Sex inside bus

It’s a nice trip at end as I enjoyed a week in parent’s house and I have great physical affairs with my younger brother Jeet and today evening I have to leave for it’s a summer season with too rushes in train ,I can’t get any ticket in train ,so my brother booked a ticket online in a Volvo A/C bus as I have to go alone due to my brother’s busy schedule in his I packed my luggage and than Jeet hired an autorickshaw for bus stop as he joined me to say ‘Good bye’,now I left home with my brother Jeet as I reached bus stop on time,it’s a whole night journey from Lucknow to Delhi via road as Jeet hold my luggage and put it inside bus ,it’s a small bag as I took my seat and than Jeet left me alone as I am sitting on seat near to windows ,other seat is vacant as I pushed back my seat and than my head rests on seat’s it’s a Volvo A/C bus as it’s a luxurious seat and I put my purse on lap as I closed my eyes,

So after a while,a young guy came there as he sits near me and put his laptop bag on a luggage place.its 08:00 pm as bus moved out of bus stop and than I closed my eyes again putting my head on back,so lights have been switched off as some night bulb is making light inside and I am bit cool after bus I am thinking about stranger sitting beside as he is a young guy in his mid twenties ,I have seen his charming face with a nice physique and it’s my clothes that is making me cool as well as I have put a sleeveless kurti with a skirt and my sandals are out of legs as I have put my legs on after half an hour as bus moved out of town,it’s moving faster on highway and then my closed eyes turns into sound after a while,I felt like something moving on my thighs as it’s not other than his (co-passenger) kept my eyes closed as I am feeling his hand lifting my skirt upwards and it’s my nude thighs getting rubbed ,now it’s time to show him my anger as his hand is on my inner I put my hand on his hand and than opened my eyes,my face have become like a angry lady and looking at him,I said……..


“mr.where your hand is moving on
(Guy is voiceless)sorry but it’s unintentional
(Bina)nice ,my skirt have gone up as your hand is on my ……….,so it’s a coincidence ,want to be thrashed out of bus.”

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And I put away his hand as I put down my skirt to I closed my eyes and I can see guy too afraid as bus is moving fastly ,now I have closed my eyes as I am waiting for his next move but after half an hour also,he is a silent guy with his head resting on back as his eyes are closed.Bina Mishra is a 27 years married lady with a tall figure of 5’7 feet as her physical appearance’s seems attractive with round sexy dome shaped buttocks as well as lovely feeling bit shy but horny ,

I put my hand on his thigh as I looks like sleeping soundly ,my hand is on his thigh as it’s going towards his bulge and what’s the reaction on his face?.I have opened my eyes as I got his look but it’s my hand moving on his thigh to bulge of penis on I felt guys hand holding my hand and rubbing it slowly as I am waiting for him to do something nasty and after a while,things changed as stranger guy put my hand on his penis,it’s a hard erected cock as holding it tightly have made me feel that it’s a cock and I am jerking it inside bus,front seats passengers or back seats passengers can’t see us as there are a curtain inbetween both rows of bus,so giving us a nice and safe chance for hand held his penis as I have no option other than to show him my sexual desires,so opened my eyes as looking at him in a dim light.He smiled as I put away my hand from his penis ,now we turned our face as guy shows his courage while he put his hand on my I remove the seats divider as we both can enjoy little more on spacious place,guy is bit shy and surprised but as I hold him in my arms,our body is closer and I put my lips on his face to kiss ,he is rubbing my back .while my lips are loving his face to lips,like a dominant lady ,I hold his hairs and started sucking his lips ,now he is in fire as he started pressing my left breast hard ,while right breast is pressing on his as I left his lips ,I turned his face straight and than sits on his lap with my arms surrounding his back and our eyes are looking at eachother as guy started kissing my lips and lastly ,I put my long tongue in his mouth to sexy body is on his lap as he is sucking my tongue hard and my eyes have been closed while I am feeling too horny.later on ,he left my tongue as he put me on seat .

It’s my destiny that I have got dozens of penis till today and I have never been satisfied with it as hunger and thirst for sex have made me a dirty while eyeing at eachother,my hand hold his penis as he is closer to me ,asked……..

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“I am Shan
(Bina)myself Bina Mishra ,a married lady.”

And his hand starts lifting my skirt upto waist as I have made my mind to enjoy journey with this guy.He is a 26-27 years guy as his tall figure with nice physique have attracted me,he is now moving his fingers on my vagina as it’s covered inside G string and my palm have hold his penis , later on I unhooked my G string as I took it out from lower put it in my purse and Shan got my nude vagina as he is pushing his long finger in my cunt ,while my hand started masturbating his cock,his finger is moving fast in my vagina and now I am bit his hand hold my breast as he is pressing it hard ,my mind is on his cock and I screamed slowly

“keep your pushback seat straight”,

as he took out his finger and than his seat is I moved to his legs as I sits on my legs on ground ,put my hand to remove his jeans as I am doing it,Shan is also helping me for it and his jeans as well as undies are on I hold his long penis as I removed it’s skin and started kissing it with my lips , so put glans on my nose and smelt it harder.looking at him,I put it’s glans on my lips and rubbed it for a while as he is screaming

“oohh aahh uumm”

and I swallowed his penis in my put my mouth closed as I am sucking his penis hard,my face is moving fast up and down as it’s glans is hitting on my throat.shan have put his hand on my breast as he is squeezing it hard and it’s a nice physical love going inside Volvo A/C bus ,after a while I took out his wet penis and looking at him,my tongue started licking it as my fingers are in his dense pubic hairs,so he is screaming”oohh aahh you are too sexy “and than I took his cock again in my mouth as I am sucking it wildely ,like a horny bitch as my mind is on my our sexual journey begins and after I felt his cock from bigger and harder in my mouth ,I took it out and sits on my I took out a bottle of cold drinks and we both drink it like a hot couple,Shan’s long cock is still nude as my eyes blurred on it.later on ,Shan moved closer and murmured…….

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