Seduced neha in bus near her best friend

Hi everyone! Let me start by introducing myself. I am 27 years guy from Mumbai. Yes, the city of hot girls and cool boys! I used to work out regularly and had rippled body to make girls swoon over me. But I was a hunter of the wild. I was never satisfied with girls who threw themselves at me. I had the hots for innocent or prude girls who i would seduce and fuck their brains out! If it wasn’t tough target, it wasn’t for me.

So one day i was travelling from mumbai to surat by bus. As some of you would know, surat is in a dry state. Liquor is banned. But that is the real fun. If you are willing to work for it, you can get it at a stone’s throw. Same is with the girls. They are sweet and shy. But peel the layers of the onion and there lies the raw sensuality hidden within. I was late so by the time i reached the bus, all the seats were taken and many were standing. Oh no, it would be a long and tiring journey. So like a honey bee i roamed my eyes around to find any flower where i could taste the nectar. There were two girls travelling together. They were chit chatting with each other. One was seated next to an old man who was trying to sleep. The other was standing. Bu hearing them i got to know that they saw the old man standing so one of them got up to offer him the seat. So the old man was grateful to them. Even though he wanted to sleep but he couldn’t tell them to keep quite because he got a seat only because of them.

I observed them closely. The one seated was chubby, not my types. but the one standing was slim and athletic. She had the curves. She was dressed in a skirt and top, with a cardigan over it. She was between fair and dusky. Her face was super cute, with big black eyes, perfect cheeks with one dimple, slender neck. She had tied her hair in a pony tail. How cute! From their talk i found out they are both in final year of engineering and were going back to their college in surat. I knew i had to taste her today. So i went and stood near them. As the bus started crawling through the busy streets, more people got on with every stop and soon the bus was crowded enough for me to get closer to my heroine. He name was neha. the girl sitting was parul. The bus was jerking along so she as holding the vertical bar to steady herself. They were both chatting and laughing.

I was waiting for the right moment. And soon i got it. The bus driver applied break suddenly. Everyone lurched forward. She was holding the bar so she stood as is. I fell over her and held the vertical bar to steady myself. She was must have taken bath before leaving, i could smell her shampoo and perfume. When i fell over her, i knowingly held her shoulder as if to prevent myself from falling. This pressed her into the vertical bar. She turned around and stared angrily at me. I said sorry, i couldn’t help it. She also understood that it was the driver’s mistake, or maybe not even his mistake because he must have braked to prevent an accident. Perfect, she was a gentle, cute, sympathising girl. Just the types i like.

So now i was holding the vertical bar. It was actually at the back corner of the seat where her friend parul was sitting. She was not really looking behind at neha but just talking to her. Neha’s boobs were on either side of the bar since i was pushing her from behind. Now i was silently waiting for next opportunity. In meantime, i was just inhaling her feminine perfume. And i am sure she must be smelling my masculine perfume as well. It was about 6 PM now already and the bus was scheduled to arrive at Surat by 11 at night. This was a state bus so i was hoping the lights would be dim as these guys hardly replaced old tube lights and dust covered those that were still working. Anyways, it was at least 1.5 hours before it gets dark. I got the opportunity i was looking for. The bus went over a speed bump. I slipped my hand on the vertical bar lower to the level of her boobs. Wit the other hand i was looking at my mobile screen. So when she turned at me in anger she realised that i didn’t do it purposely, rather i was lost in my mobile phone. So she did not create any scene. Now i was truely on my journey. My hand was holding the bar. She was trying to keep her body away from the bar so as not to touch my hand. But the bus was jerking along the way due to potholes and traffic. So every once in a while, she would be pressed into the bar and her boobs would press into the back of my hand. This went on for while a while. Her boob would smash into my hand and then she would pull herself away and then again her boob would smash into my hand. So much for her innocence!


About 15 minutes went by and by now i knew a lot more about them. Parul had a boy friend and she was teasing Neha. Neha was pure and untasted. She was too she to make any boyfriend, all she had done was to have coffee with her good friend. Parul was encouraging Neha to give herself a chance as the buy was good. She was however planning to finish the year and then get a job, and let her parent search for a groom for her. I was super excited at my luck. Here was a pure virgin girl who was too shy to ever make a boyfriend, and now her boob was smashing into my hand every now and then. She was unkissed but now her boob had been touched! I had started peeling away her innocence without even her realizing it!

