Cursed Toy Part I ( Mom Son)

Hello reader’s it’s a fictional story from my archive. I hope you will enjoy. let’s begin.

It’s a story of family of four lived near NCR. It was a happy family there where no problem till the faithful night the cursed object entered there home everything changed.

The main character in the story Ajay(son), Ravathi(mom), Savitha(sister), DJ(friend).


It was beautiful morning everyone woke up early as it was Ajay’s birthday and everyone wished Ajay.
He was happy and eager to go to college to meet his girlfriend friend early to propose her. On way to college he saw his Gf with other guy hugging his heart was broken. He thought he was not good looking & he was not worthy for her love, he consoled himself and left.

His friends arranged him a party for his birthday he didn’t showed up. So his friends went looking for him as he didnt pick there call fearing the worst. One of his friend DJ found him consoled him after hearing his story. Convinced him to attend the party and had few drinks and returned home that night after the party. Ajay was too drunk and was not in the position to drive so his friend DJ droped him to his home and left for the night.

Next Morning, Ajay woke up early with a hangover. Got ready for breakfast and came out his room found no one. Then he realised everyone had gone trip. Then he went out had breakfast and went to Store and brought a gym wear. When he returned home he found a man near his gate selling some stuff he went and asked what he was selling. The salesperson saw his gym clothes and told him it a natural health drink it help to loose weight and gain muscle without exercise and tricked him and made him buy his stuff and left.

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At night he drank the health drink as per instruction and slept. Next 2 days he continued as per instruction but there was no change in his body. He thought he was fooled by a sales person.

At that moment he heard a door bell and went and opened the door found to be it’s his mom and sister back from the trip. He enquired about his dad. His mom Ravathi told his dad will be back in a week.
They went to room got freshen up and had dinner that night as usual and everyone went to there respective room. Room of Ajay and his mom was lit up by the full moon. Both Ajay and Ravathi could not sleep that night. Ajay took health drink as a last try and slept. At same time Ravathi took some medications and slept. At midnight both there room lit up by bright blue light. Both where having some erotic dreams and feeling some changes in there body but couldn’t get up from dream as night passed turned to morning and Ajay woke up found his bed was covered with his sperm, a lot of it he couldn’t believe it. He took the covers and blanket put them in washing machine before his mom woke up. At same time Ravathi bed was also covered by fluid. So she took all bed sheets and put them in same washing machine. Both had gone to have shower in there person attached bathroom. During shower they realised some changes in there body. After the shower they looked at the mirror they found them self good looking, young and sexy. Ajay had fit body with a six pack and enlarged dick. Ravathi was looking young and her breasts where firm and erected and waist was slim and beautiful bottom and she was happy.

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Ajay realised the sale person was honest man his product has worked. At same time Ajay’s mom has brought same product from same sale person. She also came to same conclusion as him(Ajay).

Ravathi was gettin ready to prepare breakfast but her blouse was small as her breasts has grown in size. She made some alterations and wore them on and went to kitchen.

Ravathi called her children for breakfast. Ajay Came out for breakfast but Savitha has not come. Ravathi went to check on her she was still a sleep. So she came back and served breakfast to Ajay . While serving she saw her son & said he was looking slim and handsome. He was happy and told he took some medication drink sold by some sales person. His mom replied me too. Till then he didn’t look at his mom. After her reply he looked at her and he said you look hot and sexy. Said sorry for his word he couldn’t control his word’s. His mom felt shy and said it ok.

During serving breakfast he had glimpse of her breasts he had an erection that he could not control. Ravathi has cut her blouse as it was tight and breast was poping out. Ajay could not control his feelings.ajay looked at his mom’s navel as her saree pallu was keep on falling. He couldn’t look at his mom such a way so he had his breakfast very fast went to his room. Ajay told to himself its wrong & went to bed.

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Ravathi went back to daughter room told her to get up and get ready. Ravathi went towards washing machine realised she didn’t turn it on. When she turned on and went the machine started glow with a strange lights after a while it stopped.

Later that night Ajay didn’t look his mom in her face to avoid having erection again. Had his dinner went to bed. His mom felt something odd about him.

Ajay was having erotic dreams again and was completed nude . His body covered by thin white blanket. Ravathi hearing noise coming from Ajay room went to check on him. Opened the door found him to be Naked but covered by a thin blanket but his erection has lifted the blanket. See it Ravathi was excited seeing his body there was sensation in her body. Her Nipples got stiff and erected. She went near him then she got back to her senses realised to be her son and she ran back to her room. At that night both had erotic dreams and woke up next Morning happy and fresh.

(To be continued. Part 2 cumming soon).

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