Helping Mom around the house gets sensual

More days went by and Mom and I kept going through our daily routines. I’m still not exactly sure if Mom remembered any of our shower scene together. She would occasionally make some kind of flirtatious remark or accidentally expose herself from beneath that robe. Mom was even letting me change her hosiery on a nightly basis now. High or not she got a kick out of letting me touch her in some way more and more. I didn’t mind it either. It was like I was getting gradually more comfortable seeing and touching her all the time now.

Still being on the fence about our previous bath-night, it was once again time to handle the issue. My poor mother was probably too proud to ask again, but this inevitably had to be done without question. Was I looking forward to this or dreading how wrong this was? Either way, i still had to touch her naughty parts again. I started the shower and got the water at a comfortable setting. We applied Mom’s water proof arm wraps and stripped down. At first, I was dreading this situation. I had wrestled with the events from last time on a moral level and still knew this was wrong but it was also a necessary evil. No one else could help her in this state, but I didn’t have to enjoy it either.


Like before, I began to wash Mom’s long and lovely hair then rinsed it out. I was about to reach for the soap bottle when Mom reacted.

“No, use that one this time!” she said pointing at a smaller bottle.

This wasn’t here before was it? I don’t remember seeing this one last time I was in here. After I popped the cap open, the extremely sensual fragrance wafted through the mist and it was heavenly. I stood behind Mom and we both agreed that it smelled very nice. But when I looked around for the sponge to apply it to my naked Mother, it was gone! It was in here the day before when I bathed. but now it seemed to have just vanished.

“What’s wrong hon?” Mom asked.

“Where the hell is the sponge? I just used it yesterday before I went grocery shopping.” I said puzzled.

“I don’t know baby, I din’t have any others.” Mom stated. “Guess you’ll just have to use your hand then.”

My hand? That would mean I have to touch her everywhere directly. Once again the wave of guilt and shame began to loom over me. At least last time I had the sponge as a buffer between me and Mom’s skin, but this just got real. I started to poor some of the purple goop in my hand and looked down at Mom who had a weird grin on her face. She was still on the medication so I don’t think she realized she was even doing it. Did she plan this? She must have waited till I was out, came in here, and snatched the sponge out of the shower. That would mean that she deliberately wanted me to make full contact with all of her naked parts. It was pretty clever, so I decided to call her bluff. Now we BOTH wanted this.

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