Mom and Son Cope with Dad’s Death

Mom and Son Cope with Dad’s Death.. Mom grasped my arm, to shake me awake, and said, “Drew, please, wake up.” The pleading tone of her voice gave me a chill, and I opened my eyes.

“Mom? What? What time is it?” I couldn’t see my alarm clock, as Mom was leaning over my bed, blocking my view of it on my dresser. I saw no light through my windows, so it had to be early.

“About 6, I think. Drew, I’ve got bad news.” More chills, and I was fully awake.

“What, Mom? What is it?” I asked.

“It’s your Dad. He… he d-died in his sleep.”

“Wha? Died? When?” I asked, my head full of questions I could barely put words to.

“I think maybe around 1 this morning?” she asked herself, clearly not sure. “He went to bed early, complaining about that cold, and I came to bed around 11, and he was asleep and breathing a little heavy, but I chalked that up to the cold. Now, I’m not so sure. But a half-hour ago, I rolled towards him in my sleep, and his arm… his arm was cold, and that startled me awake. He wasn’t breathing, and his arms are already stiff, and it takes about 4 hours for rigor mortis to set in. I called 911, and they had me try CPR for a while, until the EMTs got here, and they finally declared him dead.”

“Mom, I… I’m so sorry. Do you think it was his heart?” Why the how mattered to me in that moment, I’ll never understand. Maybe I just wasn’t ready for the bigger questions, and could wrap my mind around that one.

She sighed. “Maybe. That, or another of those damned blood clots.” Dad had suffered two heart attacks in the preceding three years, as well as a pretty scary week earlier in the year when he was in ICU with pulmonary embolisms, blood clots in both lungs. He’d done six months of blood-thinner treatment, and we thought he was in the clear. “We’ll have to wait for an autopsy to be sure. The coroner’s team is on its way.”

I couldn’t think even half straight. “His body, it’s still in the bed?”

Mom pursed her lips, and said, “Umm, no. The 911 operator had me pull him to the floor to perform the CPR on him, so that’s where he still is. Why do you ask?”

“I think I want to see him, before they take him away. I can hear how morbid that sounds, even as I’m saying it, but I do. Not the way the funeral home will make him look, but how he really wound up looking. I don’t think it will feel real otherwise. Do you understand?”

Mom ran her hand through my hair, “I don’t need to, honey. Whatever will help you deal with this. Come on.” She stood, and waited for me to get out of bed.

“Um, Mom, I kinda went to bed naked last night. So, could you wait for me in the hall?” I’d started sleeping in the nude the summer after I graduated high school, but I’m not sure my mom realized it in the moment. I was now 21, in the middle of my Junior year of college, home for holiday break. I also didn’t want her to see the dried cum on my pubes, since I’d masturbated the night before, while having phone sex with my girlfriend Patti.

“Oh. Sure, honey.” She turned and walked out, closing my door behind her.

I got up and quickly threw on the t-shirt and shorts that I’d been wearing before bed, shut off my alarm so it wouldn’t go off and then a police officer escorted me into the room to see my Dad, the “scene” not having been cleared by them yet. It irked me that they were treating this like a potential crime, but realized they were just following their procedures.

There really isn’t much to say about seeing a dead body, of someone you loved, who you had just talked to 12 hours before. It no longer really looked like him, in so many little, indescribable ways. I whispered, “Goodbye, Dad. I love you, and promise you I’ll be there for Mom,” and turned away and went back to the hallway, where Mom was talking with the deputy who had been dispatched from the Medical Examiner’s office, as she was telling him the funeral home we would be using. He shook my hand, before taking my place in the bedroom as a couple other men carried a gurney up the stairs. It all felt like a scene from some crime drama on TV, making it seem unreal again, despite having just seen my Dad’s body.

I hugged Mom to me, and asked “What do we do next?”, already trying on my “Help Mom” hat.

She rest her cheek on my shoulder for a moment, her nose by my neck, before saying, “Phone calls. Family, friends, his boss, mine at the hospital. But both of our phones are still in the bedroom, and the police won’t let me back in to get them yet. Can you get yours, and we can at least start with your grandparents?”

I got my phone, and pulled Mom’s parents up in my contacts list, and brought it to Mom, then watched, as she broke the news to her parents. I didn’t know how she was staying so calm. Her call to Dad’s parents was longer, and she finally broke down crying, and I took the phone from her and talked with Grandpa Dave, as Grandma Marion had also broken down crying, perhaps triggering Mom’s tears. Grandpa told me that they’d be over as soon as they could get there, about 20 minutes, and he’d call Dad’s two brothers on the way.

I took Mom back into my arms, and let her cry into my chest. My own tears weren’t coming. Even though I wasn’t feeling terribly strong, I knew strength was what my Mom needed at the moment. So, stiff upper lip and all that.

She finally pulled away from me, wiped her tears and started down the stairs and I followed her. It was weird seeing the Christmas tree in the living room, surrounded with gifts, and the thought popped in my head that many of them would have Dad’s name on them, either as giver or recipient. Merry Frickin’ Christmas To Us. I followed her to the kitchen, where she started coffee. She turned to me and said, “This is going to be a long day, and we better start getting ready for a full house. Drew, can you get a pack of muffins out of the freezer, and we’ll warm them up?”

I went out to the big freezer in our garage, and got out two packs of chocolate muffins, figuring that one wasn’t going to be enough, and brought them back to the kitchen, just as the Medical Examiner’s team came down the stairs with the gurney with Dad’s body in a bag, and the last police officer on the scene told Mom that they were done in the bedroom, offered his condolences again and they all left. I popped open the plastic around one pack of muffins and tossed them in the microwave, then ran up the stairs to get fully dressed since company was coming, then grabbed both Mom’s and Dad’s phones before heading back downstairs, so Mom and I could make more phone calls to deliver the bad news.

I was in the middle of a call to Patti to give her the news when the doorbell rang. Grandpa Dave and Grandma Marion. The first of the family to arrive, but hardly the last. The rest of the morning was a blur, making calls, receiving others offering condolences, more family arriving. Hugs I could have gotten lost in, if I dared let myself. Grandma Anna and Grandpa Scott, my mom’s parents, her older sister Maria, my Dad’s younger brothers Tony with his wife Mimi and my teenage cousins Angie and Carrie, and Dave Jr. with his girlfriend Antonia, my girlfriend Patti, who lived 35 miles from us, and my high school buddies Duke and Kenny who grew up a couple of blocks away. A same-day wake, if you will.

Flowers were already beginning to arrive from various out-of-town friends. I felt like I was constantly answering the door, when I really felt like finding a corner and just hiding in it. But my promise to Dad was already in effect, and I wasn’t about to make my Mom have to handle this duty.

The only minor conflict of the day came from Grandma Marion. “Tina, were you thinking about Evergreen Cemetery for the burial? Dave and I have plots already bought there, and they should still have openings in our area.”

Mom responded, “Actually, Tom and I decided a few years ago that we both want to be cremated, and have our ashes scattered at several different locations.”

“Oh. He never told me that.” Grandma answered, her tone one of clear disbelief.

