Seduced neha in bus near her best friend

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She started humping my finger inside her. She was so wet that my finger was easily slipping in and out of her pussy now. I decided to raise the ante. I pulled out the finger and inserted my thumb. It took a while for me to rub her pussy with my thumb before it opened up enough to let my thumb slide into her. Then I thumb fucked her for a while. Meanwhile, I fired my next arrow. I took the other hand out of her top and inserted it under her skirt and started playing with her bum as I kept thumb fucking her. She kept doling on to me with her delicate shaking hand. I slide it under her panty and played with her bare bums. Then it was time to take the next step of disrobing her. Her panties! I started thumb fucking her vigorously and sealed her lips to maintain absolute silence. Then with other hand I started tugging at the elastic of her panty. She was so lost in the sparks originating in her pussy and ending at each cell in her body that she did not realize when I started sliding down her panty. I did it softly and delicately playing with her bums and thighs as I kept lowering it till it fell off to her feet. With her panty gone I cupped her pussy with my palm and pushed my middle finger inside her and continued fingering her. Meantime, I lifted her feet one by one with my foot and the gravity did the rest. Her panty was completely off her and on the floor of the bus. I picked it up with my foot without stopping her fingering. I kept it in my underwear making my brother feel her soft panty which was covering her wet pussy till now.

Now I had to decide, should I disrobe her further or should I try to fuck her. Her pussy was quite tight, so fucking her would be difficult as she may scream. So I had to be content with disrobing her further. Her bra and panty were now off her. She was only in her long cardigan and her skirt top. I replayed her images from evening in my mind. I could take off her top. She could button he cardigan and cover herself. But her skirt was till her calf while her cardigan was knee length so if I take off her skirt, the cardigan will show her legs till her knees. I decided to go for her top first and later try my luck with her skirt. So I kept fingering her but slowed down so as not to let her cum and keep her at the edge in her state of trance so she doesn’t come back to reality and allows me to do whatever I like with her without any resistance. So instead of fingering her in and out I was rotating my finger around to open up and stretch her pussy to maintain her arousal.


I took my hand that was playing with her bum under her skirt, and started exploring her top. It was a nice tank top with think straps on her shoulders. I couldn’t slide it off without removing her cardigan first. So sliding off was out of question. I had to summon my swiss knife again. I took it out and carefully inserted my hand under her cardigan but over her top. I started kissing her more aggressively and fingering her in-out again to totally distract her and quickly made two precise snipes and kept it back in my pocket. With her should straps cut-off now it was possible to disrobe her. I started rotating and round and round motion again in her pussy and started kissing her lips one my one. I pushed one hand back to the top under the cardigan and started rolling it down. But this also I had to do it carefully without her realizing it else she could get alarmed. So I let some saliva spill out of her mouth and flow to her shin and throat. I kept licking it in the process making he throat and neck wet from one side. I started kissing her collar bone and kept sliding lower till her cleavage. I sucked her nipples from over her top and then pushed the top lower to expose her nipples and suck at them. My fingers playing with her pussy were enough to keep her lost in carnal pleasures. I sucked at her right nipple and nibbled at it slightly. Not causing her pain but ticking her nerves making her nipples stand up proudly. Then I grazed at her in left nipple. My other hand was at her back, slowly rolling down her top and also holding her in position. I jabbed a bit deeper in her pussy and bit at her left nipple making he sigh in pain and pleasure. This was enough to roll down her top to her waist. But now I was in a fix. I was keeping her in sexual over drive by fingering her. So how to roll down her top to her feet. I had to find an alternate point in her body to light new sparks inside her. I thought of trying her earlobes.

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