I fucked my wife’s mom

I fucked my wife’s mom,

I know this isn’t the traditional cuckold story but I promised I would share it here and that time has come. I’ve said before that my mother-in-law is a bit free-spirited and was sexually open with her two daughters. She has known about our relationship and kinks for many years but mostly stayed out of it.

About two years ago now, my sister-in-law was moving to North Carolina with her fiance for his work and had asked my wife to come down to help; she agreed, of course. She was to follow them down, help them unpack, stay over and come back the next day. I had just planned to sit on my ass, play Madden and jerk off all weekend. Well, moving weekend comes and my wife calls me Friday night to tell me that they really underestimated the drive and how much stuff there was so she was going to stay for two extra days to help.

Okay, sure, more lazy time for me. I guess my wife had made plans with her mom to hang out by our pool that Sunday but forgot to tell her that she wasn’t coming back because at around noon on that Sunday, I get a knock on our door. I answer in my typical lazy sweatpants/muscle tank combo and, hey, my mother-in-law is there with her swim stuff and some wine. I told her what happened and she asked if she could go out and swim around anyway since she didn’t have anything else planned. Sure, I said, why not? I’ve said before that my MIL isn’t the most attractive woman but she has a pretty nice old lady bod with really nice fake tits so I’m always pretty happy when she comes over to swim; she usually has a pretty revealing bikini.

Today was no different. After she changed, she came downstairs in a very revealing black and white two-piece that showed most of her tan, freckled chest and barely covered between her legs. I remember making a (somewhat) joking comment about just swimming naked and she joked back that if I come out, she just might. I immediately lost focus on my game, started getting horny and wondering how serious she had been. I didn’t follow her out right away, I let her go out and get in the pool but after about five minutes, I changed into my board shorts and went outside.

She was lounging in the corner of the shallow end with an almost-empty wine glass when I started getting in; she flashed me a smile as I waded over. I found myself practically gawking at her body once I got up close and I’m positive she noticed as well although she didn’t bring it up. We made small talk for a few minutes and she had another glass of wine but after our conversation dried up, I started doing some laps into the deep end and back.

After one of the laps, I heard her shout at me that I was a slow swimmer and then laughed. I stood up and, without thinking, told her she should race me if she thinks I’m slow. To my surprise, she accepted but only if we made a bet that I had to do a bellyflop off the diving board if I lost. What a lame bet so I said sure, whatever, but if I win, she had to go topless the rest of the time she was there. I was fully expecting her to give me shit for that but she just smiled and said “deal”.

We lined up along the wall in the shallow end and we both counted down… 3, 2, 1! However, as soon as we got to one, she leaned over, knocked me off balance and started swimming. I called her a cheater and tried to catch up but she kept a sizeable lead to wall at the deep end and handily beat me back to the starting wall. I gave her some more shit about cheating and told her I was going to drag her and throw her back in the deep end; she turned around and held onto the wall telling me that I wasn’t. Without really thinking about it, I came up behind her, wrapped my arms around her waist and started trying to pull her off the wall. While I was doing this, her ass was inadvertently rubbing against my dick which started to get me hard. She must have felt it because she stopped moving around pretending to struggle, reached her hand back and grabbed my dick through my shorts; I froze!

I thought for sure I had just made a huge mistake, but she just started tugging at my erection through my shorts without saying a word. It felt so weird but so good at the same time, I started processing the situation… my wife was out of town and her mom was rubbing my dick in our pool. After a few moments of this, I let out a quiet moan and started breathing more heavily; she briefly let go of my dick, but readjusted her legs and pulled her bottoms down to reveal her bare ass. It was incredible… big and round, but firm with nice tan lines.

I was lost in admiring my mother-in-law’s naked ass when I heard her say in a hushed voice, “Fuck me.” I shook my head, not sure if I heard her right… but she looked back right at me and repeated herself playfully… “Come on, I know you want to, just fuck me.” I didn’t hesitate, I pulled my board shorts off completely and started to rub my raging hardon between her legs until I felt my head slide into her pussy. I’ve said this before, I don’t have a monster dick by any means but I’m still almost 7″ and much thicker than average and I don’t think she was expecting my size because when I pushed all the way in, she jolted and moaned “Oh Goddamn!” pretty loud.

