My Indian girlfriend made me a cuckold at university

My Indian girlfriend made me a cuckold at university,

The first time I saw her, i was in the first year of university. We were both studying finance. She was absolutely beautiful, quite short, about 5’1. A pretty face, thin body (size 6) 32DD breasts ( I learnt later) and a nice ass that I loved to watch as she walked. She always wore heels.

I told a female friend how much I liked her. It just so happened that this friend had spoken to her a couple of times. She told me her name, but also warned me.. ‘she’s got a few issues..’

I didn’t know what to make of that. But I was delighted to see her open profile on Facebook. I spent hours trawling through her pictures, admiring her.. and I’m ashamed to say fantising and wanking over her . As I got past the more recent pictures I saw the older ones. Her last boyfriend was a big black guy called Sean (6ft+ , muscular, strong and intimidating) .. he looked way too big for a small girl like her. But there were so many pictures of them kissing while she looked into the camera.

I stalked her Facebook over the next year or so, and over the summer saw her change her relationship status back to single. As the second year of university began, her new pictures were of drunken nights out. There were a few of her 21st birthday party, where she was grinding on the dance floor with a white, but handsome and nerdy looking guy with glasses, her had his arms around her as she pressed up against him.

I finally got to meet her as a small group of classmates formed a extra study class. We were both a part of it, and we got talking over a group coffee break.

We got together shortly afterwards, the sex was amazing. She was insatiable, dirty and kinky, she had a really high sex drive. As a virgin, I was amazed, and truly spoilt. Her favourite was being fucked against a wall, but I wasn’t strong enough to give that to her.

We had a slightly on and off relationship for a while, and we took a break over the summer. We got speaking again towards the beginning of the third year. We both told each other that we hadn’t been with anyone else during the few months that we were broken up. I went to visit her for a few days before the term started, we didn’t do anything for the first three nights, but on the fourth day I took her shopping , treated her to a few things, and we finally had sex again when we got back. The next morning she left early for work. I stayed over at her place, planning to do some studying.

I opened up her laptop, and noticed that her Facebook was logged in. I shouldn’t have, but the curiosity got the better of me. I looked through her private messages

There were quite a few, two from close friends of mine, trying to flirt with her, she’d ignored them both.

One however, was a guy called Dean. His profile picture was a good looking, muscular white guy with two hot girls next to him. It looked like they worked together at the cinema.

The messages were along the lines of:

Dean: wish you were here again baby. My cock is missing you

Shreena: wish you were here in my bed. Lying here with no underwear thinking of last night

Dean: Hmm you dirty slut. Didn’t you get enough of it ?

Shreena: I can never get enough of that big cock.. you know that baby. Do you wanna come over later?

The messages stopped there. I can only assume they took it to text message. They were dated about a week ago

I had no idea what to think at the time. This was before I knew how much I loved being a cuckold. I was really hurt, devastated. The thought of her in the very bed I was sleeping on with her legs spread for this guy made me sick. But I couldn’t help but admire him. How had he managed to turn my high maintenance girlfriend into such an easy slut ?

I didn’t say anything about it for a while. But I kept an eye on her activity. We got back together and our relationships still had it’s ups and downs.

We lived about 10 minutes walk from each other. Me on my own and her with about 3 other guys.

One was a black guy called Shane in his early 20s, and a older, nerdy white guy called Gary. I never saw any messages, but I suspected they were both fucking her.

I was once chilling at her place when Shane knocked on her door. He came with a small gift bag, some bath gels for her birthday. He saw me sitting on the bed, but didn’t pay me any more attention. They spoke for about half an hour while I sat there listening to them. Every so often his hands would creep up to hold her waist, he ‘d whisper something into her ear and she would giggle. I excused myself, annoyed at being ignored to get some water. When I got back 10 minutes later, he excused himself and left. As soon. As he’d gone. She saw me on the bed, and straddled me. She was soaking wet like I’d never seen before. She gave me the ride of my life. But she made me wear a condom, which she’d never done before

I was really confused about beside myself for the first few weeks after this. On one hand it turned me on so much . Just picturing my delicate, beautiful girlfriend being used by these guys. On the other I hated being lied to. It was constant torture worrying about where she was, and who she was with. It was eating me alive. She’d made a new friend during a group coursework called Amish. They were spending a lot of time together, and even went to the cinema a few times on their own. She insisted they were just friends, but I was uncomfortable with how quick they were to let their touch linger on each other’s while I was there.

