Daughter satisfies daddy

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Summer is here and wouldn’t you know it, the air conditioning at the house has gone out, again! Summers in the south aren’t typical year to year and this summer was no exception. Thank goodness the pool in the backyard was ready. Until we get AC, my days will be consumed keeping cool in the pool! My mom was the real lucky one in all this. She left yesterday for a job related conference in New York. She’s a photographer and my dad is a set designer. They met while working together on a well known swimsuit magazine location.

Some vitals about us first. My mom, Tish, is 42 and could pass for a college cheerleader. Her measurements are 36D 25 35 and her breasts are showing no signs of sagging. She works out every day and looks amazing. She is 5 ft 6 inches tall with long blonde hair that reached her butt and it was very thick. My dad, Robert, is 44 and he works out with mom so, needless to say, he is in great shape as well. My dad is hung. I say this because He wears a speedo in the pool and it strains to hold him in. I figure he is packing a good eight inches and it is thick. My name is Sandy and I am a freshman at our local college. I’m 5ft 3 inches and my measurements match my moms.

So my mom had left yesterday for an out of state conference, my dad was at the studio building the next photo shoot set and I was home floating in the pool, working on a killer tan. Getting out of the pool, I looked around to ensure no one could see me and I slipped my thumbs in the sides of my tiny yellow thong and slipped it down my legs then stepping out of it. As I stood up, I felt a tingle in my pussy that sent a shiver over my body. Without stopping, I reached for the strings tied behind my back and pulled, releasing my breasts. I pulled the top of my bikini over my head and let it fall in a lounge chair. I loved the feel of the breeze against my body. I reached for my towel and stretched across the ground next to the pool then laid face down to get maximum sun on my ass.

Just as I was about to doze off, I heard the side gate to the back yard open then close. I could hear someone working just around the corner of the house so I assumed it was the AC repairman. I lay still as if asleep and, facing towards the sound, slightly opened my eyes to see if anyone was watching. I added some spice to the setting by letting out a small moan as I rolled over, ass down. I felt my nipples harden as the breeze, mixed with sun and exposure to whomever may walk around the corner. My head was spinning with dirty thoughts of some older man, standing around the corner jacking off to the sight of a young, tanned, naked female, soaking up some sun.

My thoughts were broken as I heard the back sliding door open and I heard my dad’s voice speaking to someone on his cell phone. He couldn’t see me because of the shrubs my mom had the gardener put in several years ago for privacy purposes. My dad walked around the corner of the house and I could hear him discussing the problem with the repairman. Moments later, the gate opened and I thought they both went out.

I was, at this point, in a dither. The sun, my nakedness and the possibility of being caught had my pussy aching for attention. I reached down to my pussy with my right hand, hand closest to the pool, and slipped two fingers in my wet cunt. Pulling them almost out, I sunk them back in as they were coated in my sweet juices. My left hand found my left nipple and began tweaking it. Within a few minutes I felt my body start shaking as my orgasm flowed through me. I let me head turn slightly to the left to find my dad standing at the corner of the house with his hand over his obvious hard on. Seeing him standing there extended my orgasm but I kept my eyes slightly open so he could not tell if they were open. As my orgasm subsided, I rolled back over, face down, and remained still as if asleep.

Moments later, I heard the sliding door open and close then my dad’s voice, “Sandy, are you out here.”

I said “by the pool” and raised up on my elbows, still naked.

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