Mom clenched her jaw, before answering, “It’s not something even we talked about a lot. But we did have our talk about matters like that, one night in the hospital after his second heart attack, and wrote our locations down.”

Grandma let it go at that, but everyone could tell she was disappointed.

Gradually, people began to leave after dinner, saying they’d see us again either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I couldn’t imagine what that would be like without Dad, but didn’t say anything about it. Patti gave me a long kiss, and said, “Anything you need from me, just ask,” before she left for her family’s home.

Finally, it was just Mom and I, and we were both beat. We climbed the stairs, headed to our bedrooms. But Mom just froze at the doorway to hers, looking at her bed.

“Are you okay, Mom?” I asked.

“Okay? No, Drew, not even close. I… I don’t think I can do it. I don’t think I can sleep in that bed tonight, not the one he died in. Can… can I sleep in yours?”

“Sure, Mom, I’ll sleep down on the couch,” I offered.

She shook her head and said, “No, don’t do that. I know this will sound silly, but I don’t think I can sleep alone tonight, either. Will you share it with me, please? Maybe hold me if I need to cry? You’ll have to wear something to bed, though.” She chuckled at this last statement. It was maybe the only time I’d seen her smile all day.

“Of course, Mom. Whatever you need from me, just ask. Let me get changed, and I’ll open the door when I’m decent.”

I quickly got changed into sweat shorts, keeping the same tshirt on, and by the time I was done, Mom was waiting in the hallway in a nightgown. We climbed in on opposite sides of my queen bed, and lay facing each other. I reached back and turned off the lamp on my night stand, and said, “Good night, mom.” Normally, I’d have followed that with “Sweet dreams”, but didn’t think it appropriate tonight.

A couple of minutes passed, and she started to cry, and whispered to me, “What are we going to do without him?”

I pulled her to me, letting her cry into my chest once more, as I thought of how to answer her. Finally, I said all I could think of, which was, “We’re going to do what Dad would have wanted for us. We’re going to survive this, grieve, then we’re going to find ways to be happy even while we still miss him.”

This slowed her tears, and they gradually stopped. “Thank you, Drew. You don’t know just how much you sounded like your Dad just then. That’s exactly what your Dad would have said. I love you. We’ll get through this.”

“I love you, too, Mom. Try and sleep.” I continued holding her the whole night, in case she woke scared or crying again. She didn’t, but I didn’t get much sleep, watching over her.


Christmas Eve

I’ll skip over most of the next few days, of mortuary visits, life insurance claims, notifying Dad’s lawyer to start probate work on his will, and preliminary planning for a memorial service that we couldn’t even schedule until the Dallas County Medical Examiner had released the body to the mortuary. More calls, more flowers.

Mom asked to share my bed again each night. She wasn’t crying any more, and I was able to relax more and get my own 40 winks.

Christmas Eve we usually spent with Mom’s family, so we packed up the gifts we’d bought for them, and headed to her parents’ home in Arlington, 35 minutes away.

It was a somber night, as much as we tried to get into the Christmas spirit with music and favorite Christmas movies. We had dinner first, then exchanged gifts, including a few that still had Dad’s name on them as sender. Aunt Maria and Grandma Anna and Grandpa Scott had bought gifts for Dad, but weren’t sure what to do with them. Mom and I opened them, and they were both gift certificates to local restaurants, so I kept the smaller one from Aunt Maria, and Mom kept the other. We eventually wished everyone a Merry Christmas, and headed home.

The first tear I shed since my Dad’s death finally rolled down my face when I had to set my Dad’s Christmas stocking aside before helping Mom fill hers and mine with the little goodies that she’d already bought for the purpose before his death, to hang on the little hooks that had been set up when the house was decorated weeks before.

She saw it, and reached over to wipe it from my cheek and said, “You don’t have to be strong all the time for me, Drew. It’s okay to cry for him.” She took my hands in hers and gave them a squeeze.

“I know, Mom. The tears just haven’t been coming, and it’s not because I’m feeling strong, I think Dad’s lending me his strength, so I can be there for you.”

She gave me a look I couldn’t figure out, and said, “Thank you for that, honey. Merry Christmas.” She handed me a small wrapped box. “This is something your Dad wanted you to have, and I thought it was more appropriate for tonight, than for tomorrow. Open it.”

I opened the wrapping, and inside the box was a case, with a DVD-R with a computer-etched label that said “Drew 1992-2012”. I looked at Mom, and she said, “Put it in the player.”

I did, and a combination photo slide-show and various videos played, of me at different ages, mostly with my Dad in them or filming them, going fishing, or tossing a football, that kind of stuff, through high school graduation, and a couple of me moving to college, stuff from the past summer. At the end, was a video of him, talking to the camera.

“Drew, you’ve always made me proud to be your Dad, and I know I’ve not always been the best at saying it to you, so I wanted to make this DVD so you’d have no doubt. I love you, son, and I’m proud of the man you’re becoming. Merry Christmas.”

The tears were streaming down my face as I pressed Stop. I looked at Mom and asked, “Did… did he know he was about to die? Is that why he made this?”

Mom also had tears in her eyes. “Honey, I don’t think he specifically knew, other than having a sense of his mortality driven into him over the past few years. All he told me was that he wanted knowing how he felt about you to be your best gift this year. I definitely know he wanted to see the look on your face when you watched it.”

I wiped the tears from my face and said, “I’d give back every gift he ever gave me, even this one, if I could have him back for even just five minutes, so I could tell him I love him, too. I can’t remember the last time I told him, and that makes me sadder still.”

Mom hugged me, and said, “He knew, honey, he knew. And in case you haven’t heard it enough from me, every word your Dad said on that DVD goes double for me. I don’t know how I’d have gotten through the last few days without you.” She kissed me on the forehead, and said, “Ready for bed? Or do you want to set out cookies for Santa?”

That made me laugh, and lifted my spirits tremendously. We decided to turn on Christmas CDs on the downstairs stereo up real loud, went up to my bedroom, kept the door open, listening to the music fill the house, until we fell asleep.


Christmas Day

When I woke, Mom was gone from the bed, and I could smell both coffee and bacon in the air. The music had been turned down, but was still playing. I got out of bed, and went downstairs, and said, “Merry Christmas, Mom!” and actually felt the spirit of the season finally. Maybe the Christmas music playing on repeat all night had seeped into my soul, maybe Dad was helping me again, I don’t know. I was just glad to be glad, if you will.

“Merry Christmas, honey! Bacon’s almost done. Do you want scrambled or over easy today?”

For a moment, I could hear Dad’s typical answer of “Over Easy” in my head, so that’s what I told my Mom, without telling her why. We had a nice breakfast together, actually singing some of the Christmas songs together that we knew so well, until I figured it was a good time to tell Mom about a decision I’d reached.

“Mom, I’m not going back to campus next month. I know there’s going to be so much that has to be done here with Dad gone, and I don’t want you to have to do it alone.”

“You’re not quitting college! You’re not!” she shouted.

