Daughter satisfies daddy – Part 2

Around noon, mom walked in the front door to the house. I was in the family room aimlessly watching the television. There was nothing on the tube, except reruns, so I was suffering through. As mom walked through the family room, she dropped her luggage and dropped in the recliner. (Read prev story – Daughter satisfies daddy)

“Oh, it’s good to be home” she said with a sigh.

“So, I’m guessing you had a bad time?” I asked while more important questions swam through my mind. Questions like, can dad and I continue having sex? Will you join us? Can I eat your pussy? Will you eat my pussy? But I did not ask those, it was way too soon.


“Yes Sandy, it was a long, boring trip” mom declared as she leaned over to take her stiletto heels off. “Where is your dad?”

“He has gone out to the garage to work out.” As I remembered him walking through the room earlier in his shorts and tee shirt. Like I’ve said, my dad is built with all the right shapes in all the right places. His rear was burned into my brain as he walked out the door towards the garage earlier.

“Hmm, that actually sounds like what I need, a good workout.” Mom said as her face was revealing her mind may have a different type of workout going on. With that said, she popped up out of the recliner and drug her luggage back to her room. She wasn’t one to worry whether her door was shut or not so I gave her a two second head start and then I followed her to her room. I stopped just outside of her room where I could see mom’s reflection in the dresser mirror.

I watched as, with her back to the mirror, she unzipped her blouse and slid it over her head. She tossed it to the bed and reached to her side and unzipped her short black skirt and slid it down her well toned legs. As it hit the floor, she stepped out and with a slight kick, sent it flying to the bed. She reached up and slowly scratched the place where the top of her skirt had just been.

My mom takes great pride in her body. She eats healthy, works out regularly, and even jogs every day. She loves being outside so, her skin tone is to die for. Here I stood, in the hall just outside my parent’s bedroom, staring at my mom’s near naked body. I couldn’t stand it any longer so I stepped into the room.

Mom, I have a question” I said, as I stepped around their king sized bed and fell across it, facing her.

“What’s on your mind, baby?” She asked as she continued to stand in front of me. My mind was trying to stay focused as I looked at my mom standing in front of me wearing a pink, lacy bra and matching thong.

“I was thinking about laying out by the pool and wondered if you wanna join me?” As I thought of laying out beside her and getting to ogle her body, basking in the sun.

“Okay, but I want to go work out first. Then I can join you by the pool.” She said as she reached behind her and I clasped her bra. Pulling it from around her sides, she pulled it down her arms and it fell to the bed. There she stood, braless! Right in front of me! I couldn’t help but look at her perfectly shaped breasts, that did not have a tan line. She scratched her ribs where her bra was as her skin was now free from confinement. As she scratched, her nipples became almost instantly erect and she let out a muffled groan of pleasure.

I just lay there in awe. My pussy started to get wet as I stared at mom’s nipples pointing at me as if inviting me to come suck on them. As her scratch fest came to an end, she reaches her thumbs into each side of her thong and with one single tug, dropped them to the floor. Stepping out of them, she stood about a foot from my face and I was looking directly at her totally shaven pussy. She reached down, picked them up and tossed them to the bed.

She turned to the dresser, her back to me, and bent over to retrieve a set of workout clothes from the bottom drawer of her dresser. From my vantage point, I got a clear shot of her pussy lips as she bent over and I thought I could see some wetness right down the middle so her slit. As she stood up, she caught me looking at her ass and just smiled and walked into their bathroom.

I just lay there, on their bed, replaying that entire scene over in my head. I heard my mom talking to me from inside the bathroom but I could not understand her. “What mom? I can’t hear you.”

I climbed off the bed and walked to the bathroom door where I froze. My mom wasn’t talking to me at all. She was sitting on the toilet, legs spread, fingers inserted in her, now wet, pussy. My eyes bugged out and my mouth dropped open as I had a clear view of her inserting her fingers. Her head was leaning back and she was moaning softly.

Mom” was all I could say as she brought her head back to facing me. She didn’t seem bothered by the fact that I was staring at her masturbation session as she kept pushing her two fingers in and out of her soaked lips.

“Mmm” she moaned as she had that fuck me look on her face. “Sorry baby, I couldn’t resist it. I haven’t had sex in a week and you sent me over the top looking at me in the bedroom.” She brought her fingers out of her pussy, stood up, and put her fingers I. Her mouth and licked them clean. Watching this, I almost came just standing there.

With that, my mom slipped her shorts on and put her shirt on. As she walked by me, her erect nipples were poking out under her thin shirt and one of them brushed against My arm. I shivered with excitement at what just happened.

Mom disappeared out of the bedroom door, heading to work out with my dad.

After what seemed like an eternity, I walked to my room and stripped. I replayed that bathroom scene in my head as I inserted two fingers in my now sopping wet pussy. It only took a few minutes of finger pumping to bring me to orgasm. After I settled down, I sucked my fingers clean thinking what my mom must taste like.

When I was finished cleaning my fingers, I went into my bathroom to get a towel. I took my towel and went out to the pool. When I got to the pool, I realized that I had forgotten to put on my bikini. I had gotten use to being without it for the past week so today just seemed like a continuum of days past. I figured, at this point, it really didn’t matter. I had seen mom, naked and masturbating, I had fucked my dad, unbeknownst to mom, so me being naked was nothing.

I spread my towel out on the deck as it would allow more of my body to get direct sunlight as well as a better view for whomever may want to see me. Before I laid down, I took the suntan oil and coated the front of my body with it, taking special care around my aching pussy and tits. As I lay on the towel, I heard the garage door begin to open so I knew that if mom or dad walked out of the garage and looked to the left through the iron fence, they would have a direct view of my body from feet to head.

My cunt began to get wetter as I thought about it. I lay there for a short time before I heard my mom say, “honey you better roll over soon or your cute pussy is going to get burned.”

Did I just hear my mom say my pussy was cute!? My mind was about to explode. “I can’t mom, I don’t have any suntan lotion on my backside” I said in a loud voice. I was hoping my dad would hear me and join my mom as she was looking at me.

“Roll over and I’ll come put lotion on you” she said as she entered the gate and walked toward me.

I hesitated to roll until mom was standing over me as I wanted her to see me up close like had with her earlier.

“Well, roll over” she said as she reached the suntan bottle which I had set right beside me at my waist.

“Thanks mom” as I rolled over on my stomach and spread my legs a little to give mom a better view of my wet pussy. Mom sat on her knees beside me as she poured suntan lotion on my back. She sat the bottle down and used both hands to rub the lotion all over my back and arms.

She picked up the bottle of lotion and repositioned herself so that she was on her knees between my legs. I had to open my legs a bit more so she would have room to apply the lotion. I felt the breeze blow between my legs as mom poured the lotion on my legs. She sat the bottle down and rubbed the lotion on my legs and as she moved up my legs, I notice she is rubbing much slower. When she got to my ass, she took the bottle in her hand and drizzled some lotion across my ass. She sat the bottle down and slowly rubbed my ass and her index finger slipped between my cheeks. Her coated fingers hesitated as they crossed the pucker hole of my ass.

When she paused at my pucker hole, she applied a small amount of pressure and I felt the tip of her finger enter. Pulling her fingertip out, she ran her fingers down further until she found the wetness of my pussy lips. Almost instantly, mom took her hand away and proclaimed, “all done.”

If she had inserted a finger in my pussy, she would have sent my into an orgasm. Alas, she didn’t. Mom stood up and stepped toward the back door to the house advising me “I’ll be right back.”

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