It all came to a head when we were sitting watching TV one evening at my place. Her phone kept buzzing and it began to annoy me. I eventually snatched it off her. She fought desperately to take it back from me. Tears flowing from her eyes as I pushed her hands aside. She sat helplessly as I read the latest message from Gary. The phone buzzed in my hand.

(Newest to old)

Gary: sure. Just knock on my door when you get back baby. I’ll be up.. and so will he:)

Shreena: Just stuck at my friends place Wish I was with you right now. Are you at home? Wish I was wrapped up in your big arms. Xxx

Gary: don’t worry baby. Everything will be ok. I’ll look after my girl.. what are you up to babe?

Shreena: thanks so much for everything I’ve been so stressed out lately. I really appreciate the other night.

I quickly scrolled through… there were hundreds of messages between them.

What the fuck is this I asked? Furious. ‘We’re just friends. Give me my phone back. You have no right to read my messages’ was her reply. Her anger also starting to rise. But she was biting her lip. She was squirming. ‘ Don’t give me that bullshit. Don’t give me that crap. How stupid do you think i am. ‘

She snatched her phone and walked straight out of the front door. I didn’t hear from her for two weeks , but I resolved that I wouldn’t contact her again. I cried a lot. And o was heartbroken. But I couldn’t help wanking over the thought of her with these other guys several times a day.. imagining what they were doing to her..

Two weeks later, she messaged me saying. “I don’t want us to end. I love you’. Can we talk?

I replied back saying ‘I love you too. Yes. Do you want to come over? We should talk in person. ‘

She was reluctant, and wanted to speak over the phone. I held my ground, and a few hours later she was over at mine wearing a tight fitted black dress and showed off her ass perfectly. We spoke very briefly to begin with, tje awlward conversati9nal topics you normslly cover after a fight. How are you, how have you been? By the time we got round to addresing the elephant in the room i was so tired and fed up of being lied to. I just said ‘ I know about Dean, I know about Amish, Gary and Shane. ‘ (I didn’t know about all of them, I just suspected, but I bluffed) I’ve been thinking about it a lot. It hurts me so much. I can’t stand it. I’ve been thinking about it every hour of every day the last two weeks. But it’s not the other guys. It’s the lying I hate the most. I can’t live like this anymore. I need you to stop lying , I need you to he honest with me. I can’t be with someone I don’t trust’. She began to cry again, and when she replied her bluntless caught me by surprise. ‘You’re right. About all of them.. and there’s a few more too (My eyes widened at this point). The truth is, I love you. I really do. But, I’m just not that attracted to you. It’s not that you aren’t attractive, you are. And I’m sure there are girls out there who would really find you hot. But for me, I like taller, bigger men. But i still love how safe and secure I feel with you. I don’t want to lose that. ‘ I replied ‘i have to he honest… As much as I hate to admit.. the thought of you with these other guys kind of turns me on a bit. Just imagining what you’re both doing together, how they all seduce you into their beds.. or yours. I’ve been thinking a lot. And i think I’m willing to let you continue doing it. I don’t want to stop you. You and speak to, and fuck who you want. But there’s one condition. I want to know everything. I want to know all the details, I want to see all the messages, and you have to tell all the guys about me. I need 100% transparency from you.”

She was taken aback by this. Still crying a little. By this point I was so emotionally spent I didn’t care too much either way. She told me so couldn’t decide. She wanted time. She left, and we kissed each other goodbye. We were both crying a little, we knew this could be the last time we ever spoke, or saw each other.

I didn’t here from her for two days, it was complete torture waiting for the phone to buzz. I was certain my phone had somehow deleted Her message or didn’t have signal. and I was finally starting to get my head around the fact that she must have decided she didn’t want to continue our relationship, and I should think about moving on, the phone buzzed. ‘I’ve thought about it. ‘I want us to continue our relationship.. I’ll do whatever it takes. I love you xxx’

For the next two weeks we didn’t really discuss our new arrangement. I think we were both a bit too shy to say anything. But there was definitely an exciting sexual tension in the air. We had a lot of make-up sex. It was amazing. And every so often would say something like “Hmm. This Gary’s favourite position”. “I love it when Dean does it this way.. ” ” when Amish cums he’s ready to go again in 20 minutes.. ” “Shane loves it from behind.. he always smacks my ass when we fuck’ . We spoke about her encounters with the other guys a lot. But she never mentioned seeing any of them soon. I almost began to think she’d forgotten out agreement. In the next few weeks we were both a little stressed out. We had some Important coursework to hand in, and we didn’t have energy or time for much else.

