The wife and I have been married for 25 years, same ole, same..we’ve done about everything, I guess she was getting bored. Out of the blue her sex drive rose dramatically, she would come home and just want her pussy eaten, she would like to kiss a lot. During this time she became somewhat dominant,

Love making to friend

Hi readers let me tell you the incident happened with my best friend. Her name is vidya(name changed) she stands 5.2 inches tall, with medium built she is 1 year elder to me we were best friends we often used to roam around, chat I did not know that i will end up having sex

At Night Her Secret Truth

True Increasingly in the last few months, my wife has almost stopped letting me have sex with her – like once a month. Lately I have caught her sneaking my pajamas down at night while she thinks I am asleep. She then proceeds to tease me to full hardness and she fingers herself to orgasm.

I got cucked by two old gay guys this past weekend

I got cucked by two old gay guys this past weekend… This past Saturday night, my wife and I were up at this private swingers club that we are members of; we like it because it is private, the annual fee is pretty high so you don’t get any flakey assholes and there is generally

Making my prudish wife the group slut

It was the dog days of summer and we had gone over to our friends Tom and Alison’s to grill and meet up with two other couples Hal and Susan, and Will and Lindsey. I’m Sam and my wife is Stephanie. After a while the guys decided to go grab a beer and watch some