Living Again After Growing Old-2

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After our second session we went to the bathroom, this time I enjoyed cleaning him too because I got to touch and feel his cock which even when limp was still much bigger than my hubby’s.

We wound up the tuitions for today and Pramod went home very happy and without pain. I also corrected my clothes and got back to my routine mommy and wife duties.

At night after everyone went to sleep, I raised my nighty and touched my pussy for the first time ever because I could no longer control myself. Slimy liquids were flowing out down my legs for the first time.

I played with my pussy and accidentally discovered my clit and began feeling it. It gave me so much pleasure which I could never imagine. I played the video Pramod had sent me.

Now I saw Pramod had only shown me half the video before he closed it. Continuing to watch I saw the lady puts her mouth to the man’s cock and begins sucking him like a lollypop till he cums in her mouth.

This video was very arousing and I watched it a few times while playing with my clit and got another terrific orgasm. For the first time in my life I was going to sleep “very satisfied”.

I realised that I only discovered “real satisfaction” today while I was with Pramod. I realised the sexual bliss I was basking in after the minimal sex with my hubby all my life was not even the tip of the iceberg.

I decided, I was going to live a double life from now on. One with my hubby where sex ceased to exist after making two babies and other with Pramod my young loving stud.

Next day was mostly routine but I anxiously waited for Pramod to “coach” him again. Every minute passed like years, I frequently went to the bathroom and checked my panties, they were soaked with my liquids.

I changed three panties since morning but they all kept getting wet, just the thought about Pramod was making my pussy flow like a leaking tap.

It felt like the Stromboli volcano of my desires which was dead all these years had suddenly become hyper active. Whenever I got a chance I lay on my bed and played with my clit helping myself to another orgasm.

By the time I started tuitions for my usual batch of kids I had enjoyed 5 orgasms. I even touched my leaking juices with my fingers and nervously licked them.

I found it so tasty taking me to the next level of arousal so much that I was ready to ride the water tap if need be. I controlled my urges and put back my wet panty and decided I was fine with it now.

I quickly changed into a new pink nighty which only extended to a little below my knees after the kids left preparing for my young stud. Soon Pramod arrived and as soon as he got inside, he locked the main door.

We locked in an embrace sucking every bit of breath and saliva from each other’s mouths like lovers reunited after eternity. When we hugged Pramod took the liberty to squeeze my boobs and ass cheeks and I let him.

While he was at it, I was basking in new found pleasures which I wanted to last forever. He said “aunty I have been dying all day to meet you, every minute I spent waiting for this moment passed like years”.

He had my back against the door while his hands kneaded my boobs and he ground his big hard bulge against my crotch. I threw his stuff aside and took him hurriedly to my bedroom.

We hugged and smooched again standing next to my bed for a long time. Now I held his palms and placed them back on my boobs myself. Pramod continued squeezing them to his heart’s content.

Then I removed his pants and underwear and made him lay on my bed. I knelt between his legs and began stroking his big hard cock. Pramod said “aunty your hands feel awesome”, I looked at him and smiled naughtily.

I recollected the blowjob from the video and brought my mouth reluctantly to his cock. I was hesitant but pushed myself to do it for my young lover’s sake to make him feel special.

He let out a loud Aah the moment my mouth engulfed his cock head. I tried to take more of his cock in my mouth but I could not. I realised I needed lots more practice to do it right.

I still tried the best I could manage, he was already oozing lots of precum and I gladly licked it all enjoying the taste. I had been at this for a long time when he stopped me and pulled me on top.

Our lips met again and he sucked mine and I did his alternately till we had tasted each other enough. He held me and rolled on the bed, now I was below him.

My nighty had rolled up to my waist bringing his hard cock in direct contact with my wet panties covering my pussy. I had a gut feeling where this might lead to but I was not ready for it yet so held myself back.

Pramod again started kissing me all over my face, he went down to my neck while I was at the pinnacle of my arousal. My next orgasm was around the corner so I held his palms and pressed harder against my boobs.