I could see the change in her behavior though. Her friend was encouraging her to open up. Her boob had smashed into my hand at least 10 times now. In the starting she would get a electric shock and immediately pull herself away. But now she perhaps she had resigned herself to fate that she would not be able to stop her boob from being touched. Also she was probably feeling horny due to Parul’s encouragement although she kept denying any possibility to Parul. Neha turned a bit. So not she was standing straight facing the front of the bus and holding the vertical bar with her left hand. With her right hand holding the back of the seat on which Parul was sitting. I was holding the bar with my right hand and was holding the hand rail with left hand. So now her boob was almost continuously in contact with my wrist. She had now stopped pulling herself away from my hand. I was also gaining more confidence now. I was time to take the next step but i had to wait for the right moment otherwise the whole game could turn upside down.

So next time the bus went over a pothole i shifted my weight from one leg to other and rubbed my wrist on her boob. She feel a bit forward, so now both her boobs got pressed against my fore arm. And because i was shifting weight, my forearm rubber her boobs. This was absolutely fantastic! I had managed to rub her boobs in a public bus and she had not made any scene, instead she looked at me and said sorry! What? She was sorry for rubbing her boob on my hand? Wow! I had found such an innocent beauty for my pleasure today. It was close to 6 now. The sun was now about to set. The old man had slept off and was falling on Parul. Parul was trying to push him away towards the window but he was acting in deep sleep and on every opportunity he was shifting his head back toward Parul’s shoulder. Neha was now teasing Parul that she had found herself another admirer. Parul was of course flabbergasted. She liked boys, but now an old man was hitting on her. Neha was now smiling looking at the scene between Parul and the old man. She didn’t even realize than on every jerk in the bus I was pressing and rubbing her boobs with my forearm. This was going perfect. Now i had to shift gears.

It was around 6:30 now, and I had already been folding Neha’s virgin and untouched boobs for nearly an hour now. She was also super excited at the scene between Parul and the old man. Parul had given up and the old man was now resting his head on Parul’s shoulder. I firmed the hold on the vertical bar and reduced the distance between the bar and myself. So i was now pressing into Neha’s side. She looked at me but my eyes were glued to Parul’s shoulder. Neha wanted to say something to me but didn’t say anything and again started looking at Parul’s shoulder. I am sure Neha was feeling excited looking at the romance her friend was having with a total stranger. Parul on her part was now not trying to move the old man away, rather she was also getting excited. And i saw that she also tilted her head and rested it against the old man’s head. Wow! They looked like a pair now!

I pressed more into Neha. She knew I was excited because of Parul and from her looks she was also excited to witness such romance between Parul and old man. Neha looked at my eyes. I looked at her, and then pointed towards Parul with my eyes. As if telling her such a awesome hot scene was playing out! Neha blushed. She also knew it was such a hot romance. I saw that Neha also snaked her arm around the vertical bar and was intently staring at Parul. The old man was pushing his luck. He tilted his head upwards. So he was still rested on Parul’s shoulder but now his lips were toward Parul’s neck. I knew what was going to happen. Neha also knew what was going to happen. Parul and old man were both pretending to fast asleep. Neha was caressing the vertical rod unknowingly. It was confirmed that Neha was in heat now. I humped into her. She looked at me. With my eyes, i pointed towards Parul’s neck. She smiled shyly and nodded affirmatively as if saying that she knew what he was going to do to her neck.

And then it happened, the bus lurched to one side, and the old man’s lips pecked Parul’s neck! Neha let out a gasp. I also fully used this opportunity to rub her boobs with my forearm and humped into her from side. She didn’t even look at me. She was glued to the scene just below her eyes. She thought I was simply trying to tell her that he had pecked. Neha simply nodded. As if she was telling me she also saw it. Awesome! Now I was rubbing her boobs and humping her, and she was not revolting. Instead her cheeks were turning red with excitement at the romantic scene playing out just 2 feet away from her. I held the vertical bar with my other hand also. So now she was in between, and I was holding the bar with both hands. My right hand was rubbing her boobs. My left hand was rubbing her soft back. And from the side I was pressing into her. She was enjoying the bird’s eye view of the love scene between Parul and old man and didn’t even realize that now I was practically half hugging her from the side!

