Neighborhood teenager seduced me

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Rima is married for last 4 years as I am living a happy and satisfactory life with my hubby Ankit in Lucknow.once my hubby surprised me with his changing attitudes and now like a independent lady ,I have been with some guys for physical lovely face with height of 5’6 feet,figure of 34-26-36 and pairs of boobs with sexy round dome shaped ass are hot as I look like a gorgeous modern outfits have made me too sexy as I have always preferred shorts and minis to show my sexy hubby Ankit is nice in sex as he gifted me a long cock for love one night and in return ,I have gifted him a sexy lady,our household maid Zarina and as we both were feeling bored on bed ,change of taste have ignited our sexual flames .now my hubby with me enjoys physical love twice in a week and in addition I enjoys one session with others secretly.Its a hot summer as Lucknow get heat at maximum,I walks daily in the evening in a near by park ,wearing shorts with tops and making myself like a college going I am always alone there ,some guys eyed my lovely figure but I have always put it away from my mind as I know sexy ladies are more vulnerable to evening as I was walking inside park with my body like a athlete,wearing a shorts with tops and shoes on legs ,I can see a young guy following me ,let him see my sexual beauties,who cares of them? And as dark is prevailing there ,I am feeling tired ,so I sits on a wooden bench for rest and there that guy came and sit near I am rubbing my face with hanky,he is eyeing on my sexy thighs to legs and than as my anger mounted,I looked to him……..

“what the hell are you doing?stalking ,need to be punished
(He smiled)sorry madam ,it’s not the truth , actually I know you lives in appartment and we are neighours
(Rima)oh I see ,than what?
(Guy bit shocked)I live in block-C in flat no.44
(Rima smiled)oh ,you are young and smart ,have you been with gal for relationship?
(Guy is bit shy)no ,I have always concentrated hard on my study
(Rima)sure ,I am watching it as you follows me daily here
(Guy)sorry but I want friendship with you
(Rima)why not ,we two can meet here in evening and what’s your name?
(Guy)Anshul ,in second year of graduation course
(Rima)nice ,I am Rima ,a married lady but one thing Anshul ,will you qualify for my friendship?
(Anshul)oh I see Rima ,what I have to do?
(Rima)I will ask for it but while talking on mobile.”

And I can see his arm touching my arm as he is inching closer to me as darks prevailed ,it’s 07:20 pm as I walked to my I opened my door as I started preparing for dinner ,my mind is still on young guy Anshul but it’s my decision to put myself aloof from his physical activity.let him propose first as giving my sexual organs easily can make me a characterless lady ,next evening ,I am in park but have put long skirt with crop-tops on my body while putting shoes on my legs.while walking inside park,my eyes are searching the young guy but he is not there,so feeling bit lonely ,I started walking fast as diverting my mind towards walk only.I am too tired after 30 minutes of walk,as I sits on wooden bench and darks have prevailed,it’s 06:45 pm as I can see Anshul walking towards me ,looking smart in his jeans and short shirt,he came to me as he sits closer to me……….

“sorry Rima,I was busy with my relatives in home
(Rima)oh but I have not waited for you Anshul
(Anshul is looking distressed)ok as you wish.”

And again I walked alone to my home feeling bit naughty as I have fuelled his mind with my statement ,I am sure he was late to impress me night as well as days passed quite comfortably ,back in park in the evening ,wearing a shorts as well as tight tops to reveal my sexual organs boobs and ass to outsiders,Anshul is waiting on a wooden bench as I started walking fast ,he followed me and there I concluded that he is feeling guilty with his attitude of impressing me yesterday evening.we both are walking on same path fastly as it looks like two friends moving there while talking and I asked……..

“Anshul ,have your relatives gone back ?
(Anshul)no he is still here rima.”

And both walked for 15-20 minutes as I sit again on wooden bench,while sitting near me ,he put his arm on my shoulder and I murmured”Anshul ,put away your arm,too many people are looking at us.” And he took away his arm as I smiled……..