He continued squeezing them and kissing further down on my chest. This nighty was not deep neck but had buttons in front. I opened all the buttons revealing my boobs encased in my bra to him.

He kissed and licked my exposed chest soon giving me a thundering orgasm. When I opened my eyes not sure after how long, Pramod was sucking my bare nipples.

Instead of jumping out of the bed like yesterday, I held his face raising it and nodded no to him. He stopped and continued further down to my tummy kissing everywhere.

I was going mad with the pleasure his kisses were triggering in my body because I have never ever before been kissed like this. He continued further down and found my navel despite being covered by my nighty.

He pushed his tongue inside bigger triggering tsunamis of pleasure thru my body. While he did this, I felt his hands grip the sides of my nighty raising it from my sides.

I held his hands and again nodded no because I didn’t want him to find me wet between my legs. He said “aunty please, I am not able to taste you nicely. If you were in a saree, then I would not need to do this”.

I said “please no, I will always meet you in saree from next time”. He said “please let me do this till then, I promise I will not do anything else”.

Even before I could consider his request, he yanked my nighty up till my boobs. I said “please stop Pramod, I will die of shame”. I was too late in saying this and he was back to licking and kissing my bare tummy.

He was licking my sweat which had formed because of the heat of our union. I kept telling him to stop with my pleas getting weaker with every passing moment of his tongue touching my body.

He finally reached my navel again and darted his tongue inside while sucking it and my next orgasm ripped thru my body. When I got back to my senses Pramod was still sucking my navel.

I felt relieved that he did not take advantage of my vulnerable condition. I was sure I had made a big wet patch on my bedsheet and did not want him to go any lower and discover it.

I forcefully pulled him up and kissed his lips for a long while. I held him and rolled on the bed bringing him below me now. We continued kissing for some time till we were breathless again.

He said “aunty why did you not let me go further down”. I said “from helping you relieve your pain we have already come a long way, I am not ready for what could happen if you went further down. Please understand”.

I went down on his hard cock again stroking it and licking it. He said “aunty I think you misunderstood me”. I paused and said “please stop calling me aunty, we have travelled a lot past that relationship now”.

He asked “what do I call you then aunty”? I kissed him and said “call me Munni, but only between us when we are alone”. He kissed me back and said “Munni you please call me putta”.

Putta in my native language means little one, so I asked “why do you want me to call you putta”? He said “I am much younger than you and I love the sound of your voice when you call me putta”.

I only now realised that he was nearly half my age and I was loving him as my lover. My mind was struck by lightning and back to reality. I was confused about everything I had done with him till now.

My mind froze just like when your computer hangs and did not know what to think. I said “I am so sorry Pramod, I don’t know how I got you into all this. Please forgive me”.

Saying this I was getting up closing the buttons of my nighty feeling horrible and hating myself like never before. Pramod held my hands and pulled me back on him and said “Munni we both know what we are doing”.

I tried to free myself from his grip but he held me firm and kissed my lips and continued to suck on them hugging me tighter against his body.

He said “Munni you helped me greatly when I was in pain, I did nothing to help you in return. Now don’t say all this and ruin the lovely moment we both have been enjoying”.

He started kneading my boobs again while he continued to suck my lips sending my mind into a confusion frenzy. I was blank because my mind wanted me to stop while my body wanted to experience more sexual bliss.

I kept trying to free myself from his grip but could not, he now had me in a firm hug lying over him and his cock was hard pressed against my pussy, only separated by my panties.

He rolled over again getting on top and by now my nightie was around my neck and my boobs were out of my bra cups. He quickly cupped my naked boobs with his hands and squeezed them hard.

This send erotic pulsating sensations thru my body like tremors weakening my resolve further, he sucked my lips again while his hard cock was firmly pressing against my pussy lips.

He asked “my beautiful Munni darling, what happened to you suddenly”? I was still breathing heavily due to the pleasures he was creating in my body.

I only managed to whisper “Pramod please stop please”. He put his mouth to my nipples and sucked hard on them driving me more mad again.