It was almost 7 now and it was getting dark. The bus was moving out of traffic zone and was now cruising along at a mid-speed. The driver did not switch on the lights to let people sleep. The old man made a move. His hand was now touching Parul’s thighs. Neha saw this. She humped the vertical rod! I also tightened my hug around her and started humping her very lightly by flexing and unflexing my thigh muscles. I was snaring her into my arms. She was breathing heavier now. It was darker but we both could still see very well from our position what the old man was doing to Parul. With his little finger he started caressing her thigh. Parul pretended to be in deep sleep. Not sure whether she was still pretending or had really slept off. Whatever be the case, the old man was now kissing Parul’s neck and touching her thigh. Neha was shifting weight from one leg to another in heat. I was slowly and slowly tightening my hug around her. I wanted to leave the rod with my left hand and place it on her waist, but I wanted her to heat up little more. So I was gasping breaths on Neha’s shoulder. Neha was continuously feeling my presence. She must have been leaking for sure. I could see her eyes were glazed with the romance in beneath her nose, her feeling getting further accentuated due to my proximity. I had to convert this proximity to intimacy

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It was around 7:15 when the old man present me the opportunity. He had been caressing parul thighs with his fingers. Now he started lifting her skirt. Parul had kept her bag on her legs. So it made it easier for the old man to play his tricks. Neha immediately noticed this. She stiffened and her eyes bulged out. She was witnessing an old man getting intimate with her friend. Neha herself had never seen this let anole experience anything like it before. So she was hooked. I used this moment to move my left hand to her waist. She gasped feeling my hand on her waist. She looked at me. He eyes were clearly puffed in heat. I looked straight back into her eyes and then played the same old trick. I squeezed her waist with left hand and pointed at the romantic pair with my eyes. Neha also nodded and turned her gaze towards Parul and he lover old man. I loosed the hold with right hand on the vertical bar and opened my thumb. So now my thumb was pressed into her boob. I did not move it though so as not to break her trance.

I was kneading her waist with left hand in synch with the old man’s hand on Parul’s thighs. Every time the old man lifted Parul’s skirt further, I squeezed Neha’s waist. Neha was also moving in synch against the vertical bar. Only now my thumb was caressing her boob. It was dark enough now. Old man had lifted Parul’s skirt to mid-thigh and placed his palm on her naked skin on her mid-thigh. Neha humped the vertical bar, and I pointed my thumb towards her cleavage. So now my hand was cupping her boob. I was not pressing her boob though to let her trance continue. My hand on Neha’s waist was in synch with old man’s hand on Parul’s thigh. He placed his palm on her naked thigh. I placed my left palm also on Neha’s naked waist just under her top. I had conquered the hourglass waist of such an innocent and untouched girl!

The old man started moving his hand on Parul’s bare thigh. I started moving my hand on Neha’s bare thigh. Neha was losing control. She was humping the vertical bar, and I was humping her from the side matching her humps on the vertical bar. My brother was standing now and pressing onto her side. She was lost in the scene. My hand was completely open now, every time she humped the vertical bar, her boob pushed into my waiting palm. I started blowing softly on her shoulder. Neha was under full attack now. My left arm brushing her back, and left palm playing with her nude waist. My right palm cupping her left boob, and my right bicep brushing her right boob. My brother pressing into her side. My warm mint flavored breath teasing her shoulder. All her hormones were firing due to the scene unfolding right under her nose. I was not going to let this opportunity slip away from me.

The old man started pulling her skirt higher. Neha was making light moans now that even I could barely hear. I started moving my hand higher under her top and now my fingertips were reaching her ribs. She humped the vertical bar and pushed her boob into my palm. I lightly squeezed it. Yes! Finally I had actively squeezed her boob, but very lightly. She was standing on her left leg now. She was lifting her right foot on the toe due to her excitement. I moved my foot forward. When she lowered her foot it was now resting on my foot. She looked at me. I winked at her and turned my gaze to the hot pair on the seat. She also turned her eyes towards Parul. The old man’s fingers were very close to Parul’s pussy now. He was circling his finger on her inner upper thigh right nex to her pussy. I was circling my fingers on Neha’s ribs under her top. Neha was humping the vertical bar more forcefully and was pushing her boob into my palm more actively. I was also squeezing her boob with more force now. Neha was going crazy. This was the first time she was witnessing a love scene in real and it was the first time she was making love to someone.

