Home with My Son, First experience with her son

Home with My Son, First experience with her son, I was enjoying some peace and quiet in the living room after another long day at the office. Things were winding down around the house and it was the time of evening I love. I could sit for a few minutes and think without the baby attached to my hip or my boss in my ear. I could hear my son, Scott, on the phone in the next room, more than likely with his new girlfriend for the moment.

My thoughts turned to Scott. He is 18, a senior this year, and he wants to do well, get some scholarships, and get accepted into a fairly decent college. I know first-hand how Scott can get when he feels a little stressed and things start building up. I had seen it the past few days all the working he was doing and school on top of it. I wondered if the new girlfriend was able to help him relieve some of that stress between his job and school.

I couldn’t help thinking about a month ago when Scott came down stairs and had walked in on me changing in the laundry room. I had just come in from work in the pouring rain and was soaked through to the skin and cold. I had taken off my shirt and was getting ready to unsnap my bra when I heard the door open…I know I looked a sight…my black skirt that just barley hit the middle of my thigh, my long wet hair plastered to my skin, and my wet white lacy bra that you could see my cold hard nips through.

He had given me that grin of his and I looked down at his jeans and seen the instant hard on. Even if in the back of my head I was thinking how wrong this was or that my sister was picking up the baby from day care and would be there to drop her off in about 15 minutes that I wasn’t going to deny him and turn him away.

He had walked over to me and finished taking the bra off, lifting one heavy breast filled with milk, squeezing my nipple between his fingers, and licked my milk up. His mouth clamped down over my huge nipple and I could feel him sucking my engorged breast. His mouth then went to my other breast and he did the same thing. He was milking me…and I was so turned on by it!

I quickly reached for his cock and pulled it out of his jeans. I heard him moan with pleasure as he popped my tit out of his mouth. I looked at him and told him, “We have to be quick. The baby will be here soon.”

He pushed me down to my knees where I took his hard cock in my mouth. I licked him up and down and took each ball in my mouth and sucked him. I could feel his throb, his need to explode and I took every inch of his cock in my mouth and sucked him off hard and fast, touching the back of my throat with every thrust he was giving me. My fingers dug into his ass pulling him into my mouth deeper. I felt his ass clench and his cock throb as he exploded in my mouth.

I remembered he had barely gotten his pants zipped up and walked out of the laundry room as my sister had pulled in the drive with Libby. I was pulling on dry clothes as my sister was knocking at the door.

It never had gone any further then that with us. Each always saying, “It was just a moment of weakness,” and we would promise to try and do better. It had only happened a few times before that, rare and always in a moment of weakness for us both. I was broken from my thoughts as I felt the twinge in my breasts, the feeling of engorgement once again, when I heard Libby’s cry from upstairs.

I was almost startled when I found Scott in Libby’s room holding her, comforting her, and rocking her back to sleep. As I took her from him he got up and I sat down with her. He stood just feet away watching me as popped my nipple in her mouth and let her feed off both my breasts. She was sleeping as he took her from my arms and laid her in her bed.

It was then as he turned around, came back to me, and held out his hand to help me up that I knew he wanted more. He led me across the hall to the bathroom and slowly took off my shirt. I watched him as his fingers traced the outline of my bra and then unhooked it and let my breasts free. I felt his light touch as he took my bra off and his fingers trailed down my back to my jean shorts where he unbuttoned them and let them fall to the floor.

I was undressed down to my pale pink lace panties when I felt his hands grab my ass and lift me onto the sink. I watched as his hands went to my breasts and took each of them in his hands, still engorged as Libby hadn’t eaten much. I felt his tongue flicking each nipple, licking them, teasing them, and making them hard. As his mouth clamped down on my huge nipple I gasped and leaned my head back letting him suck on my tits and milk me.

I felt his hand on the small of my back and push me closer to him. I could feel the hardness through his jeans. I reached down, unzipped them and pushed his jeans and briefs down, and watched as his hard throbbing cock popped out. I feel him pull me closer as his mouth clamps down on my other breast and I wrap my legs around him and grind against his cock. I hear his moan and I know I am driving him crazy. I can’t help it. My thoughts are of a want, a need that hasn’t been met since seven months before Libby was born.

He quickly lifts me off the sink and pulls my panties down and we both watch as they drop to the floor. Neither of us for sure this is where we want this to go. Then I feel his hands running down my back and pulling me close again. I feel him lift me up and I wrap my legs around him. I feel his cock so hot and hard against the lips of my womanhood. I feel him as he moves forward and my back is against the wall, his hands on my tits and taking each one in his mouth sucking and biting my nipples, and his cock pushing so hard against my clit. I know he can feel my wetness.

It is then he moves and his cock pushes into me sending shivers up and down my body. Both of us stuck there, my hot, wet pussy wrapped around his hard cock, not believing but wanting so much more than ever before. I wrap my arms around him and push his head to my breasts and I feel him thrust all of his cock deep inside me. My back arches and I gasp as he keeps plunging me. Harder and faster until I am coming and my juices are running down his cock and balls. It is then I feel his body tighten up, his cock throbbing, and feel him explode inside of me.

We look at one another and realize what we have done and how far we have went. Both of us not moving still feeling each other, not wanting to move, to feel more, but aware of who we are to each other. He slowly lifts me off his cock and puts me on the floor, pulls his jeans up without buttoning them, kisses each of my nipples and then my neck, and walks out the door.

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