Lockdown sex with friends wife

Hello friends.hope all readers are safe in this lockdown.
Today am narrating a incident which happened roughly a month back- lockdown period.

The female is my friends wife who expired few years back.we had our normal chats all these years.but in this lockdown we had little personal chat.as I had sleeping problem one day in our normal chat I mentioned this to her.she suggested Budha chanting then as it was perhaps her fav topic we had a long chat in which she mentioned how aftee her husband’s sudden death she was also having many problems and go overcome all this chanting has helped.i from my side did not say anything against and continued chat which lasted for many time.

Finally I said thanks will do bla bla bla and we said good night and ended.after 2/3 days she buzzed me asking any improvement etc I replied in negative again she continued het chatting.

This continued for sometime.this time I opened up and became personal.telling her that one of the reason for my sleeplessness is also loneliness suddenly said sorry to which her instant reaction came saying no problem continue.so I said may be as am alone I mat be having sleeplessness.to which she ded not react negatively so I continued saying I have little choice and at this age it’s difficult so have to live with it I feel.suddenly she replied it’s same with me..I replied means we both are sailing in same boat.so how do u manage.she replied with a naughty icon.i said not clear.she said I too have little choice.theb she changed the topic to food and that’s wen my luck supported me.she said can I join her for lunch or dinner tomorrow.i said ok.dinner is better I feel she said ok and asked if any special dish I replied anything is ok as far nit a problem to u and we can spend time together..

Next day evening we both reconfirmed about our schedule.time 9 pm.i from my side just messaged her to be formal and be comfortable in all ways nothing special be it food,crockery or dress(my intention was to mention dress)she did not say anything. She stays just across the road .now befo2i proceed let me tell you about her .she is 5’4/34/32/34,fair stout sexy looks normal loos but wen she does make up and wears saree looks sexy.her name is sangeeta.

Now back to the days incident.
I wore a casual T-shirt and pant and rang her door Nell around 9.05 pm.as usual.she welcomed me with a smile.

I entered and removed my chappal and walked in .we sat made my self comfortable and casual talks started.now to her dress I was surprised wen i saw her in a gown- nighty (now it’s a fashion) a light pink color with some floral design.i flattered her with my talks by saying she looks very nice etc.although I was afraid if she is not intrested then it will become a big issue.a s it was an invitation for dinner she had prepared some soup,and she casually asked if she can serve soup,i jokingly asked if any starters with it,she smiled and ded not say anything.and got me soup.it was hot and we both started to have it .it’s here that our strings got open and my luck favoured me.as we were having soup many times our eyes met.we had the full world time with us as noone will come because of lockdown no pone calls and no time restrictions for both so we were slow.on one side I was talking on the other side I was admiring her figure,as our talks continued she said her story I from my side my story then the point came of sleep here I wanted to stree the point of lack of partners to both but how.wat if she gets angry all this thoughts also was in my mind and at the same time seeimg her breast cock was saluting.finally I took the bold step I mentioned casually sangy(it came out automatically-short of sangeeta) she saw me and smiled and ignored I said ki as I don’t have any bed partner maybe that can also be the reason for sleeplessness..she glanced at me I continued saying some more additional points as she should not feel that am trying to seduce her but idea was that..(we were very close to each other our hands her right and my left was literally touching each other so close),I said wat to do fate no choice suddenly she reacted and said then imagine me u tho know how my husband was daily we had he used to play and then she continued her personal life sex life… AAA my cock started slowly raising now I had won 50 percent of her .i took my hand ahead and caught her hand and gently pressed she ded not object I said sangy I no many a times he has said all this she got shocked she asked wat I said yes dear he used to tell us that he starts with lips to lips kiss and slowly make u hot and then he used to undress ur top first as u had very good appetite for sex and balls pressing and sucking was ur first like and so he used yo start with that and u both used to enjoy…my hand still going here..she said ok ok so u no many personal things of our bed .I said ha by this time our soup also got finished .now it was either food dimmer or sex dinner all depends on her.slowly I moved my chair as she was emotional I put my hand on her shoulder and got her near me she from her side ded not resist and bend on my shoulder now it was clear but still I had to be careful.