Then the old man then touched parul’s pussy. Parul stirred in her pretense but did not open her eyes. Neha closed her eyes for a while. It was too much for her to take. I squeezed her boob and pressed her nipple between my thumb and finger. It was so erect now. My hand under her top slid up further and grazed her bra. She opened her eyes and looked at Parul. The old man was moving his fingers on Parul’s pussy over her panty. Parul’s face was contouring in excitement. Neha’s mouth was open in shock. I was lightly pinching her nipple, and my other arm was playing with her bra. She lifted her foot again in excitement. I also lifted my foot and rubbed her legs and then kept the foot down to maintain my balance. Neha again closed her eyes. In her mind she was imaging herself to be in Parul’s place and imaging that her pussy was being rubbed. I kept making out with Neha softly. I started blowing my breath on her open lips. She opened her eyes and saw Parul’s pussy being rubbed from over her panty. She closed her eyes again. I pushed my hand under her top all the way up to her neck and started caressing the back base of her neck with my fingers sending shock waves throughout her body. She was continuously withering now under attack from my hands caressing her neck and playing with her nipple, my brother playing with her side, my foot playing with her foot, my breath on her lips.

I moaned into her ear. She opened her eyes. I pointed my eyes at Parul. The old man pushed the panty to one side to expose her pussy and touched her pussy with his fingers. Parul was breathing heavily with open mouth. Neha was in total awe. She looked at me with pleading eyes. I blew air on her lips deep into her eyes. She closed her eyes again surrendering herself to the fate. I pulled my hand inside her top lower to her bra hook and started toying with it. Neha again started moaning very silently in excitement and anticipating. I pressed at the hook but did not open it. She again opened her eyes and looked at parul’s pussy. The old man was pushed his finger in her pussy. Neha looked at me and closed her eyes. I opened her bra hook. She was mine now if only I continue carefully. I knew girls very well. If you get too aggressive with them too soon they break away. You need to be very careful in disrobing them.

I started caressing her soft and smooth back along her spine from her neck to her lower back. With the other hand, I slid her cardigan off her left shoulder to reveal the shoulder clad in only thin straps of her vest like tank top. I started caressing her shoulder. I pushed the bra strap out of her top strap and started playing with her shoulder. Now her bare back and shoulder were under attack. I was very soft with my touches. She had her eyes closed so didn’t know what was coming next. I used to carry a Swiss pocket knife just in case it may be needed, mostly for protection. But today it was going to help me in a different way. I quickly took it out of my pocket, aimed it at her bra strap and snipped it. The bra hook was already open so she did not realize what I had done to her bra. She was enjoying the male touch on her virgin bode for the very first time in her life. Then I turned my attention to her right shoulder and similarly snipped her bra strap. I kept the knife back in my pocket. Then I pinched her waist. She opened her eyes and looked at me. Her eyes were red with lust. I pointed towards Parul. The old man was vigorously fingering her. She kept looking at Parul’s beautiful facial expressions as her pussy was being fingered. I took advantage of this and started slipping away Neha’s bra. She was surprised for a second but did not stop me. I pulled it out from under her top and stuffed it inside my underwear to let my brother feel her soft bra that was till now touching her boobs.

Parul was now in pre orgasmic state. She was arching her back. She was moaning softly. She was clenching her fists. She was stretching and closing her legs. Neha was going wild. I slipped my hand in her top from the front and started paying with her navel. The other hand I kept on the elastic of her skirt and started caressing her on the waist just at the edge of the skirt from the back and waist. Parul was getting closer to her orgasm. The old man was a player. He did now was to end this so fast. He slowed down and took his finger out and started rubbing Parul’s pussy from outside. He was keeping Parul at the edge. Neither letting her cum, not letting her calm down. This was working great for me. I started circling my finger on her skin under her top and reached her boob. The first time in her life someone was touching her boob. She hissed and shivered and closed her eyes. It was feast for me. I started moving my fingertips around her boobs in a circle and kept reducing the radius of circle to build up her excitement and anticipating. When I finally reached her nipple I did not touch her nipple rather circled around it. She was getting restless. She started pushing he boob into my hand. I did not disappoint her. I touched her nipple and took my finger off. She shuddered with this first touch. Then again I touched and this time played with it for a while. Then again took my finger off. She again pushed her boob into my hand. This time I tweaked her nipple making her moan and inhale deeply.