Everything that had happened between us replayed like a fast forward movie in my mind. I was back in reality but was also enjoying foreplay with someone less than half my age and was blank.

Pramod was gently nibbling on my nipples while continuing to squeeze my boobs multiplying my arousal. The more I was getting aroused the less I was able to think straight anymore.

While I was lost in my thoughts he went down between my legs licking my soaking wet panties. The feel of his tongue on my most intimate part triggered my next thundering orgasm.

While I came back to my senses, Pramod was lapping up my liquids thru my panties driving me totally insane. I so much wanted him to stop but my body had high-jacked my mind completely.

So instead of stopping him, I opened my thunder thighs further granting him full access. After he had enough of my juices to drink he came back up and kissed and asked “Munni did you enjoy it”?

Still trying to fight against my resolve a yes nod slipped thru. Pramod continuing to knead my boobs and suck my lips asked “Munni do you want me to do it again”?

Just like before another yes nod slipped thru. He went back between my legs firmly planting his mouth to my pussy hidden behind the soaking wet material of my panties running his tongue all over and around my pussy.

This was the first time I was experiencing oral pussy foreplay which I never knew existed and it drove me insane, unable to control myself, I placed my hands behind his head pressing his face harder against my panty clad pussy.

Pramod must have felt the pressure my hands were putting on his head and tried pulling my panties aside. I quickly held his hands and whispered “don’t do that, I will die of shame”.

He stopped and reverted to licking over my panties, I thought despite everything I had said he obediently continued to give me immense pleasures.

I decided finally hell with the right or wrong, I choose to enjoy with him and will not have any second thoughts ever again. I pulled him up and kissed his lips, tasting my own juices from his lips.

I was bloody aroused and in heat like never before, he asked “Munni are you ok”? I said “putta please forgive me, I was behaving stupidly ruining our beautiful moment”.

His hard cock was back against my pussy and he was slowly rocking his body going to and fro rubbing my pussy with it and I was in heaven because of this.

Instinctively I closed my thighs together wanting to feel his dick rub harder against my pussy lips. Pramod said “Munni this feels so good, do you like it”?

I nodded my head saying yes and closed my eyes. My nighty was around my neck now, I wriggled under him removing it completely and threw it away.

Pramod had already sucked my nipples despite my bra so I removed my bra also. He went mad at the sight of me lying topless under him. He held my boobs squeezing them together and nibbling my nipples gently with his teeth.

His rocking also became faster and my next orgasm crashed thru my body now. He said “Munni I am going to cum” and even before he completed his sentence his volcanic cock erupted between my thighs.

We both lay panting and sweating till we came back to our senses. Pramod kissed all over my face and said “Munni this was awesome, thank you”.

I said “thank you putta, I too really enjoyed it for the first time in my life”. We got up and I saw the big puddle of our mixed juices wetting the bedsheet.

I sucked his semi erect dick and then our juices from the bedsheet while he stood there watching me. He removed the rest of his clothes and I took him to my bathroom.

I removed my cum soaked panties which was the only cloth left on my body becoming fully nude. Pramod knelt and explored my bare pussy running his fingers inside my dense forest of pubic hairs.

His touch triggered tsunamis of pleasure thru my body making me weak in my legs. I held the washbasin for support or I would be fallen on the floor by now.

Pramod too sensed it and hugged my thunder thighs burying his face in my crotch. I now fully surrendered to him by opening my legs so he could go further in-between closer to my forbidden cave where only my husband’s cock had visited a few times.

For the first time I felt a tongue on my bare pussy and he had found my clit which I had been fingering all day thinking about him. He played with his tongue on my clit driving me nuts with pleasure.

Within minutes I got another powerful orgasm making me collapse on him and on the floor. He came on top asking me “Munni did you like it”? I said “yes, I am ready for the finals. Let’s do it”.

We embraced and kissed like two animals in heat on the bathroom floor. I could feel his hard cock against my pussy again, I opened my legs and positioned his dick at my sex depraved love hole.

