Daughter satisfies daddy – Part 3 – Daddy satisfies again and mom pitches in to help

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Daddy satisfies again and mom pitches in to help.. (Read prev story Daughter satisfies daddy – Part 1 and Daughter satisfies daddy – Part 2)..

Let me bring you up to date on last night, after the family shower. So after our one hour shower, which was the most wonderful experience of my life as a woman, we lay around on mom and dad’s bed with more caressing and exploring our body parts. We didn’t have sex but the sense of lying naked on my parent’s bed and touching them, was mind blowing. I touched and held my dad’s cock and watched it grow fully erect in my hands. I kissed the head of his cock and ran my tongue the length of his shaft, for the sheer pleasure of it. I lay between my mom’s legs and used my fingers to open her pussy lips and explore its folds and slip my fingers between them using her juices as lubricant. Every so often I would slide my tongue between her folds to see how it felt and tasted.

I also was laid on my back as mom worked her fingers through my pussy lips. “I am amazed at how much we look alike, even our pussies match” mom said as her fingers slipped around my inner lips. Mom then took her wet fingers as let dad suck them clean as she returned the favor to me and ran her tongue through my pussy. The smell of sex was filling the air and the sexual tension was growing ever so slowly.

Dad sat up “anybody else work up an appetite?”

“I’m starving!” I said as I sat up, mom deep between my legs.

Mom eventually removed her locked vision on my pussy, sat up and said “let’s all go to the kitchen and fix something to eat”

Without thinking much about it, we all stood up and walked to the kitchen to fix something to eat, totally naked. Together, we prepared a quick meal, ate and cleaned the kitchen.

We then went to the family room where we all three snuggled on the couch. Dad was in the middle, after all, mom did say she would share him. We watched a couple of our regular programs and cuddled till we all three became sleepy.

Turning the tv off, we walked towards the bedrooms. When mom and dad turned into their bedroom, I started to mine and mom said “honey, do you want to sleep with us? We have a king sized bed so there is plenty of room.. Even if you and dad happen to have sex tonight, it won’t disturb me,”

I went from zero to wet when she said that, not wanting to sound to eager I asked “are you sure?”

“Am I sure of what? That you can sleep with us or if you and dad can have sex? Both silly” mom said as she motioned me back to their bedroom.

I flashed a shy smile across my face and joined hands with her as we entered the bedroom. Just like on the couch, dad was already in the middle of their king sized bed, sitting up with the sheet pulled up just to his waist. Those sheets made his all over tan seem darker which made me wetter for him.

Mom released my hand as we neared the bed, going one way, I went the other. As we pulled the cover down and crawled in, dad reminded mom about the light. “Babe, don’t forget the light.”

Normally, they sleep in total darkness but tonight mom turned the bathroom light on and pulled the door almost closed as if to create a nightlight. It created a thin beam of light that crossed the room just past the end of the bed. It gave just the right amount of light to allow seeing everything without keeping one awake if they chose to sleep.

I had already laid down, covering to my waist and when mom returned, she laid on top of the covers. Her body was even more amazing in that light. I raised up on an elbow so I could get a better view of her. I could feel my thighs becoming a little slippery as my juices continued to leak out of my, once again, aching pussy.

Mom reached over and pulled the cover back from my dad’s cock, which was fully erect. Slipping her hand around his shaft, she stroked it a few times before settling her mouth over his cock head. Her face sank down on his cock as it disappeared in her mouth. She did not stop till she bottomed out and my dad’s entire cock was in her mouth and definitely down her throat.

As she pulled back, almost releasing his now wet cock, I said “please teach me how to do that.”

With just his cock head in her mouth mom looked up at me and winked. Once again she sank to the base of dad’s cock and held it for a few seconds. This time dad let his head fall back and let out a soft moan.

“Babe, you give the best head”

As mom pulled back she began to hum in her mouth and dad followed with his own version of a hum.

As I watched, I pushed the covers off of me and slipped two fingers in my sopping wet pussy. I followed my parent in my own hum without thinking. Together we created a sexual hum that flooded the room, along with the smell of sex.

As I was in the throws of my masturbation session, I looked at mom and she had two fingers in her own pussy. We had a family masturbation session going and it could not have been any better. Or so I thought.

Mom pulled back from dad, releasing his entire cock from her mouth. Holding dad’s cock in one hand with two fingers of her other hand buried in her pussy, mom asked “do you want to finish him off? You seem to really like the taste of his cum. Maybe when you finish, you’ll share with me again.”

Taking my fingers out of my pussy and sucking them for a second or two, I reached for his cock and said “don’t mind if I do” smiling ear to ear.

I reached for his cock with my wet hand and easily stroked him a few times before I took him in my mouth.