Her mouth was wide open. I turned towards her and kept my lips very close to her lips but not touching. It was really dark now and bus was outside the city limits. I pushed my other arm now into her top and started playing with her nude boobs. With the other hand I started caressing her thighs over her skirt. She turned her head up towards the ceiling when she felt my touch on her thigh. I needed to accelerate now. I pinched her skirt between my thumb and finger and started pulling her skirt up. It was loose skirt of very thin cloth. So it was early to lift. As soon as I started lifting the skirt, she opened her eyes and darted around to see darkness and then turned her eyes towards Parul who was totally enjoying her pussy being milked, and then she turned her gaze towards me. I was in front of her. So we were looking straight into each other’s eyes. I lifted her skirt some more. She gasped. I blew some air on her lips to attract her attention to my lips barely an inch away from hers. She lowered her eyes and looked at my lips. I took out my tongue. Now it was in almost touching distance. As she started in a state of sex filled mind, I twitched my tongue. She let out her breath and took out her tongue. Out tongues met for a second then she shivered and took her tongue back in her mouth and closed her mouth.

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We stared into each other. With the movement of the bus our lips were coming closed and going away. I kept pulling her skirt up inch by inch. And my other hand was playing with her waist now arousing her further. She closed her eyes and gulped. I pecked her. She opened her eyes and gasped. Her first ever peck in her life! I could feel short and rapid breaths on my lips. She could feel mine on hers. I kept looking into her eyes and pecked her again. She kept her eyes wide open. She was just staring into my eyes. I pecked her again, this time squeezed her waist as I pecked her. She shivered a bit then continued looking deep into my eyes. She brought her lips closer to mine but took away before they could meet my lips. I started kneading he waist to encourage her. She again brought her lips closer to mine, but I stuck my tongue out so even though she pull her lips back before they could touch my lips, my tongue managed to contact her lips. She came closer again and stuck her tongue out, I stuck out mine. This time she did not pull back. We kept playing with each other’s tongue tips for a while. She closed her eyes. I was kneading her waist and was playing with her bare inner thigh just under her pussy. Then I started slowly taking my tongue in my mouth and started bringing my lips forward. She did not know. She was just playing with the tip of my tongue with the tip of her tongue. My tip of tongue was now just a few millimeters outside my lips. Her tongue was still playing with the tip of my tongue but now I could feel it on my lips as well. I started circling my fingers on her back. My other hand was now feeling the warmth of her hot pussy but just not touching it rather circling the skin and edge of her panty near her pussy. I started pushing my lips forward and took the tongue in entirely. I opened my lips wide open. She kept playing with my tongue tip. Now without even realizing it she was penetrating the tip of her tongue inside my mouth!

I could feel the warmth and softness of her tongue on my lips as well. My tongue was almost a centimeter inside my mouth. Then I started closing my lips. I timed it perfectly. Three things happened with her simultaneously. I pulled her into my by tightening my arm behind her back. I touched her pussy on top of her panty with my finger tip. I closed my lips around her tongue and started sucking on her tongue. She shuddered with such a fierce attack. But I held on to her tightly with my arm behind her. I kept sucking her tongue applying the sucking pressure alternately as if making her tongue fuck my mouth. Also I started caressing her pussy over her panty. I could feel her whole body spasming. Her panty suddenly became wet with her pre orgasmic wetness. I took advantage of her state and firmly pressed my lips to hers all the while making her tongue fuck my mouth.

Then I felt her any remaining resistance melt away and she became more active. She started extending her tongue into my mouth and started humping on the finger toying with her pussy. This is exactly what I was waiting for. I had turned her sensuality to its peak and now she was actively making out with me. I started smooching her. Then I pushed my tongue into her mouth. Now her tongue was in my mouth. My tongue was in her mouth. Our lips were sealed. I started pouring my saliva into her mouth making her taste my salty masculine fluids. She now started sucking on my tongue and I started fucking her mouth with my tongue all the while letting more of my saliva get into her mouth. So much that she had to gulp it down. Woah! I had my fluids in her tummy now!

My finger on her pussy was rubbing her over the panty till now. Now I started pressing the fingertip between her pussy lips making her panty lip into her pussy and letting my finger enter her pussy just a little bit igniting a spark in her. Then with my thumb I pushed her panty aside and touched her nude untouched virgin pussy directly. She felt this pleasure for the very first time in her life. She shuddered and released some more juices. I started kissing her more wildly and rubbing her back under her top to take her arousal to its peak and started pushing my finger tip into her pussy. I had to be very slow and very careful so as not to cause her any pain since this was the first time her pussy petals were being spread apart. So I was making sure her hormones were over flowing, making her pussy very wet and slippery. I had to keep her in that state of trance.

