Little sister’s vagina :part-4

It’s a nice cloudy weather as humidity is on peak and I am sitting with my younger sister Lili in balcony as my mom & daddy is watching Garry a 19 years guy is a young ,smart and charming face is attractive with his long penis of 6-7 inches long and 2 inches thick. Little sister’s vagina :part-3

As I have fucked much older maid Rani twice,I got some lesson there as I have enjoyed her vagina and ass hole,it’s my little sister Lili’s cunt ,which is making me so horny but my younger sister Lili,a 17 years gal is enjoying oral sex with me but she is not going to lose her virginity soon as she have made her stand clear that I have to wait for 6-8 months to break her as both are sitting on chairs in balcony,looking at sky I am expecting some rains as it’s a rainy season and it’s loving as it’s romantic as I eyed my sister’s nude legs to thighs ,she is in her shorts with a tops and she said…….

“Garry mom & dad is inside home
(Garry laughed)oh I see as I know it but what I am doing right now
(Lili)you are eyeing my sexy boobs to thighs ,isn’t true
(Garry)yes baby,you have put such a short on your waist ,I think it’s equal to mom’s full sized panty
(Lili in anger)ideat you have seen your mom’s inner
(Garry)yes I have seen it lot of times but not on her waist but in buckets or so.”

So my sister Lili is a’s young girl as her sexy body attracts me,her round shaped ass looks great in her shorts,so her small tits are ,looks like pair of oranges as it’s a dark I put my chair closest to him as I put my hand on her chair’s back, looking at me ,Lili is bit shy as well as afraid but my dirty mind started thinking of him as I put my hand on Lili’s boobs as I pressed it hard and she screamed louder”oohh you bastard,it’s in pain leave it”as I am scared ,so put away my hand ,it’s a loud sound but sounds of t.v seems louder than it inside dinning space ,so dad or mom can’t heard my sister’s Lili screamed slowly

“Garry,want some nice time
(Garry)yes Lili.”and both walked towards dinning space as Lili sits there and I frisked inside my bedroom.we have made a plan as our blood relations can’t be suspicious ,so Lili will come in my room with his book of social studies and I will teach him as our plan will be to keep doing sex with my sexy sister’s physical appearance’s seems hot as her figure of 30-24-34 is impressive and as I opened the windows opens in backyards ,I can see little rain and my eyes are on closed door as I am waiting for my sister’s arrival.
I am sitting on chair with my mobile as I am reading some news ,so Lili came inside with a book & notebook in her hand.looking at me,she smiled as I gave me other chair to sit ,so we two are sitting close on chairs as I ask him………

“which chapter have you completed?
(Lili)it’s chapter 1 to 6.,so what ?
(Garry put his hand on her breast)oh baby it’s your class for now ,so if mom will ask than what you will say.”

And I am squeezing his breast hard as she is in bit pleasure and her hand came to my bulge on Bermuda as she hold my penis on it.while my hand have hold her 34C sized breast ,she have hold my cock on my things are normsl,she opened her book and notebook as it’s on table ,but I am reaching my sister Physical love with my hand moved to her thighs as it’s nude and her shorts have made her lower parts vulnerable as my hand is rubbing her thigh . so Lili is screaming in joy

“oohh aahh Garry,it’s a new chapter of my subject social studies but will you teach it to my best friend Amy”

And I left her breast as I turned her face towards me,now I put my lips on her lips as I am kissing it as her hand have hold my cock but this time she have pushed her hand under my Bermuda as her hold took out my hard penis.a nice dark evening with little rains ,brother and sister are loving eachother ,so I took her lips in my mouth to suck and as my mouth is sucking her tongue,she is masturbating my penis rain is outbursting as thunderstorms are sounding louder and there power supply interrupted as our love session is in I left her tongue as she said………

“let me arrange a lamp for this room
(Garry)let’s wait till mom lit anyone else.”

So we are in bedroom as our sexual activities are going on smoothly and there Lili’s hand have made my cock a long hard erected tool as I am looking for Lili’s got the sought of her mom……..

“come here baby ,have a lamp “as Lili walked in darks and she is in dinning space as I am sitting on chair with my cock erected,put it inside bermuda. So I can see some light in dinning space and Lili came in my room with a lamp ,put it on table as we both are looking at eachother and I took out my cock from my bermuda as Lili sits on my legs.she is a bold gal as our room’s door is open,I am bit afraid of being caught but her lips on my penis have made me looking towards door as Lili have removed it’s skin,she is kissing my penis and than put my whole cock in her she started sucking my penis,I put my hand on her hairs as her mouth is giving a hard jerk on it,my penis is growing harder and bigger in her she is screaming “uuhhh uumm”and my eyes are on door but it’s true that physical love can make you so hot and horny that you can take any kind of risk for gals sexy body and glory legs are shivering as she took out my wet penis and started licking it as a matured gal ,as my sexy voice is coming out “oohh uuhh fuck fuck you baby”and it’s my penis that have made her horny.she left my penis and sits on chair as she said………

“Garry tonight I will lose my virginity
(Garry smiled)no not now ,have done any homework for it ,so we will do it in the weekend.”

