Helping Mom around the house gets sensual

Mom stopped and I removed my slick fingers from her sticky twat. I stood up as she turned to look at me with a look I’;ll never forget. Mom looked downward, smiled then turned her back toward me again. I wasn’t sure what was happening. She took a small step forward towards the steamy pouring water and bent over slightly spreading her feet apart even wider.

” Come on baby, you know what to do.” Mom said seductively.


I placed one hand on the small of Mom’s back as she braced her self with her good arm. Again, just on instinct, I grabbed the base of my rock-hard cock and lined the tip up with Mom’s quivering pussy lips. It briefly dawned on me what I was about to do. There was no way to undo this. The irony of coming out of the same opening I was about to penetrate was almost too much to contemplate, but I wanted this just as badly as she did. I also took a small step froward and in doing so, I began to breach my mother’s vaginal opening. Mom gasped hard. I continued inserting the entire length of my rigid wet cock as far as it could go. We were both motionless for a few seconds as if to let reality catch up. The sensation of being all the way inside her soft, warm, abdomen was electrifying.

I held on to both sides of my Mother’s soapy ass cheeks as I retracted my cock completely from inside her. I wanted to experience the sensation a bit more. Once again, I poised my self and plunged my shaft in it’s entirety deep into her chasm. It was like her warm, moist lips were licking every square inch of my throbbing cock. I could feel her walls tighten around every vein coursing through my swollen pole. I repeated the insertion over and over, each time getting faster and deeper. I was astounded by Mom’s ability to withstand a series of such intense insertions. She had a petite body but managed to take the entire length of my rod like a champ.

Mom was in a complete state of nirvana. I knew it had be n a long time since she felt the sensation of a cock in her ass and she let it show. After her tight lower half accepted me in, we started full-on fucking. Mom’s head bounced up and down in bliss with every thrust. She was biting her bottom lip as our pelvises collided, trying not to scream. Despite having a child, Mom’s vagina was surprisingly tight. I was fascinated by the sight of seeing it stretch around the girth of my dick as it continued to penetrate its puffy walls. Mom lifted one of her legs on the edge of the ledge so we could really build up some momentum. She was clearly into this.

Now I had mom’s slippery hips in my hands as began to pull her down over my cock as I fucked her feverishly. Mom couldn’t take it anymore and began to express how good this felt aloud.

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