A few days before the papers were due, she casually mentioned that she’s been really stressed out. But Amish (who was taking the same course as us and was also working on his paper) asked if she’d like to go out and celebrate all their hard work with a few drinks. She asked me if I was ok with it. I wasn’t sure at first, I was a little hurt as first. I thought we could have spent some time together. I was hesitant, and a little jealous. But i agreed. I asked to see their messages, and she handed over her phone without a second thought. I saw some messages over the last few days, mostly innocent and talking about the coursework. But the last message was from Amish. Asking if she wanted to go out for a few drinks on Friday. True to her word, she’d been open and transparent with me. I told her she could. She told me that Amish lived with his parents, amd asked if i would mind going out somewhere on friday night , and if she could invite him to my place. She wanted more privacy than she would get at her place. The thought of it all, and the message got me excited, and I started to reply using her phone. She told me to stop, but noticed how excited I was and reluctantly let me continue

Shreena: Hey, yea. Let’s meet up. My bf is away too so we could chill out at his place afterwards 🙂

Amish: Hmm. Such a naughty girl. I’ve missed you, and those nice big boobs of yours..

I tell Shreena to pull down her top, and her bra, and take a picture of her tits with her phone. I send it to Amish

Shreena: Hmm they miss you too.

Amish: Do you miss this ? (He sends a dick picture. Brown skinned, uncut. It’s about 5 inches, but very girthy, and the pubes are trimmed. Shreena squirms beside me as I look at it.)

Shreena: I miss him so much baby. It’s making me so wet just thinking about it. I need you inside me. Do you wanna stay the night on Friday? 🙂

Amish: i’ d love to but I can’t.. We have a family trip so I need to be home on Saturday morning.. But I should be ok to stay until 2am.. ;). We’ve done a lot in a few hours before

I slide Shreenas panties down. She’s soaking wet by now. I take a picture while she slides a finger inside. And send it to him.

Shreena: ok baby. I have to go now.. me and my pussy can’t wait to see you on Friday. Xxx

As soon as I put the phone down Shreena pounces on me, and we fuck passionately.. We fucked three times that night.

Both of us submitted our coursework just before the Friday 1pm deadline. I’d told Shreena I was going to a bar with a few friends. But I was secretly too nervous and excited to be around anyone. I planned on sitting in my car until the late hours, and waiting to here from her when I was ok to come back.

She was meeting Amish at around 7, he was taking her out for a quick dinner , and then on for a few more drinks.

I watched her get dressed, and it really turned me on when she asked which dress she should wear. I told her the backless black dress would be great. And the zip at the back was very sexy. She wore it. She was very careful with her make-up, paying a lot of attention to it, taking extra care to make sure it was perfect for him. She even brought a new perfume I’d never smelt before. It was really sexy.

I kissed her goodbye on the cheek (She didn’t want to smear her lipstick) and left. I got in the car, and waved to her as she went back inside. Id tsken my phone charger , my wallet, some water and a few snacks and prepared myself for a long evening of anxiousness and nervousness . I drove a little further down the road, but still close enough that I could see the door of my ground floor flat.

At around 6:55 a car parked in the spot I’d vacated earlier just outside my flat. I sat up in my seat.. trembling with excitement. It was Amish. I was a little disappointed with what I saw, he was marginally taller than me, but I didn’t think he was particularly handsome.. I supposed she must really love his cock. He knocked on the door, and she stepped out. She leant in, on her tip toes, giving him a lingering , soft kiss on his lips. Before linking her arm to his. And wondering off on foot towards the high street . I could feel myself getting hard already. I didn’t hear anything from her the whole night.

I saw them arrive back around 11pm, hands wrapped around each other, her stumbling in her heels. She’d given him my keys, and he let them both in to my place. I must have fallen asleep in my car. I got a text from her at around 3am to say that he had just left and that I should come back now. I only saw it at around 5am when I awoke.

