Wild night

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When we got in it actually looked like a night club just with a lot more men. There were other and women too but way more men. We went to the bar, so many guys looking at my girlfriend was actually turning me on. We ordered drinks and right away 3 guys all came to introduce themselves. They wanted to pay for our drinks but my girlfriend said it was OK thanks. They asked us what we were doing here and we told them just to see what it was about. I noticed one guy kept getting really close to my girlfriend as I was speaking to the other guy. He was talking to her with his literally up against her. She then came to me and the bought us a round and we said we wanted to go for a walk. She said that he told her he wants to meet her in the rooms upstairs.

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She was saying it with a little shy smile. We went for a walk seen that the had glory holes a hall that led to rooms for people to have sex and another room we didn't go to because you needed to be naked. So we walked bake to the bar grabbed a few more drinks and more and more guys came up to us. I think every guy there wanted my girlfriend as she was the hottest and youngest one there at 24. We were dancing and very and started making out on the dance floor just like the cab ride. Her getting all wet me touching her while everybody is there.

I seen the 3 guys that came up to us earlier and waved them over. They came right away with one guy came talking to me and the other 2 to my girlfriend. The guy offered to buy us drinks for the night and this time she agreed. I was leaning on the bar with my back and she was leaning on me with her to my with the other 2 guys were pressing the cocks one on each leg grinding on her while she was grinding on my dick. We were all having shots still dancing away when I noticed she wasn't touching me anymore with her hands. Her hands were fully all over the other 2 guys while she's making out with me. It was to see but it looked as she was rubbing there cocks with her legs pulling there ass closer. She then said something to one of them and he said something back and they all went up stairs. She then kissed me grabbed my cock and said in a horney for right in my ear nice and loud because of the music, IM READY BABY.

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She grabbed my hand and started walking upstairs. She brought us to the stalls where the glory holes were. She was counting the stalls looking for a specific one. She then brought us in one and we started making out right away. I told here why here, why this stall? She never answered just kept rubbing my dick and kissing me.

Out of no where a big raw dick pop threw on of the holes. I was shocked not just because a diced popped out of no where, but how big it was. 20 seconds later 2 more pop in threw the holes. She started smiling right away all these guys had mushroom head cock 2 were big 1 was average. Right away I thought they planned where too go, she wants to there's guys. She then said do you mind babe, I'm so horney today grabbing the biggest cock there jerking it slowly. I just want to suck some cock tonight. You showing my pussy to the cab driver turned me so on that I wanted to see his dick too. Now her hand on 2 cock stroking them harder.

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