“No, I wouldn’t do that. Not to you, not to Dad, not to myself. I know how important my education is. What I can do, though, is call tomorrow to explain the situation to whoever’s manning the phones in the Dean’s and Registrar’s offices over the holidays, and see if I can get switched into the online versions of most or all of my classes this semester, so I can do them from here and not fall behind. Glen, from my dorm Freshman year, had to do the same thing when he broke both legs in that car accident, remember? He was in leg casts for three months, and still took his courses, and then finished his Associate’s degree that way.”

We finished eating, and cleaned up our dishes. Mom seemed to be stalling, and I understood why. Neither of us was really looking forward to opening the gifts from Dad. Finally, I had to say, “Mom, Dad’s gifts aren’t going away, just because you’re tidying up the kitchen. He would say ‘They represent my love for you two, so get to it.'”

She chuckled. “He would say it, just like that. And you’re right, I’m stalling.” She took a deep breath, before saying, “Okay, let’s do it. We can leave the stockings for later, no surprises there, since you helped me fill them.”

Most of my gifts were typical, video games, clothes, a couple books I’d told my folks I wanted. My dad had written inscriptions in both: “Merry XMas 2012, Drew! Love, Mom & Dad.”

Searching under the whole tree, Mom had only one gift under it from Dad, but it turned out to be a wowzer – a beautiful tennis bracelet, with both diamonds and rubies. Mom had tears in her eyes as I helped put it on her wrist. “A beautiful bauble, but not as beautiful as the woman wearing it,” I whispered, remembering something Dad had said a few years earlier, when putting a necklace he’d bought her around her neck.

“You remembered that line of your Dad’s?” she asked, putting her hand to my face.

“Figured I’d use it on a girlfriend of my own some day, when we got to the jewelry stage. Patti and I are almost there, but not quite, given what I can afford. Never figured I’d be using it on my own Mom. If Dad were here…” I couldn’t say any more.

She gave me a quick kiss on the lips, and said, “If your Dad were here, he’d be proud of you for helping to make this day easier for me. I love you.”

“I love you too, Mom.” I shook myself, trying to regain my Christmas spirit, and said, “Well, that’s the gifts from you and Dad to me, and from Dad to you, all that’s left are mine to you and the ones we each got for Dad. Let’s start with yours.”

I handed her the two clothing boxes I’d wrapped the day before Dad died, and she started opening. Both were new sweaters, one in blue, the other red. She looked up at me when she’d opened the second one. “Patti helped you pick these out, didn’t she? They’re both beautiful.”

“Yeah, she suggested half-a-dozen different sweaters in the store’s online catalog, then challenged me to pick the two that I’d like to see her in, not what I thought would be ‘mom-appropriate’. Do you really like them?” I asked. “I got Patti another in the same style as the blue one, but in a light green color, and a different style in a gray color.”

She nodded, and said, “Love them, and love that they’re from you even more. So that just leaves Dad’s gifts. Drew, bring me the ones I got Dad, please.” There were just two, and one was obviously a clothing box. After I handed them to her, she set the clothing box aside, saying, “This won’t fit you, because you’re taller than Dad, but it ought to fit your Grandpa Dave. This one, I want you to have instead,” handling me a smaller box.

It was a new Seiko watch. I checked, and there was an inscription, ‘For All Our Hours Of Pleasure – Tina’ I actually blushed, making Mom laugh. “Mom? Are you sure you want me thinking about that inscription every time I look at this watch?”

“Well, you can always focus on the hour that we conceived you!” she joked.

“Not sure that makes it easier, Mom! I’ll just have to ignore that it’s there. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, sweetie. If it really bothers you, we can get another back for it.”

“No, Mom. It represents your love for Dad, and there’s no way I’m throwing that out. I just have to remember that, and not let it embarrass me.”

My final gifts to Dad were first editions of a couple of my favorite books, to add to his collection of firsts. Not real old ones, but ones I could afford to get. Mom opened them, and smiled. “Your Dad would have loved these. You know he wanted his collection to go to you, Drew. His will even says so.”

“I know, he told me that, when you got your wills drawn up. I… just didn’t think it would be so soon.”

“Neither did I, sweetie,” she said. “Even with the medical scares he had, I thought the doctors had a handle on it all. But sometimes God has other plans, both for the dead and the living. We just have to assume God sees something good to come from this, and figure out what that is.”

“I guess. I’m going to hit the shower and get dressed for Grandma’s.” I grabbed my pile of gifts and headed to my bedroom to drop them on the bed, picked out a new shirt and jeans from among my gifts, pulled briefs and socks from my drawer and set them on top, then headed into the bathroom right next to my room, and took a quick shower. Getting out, I dried off with a towel, then took a quick peek around the door to see if the hallway was clear, draped the towel over the rod on the back of the door and made the quick dash into my room. Naked. Winding up right in front of my Mom, who was standing wrapped in a towel next to my bed. “MOM!” I shrieked, trying to cover myself. “What are you doing in here right now?”

“Why aren’t you at least in a towel?!” she countered, coolly. She tossed me the briefs I’d set aside on the bed, and said “I’ll close my eyes, you put those on.”

I pulled them on, and said “Okay, half-decent. So, again, why are you in here?”

“Some alarm on your phone was blaring, so I came in to turn it off. Sorry if I embarrassed you.” She started to walk out of the room, but as she passed me, she leaned close to me and said into my ear, while glancing downward, “Patti’s a really lucky girl,” then kissed my cheek before exiting.

“MOM!” I felt like my whole body was blushing.

I finished getting dressed in my new clothes. As I came out to the hall, I could hear Mom’s shower running, so went downstairs and tidied up a bit, while I waited for her to get ready. Finally, I heard her coming down the stairs.

And she took my breath away. “Mom? You look fantastic!” She was wearing the blue sweater I’d gotten her over a pair of jeans, and it looked fabulous on her. It was both snugger and showed more cleavage than her usual wardrobe, every one of her curves highlighted.

“As good as Patti would look in it?” she asked.

“Don’t tell her this, but I think it looks better on you than it would her. She doesn’t, um, have your, um, chest.”

“Let her give birth, and that will change. It did for me. 21 years later, and I still think of these as ‘Drew cups’, because I was a B before you came along!” she said, while putting both hands over her bra and squeezing a little bit.

“Oh, I did not need that mental image, Mom.” I said, shaking my head.

“What? Didn’t realize I had breasts?”, she said, chuckling.

“I’m done talking about them — this, Mom. Ready to load up for Grandma’s?” What I couldn’t say was that not only was I aware she had breasts, really nice ones, but finding out that her bras were somehow my namesakes left me imagining being them, snug against her breasts.


Lunch and gift exchange at my other grandparents’ home wasn’t too notable, except for everyone trying a little too hard to be merry instead of sad, and occasionally the sad slipping through in patches anyway. It felt more than a little fake, producing emotional distance at just the time I wanted to feel closer to everyone. More clothes, more gift cards.

Eventually, Mom and I excused ourselves, and came home to have a quiet dinner with each other, during which we discussed getting Mom a new mattress the next day, emptied our Christmas stockings, and went to bed together, for what we thought would be the last time.