I said “putta do it, make me yours completely now”. He kissed me and pushed hard, just his cock head entered splitting my pussy wide open like the base of the Eiffel tower making me scream in pain.

I think I was so loud that my neighbours might have easily heard me. My pussy felt more stretched than when my kids came out during childbirth.

Putta pulled out panicking and asked “Munni what happened, did I hurt you so much”? I said with tears flowing out my eyes “no it is not your fault. Nothing has entered inside since my son was born”.

“So I have become as tight as a virgin and you are more than double my hubby’s size in all dimensions. It’s ok please try again, I am ready to endure it for your sake my love”.

He licked my tears from my face saying “Munni I am really sorry, I am also a virgin and this is my first time. But I will not give you pain just for my own pleasure. I am ready to wait till you are ready”.

I said “I am begging you, please try again now. After the initial pain it is always lots of pleasure”. He said “no Munni, I will not do it and feel guilty for the rest of my life”.

“Before I did this we still enjoyed like never before. We will continue the same till you are ready without enduring pain”. He helped me to my feet and we showered together playing with each other’s bodies.

For the first time ever in my life I was under the shower with someone, Under the falling water drops he came behind me hugging me tightly. I felt his big cock dry humping me from behind rubbing against my pussy lips.

I was extremely horny and desperate to feel him throbbing inside me despite the pain. I reached down raising myself on my toes and with his next incoming thrust lowered myself pushing hard against his dick.

I clenched my teeth hard to silence my scream and this time his cock entered inside my pussy. I remained motionless waiting for the pain to subside, Putta said “Munni why did you do this”?

I whispered with difficulty “don’t worry, this was my decision. You don’t have to feel bad about it”. He hugged me from behind and we both stayed motionless while his big hard cock pulsated inside me.

I could feel my pussy gradually adjusting to his huge cock so I said “I am fine now, make me yours completely”. He turned my face sideways and our lips met with burning passion.

He asked “are you sure about this Munni”? I said “yes Putta more than ever before” and I pushed myself back against his hard dick. I said “Just do it slowly please”.

Putta started pumping me slowly and the pain in my body was gradually reducing getting replaced with incredible new pleasures. These pleasures were so intense that now I was meeting his every thrust.

We were both still under the falling drops of water from the showerhead fully fused together enjoying the ultimate union of our bodies. His hands now held my waist as his pumping action in my pussy got harder.

I wanted to experience this ultimate union of our bodies watching Putta eye to eye, so I stopped him and without even caring to towel dry ourselves, I took him to my bed.

I lay down with the water still dripping from my body and pulled him on top, I said “make this moment last, make love to me like you have always fantasised”.

Without wasting a second I positioned his cock at my tunnel of love and he slowly pushed it inside. I was in ultimate sexual heaven now and wanted to live in this moment forever.

Putta resumed pumping me slowly while I held his face and kissed him wildly. I sensed he was still worrying that he was hurting me, I said “Putta go hard and faster, I am dying because of so much pleasure your cock is giving me”.

He asked “is it not hurting Munni”? I said “no, now it is only pure pleasure, give it to me hard and fast like there is no tomorrow, make me your slave with your love making”.

We resumed sucking each other’s lips while he increased his pace and also force. I placed his hands back on my boobs and he resumed massaging them.

Soon he was thrusting with full force in my pussy rocking me and my bed (making creaking noises) violently. With my hubby it would all be over in less than two minutes.

And here my young lover was way past the half hour mark still going strong like he was never going to stop. I don’t remember how many orgasms crashed like tsunamis thru my body while he continued pumping into me.

Some more time later he groaned loudly saying “I am cumming Munni” and spilled his seed inside my womb. His thrusts slowly came to a halt like a stopping train while I relished feeling his hot seed inside me.

We were both sweaty and panting like we just finished a real marathon. I kissed him and asked “how was it Putta”? He said “Munni it was out of this world, I never imagined losing my virginity to you would feel so great”.

True to the word he had fucked me so long today that I felt like I actually ran a marathon. We both lay in each other’s arms kissing like lost lovers for a while.

