accommodate themselves to the incoming prick. She caught Ashley’s stare.

“Magnificent!” lauded the psychologist to the mother. “Absolutely magnificent!”

Ashley was enjoying her front row seat of seeing her hunky son begin to screw her new best friend. It made the parent even hornier.

John’s solid rod, after it slipped inward bit by bit, had completely disappeared. Holly’s sexy butt touched his thighs. For the second time today, the strapping young man bottomed out in MILF pussy. He exhaled mightily as the sweet, delicious tightness of the counselor’s pussy gave way to it self-adjusting, and caressing his dick.

Full of himself and unadulterated lust, John inquired confidently. “Holly, aren’t you supposed to be eating my mother’s pussy?”

He began to withdraw his prick. She remembered how he did the same thing to his mother and there was no way her pussy would accept this loss.

“Yes! You’re right,” she nervously admitted and put her mouth over Ashley’s greasy labia and devotedly resumed feasting on them and the sweet treasure between them.

“That’s a good Aunt Holly,” he conceitedly responded…then in one mighty swoop rammed his cock into her slit.

The jolt shoved Holly’s face forward into Ashley’s crotch, the redhead’s nose glossing over the blonde’s turgid clit and thereby eliciting a groan from the mother. Holly also cried at the sudden delivery of a stiff, lust-filled penis.

John unwaveringly screwed her from behind. The lusty psychologist was in the throes of unmitigated gratification—both as a recipient and a giver, simultaneously. She tried frantically to concentrate on the drenched, torrid cunt she was slurping at. She was so aroused, tickling and tasting Ashley’s sex, and getting coated in the steady release of ambrosia. But she was also in total erotic awe of what Ashley’s son was doing to her own starving cunt.

The handsome young man’s pounding was just what the doctor ordered—and needed. The foxy redhead tossed her head back, her red mane provocatively flying through the air. She thrusted her ass back, allowing his dick to penetrate her even deeper.

“Ohhhh, John! Fuck me! Keep fucking me! It’s sooooo damn good!!”

The son’s entire being was on fire as he rapidly and laboriously tunneled his erection in and out of the pink, creamy groove. He was lavish in his motions of just wailing away at Holly’s very approving cunt. His chugging prick was doggedly-determined to satisfy the wet, excited confines of the therapist’s womanhood.

Feeling his swaying balls repeatedly bang against her ass as he fucked Holly turned on the young hunk. But it was nothing like the sight of a hot MILF eating out his equally hot mom. The urgency of each thrust he gave to Holly was amplified by seeing his beautiful mother wantonly enjoying the tongue-lashing the redhead was giving her delirious cunt. John’s brain seemed sexually electrocuted when he heard his mother’s groaning.

“Uggghh! Oh! Holly! I’m almost there! Keep eating me! Ohhhhh!”

He poured on his sexual onslaught. Tightening his hold on her ample hips, John was pistoning his surging, rigid, cock into Holly’s lathered, yearning snatch. Over and over again his sleek manhood tenderized her cunt from behind.

“Ah! Oh! Uggghhh!!” stammered John.

Holly’s tongue was now bathing Ashley’s clit with heavy dabs. The royal fucking from John was sending the doctor’s arousal beyond the stratosphere. The redhead would stop to lick the teeming slit, only to return to the prized love button. She had to grab Ashley’s bouncing rear to gain some control as the mother was cresting into another orgasm.

“Yeeeeee!” screeched the parent.

There was such a monsoon of Ashley’s cream that Holly had to stop her oral ministrations in order to swallow the maternal gush.

“Oh Hollllyyyyy! I’m cumming! Oh, I’m cummmming!”

Shortly after the mother’s randy declaration, Holly’s entire body started to shake. It made even the hard-charging Adonis take notice.

“Ugh! Oh, shit!” Holly raspily yelled. “I’m cumming too!”

His eyes were huge, lecherously taking in the alluring sight of these two cougars orgasming while he was plugging away at one of them. It was beyond stimulating to see his incestuous mother cumming thanks to Holly, and her cumming thanks to him.

“John, fuck me! I’m cumming. Oh fuck meeeee!”

The decadent doctor’s hips were a non-stop, sliding motion. She wildly continued pushing her ass back. Her pussy was desperate to complete its final honey glazing of the battering cock and to hold onto it until the sexual crescendo ended.

The room smelled like a whorehouse during Fleet Week. The moans and groans could rival a porno film. John, heartily continuing his smashing the therapist, was happier than a pig in shit.

