Living Again After Growing Old-2

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Thank You for your encouraging messages, let’s continue with the next part. Please read the previous part here Living Again After Growing Old-1

After our second session we went to the bathroom, this time I enjoyed cleaning him too because I got to touch and feel his cock which even when limp was still much bigger than my hubby’s.

We wound up the tuitions for today and Pramod went home very happy and without pain. I also corrected my clothes and got back to my routine mommy and wife duties.

At night after everyone went to sleep, I raised my nighty and touched my pussy for the first time ever because I could no longer control myself. Slimy liquids were flowing out down my legs for the first time.

I played with my pussy and accidentally discovered my clit and began feeling it. It gave me so much pleasure which I could never imagine. I played the video Pramod had sent me.

Now I saw Pramod had only shown me half the video before he closed it. Continuing to watch I saw the lady puts her mouth to the man’s cock and begins sucking him like a lollypop till he cums in her mouth.

This video was very arousing and I watched it a few times while playing with my clit and got another terrific orgasm. For the first time in my life I was going to sleep “very satisfied”.

I realised that I only discovered “real satisfaction” today while I was with Pramod. I realised the sexual bliss I was basking in after the minimal sex with my hubby all my life was not even the tip of the iceberg.

I decided, I was going to live a double life from now on. One with my hubby where sex ceased to exist after making two babies and other with Pramod my young loving stud.

Next day was mostly routine but I anxiously waited for Pramod to “coach” him again. Every minute passed like years, I frequently went to the bathroom and checked my panties, they were soaked with my liquids.

I changed three panties since morning but they all kept getting wet, just the thought about Pramod was making my pussy flow like a leaking tap.

It felt like the Stromboli volcano of my desires which was dead all these years had suddenly become hyper active. Whenever I got a chance I lay on my bed and played with my clit helping myself to another orgasm.

By the time I started tuitions for my usual batch of kids I had enjoyed 5 orgasms. I even touched my leaking juices with my fingers and nervously licked them.

I found it so tasty taking me to the next level of arousal so much that I was ready to ride the water tap if need be. I controlled my urges and put back my wet panty and decided I was fine with it now.

I quickly changed into a new pink nighty which only extended to a little below my knees after the kids left preparing for my young stud. Soon Pramod arrived and as soon as he got inside, he locked the main door.

We locked in an embrace sucking every bit of breath and saliva from each other’s mouths like lovers reunited after eternity. When we hugged Pramod took the liberty to squeeze my boobs and ass cheeks and I let him.

While he was at it, I was basking in new found pleasures which I wanted to last forever. He said “aunty I have been dying all day to meet you, every minute I spent waiting for this moment passed like years”.

He had my back against the door while his hands kneaded my boobs and he ground his big hard bulge against my crotch. I threw his stuff aside and took him hurriedly to my bedroom.

We hugged and smooched again standing next to my bed for a long time. Now I held his palms and placed them back on my boobs myself. Pramod continued squeezing them to his heart’s content.

Then I removed his pants and underwear and made him lay on my bed. I knelt between his legs and began stroking his big hard cock. Pramod said “aunty your hands feel awesome”, I looked at him and smiled naughtily.

I recollected the blowjob from the video and brought my mouth reluctantly to his cock. I was hesitant but pushed myself to do it for my young lover’s sake to make him feel special.

He let out a loud Aah the moment my mouth engulfed his cock head. I tried to take more of his cock in my mouth but I could not. I realised I needed lots more practice to do it right.

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