I love my mom and sister

I love my mom and sister.. My name is hari 21 yrs and my mom Devi 34yrs and my younger sister priya 17 yrs…..

This is my family my my dad in UAE he visit once in 1 or 2 years This is my first story happened in my life… up to now we used to sleep together in same bed I used to sleep half naked and my mom and sister also do the same one fine day me and my sister are alone we 2 played video games and she tired she feel sleep and she went to room lying on the bed she seems so hot on this silk clothes Iam so horny my dick became more hard….she was sleeping I lyied down nearly to my skinny sister lightly I put my hands on her I placed my hand on her pussy and I rubbed slightly . Iam watching porn on my mobile and seducing her suddenly she woke up and scolded and shouting at me….I keep thinking about it and to fuck her …I convinced her and we both watching porn videos on TV and mastrubating I licked fingered her wet pussy she grab my dick and gets harder suddenly my mom returned to the home and she noted everything and she slapped …..

I was crying out loud it’s painning inside and then they 2 sleeping alone I entered room and I lyied down my mom asked me what he’ll you did afternoon….. she’s ur sister not a wife….she shouted and slapped again and I trick to fuck both after 4 days my mom told to me “Iam full of tired please massage my legs and hands and my sister nearby I did 1st leg slowly rubbed her thighs and she said ok enough I replied I haven’t finished just lay down remove your saree and blouse and I will complete full body massage.she agreed I called my sister for help my mom totally sexy half nude my sister in nighty my sister pushing hands and I started legs full of oil and I slowly entered to her edge of pussy I rubbed slowly she felt sleepy my mom wearing bra and petticoat only ….

I told my sister give a good massage to mom …she smiled she placed her hands on her breasts and pummped I heared a moaning sound from my mom I noticed she was so horny then I remove hooks from bra and it’s opened fully and I pressed I placed my hand on her cunt I licked and fingered it it’s owsam feel my mom worked up and said what’s this this not our culture ur my son and daughter we should have this list and affair if this matter goes to your dad he will definitely killed me and this is not a manner …..I forced “please mom this not bad or worst in India this was worst behaviour but in many countries it’s happening similar they have often they’re enjoying their life with incest affair with their son and siblings”my mom replied I won’t agreed that no way no one do this silly things to their families then how dare you to do this type of silly things I really shamed on you …..

.”mom just see this video mom we’ll discuss after seeing this video ”

I played the video with Tamil subtitles about family affair with mom and sister …… then I kissed my mom and she asked it’s not good Hari please avoid this I’ll marry a girl to you so wait “mom I can’t wait i no need any one except you and Priya…..mom I love you both u two are my first woman please I beg you mom please let me fuck you mom……then finally my deserve it and we fucked whole night…..

morning my mom said give me a promise you two don’t say and don’t take word of last night let it be …..

Added by Hari

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