He maintained his solid, jolting pelvic thrusts until Holly was over her orgasm. Then he went into overdrive, fucking like he just got stung with a cattle prod. His own climax was deservedly approaching.

“Ooohhhhhhh fuck! Mom, Holly. I’m gonna cum!”

Ashley, having finished the last bits of her crescendo, quickly jumped off the bed and kneeled next to the spot where her son and her therapist were joined. She watched in lascivious awe as John’s hard, glossy dick was a furious blur sliding in and out of Holly’s splayed and buttery crevice. The wet fleshy slapping sounds, Holly’s diminishing moans, and his guttural screams were music to the parent’s ears. She licked her lips and grabbed her own breasts seeing the redhead’s oils leak out of her fucked hole.

“Aaarrggghhhh!” roared the stud.

Ashley quickly, lustfully ordered. “Give it to momma! Cum in momma’s mouth!”

John obeyed his mother and quickly pulled his cock out of Holly’s cunt and directed it to Ashley’s waiting, open mouth. She leaned in, immediately smelling the piquant aroma of the therapist’s muff, and whorishly wrapped her lips around the frenzied member. She got just about half of the illicit prick in her mouth when he tremendously discharged his first round of spunk.

When Ashley felt that first glob of the thick, milky substance hit the back of her throat it was a reflex action that followed. She commenced sucking the exploding penis like a Hoover vacuum. Her mouth and throat muscles worked quickly so she could swallow his semen without choking.

“Uggghhhh!” he grunted in animalistic joy at the pleasurable feel of not only releasing his seed after a stupendous fuck, but releasing it into the willing, wanting mouth of his stunning mom.

He looked at Ashley, enjoying the sight of her glazed-over eyes and the shallow of her cheeks as she lustfully slurped on his belching manhood. It excited them both.

“Suck my cock, Mom! Succcckk itttt!”

She complied with sluttish gulps and “Mmmm’s!”

The parent zealously savored the taboo elixir of the incoming salvos of her son’s jizz and the taste of his cock which had been well-basted in Holly’s broiling pussy. All that jizz proved to be too much for her mouth as a bulky glob of cream dribbled out of the corner of her mouth and quickly down her chin. Another ivory stream leaked out of the other mouth corner and also rolled downward.

Seeing his beautiful, curvaceous mom sucking him like a ‘pro’ while he’s ejaculating in her mouth and some of his load driveling out of her mouth, was another incredible erotic sight for the well-hung lad. John couldn’t get over. He tossed back his head, ran his fingers through his hair and was about to pay Ashley a randy compliment when he heard: “I can help with that.”

Holly was now on the opposite side of Ashley with her head leaning against John’s thigh. She smiled sexily at the mother and motioned forward. The clinical fingers took the root of the still-spewing prick and turned it toward her. One white rope was lost, flying to the floor, before Holly’s mouth engulfed John’s dick. It was her turn to receive the desired, surging emulsion.

The licentious doctor worked his voiding member like it was a Slurpee. Her head first rolled around, then bobbed up and down as she sucked and swallowed.

“Haaaa!” and “Mmmm!” were her lewd vocals

Holly was mad with lust as her mouth intook his length and her throat savored his creamy product which was mixed with her own sap. When she sensed he was finished ejaculating, she kept a large amount of the rich liquid in her mouth. She moved toward Ashley.

The stunned son, watching at what was taking place, expelled a long, drawn out “Oh, fuck!”

Holly and Ashley were sharing an open mouth kiss…and sharing his semen. When the therapist dislodged herself from his cock, Ashley could see by Holly’s bloated facial appearance that she had a plentiful quantity of John’s seed in her mouth. As she moved toward the mother, the divorcee tilted her head in a receiving position. The counselor plastered her cream-lathered mouth onto the blonde’s. Ashley tasted and enjoyed her son’s jizz for the very first time as it flowed out of Holly’s giving mouth.

A mutually in-synch “Hhhmmmm!” vibrated from the gooey smooch.

Their heads and tongues were twirling in an erotic dance as John’s mother and the redhead passed his cum between themselves. The taboo exchange was so hot, it could put the sun out of business. Both women’s eyes were locked on each other, their mouths slithering against one another and their throats swallowing the luscious ivory potion. The kiss did not end when the last drop of cum was ingested. Ashley and Holly continued a bit longer in their Frenching.

Feeling satisfied and gratified, Holly broke the kiss with a lascivious smile which she first directed to Ashley, and then to John.

“You are both welcome,” the redhead proudly stated.

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