Young teacher’s hot sex with an older man

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My name is Katie. I’m 25 and a petite 5’3” 105 lbs blue eyed blond. I graduated from college last year and immediately got hired as an elementary school teacher. My friend Angela teaches just a few classes down from me. Our husbands work together and are often away for weeks at a time.

Each year, there are three big donation drives to help the schools and the booster club likes to enlist the help of the pretty young female teachers to help. Angela and I were selected to operate the baked goods table at a local seniors only neighborhood for a week.


On the first day, two distinguished older men came up and bought a few items. They came back an hour later for more. They repeated that routine every day. On Thursday, they stopped by and made us a rather unique offer. Their community was hosting swing dance classes and a competition for the next six weeks. Their offer was for us to be their dance partners in exchange for them making a hefty donations to school. Angela quickly agreed if they would also buy all of the baked goods for Thursday and Friday as well as make their donations up front. Oddly, they agreed and brought their donations on Friday. Looks like we’re committed.

We met up with our partners on Tuesday morning. Angela was paired up with Jason, a 65 year old former professional athlete and attorney. He was stocky and outspoken and a lot of fun. My partner was Rob. Rob was 67, stood at 6’2 and very well built. He was a retired Army General and was very self confident but very reserved. Angela and Jason hit it off immediately while Rob seemed a bit quiet around me. In no time, we started dancing well together. After the second day, the guys insisted on taking us to lunch after the sessions. It was sort of fun to see heads turn as went into restaurants. People couldn’t figure out if we were with our dads or friends or what. After a few weeks, it seemed that Angela and Jason had become close.

At the lesson before the competition, we arrived to find the dance floor was being cleaned and waxed. The instructor suggested that everyone go elsewhere and do the best the could. Angela invited us all over to her house. Her living room and dinning room would be almost the right size for what we need. I rode with Angela and we stopped on the way to get sandwiches. The guys pulled up next to us and Angela giggled as we went inside to get our order. She told me that she just saw both guys take a viagra. I couldn’t believe it! I had never heard of anything like that. She said we would know for sure in about a half hour if their faces got red. Angela said that she and Jason had already gone too far a couple of times and he told her about the viagra. I kept an eye on Rob as I walked to the car. He saw me watching him, but I had no indication that he even thought of me like that. I even felt my own face go flush.

Angela’s house has an open floor plan. She showed us all around. The entrance, kitchen and breakfast area, living and dining room, master bedroom off of the living room, then a hallway to the guest bedrooms and bathrooms. Angela poured us a glass of wine as we ate lunch. Sure enough, both Rob’s and Jason’s faces started turning red like a sunburn. Angela caught my eye. I giggled.

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