“my house is in block-E ,flat no-23 ,come after 10 minutes.”as I walked away , reached my home as I put the door closed and I have got more than an hour to enjoy with a young guy Anshul as my hubby Ankit will be back at 07:00-07:15 pm .now I moved inside washroom as I removed my shorts and tops with brassiere as well as panty,under cascade I am nude as I took a bath and rubbed my wet walked to bedroom as I opened the cascade and choose a sexy night wear with front laced as it’s I am in my dinning space waiting for Anshul as my sexy dress will approach him for physical love,verbal statements to make me love is outdated and while feeling horny about thinking a 18-19 years guy ,door bell sounds and I walked to door as I opened it partially to see who is there? ,And Anshul is smiling as he entered my home,I locked the door and as I turned back,Anshul grabbed me in his like a hot gal in lover’s arms ,I started pressing my boobs on his chest and he is putting lips on my face to lips.His hand is on my back as I am kissing his neck to face and later on ,I took him to sofa ,as he sits on it ,I stands with my legs apart and he is eyeing my sexy body,nothing covered as transparent gawn is showing him my sexual organs one leg is on sofa as looking at him,I opened the front laced gawn and took it out making myself complete nude infront of Anshul .

I put my hand on vagina and started rubbing it but Anshul put his hand on my waist and moved me closer as he put his lips on my soft labias , while kissing it hardly ,he is removing his jeans also and I am curious to see young guys penis he put kisses on my clean shaved cunt as I put my finger on labias and widend its hole ,he is sucking my long clitoris and his hand on my sexy ass is massaging it hard ,feeling horny ,I screamed”oohh Anshul lick my glory hole” and he started rolling his tongue in my deep vagina’s hole as my legs are shivering ,he have hold my waist a matured guy he is fucking my cunt with his long tongue ,licking it fast like a stray dog with his tongue and I am sounding louder”oohh uumm Anshul lick it aahh it’s a pleasure need no words” and his jeans as well as briefs is out of his waist and I can see his semi erected penis ,white in colour with Reddish soft glans and he while licking my vagina took me to a new height of sexual orgasm but it’s only a as I started pressing my boobs hard and sexy voice”oohh you dog leave my cunt soon” is making him hot ,he took my labias in his mouth and sucked it till I pushed his face sits on sofa as my body is in sensation ,I hold his long penis and kissed his lips……….”Anshul your friendship with me have a single goal ,isn’t it?
(He laughed)may be but don’t you enjoy young guys
(Rima)never got young cock to love.”

And I knelt infront of Anshul as I hold his long thick cock ,now removed it’s skin as my lips are kissing it wildly ,fingers are moving in dense pubic hairs as Anshul have hold my boobs and pressing it too hard ,I opened my mouth and took his hard tool inside and closed my mouth as I am sucking it with my head still .He is pressing my breast as his hand is on my hairs ,now started fucking my mouth from below as his glans is hitting my throat ,never got young cock to love but Anshul is a experienced guy as his cock is getting harder in my mouth ,he is screaming”oohh you sexy suck my cock till I cum” and I started moving my mouth fast as he is massaging my boobs ,sexy voice “aahh uumm” is making him horny and after a while I took out his erected tongue is rolling on it as I am licking it like a dirty whore and he idc in fire as he pushed my head back……”I will fuck you you bitch.”and he stands as I turned my back giving him my sexy as I put my arms on dinning table ,my sexy ass is straight to anshul’s waist and he hold his penis as I looked he guided his 6-7 inches long cock in my hot vagina ,as his hold is on my waist,he hold my hairs also and fucked hard in my cunt but it’s horizontal and I shouted “oohh you bastard ,fuck my vagina straight ” and he is penetrating his penis hard as well as fast,while my eyes are on hanging watch ,we both have half an hour left to enjoy.Anshul is fucking my cunt with speed as his hand have grabbed my hairs ,pulling it fast to make my body swings in air as I am enjoying fuck,my vagina is too hot but who will cum first? Vagina or penis knows but it’s a hard penetration from a young guy to a matured lady as I started moving my ass fast ,he shouted …….

“oohh aahh I will cum soon” and it’s not satisfactory for a lady like me as he ejaculated sperms after 6-7 minutes of fuck my vagina is full of cum as he took out his cock and I sucked hard to taste it’s cum.we both enjoyed a great but brief sex session.

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