So I lowered my lips and started sucking on her lower lip. She was holding on to me tightly and I could feel her hand quivering behind me. I kept fingering her pussy taking my finger deeper and deeper inside her till I suddenly felt her lips open up and letting my finger slide inside her. She shuddered. Even she herself had ever put her finger inside her. This was totally unchartered territory. I explored her from all angles and gave so much pleasure she kept releasing more and more juices and her pussy kept opening wider and wider. Then I started sucking on her upper lip.

She started humping my finger inside her. She was so wet that my finger was easily slipping in and out of her pussy now. I decided to raise the ante. I pulled out the finger and inserted my thumb. It took a while for me to rub her pussy with my thumb before it opened up enough to let my thumb slide into her. Then I thumb fucked her for a while. Meanwhile, I fired my next arrow. I took the other hand out of her top and inserted it under her skirt and started playing with her bum as I kept thumb fucking her. She kept doling on to me with her delicate shaking hand. I slide it under her panty and played with her bare bums. Then it was time to take the next step of disrobing her. Her panties! I started thumb fucking her vigorously and sealed her lips to maintain absolute silence. Then with other hand I started tugging at the elastic of her panty. She was so lost in the sparks originating in her pussy and ending at each cell in her body that she did not realize when I started sliding down her panty. I did it softly and delicately playing with her bums and thighs as I kept lowering it till it fell off to her feet. With her panty gone I cupped her pussy with my palm and pushed my middle finger inside her and continued fingering her. Meantime, I lifted her feet one by one with my foot and the gravity did the rest. Her panty was completely off her and on the floor of the bus. I picked it up with my foot without stopping her fingering. I kept it in my underwear making my brother feel her soft panty which was covering her wet pussy till now.

Now I had to decide, should I disrobe her further or should I try to fuck her. Her pussy was quite tight, so fucking her would be difficult as she may scream. So I had to be content with disrobing her further. Her bra and panty were now off her. She was only in her long cardigan and her skirt top. I replayed her images from evening in my mind. I could take off her top. She could button he cardigan and cover herself. But her skirt was till her calf while her cardigan was knee length so if I take off her skirt, the cardigan will show her legs till her knees. I decided to go for her top first and later try my luck with her skirt. So I kept fingering her but slowed down so as not to let her cum and keep her at the edge in her state of trance so she doesn’t come back to reality and allows me to do whatever I like with her without any resistance. So instead of fingering her in and out I was rotating my finger around to open up and stretch her pussy to maintain her arousal.

I took my hand that was playing with her bum under her skirt, and started exploring her top. It was a nice tank top with think straps on her shoulders. I couldn’t slide it off without removing her cardigan first. So sliding off was out of question. I had to summon my swiss knife again. I took it out and carefully inserted my hand under her cardigan but over her top. I started kissing her more aggressively and fingering her in-out again to totally distract her and quickly made two precise snipes and kept it back in my pocket. With her should straps cut-off now it was possible to disrobe her. I started rotating and round and round motion again in her pussy and started kissing her lips one my one. I pushed one hand back to the top under the cardigan and started rolling it down. But this also I had to do it carefully without her realizing it else she could get alarmed. So I let some saliva spill out of her mouth and flow to her shin and throat. I kept licking it in the process making he throat and neck wet from one side. I started kissing her collar bone and kept sliding lower till her cleavage. I sucked her nipples from over her top and then pushed the top lower to expose her nipples and suck at them. My fingers playing with her pussy were enough to keep her lost in carnal pleasures. I sucked at her right nipple and nibbled at it slightly. Not causing her pain but ticking her nerves making her nipples stand up proudly. Then I grazed at her in left nipple. My other hand was at her back, slowly rolling down her top and also holding her in position. I jabbed a bit deeper in her pussy and bit at her left nipple making he sigh in pain and pleasure. This was enough to roll down her top to her waist. But now I was in a fix. I was keeping her in sexual over drive by fingering her. So how to roll down her top to her feet. I had to find an alternate point in her body to light new sparks inside her. I thought of trying her earlobes.

