I got cucked by two old gay guys this past weekend

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I got cucked by two old gay guys this past weekend… This past Saturday night, my wife and I were up at this private swingers club that we are members of; we like it because it is private, the annual fee is pretty high so you don’t get any flakey assholes and there is generally a wide variety of action going on. There is a main club area where the bar, dance floor and tables are, there is a lounge in an adjacent area and there’s the upstairs with the play rooms.

When we make the drive up there, we are usually in the mood to just do some plain swapping with another couple, not really hotwifing or cuck stuff. Last night, however, was their monthly themed party and it was apparently a “pride party” night so the place was hopping with a lot of gay singles and some couples, not much else. We stay and drink, do some dancing and after about an hour, we find a table to settle down at with two much older guys and a much younger looking girl. We got to talking and it turned out that the dudes were married and the girl was a daughter of the one from a previous marriage to a woman; they brought her as a guest to the club for her 21st birthday. She was gorgeous but sadly, she wasn’t there for sex (trust me, I brought it up…), just didn’t want to get hit on by a ton of dudes while she got drunk for her 21st and I can respect that.

Her dad and his husband, though, different story. They were longtime members and apparently loved to come up pretty often for group play with other (“preferably younger”, their words) guys; they both preferred to top so they liked to find guys who would bottom for them both. Well, my wife thought it would be funny to jokingly tell them about our kink and that I had sucked some good dick a time or two to which the two guys became clearly and, not jokingly, interested.

We talked a bit more and exchanged stories of our experiences. The guys were actually 68 and 62 with the dad being the older; he also supposedly had a massive dick that was both very long and very thick and this is when his daughter rolled her eyes and walked away. A few minutes after, I had to excuse myself to go to the restroom. When I got back, our table was empty. I found the one guy’s daughter over by the bar and she told me that my wife, her dad and step-dad had gone upstairs.

My heart sped up a little and a flash of jealousy rolled over me… We’ve had threesomes with other dudes and even been in group situations before at this club but I was always with her. The jealousy, as usual, faded quickly and turned into arousal as my dick stiffened a bit. I headed upstairs, moved slowly down the L-shaped hallway, peeking into rooms looking for my wife. Keep in mind that there aren’t any doors here, most of the rooms are separated by a waterfall of strung beads or a curtain so the noises weren’t very discreet. Finally, after five rooms of random sex, I turned the corner of the hallway and checked the first room on the right… the sight is still at the forefront of my memory even after the alcohol has worn off and I’ve had sleep.

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