Mom coached my on how to take him all the way into my throat but I gagged a few times. “You’ll get it with some practice. I’m sure your dad won’t mind if you use him to practice on, would you babe?”

“Sandy can do whatever she wants to do with my cock, anytime” as he continued with his head back.

I now had an open invitation from both parents to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, with my dad’s cock. “Mom.” I paused. “What if I want to practice on you, I don’t want to leave you out, ever!”

“Sweetie, you can have my pussy any time you want it too. In fact, let’s just say we can have anyone that is in this bed, any time, any place, no exception.” Mom declared.

Who was I to argue, she’s my mom. With that said, I leaned over dad and gave my mom a passionate kiss, not a mother daughter type but, I lover type that included tongues caressing.

After our kiss, I settled back to sucking dad, who had raised up to watch his two lovers in a sensual kiss. I took his entire cock in my mouth and partially down my throat this time and was able to control my gag reflex. It felt so good and my dad agreed as he put his hands on the back of my head. I felt dad moving and when I looked up, he was moving to his side some so that he could get a better vantage point in order to eat my mom’s pussy. There we were in a threesome in a king sized bed.

After deep throating dad a few times and as I started getting good at it, I felt him swell more and I knew he was about to come. I sent his cock down my throat and he began to cum. I could feel the heat deep in my throat. I timed it so that as he shot a load or two down my throat, I backed off and let him shoot the rest of his load in my mouth.

I was determined to share with mom. As dad finished cumming with an “oh my girl, your gonna make some man really happy one day.” I just pulled off his shrinking cock and moved to find my mom’s mouth so I could share my bounty. She was quick to open her mouth when she saw me coming and my mouth met her mouth. We shared a long intimate kiss filled with dad’s cum. It was the best kiss I had ever experienced.

As our kiss ended, mom reached her climax and began to cum as well. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!” She shouted as she was having multiple super orgasms. Dad was delighted to see the his tongue caused that. He rose from mom’s pussy with her juice smeared all over her face. I met him with a kiss and proceeded to lock his face clean.

As I finished cleaning him, we looked at mom and she was sound asleep. I looked back at dad, biting my bottom lip and pushed him back down on the bed. I straddled him and pushed my pussy against his cock, which was resting against his stomach. I pushed my hips so my pussy slid up his penis to the tip then back down to the base. I did this a few times and dad was all mine.

I leaned over him and he took one of my hard nipples in his mouth and sucked on it. He took the other nipple between his forefinger and thumb and starting rolling it. I arched my back so that my clit came in direct with his shaft. I was riding on a cloud.

I felt my orgasm building so I pushed my pussy to the tip of his cock and this time I went a little farther. I felt the tip of his cock pop into my pussy then I slid the other direction to allow his cock to enter me.

I rode my dad slowly for the next hour, enjoying the touches and caresses of a real man. His kisses to my tits were light and his tongue around my nipples were like electricity through my body. I caught myself saying “yes, fuck me, fuck me deep, make me yours tonight.” As dad took his hands and squeezed my tits and tweaked my nipples.

My orgasm took over and I sat up on my dad and arched my back as I buried his cock deep in me. With my rhythm dad could not hold back and he grabbed my hips and held my hips close to him as he shot his load deep in my pussy. Satisfaction had finally come. I reached for my tits and tweaked my nipples as I reached a climax level that I had never known. Dad pumped load after load in me and I could feel him filling me with each shot.

As we both came off our highs, I collapsed on top of dad and we both panted hard as we regained our composure. After a few minutes, I rolled off dad and cuddled next to him as we drifted to sleep.

Later that night, I was awakened to my mom eating my cum filled pussy. She ate me till I was clean and then met me for another passionate kiss. Our tits met and pressed against each other as our nipples brushed against each other to restart the fire in our pussies.

I love the taste of dad and me mixed and the taste of mom and dad mixed which were pretty much the same tastes. Mom didn’t stop at just cleaning my pussy. She turned around and met me in a sixty nine position. She lowered her pussy down to my face AC I felt her mouth, once again, take my pussy. The feeling was outstanding, I was wrapped up with my mom in a pussy eating contest and we had as long as we wanted. Dad was asleep and we ate each other’s pussy like there was no tomorrow.

My mom has a tongue that could make you climb the wall backwards when she ate me. I tried to keep up but she was a better pussy eater. I came and held her close and she came shortly after me. After our orgasms settled, mom moved back to face to face me and we kissed again sharing our juices and kissing each other’s face clean.

I was exhausted so it didn’t take long for me to fall back to sleep. Tomorrow was a Saturday so we got to sleep in late. I’m going to dream about tomorrow as I’m sure it will be filled with hours of sex.

Good night.

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