So I kept circling my fingers on her back to hold her and to keep her aroused. I kept rotating my finger around in her pussy widening it up and also rubbing all the cells inside her all around instead of just in one direction. He pussy was dripping wet now. I started kissing her lips. She was quite close to her orgasm now. I knew once she does have her orgasm she may not continue further. So in that state I started licking at her ears. I stuck my tongue out and touched her neck behind the ears. She tingled up. I kept licking in that area then put my lips there and started sucking there. She was definitely feeling sparks there but I needed more from her. So I took her earlobe in my lips and started nibbling at it. This turned her into a vibrator. She starting vibrating and shuddering in fits of pleasure as she felt new sparks igniting there and spreading all over her. I felt she would quickly slip into orgasm. So I took my finger out of her pussy. She kept humping air as she suddenly felt emptiness I rolled down her top further. Although I had not planned it but when I was rolling and pushing down her top, her skirt also got stuck in it and got rolled down. I couldn’t stop now so I decided to go for it. So it let both slip down to the floor and now she was in just her cardigan. I quickly put the fingers back in her craving pussy. I was still nibbling at her earlobes. She was squirming. I decided to take it a step further. I inserted a second finger in her pussy. Now her virgin pussy had two finger in it. She was so wet and so close to the edge that she did not feel any pain. In fact she humped my fingers as then sand into the unexplored depths of her pussy.

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I had to do something with her top and skirt, I couldn’t just leave them on the floor. So with my foot I again lifted her feet one by one so the gravity completed the act of disrobing her and she was now standing on the floor without any top or skirt there. I had kicked them away from her feet. But where to keep them. I couldn’t keep them in my pocket or in my pant. Then I had a stroke of genius thought. I just picked them up with my foot and tied them around my waist, nobody would know it is a top and skirt. It would look as if I have tied a cloth around my waist. Job done. Now I had a nude virgin girl nestled in my arms, she was right at the edge of her orgasm that could hit her any moment, and I had two finger in her

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I became greedy. If two fingers can go in easily now why not my brother. Ofcourse I would have to break her hymen and that could pain unless I gave her a pleasure that was much larger than her pain. So I hugged her tight with one arm, and kept stretching her pussy wider apart with two fingers inside her. I started kissing her again on her ear lobes and at the base of her neck. Then I quickly unzipped my pant and took out my throbbing brother. It was all charged up to win the fort! I put the two fingers in her pussy again. Now it was easy to move the two gingers inside here. I started kissing her on lips and she also activity reciprocated turning it into a proper deep kiss trying to suck air out of each other’s lungs. I pushed my brother into my palm where two fingers were inside her ad the thumb was teasing her outer lips. Now my brother also started teasing her outer lips. She felt a deep tingling. She spurted out more juice that bathe my brother and prepared it for the grand entry. I placed it on the tip of her pussy and jabbed deep with both fingers into her pussy. This triggered her long denied orgasm. Her first orgasm at the hands of a male. Infact her first orgasm from any fingering at all, for she too had never inserted even her own finger tips inside her pussy. I sealed her lips tight as she spasmed in silence. I pushed my brother inside her pussy. She winced at bit due to its thickness but she was out of the world at that time sensing stars and zero gravity all around her as she was convulsing in her orgasm. I pushed deeper and the tip hit her hymen. I sucked air out of her lungs. I could feel her internals vibrating and quivering in abandon as she was feeling waves of orgasm hit her. He fee became numb and the only thing supporting her was now my hands behind her and my brother under her. He convulsing body sank lower impaling my brother, rupturing her hymen and sinking it to her base. Sharp pain wave resonated inside her but the feeling of my hot throbbing thick brother filling her void for her vagina to clamp it and adding on to her vibrations sent her headlong into a second wave or orgasm. Her vagina was so tight and very quivering so much that I couldn’t hold it much longer. This was such a wonderful feeling for my brother that he started sprouting inside her like a fountain adding oil to fire. As I released my juices my hips buckled and my brother moved in and out of her adding to mutual pleasure.

She was very weak now and was breathless. I was impaled inside her. I couldn’t just let go of her or else she would drop to floor and maybe even hurt herself but sure to attract attention. So I held on to her in this state. We were both stuck to each other. Weather was cool so we were not sweating but definitely we were very hot and were breathing deeply trying to recover from the mind blowing session we just had. I kept nibbling her ear and circling my fingers round her boob and upper back to keep her aroused so she doesn’t suddenly start screaming. He pussy was emanating so much heat and was clamping so tight at my brother that I felt some life return. I had never recovered so soon. But she was a class apart. I started the slow in and out movement. She was still recovering from her orgasms and had not yet come down to reality. So this new wave of pleasure hit her hard. She started moaning quietly. I started moving more vigorously picking speed and valor. I lifted her one leg and straddled it around my waist. This opened up her pussy even more and I pushed down to the end of her vagina smashing into her cervix which had remained untouched in the first round. She was feeling such sparks emanating from her vagina and cervix that one can one experience it, not describe it in words. With even push she was edging closer to her own orgasm. My fingers on her back and nipples, and my tongue fucking her mouth were too much to take for her frail young inexperienced sexy body. She started quivering and spasming again with her approaching orgasm.