So I said sangy kya na our fate…both are now alone and got crocodile years in my eyes to check her inner mind as she was close her breast was being pressed and I could no the softness Oooo wat spunchy u
It was I slowly caught her other hand and was like that no reaction from her side then suddenly she raised her head and saw my eyes and said don’t cry I said yaar abhi kya naseeb at this age wat to do no sleep if any major sickness comes because of this all bla bla bla to get her towards me.now we were very near each other and I think she was also ready so slowly I whispered in her ears sangy hope we both have understood our feeling and know y we are sleepless shall we go in…she did not respond so I was afraid but ded not remove my hands nor ded she my mind was just in imagination ki wat color chaddi it will be inside her gown how fair and all those things….and suddenly she got up and yo my surprise said hey wat all we spoke yaar wat all we shared I after a minute of silence replied sangy all that was stored in both our minds hearts for years we gv spoken nothing rong I feel now it’s ur call u tell wat to do dinner or go in .she took her first step and I from my side along with her proceeded.i had no control on myself my cock was at his peak ready to come out and salute .we walked in my hand still in her shoulder.opp her husband’s pic I saw that and said how lucky he was she smiled then i took her near the pic and said sorry dear we are not cheating you it’s the need of hour and turned her towards me now both were hot she for a second left me and switched on the Ac then again returned.i from my side now ready I said sangy my love ,my beauty queen,sexy dear I love you she heard all and just hummed I lifted her face and my first kiss on forehead aaaa that moment she became hot and tightly embraced me aasaan he boobs touching my chest soft ,good size,aaaa wat a feeling I embraced her and told can I proceed in my style she agreed so without wasting time lifted her nighty and lo a beautiful fair,pair of sexy legs with a mast violet color chaddi soft aaa I straight away put my hand and starred pressing her gand very soft good size,whispering live u baby ,darling and wat not she from her side enjoying thoroughly nd fully on me then I said let me remove your nighty fully to which she agreed and lifted the nighty and reMoved from her head.aaaa wat a scene I could see a nice white bra and I started to press it slowly and embraced her and then removed the hook .she was shocked at my way of sex and asked full experience u no how to please a lady I said yes baby ladies like you are so nice and then saw her beautiful breast super. I said very mast u hv maintained.she put her head down I lifted and said darling no need to be ashamed it’s part of life hunger has to be satisfied so loon here and immediately planted a kiss on her lips as it was years she was excited and aaaa wat a kiss she cooperated.

Then things were now easy so I started playing with her balls which made her aroused and with each touch she got more and more excited.now it was uncontrollable for both so i bend down and started to suck so soft fully enjoyed and she was all set although i think all this was unexpected but honestly may be both of us has thus hidden plan in our agenda only thing was may be who will take the first step and how etc.so my hand now started working on her down portion so she also cooperated and parted her legs and I started fingering it was fully wet now it was oooo I slowly started unbuttoning my pants and to my Surprise she took full initiative to make me nude.and I gv my cock in her hand and told her to play she started in out session,i said slowly or I will release so she said ok then after sometime I told sangy can I ask u something she said sure I said I love to get sucked will u ,she ded not hesitate so I sat in bed and she bend down and took my 8″tool in her mouth aaaa it was really like a dream I asked sangy ur so sexy then how ded u control all this years.she ded not reply as my tool was in her mouth and actually it was just a question as m sure she must be enjoying and may be bored in that relation or break up as such sex full lady can’t live without it ,I was so happy a real sucker the way she licked the tip and other style I forced her face inside and we both fully enjoyed.may be she ded for 15-20mnts .ten I said get up baby now we will have the final play she got up at that moment my eyes fell on her ass I went crazy I jumped ,grabbed her ass and started licking,kissing,g gentle bite she was excited with my each one activity and was making slow live sound she said ur real lover u make feel love,ur really good then I said come sleep she ded I started licking all her legs,thighs and finally kissed her chuth and locked and then said may I, she said sure and slowly started pumping my tool aaaa wat a fun we both had..it ded not take much to release as both were suprr excited and had lot of foreplay inside went my water I ded not get up she embraced me fully.then after sometime we got up and asked ourselves .(the bathroom story will tell next time) then I n mu ug and she also in her ug both had dinner.ten time to leave so wore my dress .she embraced me I from My side pressed her ass and she gave a low love noise and said can’t u stay back I said not today next time.she said plz I said next time sure m in no mood to go as ur ass ,balls are so nice full night I can play but will not be satisfied.and then wore chappal nd came out.
So nice enjoyment..can’t imagine.

Hope u all enjoyed .will post the next part once I receive feed back .
Stay home
Stay safe

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