December 26

I guess it was inevitable. I was actually surprised it hadn’t happened before then. I awoke that morning to find Mom’s body spooned behind me, her breasts pressed into my back, and her hand draped over my hip. And my cock was hard as a rock, with her fingers just in contact with it through my sweat shorts. Her fingers weren’t moving, just resting against it. Her breathing indicated she was still sleeping. Between spending nearly every waking moment with her and her sleeping with me every night since Dad had passed, I hadn’t had any good opportunities to jerk off at all, so having morning wood didn’t surprise me much. But Mom touching it in her sleep? Oh. My. God.

The only way I could figure out to get up without waking her was to roll onto my stomach, which of course dragged my mom’s hand across my ass, then slip my leg over the edge of the bed so I could finish sliding out from under her hand. Mom didn’t stir.

I grabbed a fresh pair of boxer-briefs and went into my bathroom, locked the door behind me, and got in the shower, and started soaping and stroking my cock immediately. I was picturing Patti going down on me, her tongue swirling around my head, and then pictured fucking her, but just as I was shooting my wad against the tiles, the image of my Mom in the towel from the day before popped into my head, and my orgasm actually intensified, when I would have thought it would stop me in my tracks. ‘What the hell?’ I thought. But I dismissed it as being connected to my Mom having been in contact with me right before the shower. I finished my shower, putting the clean briefs on before going back into my room.

Mom was awake and sitting up in the bed as I entered my room, tossing the dirty sweat-shorts into my hamper. She chuckled, “Decided not to flash your Mom again, huh?”

“I’m so sorry about that, Mom. I really thought you were either downstairs or in your room.”

She smiled. “Drew, relax. It’s not like I’ve never seen a penis before. Or seen yours, for that matter. Or did you think your Dad changed all of your diapers when you were a baby?”

I really didn’t want to keep discussing my cock, so just said “I guess not.”

We went to the Mattress Warehouse that morning, and bought a new King mattress, and headed to another store to buy new sheets, pillows, comforter, the works. Mom didn’t want anything that had touched Dad’s dead body around any more. We ran a couple of other errands, before heading home to wait for the mattress delivery. Patti called, and we arranged to meet for dinner that night, after I checked with Mom to see that she’d be okay alone, only to find that she was making plans with a couple of her nurse friends who both had the night off.

I also made my phone calls to the University, and was told the dean would get back to me about my online plan.


Over dinner with my girlfriend, I recounted everything that had happened since I’d last seen her the day my Dad died. She thought my “nude encounter” with my Mom was hilarious, and got a chuckle out of the inscription on Dad’s watch, now on my left wrist. I left out telling her about my morning wood and what happened in the shower that morning.

“Oh, I wish I could have seen your face!” she said, giggling.

“Oh, it gets worse,” I said, grimacing. “As she was leaving the room, she puts her mouth to my ear, looks down at my crotch, and tells me ‘Patti’s a really lucky girl’.”

“Oooh, I am that, big boy. So she managed to get a good look at your package, I take it?”

“Yeah. I wasn’t entirely sure then, but she confirmed that she saw it this morning.”

She loved the sweaters I’d gotten her, and asked how my Mom liked hers. I told Patti that Mom had said she loved them, and had worn the blue one on Christmas Day, and I told her she looked really nice, and that I looked forward to seeing Patti in hers.

She was less happy when I told her about my plan to do the next semester online. “But if I’m on campus, and you’re here, we’re hardly going to see each other. It’s not like I can request the same kind of switch just to be closer to you.” We went to a college about 500 miles away in Kansas City, but were surprised when we met as Freshmen that her home wasn’t that far from mine, just 35 miles as I said before, making visiting each other over the summer fairly easy. So the longest we’d been apart since we’d met two years earlier had only been about a week.

“I know I’ll miss seeing you every day,” I said, “but it’s not really any different than if we lived further apart and couldn’t see each other much over summer break. Couples survive that, so I think we can survive this, with Spring Break together in the middle. And it’s just this semester. I do know that it wouldn’t be any good for me, you, or my grades for me to be there and spending all my time worrying about how my Mom’s doing back here. You can understand that, right?”

She pouted a little, before saying, “Understand it, yes. Like it? Not a bit. Okay, new subject – what do you want to do for New Year’s Eve?”

“I’ve been thinking about it,” I said. “I just turned 21, but you’re still 20, and I never liked any of the under-21 clubs around here. My Mom said she’ll let me host a small party at our house, and even let those of us who are only 20 have some wine or beer, so long as she gets everyone’s keys so nobody drives home. That kind of limits the party to the number of beds and couches we have, so I was thinking, you, me and my friends Duke and Kenny, plus my Mom, and Costco pizzas and beer. My Mom will even let you sleep in my room with me. What do you think?”

“Sounds fine to me. I’m not real big on the club scene, myself. Too much risk of GHB or something like that being slipped in your drink even in the non-alcoholic clubs.”


Back home, Mom had the new bedding all set up, and I wished her a good night’s sleep and sweet dreams, then went to my own bed, and got to sleep nude once more.

Around midnight, I heard Mom shout “No, No!!” several times. I got up, pulled on shorts, and rushed to her room, opening the door just as she sat upright in bed, a hand to her head.

“Nightmare?” I asked.

“Yeah, pretty bad,” she answered. “Kinda fuzzy already, but I remember being next to your dad’s body again, and suddenly he sat up and black ooze came from his mouth and I started screaming for him to get away from me. I woke up just before his hands would have reached me. Uggh!” she said, shuddering. “Drew, I know I’m imposing on you, but would you mind sleeping with me one more time? I didn’t have a single nightmare this past week that I’ve slept in your room, and I think it’s because you were beside me, making me feel safe. We can do it in this bed, which ought to give you more room.”

“Mom. Whatever you need, I’ll do. It’s okay.” I slipped under the new comforter and top-sheet on what had been Dad’s side of the bed, and settled in, and soon fell asleep. If Mom had any other dreams, they didn’t wake her.


New Year’s Eve

Mom successfully slept by herself the next nights. However, I actually found it harder to sleep without her by me. I think I was on edge, listening for signs of another nightmare that never came. If she had any more bad dreams, she didn’t mention them to me.

On New Year’s Eve, around 8 PM, we started our party. Mom came downstairs, wearing the same blue v-neck sweater, over new slacks, looking even better as she’d put more effort into her makeup and hair than on Christmas Day, even if it was just for a party with my friends..

When Patti arrived, she was wearing one of my gifts, which was the same style sweater, but in the light green color, over a pair of faded jeans. She dropped her overnight bag by the stairs, took one look at Mom and said, “At least Drew had the sense to buy us different colors, Tina. Can you imagine if we’d shown up in the exact same sweater?”

Side by side, they both looked fantastic in the sweaters, although I did have to give the edge to my blond mom’s greater curves, versus the way Patti’s sweater color highlighted her bright auburn hair. Not that I had any intention of telling either one of them that. Mom showed off her new bracelet, and Patti’s eyes shot to me, giving me the clear message that she expected jewelry from me sometime soon.

When Duke and Kenny showed up, their jaws dropped. “Mrs. B, looking foxy!” Duke said. “And Patti the foxette!”

