Bong Beauty Shreyashi’s Nightmare!

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This story is absolutely a work of fiction, written only as per the author’s imagination. Resemblance to any character or incident is purely coincidental and unintentional. This is only for adults and the author do not support the concept of rape in reality. It is a punishable offence.


Shreyashi always knew she was a beautiful bengali girl. All through her adolescence she was aware of all the male attention she received and her figure only augmented the fact that she was beautiful and desirable or perhaps irresistible! With a 34C bra size her bosom was a treat for all those lusty eyes that always found their way down from her face to the the front of the tight top she would normally wear. With a waist line of 28 she had the perfect bit of flesh around her hips that made for an irrestible bong beauty. And her butt of 36..she knew boys and men both would give it everythng to get a feel or just have a stare when she would walk down the road swinging that sexy ass of hers to the lusty world of male imagination.

Even at 21 she was a virgin. The more astounding fact was that she was still single. Her friends in her college wouldn’t believe her.. At a height of 5 feet 4 inches, and with that sexy figure to couple with long hair and a very fair skin, it was beyond everyone’s imagination how could she still be single! The reason she only knew. For her family was a conservative bengali family. Having a relation before marriage even in this present century was considered a punishable dare. And so as for Shreyashi, she had to pass out her brimming feminine youth without much male company.

However, Shreyashi always had the desire to explore herself, her sexuality, but in her mind she had prepared herself to submit to that one lucky man who would have her as his wife. She was confident that she would live up to her family expectations to be a ‘good girl’… Until that very fateful day.

Being from the conservative background, Shreyashi never much had the opportunity to be as fashionable and modern in her dressing as some of her friends, but everyone including her knew if she was to be even half as exposing in her dressing as them with that hot and sexy body of hers, then that would be more than enough to stretch all the dirty and lusty male imaginations around her. The most that she would do was to wear tight tops, that exposed very little skin, however that was more than one could ask for. With such huge watermelons struggling to be free from the cage of her bra, such tight tops was enough to steal all the attention of the guys from the girls in short dresses to her in an almost unexposed skin attire!

A very rare ocassion was those special days when she would come wearing saree (a typical Indian dress wherein a long piece of cloth is wrapped around the waist with an end piece (aanchal) covering bosom from over shoulders leaving belly region and back bare but for a blouse). Oh wow! There wouldn’t be any man from as young as 14-15 to as old as 70 who wouldnt stare blatantly at her. That was the lucky day for the guys for they would get glimpses of her glowing white skin around her belly, and even steal a view of her navel, if they were even more lucky. On some days when she would be a little more enthusiastic in wearing a particularly low cut blouse both in front and at back, she would always find guys, junior and senior hanging around her unnecessarily, stealing those intentional touches on her arms, back and even on her ass. When such things happened for the first time she was a little uncomfortable, but with time she learnt to bear with it. Its not that she always enjoys it, but that feminist notion of ‘poor guys’ what else can they do other than just these small touches, would make her laugh in her mind about the tail wagging nature of all those guys. But little did she know that all men weren’t the same. Some could go that extra distance to cross the line from where her life could get destroyed forever. A beauty like her, with such a sexy hot body, its always a danger from the lust filled devils, but she was so confident, nothing can happen to her!

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