Last time she had endured the pain of her rupturing hymen and splitting inner vagina during her orgasm. This time I decided to let her experience different type of pain. She may not remember it after her orgasm but she would be able to see some of it later in mirror and wonder about it. I lifted her leg that was straddling at my waist further up and pushed it straight up to my shoulder. She must have been a dancer otherwise her body would not be so flexible. Still, I could see her wince as her joints were stretched to such an extent. I pinched her nipple really very hard making a love pinch blue mark on her boob and bit her lower lip till I felt it bleed ever so slightly. The other hand was supporting her bum. I straightened one finger and entered into her from behind also making her experience a simultaneous tickling pain and pleasure from behind. Fortunately she was not a screamer and she was going through her orgasm in silence. I decided to give her one more parting gift before she finishes her orgasm – a love bite on neck! I left her bruised lip and gashed my teeth into her neck from one side and sucked on it. She did sense it even during her orgasm and she tried to move her neck but I held her tight and bit her till her skin turned blue and red thus leaving my mark on her neck. A mark that would remind her of the peeling away of the layers of innocence and revealing the sexy beast trapped inside her.

As her orgasm ended, I lower her leg back to the floor. Her orgasm was over but she was still semiconscious. I quickly buttoned her cardigan and moved behind her. She was slumped against the vertical bar recovering her breath and energy. I did not let her fall. When she finally opened her eyes, she saw Parul giving a blowjob to the old man. Just in time to see him spurt his semen on Parul’s eager open mouth and open chest. He also then increased his fingering of Parul to finally let her have the orgasm she was waiting for since almost an hour. Neha was confused what had happened to her. Her whole body was paining terribly and she felt so weak. It was as if time had stopped in between for Neha. Then she remembered me standing behind her. She looked at me, I pointed with my eyes at Parul who was recovering from her orgasm and had the old man’s semen plastered all over her face and hair.

The old man was now satisfied, and he slept off almost immediately. Parul was frantically searching for a handkerchief to wife herself. I gave mine to Neha and nudged her to help Parul. Neha tapped on Parul’s shoulder and gave him the handkerchief. Parul wiped her face, neck, boobs, navel, pussy and legs. Then she adjusted her skirt top. She was now feeling extremely embarrassed over what she had done in a public bus and to realize that Neha had seen it all. She kept her head down in shame. I nudged Neha to get my handkerchief back to me. She pulled it from Parul’s hand. Parul looked back at her and couldn’t recognize anything different with Neha. She returned the handkerchief and I pocketed it. It has Parul’s love juices! So now I had Neha’s panties with her love juices, and I had my handkerchief with Parul’s love juices! Such a bonus!

I checked my watch. It was still an hour left. The bus was still dark. Neha had recovered but was slumping due to exhaustion. I held her from behind. She looked back into my eyes. All the memories of past few hours were flashing back to her. She realized that she had been fucked so beautifully. She had so many emotions on her face. Confusion, satisfaction, pain, a distinct afterglow, shame, naughty excitement, loss of virginity, unforgettable memories… I kept holding her. She then smiled and let her weight on me. I was not sure she had realized her nudity under her cardigan as yet. I had to make sure she knows. She was still lost in flashbacks. She closed her eyes. I had an hour to kill anyways. So why not have some more romance with Neha.

I was hugging her from behind. She was leaning completely on me. She had a smile on her face. Her eyes were closed. Her chest was heaving with deep breaths. I starting moving my hands around her tummy from top of her cardigan. She snuggled back into me. I moved her hair to one side and saw her neck. It was dark so I couldn’t make out the love bite. So I kissed her there. She sighed in pain and pleasure. I licked her there to sooth the pain. I starting moving my hands around further over her cardigan. Her whole body was paining. I softly massaged her waist from over the cardigan. I had pinched her so much all over her waist that it must be red now. I moved my hands up on the boobs. She tried to resist but I lightly pressed on the nipple I had pinched. She let out another of those signs with pain mixed with pleasure. I massaged her boob around her nipple to sooth it. I started caressing her thigh. It had been roughly stretched when I had put her leg on my shoulder and pressed back completely into her. I soothed her thigh muscles. She felt lot of relief and forgot the pain and now only remembered the pleasure.

When the bus reached and every one was leaving she whispered ‘thanks’ in my ears and left with parul

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