Duke never has had much of a filter, even sober. Drunk, he could be even worse. This could be an interesting evening. I could only say, “Dude, that’s my Mom and my girlfriend!”

“Lucky times two, man,” he answered. Kenny’s smile told me he agreed, although he was keeping his mouth shut.

Mom and Patti decided to drink wine, while us guys decided to drink beer. There was close to a case of Sam Adams and Heinekens already in our spare refrigerator in the garage, so we would be set. Mom collected everyone’s keys, but said, “I know I’m giving you all a place to crash tonight, but take it easy, anyway. I don’t feel like starting the New Year cleaning up any vomit. We understand each other?”

She got a chorus of yeses, as I opened three beers, handing the guys theirs. I proposed a toast, “To Tom Barnes. The best Dad, husband and friend anyone could ask for. We miss you.” We all took a sip, thought about Dad for a minute, then got into the business of having fun.

“That was nice,” Patti told me, a few minutes later. “I could tell your Mom didn’t want to bring the party down, but I think she really appreciated the way you acknowledged your Dad.”

We turned on the stereo, while Mom heated up a couple of the pizzas, and we started in on a game of Pictionary, Patti and I against Duke, Kenny and Mom, and we won handily. Of course, Duke kept throwing out these wild sex-related guesses, to almost any clue. Mom was laughing at him, rather than being offended, so I didn’t say anything to him about it.

After refreshing drinks and having more pizza, Patti and I fast-danced to some of the songs on the stereo, and Kenny and Duke took turns dancing with my Mom. When a slow song came on, we all sat down again for another round of Pictionary, with Patti and Mom switching teams. Mom and I won, again because Duke was throwing out these crazy guesses, keeping the night’s mood light in his unique style.

We turned on the ABC New Year’s show at 10, and watched the ball drop in NYC at 11, then switched over the the Big D NYE show after that, and counted down again at 12.

I gave Patti a long kiss at the stroke of midnight, then almost had a heart attack when I saw Mom kissing Duke in almost the same way, then Kenny, too. I quietly asked Patti, “Any idea how much my Mom’s had to drink tonight?”

She walked me over to where the wine was, and the bottle was about half-empty. “This is the third bottle tonight, and I’ve only had three glasses myself, so she’s maybe had twice that much, maybe a little more? Over the course of four hours, it’s not a huge amount, but she certainly seems to be loose right now.”

“Yeah, I just hope Duke and Kenny aren’t getting the wrong idea from those kisses.”

Duke came to talk with me soon after that. “Man, I hope you’re not upset with me over that midnight kiss. I had no idea that she was going to do that. I’ve been trying all night to keep the mood light, to keep everyone laughing, because I know how hard it is to get through this season when you’ve lost someone. I’m sorry if I took the sex jokes too far.” Duke had lost his Dad when he was 15, so I knew he was talking from experience.

“I’m not angry with anyone, you’ve helped Mom laugh tonight, and I do appreciate that,” I responded. “I’m just a little concerned with Mom’s behavior. She doesn’t usually drink this much. I am glad you talked to me about it, though. We’re cool, and you can tell Kenny the same thing.”

“It was pretty hot, though. Your Mom is a damned good kisser, even if she is a little tipsy.”

“Duuude! I didn’t need to hear that about my mom!”

Mom said her good night around 12:30, and the rest of us danced a little while longer, had one more drink, then called it a night around 1:15. I got the guys set up with blankets and pillows to sleep on separate parts of the sectional sofa, then Patti and I went upstairs, with her overnight bag. We went into my bathroom and both brushed our teeth, then I went to my bedroom while Patti peed.

I was already nude, and lying on top of my bed with the covers pulled down, when she came in. “Oh, yum,” she said. “I was worried you’d be too tired.”

“Never too tired for you, honey,” I said.

She got undressed quickly, draping her clothes over my desk chair. The more skin she exposed, the harder my cock got. “Oooh,” she squealed, when she turned around. “Not tired, at all.” She climbed onto my bed, gave me a quick kiss, then turned and swung her leg over me, backing her twat slowly onto my mouth, while she told my cock, “Hi, there. Miss me?” before kissing the head, and beginning to lick her way around the outside, her fingers lightly stroking my 7″ length.

I kissed her pussy, about a dozen times, then extended my tongue for a long swipe through her lips, around her clitoral hood, then back to her vagina, then spent a couple of minutes swirling around from spot to spot, avoiding her clit until I saw it peek from out of its hood. Then I lightly flicked it more and more often, gradually working Patti up and up, her moans feeling fantastic as she worked her mouth over my cock, over and over. Then I sucked her hood into my mouth, swirling my tongue over her clit harder and harder, and she went over the edge, shuddering in orgasm, her moans around my shaft causing me to curl my toes.

“Oh, so good,” she sighed, pulling herself from my mouth, and turned around to kiss me, while still holding my cock. “Ready for me to fuck you, now?”

“I’m so close to exploding already, you better take it slow,” I said.

“Slow I can do, for a little while, at least.” She swung her leg over my waist, lined me up, and pressed just my head into her, and stopped, just swirling her hips in a circle a couple of times, exciting my cockhead, before dropping down another inch. It took her a minute of this to finally take my full length, letting me slip just away from the edge of orgasm. Then she just sat there for 20 seconds, exercising her Kegel muscles around me, before rising up and then lowering herself, still fairly slow.

I took hold of her breasts, and brushed both thumbs over her nipples, as I started thrusting my hips up into her on the downstroke, letting her know I was okay with more speed. Just as she started speeding up, though, my eyes were drawn to motion by my bedroom door, behind Patti. It was partway open, and there stood my Mom! She was watching us, her mouth slightly open, and as I glanced down, I could see her hand was between her legs, jilling herself, under her nightgown. From what I could see of her other arm, she was squeezing her breast, but that was behind the door. Oh, god, she looked hot. Our eyes locked, and she knew I’d seen her, and she shuddered, obviously cumming.

I suppose I should have been bothered by this, but I wasn’t. It turned me on even more, and I dropped one hand to Patti’s clit and rubbed it with my thumb and started fucking her faster and faster, slamming up into her hard. I could tell Patti was at least as close to orgasm as I was, and as I started to cum, I lightly pinched her hood, and she shot off, actually spraying my stomach with the first squirting orgasm she’d ever had. She threw her hand over her mouth, trying to stifle her screams, then collapsed onto me, still spasming around me, as I continued shooting into her.

When I looked towards the door again, Mom was gone.

I kissed Patti as she finally stilled, and said, “Great way to start the New Year,” and she giggled. As my cock flopped out of her, she slid partway to my right side, leaving one leg lying over mine, and nestled her face into my neck and shoulder, and quickly fell asleep. I used my other foot to hook my covers, and gradually managed to pull them up over us.

I looked towards the door one more time, and wondered how I was going to talk with my mom about what had happened.


New Year’s Day

I awoke to the smell of bacon and coffee again. Patti had rolled away from me during the night, and the covers were down around her hips, giving me a view of her naked back, and just the beginning of her ass crack. I looked over her to see my clock, and the motion woke her, and she rolled onto her back, bringing her breasts into view. I looked into her eyes, and said “Happy New Year, lover.”