Putta asked “Munni I am sorry to have released inside you without protection, what if you get pregnant”? I said “Don’t worry I cannot get pregnant because I have been sterilised after my son was born.

We went to the bathroom to clean up, while I sat on the commode to let evidence of our ultimate union flow out, I also felt the strong urge to piss now.

Putta kissed me and asked “If you want to piss then please stop, I want to drink your piss”. I screamed at him and said “are you out of your mind to do something so dirty”?

He calmly said “Munni I love you and love every part of you, what is wrong if I am thirsty to drink your water”? I said “it is not just water”, he said “I don’t care, I want to drink it and whenever I want I will drink it, this is my order”.

Besides my hubby, first time someone else was dominating me so I easily gave in. He sat on the floor while I stood over him with my legs on either sides of his face.

Putta firmly planted his mouth at my opening while I held the back of his face pushing my pussy harder against him. His tongue was exploring my love opening and stayed inside wriggling like a snake.

I could not hold any longer and my stream gushed out straight into his thirsty mouth. A lot of it leaked out of his mouth all over his face and body even before he could drink it so I slowed down to passing a trickle.

I was seeing him in the eye while doing this and it sent a thrill thru my body. After I was done I tried getting off but Putta held me in place and continued eating and tongue fucking my pussy.

I asked “are you still thirsty”? He paused and said “Yes Munni, your piss and love juice is so tasty I can never have enough of it”. After some time, he had his fill and got up, we got back under the shower and bathed properly together.

After towelling dry we came to my bed and sat there. I said “promise me Putta this will not affect your studies”. He hugged me saying “as long as we keep doing this Munni, my studies will never be affected”.

I looked at the time and our lovemaking had eaten up his full coaching time, I said “you go now, my kids will be back soon. From tomorrow we will first complete your studies and then make love”.

He said “ok Munni and we kissed once more before wearing our clothes. I noticed his dick was regaining its hardness and he looked at me.

I said “no, not now, we don’t have time. I am scared we will get caught by my children”. We wore our clothes and went to the hall and took his books.

He again pushed me against the door and kissed my lips saying “Munni I know we have a little time left, I beg you let’s enjoy whatever little we can with our clothes on”.

His big bulge was pressing hard against my crotch making me also horny for him. I put additional locks on the main door because my kids have keys to only one and I didn’t want them to walk in and find us enjoying sex.

We went back to my bedroom, I raised my nighty to my neck and lay on the bed while Putta unzipped his pant taking out his big hard cock. He got on top and I opened my legs and guided his missile inside.

We didn’t need lubrication because my pussy was dripping wet already, I said “please do it as fast as you can”. Putta started humping me full speed while sucking my nipples again driving me crazy with pleasure.

The bed was making creaking sounds in sync with his thrusts and it was music to my ears. I just hoped that the bed should not give up on us under the impact of my young stud’s missile ploughing my pussy.

We were both now lost in sexual ecstasy fucking like wild animals loosing track of time. I again kept having tsunamis of orgasm after orgasms while my young lover continued pumping my pussy like there was no tomorrow.

Soon my eyes fell on the wall clock, it was a few minutes left before my kids would return. I did not want to end our lovemaking session abruptly so I said “Putta please do it faster, my children will come any moment”.

Putta said “Munni your pussy feels so good, yes I am almost there”. My orgasm was also near the edge knowing he will cum anytime so I was praying my kids get delayed giving us enough time to finish our thrilling lovemaking.

A few more minutes later Putta let out a groan burying his cock deep inside me and I too hand another powerful orgasm rip thru my body. He continued giving a few more strokes to fully deliver his gift inside me till the last drop.

Knowing we were out of time, we both rushed to the bathroom and cleaned up. We hurriedly got dressed and came back to the hall. We hugged and kissed one last time saying good night.

I opened all the locks and the door and just then my kids entered and he left after a quick talk with my son. I thanked god for the perfect timing and for giving me the chance to enjoy with him once more today.

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