And she is looking at me as her sexy vagina is in shorts ,so it’s not possible to get licked her cunt as gals wear of skirts or gawn’s make them more comfortable for vaginal I said……….”Lili I think you should move to your room
(Lili)it’s not fair Garry , please love my cunt
(Garry)not now ,we will meet tonight and I am sure as rain is outbursting ,romance will be on peak for our parents,so as they starts doing ,we will enjoy.”

And our studies completed as she walked away and I moved to washroom to I walked to dinning space and than in balcony,as mom is sitting there,we both are talking as enjoying rains and later on Lili joined it’s 08:45 pm and mom.walked to kitchen,now both are eyeing eachother as I said………

“wait till 11:00night and I will come in your room
(Lili)yes but be cautious as getting caught can make our life hell.”and than power supply resumed as rain is outbursting ,making climate feeling the heat ,I put my hand on sister’s boobs as I started pressing it with soft hands and she is looking horny as her hand moved to my I am making Lili hot as my dick is in erection and I can feel my sister’s touch on it as she have put her hand under my bermuda,as we both are busy in sex,mom shouted………

“come inside have your dinner.”

And we both left the place as I can see Lili frisking inside I washed my hand and sits on chair ,than dad and Lili came there as we all family members are eating our looking at me ,dad said……..

“Lili is weak in her maths ,so teach him
(Lili)dad he is teaching me and we both will have study tonight after dinner.”

I felt my legs getting hit with her legs,so I have my meals as I washed hand and moved to my room.while thinking of Lili’s tonight plans ,I am in joy as we both have got licence to stay together but I will teach him about the way gals/ladies conceive and than give birth to a child,is knowledge of sex with practice is good for both brother and sister,I think yes but readers will see me as a guy who have lost his moral values,cultures and I slept on bed as I switched off the bulb,rain is still outbursting as it’s making sounds louder and in darks,I am lying on bed.after a while,I can hear some footsteps inside,so while lying on bed ,I hold my mobile as I switched on the torch,sister’s face is glowing as I wake up and Lili switched on the night bulb.she is looking too sexy in her transparent nightwear as I can see her tits aerola in it and looking to her waist,I can see her thighs brightening like I hold my sister’s waist as she is standing near my face and I started rubbing my nose on his waist to belly as her odours are nice.

Lili have locked the door from inside as she is standing on ground and I started lifting her gawn upto waist as it’s out of her sexy body.In a red night bulb ,her nude sexy body is attracting me and I put my lips on her waist as she put a legs on bed.Lili is standing there with legs apart as she is nude and now as I put my lips on her thigh ,she started screaming

“oohhhhh Garry don’t do it ,my legs are shivering” and than I hold my sister’s waist as I took her on bed.she is not so matured in sex as she is sleeping nude on bed as her legs are in opposite directions ,she is rubbing her two fingers in between her labias,inciting me for love and I took a pillow ,now put it under sister’s ass as I put my face inbetween her thighs ,now kissing her cunt as my hand is moving on her thighs.she is screaming”uuhh oohhhhh” as my lips are kissing her labias and it seems to be a reddish flesh zone as I distracted it’s my tongue is licking her vagina and I put my hand on her thigh to keep it intact as she is pushing her ass upwards,my cock is hot as well as hard and now it’s my tongue that’s tasting her as she started shouting louder

“oohh aahh fuck fuck me”,

I left licking as I took her cunt to suck.later on ,I left my sister’s vagina and walked towards washroom,so urinated there as I washed my I am back on bed as Lili sits near my waist,now looking at me,she hold my penis as she leaned her face down on cock and started kissing it frequently.Lili have removed my cock’s skin as she is holding it while rubbing it’s glans on her face to lips,so hot she is that she put it’s glans on her hole of nose and smelt it hard and I am eyeing her rain is outbursting and weather have cooled,our sexual affairs are going on and than I said……..

“Lili now come on my top as I want love in 69 position.”now as I am sleeping on bed with my legs straight ,she is on my top as her body is on knees and elbows and she is facing my long cock as my face is under her sexy ass .

it’s a nice position as both mouths are near eachother’s sexual organs and looking above,I can see her glittering vagina as I can feel Lili’s mouth loving my penis.she is a hot gal as her mouth is giving my cock a hard jerk,I put my face up as I widend her cunt and my tongue is rolling inside as she is screaming in joy”uuhh aahh uumm”,I am fucking her cunt with my as my cock is hard,Lili took it out and now it’s my tongue that’s tasting her vagina as she looked back………

“Garry now leave it ,you have to drink milk also”,so she left my top as I wake up ,Lili slept on bed as I put my face on her her soft boobs is in my mouth as I am sucking it hard and she have hold my hairs ,so his hand hold my penis and started masturbating it fastly.

I am sucking Lili’s breast like a child having breastfeeding with his mom and as I took other breast in my mouth ,she is screaming”oohh aahh my cunt it’s cumming”,and I left her both I put my face on her cunt and licked it’s cum ,it’s a last minute act as I want to cum soon and I sits on my sister’s mouth.she opened her mouth as I put my cock inside it,her face is straight to my cock as I hold her hairs and while holding her head ,I started fucking my sister’s mouth with my penis.she is in fire as my cock is in her mouth and glans is going inside her throat as she is too my penis started cumming and it’s a nice night as cum ejaculated in Lili’s mouth and she drink it .

Now I left her mouth as she wake up and licked my cum on cock as both frisked inside washroom and have bath keep reading…………

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