“Happy? Try ecstatic! What got into you last night? That was incredible!”

I took a couple of seconds, debating how to answer. We’d pledged when we got together to always be honest with each other, so I wasn’t going to lie. She deserved to know. “Don’t freak out, but my Mom was watching from the door. And it, um, turned me on, being watched.”

“She… really? Was she just watching?” Her voice told me this excited her, too.

“Um.. no. One hand was between her legs, and the other was squeezing her… tit. And I’m pretty sure she got off the very second she saw I was looking at her. Can you be cool about it today, and let me talk to her about it?”

“Yeah, babe. I can do that. Is that bacon I smell?” she asked, scrunching her nose.

“Yeah, and coffee, too. Let’s get dressed and get some.”

She got clean clothes out of her bag, and put her dirties in their place, while I got fresh clothes from my drawers. We were both dressed pretty quickly, when Patti said, “You need to wash your face – I can still smell me on you.” So we quickly went into the bathroom to wash up and brush our teeth and put our hair into some semblance of order.

We went downstairs, and Duke and Kenny were already at the table, eating bacon and scrambled eggs. Mom said, “Good morning, you two, and Happy New Years again. Did you two work up an appetite?” and giggled, making Duke and Kenny both chuckle.

“Yes, Mrs. Barnes,” Patti said. “I’m starving.”

“Patti, how many times do I need to ask you to call me Tina?” Mom said, while handing Patti a plate of eggs, bacon and toast.

“Sorry… Tina. It’s just how my mom raised me. She’d never let any of my friends call her by her first name, thinks it’s disrespectful.”

“You know I don’t see eye to eye with her on a lot of things, and this is one. ‘Mrs. Barnes’ always makes me think of Tom’s mom Marion. So, please, call me Tina, and maybe after you and Drew get married, you could call me ‘Mom’, and you can see whether you like being “Mrs. Barnes”, either. Same goes for you, Duke. ‘Mrs B.’ makes me think of Happy Days reruns, and I’m not that Marion, either.”

“You expect me to marry Drew, too, Tina?” Duke joked.

“Oh, you,” she answered, as she pulled four more slices of toast from the toaster, buttered them and put them on two more plates, with scoops of egg and strips of bacon, handing one to me, and taking the other to the table, where we both sat down.

“So what’s your plan for today, Mom?” I asked, before taking a bite of bacon.

“Cleaning up from the party, then resting up. I’ve got to work tomorrow.”

“I thought you got bereavement leave?” I asked.

She shrugged. “I do, but it’s not enough days to let me just stay off of work until whenever we can do the memorial. I’ll save the rest so I can handle those arrangements whenever the autopsy’s done. It’ll be good to keep busy while we’re waiting for that, anyway.”


We wrapped up breakfast, then I said goodbyes to Patti and the guys as they headed home, then I went to Mom in the kitchen, and quietly said, “About last night…”

“Drew, I’m sorry if I invaded your privacy,” Mom began. “But your door wasn’t fully closed, and I could hear the two of you from my room. I started to come down the hall just to close the door, but when I saw you…”

“It turned you on?”

“Yeah. I think you saw how much.” she sighed.

I took a breath, before saying, “Me, too, Mom. I’ve never had an audience before, especially one as hot as you looked at that moment. It turned me on, and fed into one of the best… sessions… I’ve ever had with Patti.”

“You’re not mad?” she asked.

“No,” I answered, giving her a smile. “Maybe being turned on by Patti kept me from being embarrassed, but I didn’t feel anything like that. It just added to what I was already feeling, do you know what I mean? It actually worked out great for me, although I will try and make sure the door’s shut next time. Does it bother you that you watched us?”

“Not like I would have thought. You both looked so beautiful together. You really love her, don’t you?”

I nodded. “I do. We’ve been together two years so far, and I really can’t imagine my future without her in it,” I said. “We haven’t talked that much about getting married yet, while we’re still in college and aren’t sure whether our careers could pull us to different parts of the country, but after what you said at breakfast about her being ‘Mrs. Barnes’, I think it will come up as a topic pretty soon. And I know she was envious of your bracelet, so jewelry is something I’ll have to look into.”

I paused a couple of seconds before saying, “If Dad’s death is going to teach me anything, it’s that life is too short to play with ‘what ifs’, either with the past, or with the future. Instead of worrying about how the future might split us apart and letting that keep us from making a commitment, we should focus on making sure it doesn’t. I want the kind of relationship you and Dad had, with Patti.”

I saw a tear rolling down Mom’s cheek, and I said, “I’m sorry, Mom, I didn’t mean to make you sad.”

“You didn’t, silly. This is a happy tear.” She brushed it away with her finger, then said, “I’m happy for you and Patti. She’s going to make a great Mom to my grandkids.”

“Mom, I haven’t even asked her to marry me, yet. Don’t start grandbaby pressure already!” I said it with a smile and a chuckle, so she knew I wasn’t really angry with her.


January 8th

The Medical Examiner’s office finally released Dad’s body to the mortuary on the 7th, making excuses about the holidays to explain their delay. It would still take a while before the autopsy would be official, as toxicology tests could still take several more weeks to complete, but the preliminary cause of death was being listed as pulmonary embolisms causing Dad to stop breathing during the night, which in turn stopped his heart. He would just have gone quiet and wouldn’t have woken Mom at all. They had no further tests to perform on his body, so we could finally bury him, or as Dad desired, have him cremated.

Mom luckily already had the 8th off from work, so we made another visit to the mortuary, to schedule the memorial service. The very next weekend was already booked, so we settled on Saturday January 19th, which was good for me, since Patti, Duke and Kenny were all headed back to college the next day. Any time after that, and they wouldn’t be able to come.

After picking the date, we must have spent another two hours going over options for the service. Flowers, urns, music, programs, providing a picture of Dad so the mortuary could create a portrait of him for the service, and on and on. A claim against Dad’s life insurance benefit would pay for everything, with a 3rd party fronting the mortuary their money up front, so at least we didn’t have to worry about that, except it meant more paperwork for Mom to sign.

I could tell that it was all wearing Mom out, so I drove her home, while she reclined her seat, and just quietly watched out the window. I pulled her Volvo in the driveway, next to Dad’s Mustang, and walked around to open her door. “M’Lady? May I help you up?” I said, reaching my hand to her.

“Why, yes, kind sir,” she answered, getting into my roleplay. She placed her hand in mine, swung her legs out of the car, and I helped pull her upright a little too quickly. She wound up bouncing off of my chest and we had to hug each other, to keep either of us from falling over.

She looked up into my eyes, and kissed me. Soft at first, but lingering and then hungry and firm. I kissed her back, too, unable to think of anything besides the fact that I was holding a beautiful woman who wanted to kiss me and wanted to be kissed back. I wasn’t thinking of her as my Mom, wasn’t thinking of Patti, just reacting as man and woman, body to body.

Eventually, the kiss ended, and she put her head on my shoulder. She actually sounded like she was purring. It took a little while, before my mind finally caught up and I remembered just who I’d been kissing and finally whispered, “Mom? Where did that come from?”

