Cursed Toy Part II (mom son)

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On the second night Ajay could not sleep whereas his mom Ravathi in deep sleep with erotic dreams (Read prev story – Cursed toy). Similarly he too heard moning noise coming from her room. He went to her room to check on her. His mom was striping in her dream and shocked to see her mom in her lingerie, he moved toward her.

There was bang on his door he woke up. Then he realised he was dreaming. His sister was calling him for breakfast, he shouted at her went back to sleep.

After awhile he came out for lunch and sat on table. When serving lunch he looked towards his mom, she was wearing makeup and sexy kurti and transparent leggings. He was shocked to see her in it. She was lot more horney and she made alterations to her kurti to expose her breasts even more and made hole on her dress. He had an erection he couldn’t look away from her. At that moment his sister Savitha came to have lunch. She complement her mom on beautiful saree.

Ajay was shocked to hear that looked at her . When he again look at her mom she was wearing kurti.
He said to Savitha, mom is wearing kurti. Savitha told she was wearing a saree. Both were arguing Ravathi told she was wearing a saree.
Ajay was thinking he is going crazy and having fantasy about his mom. Ajay thought it is because of his break up. Ajay went back to his room.

At that night both of them had erotic dreams reached higher level uncontrollable lust.
At midnight Ravathi came to Ajay’s room saw him in same position, he was naked. she couldn’t control her lust for her son, thought she was dreaming. She made her move slowly removed a thin blanket saw his erection. Went towards him kissed on his lips, body and his dick. She started to suck on his dick vigorously. Then she too stripped incerted his dick in her then started riding on his dick and moaning as loud she can during the ride. Hearing it Ajay woke up and thought he was dreaming. He couldn’t sleep so he went have some water. When passing through his mom’s room, he saw door was open so he went in saw Ravathi completely naked except for her under wear. He went in she was moaning in her dream he to made his move he too went started kissing her and sucked her boobs. Kissed her navel and slowly removed her underwear. Started kissing her Virginia then he inserted his dick in her and started moving to and fro. She moaned louder and louder. At that moment they both heard a door bell and woke up before he could cum.

They where in there room completely nude. Saliva on Ravathi’s body and lips stick mark on Ajay’s body. Both taught something wrong is going in there home. The cursed has reached its peak.

Door bell kept on buzzing. Ajay wore a towel and went to check on it. It was milk man’s wife came to collect the monthly payment. When she looked a him she started to giggle. He realised he had dropped his towel. She started flirting with him he was high on lust pulled her in kissed on her lip she didn’t resist. Both went his room and had sex with her and cummed in her released his pressure.
Meanwhile his mom got ready and went near the door found no one there. She thought she was going crazy with lust for her son.

Later that day, Ajay said to his sister to tell his mom that he going on trip for two days with friends. As he couldn’t control his desire towards her.

Both could not sleep for two days as they were away from eachother lust for eachother reached uncontrolling level. Both decided to seduces eachother.

Ravathi bought reveling dress and sexy langeries. Ajay decided to move closer to her and seduces her.

After 2 days Ajay was back.

Action was about start in Part III.

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