I couldn’t believe it, I had to pause to take it all in: my mother-in-law was bent over in our pool with my cock buried inside her. I grabbed at her ass and started fucking her a good pace; she would let out a moan every time I thrusted all the way in and started to say my name which just made me pick up speed. After a couple minutes of this, I slowed down, reached up and pulled the ties loose on her bikini top; it fell into the water and I reached around to begin feeling her tits. Holy shit, they felt amazing. I didn’t know what to expect since they were fake but they felt great and pretty real; her nipples were big and hard so I started playing with them while I picked up the pace in fucking again.

We did this for maybe five minutes total before her legs started quivering and she told me to stop so I pulled out and backed up. She stood up, turned to face me and said, “Damn, you have a nice dick!” She stepped close to me and we started kissing pretty passionately; her lips felt soft and comforting. She reached down, wrapped one of her hands around my still-hard dick and started pulling me out of the pool. Slowly, in between deep kissing, we made our way onto the couch in the living room where I laid her back, knelt in between her legs and started eagerly lapping at her soaked pussy. It was honestly so weird and hot to be thinking about licking the pussy my wife came from but it also felt empowering to be pleasuring her mom while she was away and had no idea (yet).

It only took a couple of minutes of eating her out before her legs starting quivering and I felt my face get soaked as she tensed and moaned loudly. She was out of breath, but I wanted to keep going so instinctively, I stood up and moved over to guide my cock into her mouth which she readily accepted. I stood over her, thrusting my cock in and out of her mouth and started to play with her nipples again while she eagerly sucked me. I thought more about this and decided that I wanted the ultimate prize…

I pulled my dick out of her mouth, leaned over to the end table to grab my phone and helped her off the couch. We started kissing again and I led her to our master bedroom where I laid her back on our bed. Without pausing, I got on top of my mother-in-law and guided my cock back into her pussy; she gasped as my head slipped in and started moaning immediately as I began steadily thrusting. I looked down at my MIL’s naked body and my cock was just aching, it was throbbing so hard… I wanted to come. I sat up, grabbed her legs and started pounding her. I groped at her big tits as they were bouncing, she started moaning my name again and telling me to come, she wanted me to come inside her.

Well, that pretty much set me off, I got a few more thrusts in before I fell over on top of her, pushed my dick in as far as I could and started pumping my load out. We started kissing again, my dick still buried inside her and still pulsing out the last small drops of my cum. I know this is going to sound a bit wrong but I think I enjoyed making out with my mother-in-law than my wife… just something about her lips and the way she manuvered her tongue. I slowly sat up, pulled out, watched my cum dripple out of her pussy a bit and then laid down next to her. We cuddled and kissed for a few more minutes and then we got up, my MIL got dressed and asked if she could come back over tonight. I was surprised but said of course!

She came back over a little after it got dark, we went right to the bedroom and she gave me the most incredible, sloppy head. I did have my phone and wanted something to show my wife so I asked if I could take a picture… she agreed so I snapped this.

We fucked like rabbits for almost an hour that night and I got to come inside her again, this time while she was riding me cowgirl. We made out a bit more before she got dressed and went home. When my wife got home the next day, she asked how my weekend was and she didn’t believe me when I told her about having sex with her mom, she thought I was messing with her. I showed her the photo I took and she made me tell her every detail of what happened. Afterward, we had amazing reclaimation sex and admitted to me that she thought it was both really weird but really hot that I had come inside her mom.

My MIL and I haven’t fucked since but she did blow me again this past New Year’s after my wife went to bed early. We don’t talk to each other about it, just one of those things where we make eye contact when we see each other and we know the other is thinking about it.

Sorry this got long, but I like to tell the whole story so you have the context. My wife and I are going up to the gentlemen’s club this weekend for their ‘Amateur Night’ so maybe I’ll get a good story out of that if she gets into some fun.

Thanks for reading!

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