She pulled back slightly to look me in the eyes, and smiled at me. “That came from a place of love and gratitude, baby. I’m so glad you’ve been here for me, helping every way you can, and I wanted to show you how much I appreciate it, and a little peck on the cheek just wasn’t going to do it. Did that bother you?”

I searched my heart, before answering, “Surprised me, then everything else faded away except the kiss, and I was returning it, and…”

“And you think that’s not how moms are supposed to kiss their sons?” she asked.

“We both know it’s not what most people would consider ‘normal’ mother-son behavior.”

“‘Normal’ is overrated,” she said, running her finger along my jaw. “In that moment, I wanted to give you a love kiss, so I did. You didn’t pull away from it, so it can’t have bothered you that much.”

“I liked it very much. Does that make me weird?” I wondered.

“It makes you the young man who said, ‘Whatever you need from me, just ask’ That’s what I was asking, what I needed, to give you, and to receive back. Thank you.” She stepped out of our hug, and went to open the front door. “I don’t feel much like cooking. Chinese delivery okay?”

I nodded, and followed her into the house, whispering, “You’re welcome.”

Chinese dinner was just normal me-mom banter, as if the kiss hadn’t just happened, and I felt much better about both it and myself. You hear about lines being crossed, and how things aren’t the same afterwards, but it didn’t feel like anything really had changed. I did get several more of those kisses over the next week or so, whenever I’d done something particularly nice for her.


January 18th

As the college winter break was winding down, and the next day was going to be Dad’s Memorial, I decided to spend most of the day with Duke and Kenny playing video games and joking around, then Patti was going to meet me at my house around 5, and we’d take my Mom out for dinner, and then Patti was going to spend the night again, to accompany us to the service the next day. Mom was taking the last of her bereavement days, to work on arranging some photos of Dad for the service.

As I pulled up to the house around 4:30, I saw Patti’s VW Bug already parked by our house. I parked my Escort behind it and walked up to the house and through the door. And walked right into a wet dream. Two women, naked bodies entangled on the couch, making love to each other. It took several long seconds before my mind could wrap itself around the fact that it was my Mom lying in a 69 over Patti, seconds in which I became aroused and rock hard. Seconds in which not an ounce of anger or disgust or anything but arousal popped into my mind. What I was looking at was only beautiful to my eyes, to my cock. My mind had just shut everything else out.

So instead of yelling, or getting upset, I simply disrobed, and dropped to my knees next to Patti’s face. She turned in surprise, looked me in the eyes then down to my hard, throbbing cock, and quickly slid her head under Mom’s leg and began blowing me, her tongue wild and already driving me crazy, as I thrust my hips towards her, slowly.

Mom, realizing that Patti had shifted under her and stopped licking her, looked back and squealed when she saw me with my cock in Patti’s mouth, then just turned back to licking Patti. From my vantage point, I could see between Mom’s legs, her pussy and asshole wet and glistening, her clit not visible from that angle. I wasn’t thinking of the fact that I’d never seen her privates before.

One part of me wanted so badly to reach between her legs and drive a couple of fingers inside or search out her clit, but there was another part that said ‘No, that’s Mom’ and I stopped myself, just before Patti thrust two of her fingers into Mom instead of me, and I decided to focus on Patti, bringing my eyes down to look at her. Her face was wet, with what I knew were Mom’s juices, and she was going wild, licking around my cock and balls, before taking me as deep as she could, as I thrust more quickly into her mouth, whipping her tongue around me on every stroke, moaning around me, as Mom was bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.

I could hear Mom, moaning loudly too, as Patti continued thrusting fingers into her, now three, with her thumb tucked under to stroke across Mom’s clit, and Mom exploded first, shuddering in her bliss, thrusting and rubbing her hand against Patti’s clit while she screamed, the first words said since I’d walked in, “Fuck Patti Fuck Fuucck Cumming! AIIIEEE!!”

Just hearing my Mom scream in orgasm made my balls clench, and it was my turn. “I’m cumming too!” and started shooting into Patti’s mouth. She tried to squeal, but it was muffled by a mouthful of cock and sperm, which she quickly started swallowing, just intensifying the sensation around my cock head. When I finally stopped shooting, I had to pull back, to just sit on my knees, just as Patti’s body started shaking, as she reached her own release against my mom’s face.

As I sat back, my mind once again caught up to the events, yet all I could feel was happiness at the experience I’d just had.

Mom finally turned to me, and asked, almost shyly, “Drew, are you angry?” I could see Patti’s eyes on me, clearly thinking the same thought.

I shook my head. “No. I’m not. I could probably come up with a dozen reasons why I should be, but that’s totally not what I’m feeling. I’m actually feeling grateful, if you can believe it. I’m glad I got to be a little part of something… so… so beautiful. I don’t much care if that makes any rational sense, or is what other people would say I should be feeling. I just know that the two women I love most in this world just made love to each other, and it turned me on and my heart is overflowing.”

They both said, “I love you, Drew,” at nearly the same time. They disentangled, and both came to kiss me. I didn’t think about the fact that I was actually tasting my Mom on Patti’s lips until afterward. Mom gave me another long, soft kiss, and pressed her body into mine, not caring that she was doing this naked with her son. My soul filed away the sensation of her breasts against my chest.

At the moment, my eyes didn’t care, either, as they swept down her body as she pulled away from me. Her breasts were even more beautiful than my imagination had ever dreamed of them being, big, pink areola with bigger nipples than I thought she’d have, about the size of gumdrops. I reached out, and lay both hands on them, to know how they felt, then dropped my hands to my side again.

“Okay, so now the how/why question is nagging at me, just a little.” I said. “Another ‘in the moment’ urge, Mom?”

“You could say that,” Mom said. “Patti showed up around 3, and I told her where you were, and we just started talking here on the couch. Eventually the talk got a little sexual, then a lot sexual, and suddenly we were kissing. I don’t even remember who kissed who first. And things… intensified from there.”

I turned to Patti, who said, “I think I actually made the first move toward the kiss, but it was close enough to be simultaneous. Are you really okay, honey?”

I nodded. “Yeah, I really am. It might classify me as the weirdest guy in town to not be upset about this, but I don’t see a negative here, just love, however unconventional. Unless you plan to leave me for my Mom, that is.”

She giggled. “No, you’re my guy. This was… special… but I love you most of all. I won’t let anything threaten that.”

“Okay, lovebirds,” my mom chuckled. “We’ve got to get cleaned up, if we’re going to make those dinner reservations at 6.” It was 5:15. We all grabbed our clothes from the floor, and went upstairs. Patti and I quickly cleaned up in my shower, while Mom was in hers. We didn’t even have time for any hanky-panky in the shower, just enough time to get clean, dried, hair brushed and quickly styled, and back into the clothes we were already wearing, except I took the time to put on fresh boxers and Patti refreshed some makeup. Mom had switched from pants to a skirt. We got to the restaurant just at 6, and had a great time, with not a bit of nerves between the three of us. Again, a big line had been crossed, and it didn’t feel like it had changed anything.