I went back to my place to find her lying , curled up , and sleeping peacefully in bed. Her make-up had smeared across her face a little, and she was completely naked, her dress was on a heap on the floor, and her heels across the room. I counted 5 condom wrappers on the floor. There were tissues and used condoms in the bin, and a bottle of lubricant I’d never seen before on my bedside table. I climbed into the bed, feeling too tired to change. The slightly sticky bedsheets clung to me. I spooned her from behind, and gave her a little kiss on the cheek. I couldn’t wait to hear what it had been like when she woke up. It felt like I had only been asleep when she turned around, her fingers went straight for my soft cock, a few strokes of her hand got it hard straight away. She started to rub it against her pussy. I could feel she was wet already. Her lips went to my neck and started to kiss, my hands reaching out to grope her ass. Massaging it in my hands. I tried to kiss her on the lips but she pulled away. ‘No. I haven’t brushed my teeth ‘she slurred drunkenly. ‘Baby how was it ? did you let him cum in your mouth? ‘ she didn’t say anything but gave me a ‘hmmm. I loved it’ as she mounted me. My cock sliding comfortably onto her wet and well stretched pussy. She rode me slowly, her body leaning over mine as she whispered ‘Amish was so good baby. He teased me all night. Kept brushing his cool against me when we were dancing. I wanted to fuck him fight there. After we got back I fucked him like four times.. He loved it when I sucked on his balls.. He liked slapping his dick on my face.. he was so dominant.. I loved it. He made me cum so much baby. “Oh and then he took me into the shower. He loves shower sex. I hope you don’t mind baby. He tucked me from behind .. and then he threw off the condom and told me to get down and open my mouth. He was so dominant . I just did what he told me and swallowed.. He told me I was a good girl. And he would be back on Monday for me. I came so hard just hearing her speak.. That’s when I knew there was no turning back. I was her cuckold for good.

We were both woken up at about 1pm the next day by her phone buzzing a couple of times. We both smiled at each other, she groaned drunkenly, she was really hungover.. and understandably a little sore. My hands were running over her stomach, just tickling her gently. She reached up to grab her phone, holding it out for me to take. It was a missed call from Shane ( her roommate ) . I handed it back to her. “Go ahead, call him” I whispered. I started to kiss her tummy, she ran her fingers through my hair. “She protested “im so sore right now.. theres no way i could handle him.. did i tell you how big he is? ” “Hmm. Go on baby. You dont need to fuck him. Maybe you can just give him a nice blowjob. ” she smirked a little ‘I’ve got an idea!”, gently pushing my head down. I obliged obediently, my tongue running over her labia , my nose hovering over her clit.. taking a moment to appreciate the scent of her well used pussy. she dialled Shane, putting it on speakerphone. My heart was beating so fast.. I was so nervous but so excited.

Shane: Shreeny! Your alive! What’s up? Where you at? I knocked for you yesterday

Shreena: hey babe.. really sorry I missed you.. I was out with my girlfriend’s!

Shane: hmm. Getting up to more no good naughty girl?

Shreena: hmm no.. I’m a good girl.. but im lying alone in bed with nothing on right now.

Shane: hmm fuck. I wish I was there right now baby. I want you so bad.

At this point shreena pushed my face into her.. I started giving her long, gentle licks with my tongue.

Shreena: Oh baby.. I’m imagining that big black dick of yours sliding into me .. Oh Shane.. your so hard for me.

Shane:.. Hmm baby.. I’m kissing your tits the way you like. Pinching them. Get up on your hands and knees babe. You know I love it that way. Sliding that fuck in and out of you.. love your pussy baby

Shreena gets up on her hands and knees, hovering over my face, I’m still licking her, she’s so wet now. She’s grinding into my face a little

Shreena: hmm I’m on my hands and knees.. sticking my ass out for you just how you like it. Pushing back on your dick.. you’re gonna make me cum baby.. Oh Shane.. fuck me harder

Shane: hmm. I’m pushing it all the way in. Grind that was on me baby. I’m spanking you.. making you my little slut.

I smack her was hard so Shane can hear it.

Shane: that’s it.. You love a spanking don’t you baby?

I smack her was again twice

Shreena: Oh god.. Shane.. I’m gonna cum.. Oh god.. im cumming.. ugh.. Oh fuck

She’s panting heavily.. I slide my tongue into her.. helping to finish her, my cock is rock hard, she’s playing with it.. I’m so close as well

Shane: hmm.. That’s it.. I love it when you cum all over my fucking dick baby. That’s how I know your my little slut. You gonna be around later ?

Shreena: hmm. I’m on my period baby. But maybe we can hang out tomorrow.. I’ve been meaning to have a nice bubblebath.. Maybe we can use those gels you got me tomorrow? I think there’s still a few left..

My eyes widened her. She pushed down on my face her.. and jerked me off furiously. I came instantly.. How many times had they shared a hot, intimate bath together?

Shane: ok babe. Sounds good.. see you later.

Shreena: see you !

She wiped my cum off with a tissue, while I licked her clean, and we both collapsed into bed to sleep for a few more hours

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