After dinner, we went home, and Patti and I went to my room, where we worked together on polishing the speech I intended to give at the service. Mom came in around 10:30, and I showed her my final draft before I printed it.

“That’s lovely, Drew,” she said, her eyes moist, but not crying. “I’m not sure I’ll be able to get through mine, so I told the coordinator that I’d go first, and you’d rescue me if I start crying, finish my speech, then give your own. Okay?”

“Whatever you need, Mom. You know that by now, right?” I asked.

“You’re so good to me, Drew,” she said, before kissing me, long and soft, and saying, “Good night, honey”. Then she moved to Patti and did the same, saying, “Good night, sweetheart. I had fun today.” Then to us both, “I love you both, good night,” then left the room, closing the door behind her.

Turning to Patti I said, “Hmmmm”.

“What?” she squeaked.

“Just weird, realizing right now that I saw you in a 69 with my Mom -before- seeing the two of you kiss mouth to mouth. Just kinda sorry I missed the start of things today. That had to be the hottest part.”

“Seriously, though, Drew, how are you feeling about everything? Still okay?” She had a concerned look on her face.

I took her hands in mine and said, “Yeah, hon, I’m okay. I really am. Just keep it between us, though? Last thing I need is Duke finding out and thinking he has a shot with her just because you did. He already flirts with her enough. I’m lucky he’s never called her a MILF to my face, but I know he’s said it to Kenny.”

“Okay, I’ll keep my mouth closed. But I will point out that ultimately, it’s your Mom who gets to decide who has a shot with her, and who doesn’t, y’know?”

I shrugged and said, “I know. And if Mom makes that choice, then I’ll just have to accept it and hope he treats her right. I just don’t want him pressuring her into that choice, because he would.”

“And if she decides that the guy who has a shot at her is you?”, she asked, grinning.


She squeezed my hands, and said, “I see the way she looks at you, Drew. And from some things that slipped out when we were talking today and were getting turned on, it’s pretty clear that she’s at least thought about it. Haven’t you?”

I felt stunned. “I… I… guess there have been a few horny dreams here and there over the years. And… today… I was real tempted to… touch her pussy. But… she’s my mom, Patti. Sons might think those thoughts, have those fantasies, but they aren’t supposed to be acted on. It’s incest. Even what happened today is getting close to that line.”

“That’s the line that society draws, and you know what I think about most of those repressive lines.” Her progressive attitudes towards sex and the repression in society were one of the things that first attracted me to her. “Only you and Tina can decide where your actual boundaries lie. If today showed me anything about you and your mom, you’ve already crossed quite a way into that territory already. So, you’ve got to figure out what you actually want, and how you’re going to react if she wants the same, or even if she wants more than you do.”

I couldn’t believe I was actually asking this question, but, “Are… are you saying that if I were to have sex with my mom, you’d be okay with it?” I was feeling my cock stiffen, so I already knew his vote.

She put her left hand on my cheek, and gave me a quick kiss before sitting back, and softly saying, “Oh, I might feel a little jealousy, but that would mainly be about fear that you think she makes love to you better than me. But I know you love me, Drew, and I’m not jealous that you love your mom, too. Even if that does find a physical expression that other people would frown on. I’m just not one of those people. Love isn’t reductive – your emotional capacity for it is unlimited, and the love you give your mom doesn’t reduce what you have left to give me. Of course, your physical capacity for sex is limited, so… I might worry that you don’t have enough cock for both of us, but that’s a problem I wouldn’t mind finding an answer to, especially if it involves your mom and I getting it on again.”

“You really liked that, didn’t you?” I asked, chuckling.

“Oh, sweetie, it was fantastic. I mean, I got the sense that your mom only had a few girl-on-girl experiences back in college, but she clearly hasn’t forgotten how to do it, it actually left me feeling like a newbie to this.” I knew Patti had a girlfriend Amber back in high school, but they broke up before graduation, then she met me. “She IS a MILF, totally. She’ll be fighting guys off, of all ages, when she’s ready to date again. Women too, most likely, if that’s what she wants. But you, love, I think you have the inside track with her. Make up your mind soon, or you might miss your chance.”

“I… I’ve got to think about it.” The idea of sex with my mom was still making me nervous, even with an erection from just thinking about it.

She put both of her arms over my shoulder and said, “Well, then, I’ll give you something else to think about it,” and kissed me, long and hard. Thoughts of my mom vanished, as I concentrated on Patti.

Clothes flew, and we lay side by side in my bed. I was suckling on her B-cup breasts, one hand between her legs, finding her already warm and wet. Her hand was lightly stroking my erection, driving me crazy. I began kissing my way down her ribs, onto her tummy, swirled my tongue in her navel for many seconds, then licked a trail down to her shaved pussy, and began lapping up her heavenly juices from her labia, then slipped my tongue between them to thrust it up into her vagina in search of more.

Patti arched her back, and grabbed the back of my head, forcing my face firmly into her crotch, then applied pressure to pull me up towards her clit. I licked my way upwards slowly, continuing to tease her. “Drew, please, please, lick my clit! Fuck! I’m so close!”

I thrust two fingers into her pussy, stroking them in and out three times as I continued a slow procession towards her clit, then sought out her g-spot, and just as I found it, pressed my fingertips against it, and began licking firmly across her clit, up, down, up down, swirl, swirl and over again. Her back arched suddenly, with a screamed “Drrreeeeeeewwwwww! Fuck! Cumming!” issuing loudly.

I rode out her bucking, continuing to attack her clit and g-spot, as she shuddered for a full minute. As soon as she collapsed, I knelt between her legs, and thrust my hard cock all the way into her, starting a fast and furious pace, rotating my hips at the bottom of each stroke to keep exciting her clit. Her eyes were glassy and unfocused, but she pulled her legs up to her shoulders, and I started slamming down into her, causing her moans and my grunts to mix into a beautiful rhythm.

She started another orgasm, screaming my name once more, and I felt her pussy spasming around my cock. I was on the edge of my orgasm, but managed not to come for another five ecstatic minutes, until I finally couldn’t stop myself, during what I thought was Patti’s fourth orgasm. “Unh… Ungh… Here it comes… FUCCKK!” I shouted, as my cock felt like it was an exploding cannon, shooting my jizz rapidly into her grasping cunt.

We snuggled for a minute, kissing softly, when Patti said, “Now that’s something your Mom can’t do to me.”

I didn’t want to get into another conversation about my Mom right at that moment, so I asked, “Thirsty? I’m going to get some water.”

“Sure. I’ll take some,” Patti responded.

As soon as I opened my bedroom door, I could hear moaning coming from Mom’s room, its door not closed. “Oh, Tom!” I heard, and looked back at Patti, who was grinning. I walked by Mom’s door, her lights were off, and heard the buzz of a vibrator and more moans. I went down the stairs, grabbed two cups and filled them from the fridge’s dispenser, then carried them up the stairs. The moans sounded even louder as I turned the corner to go down the hallway to my room.

And just before I closed my door behind me, I heard a screamed, “Oh, DREW!”

“Still have doubts about whether your mom is thinking about fucking you?” Patti asked, laughing.

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