Best satisfaction with Cousin part 1

Hi guys this is my first story bit long lone you may enjoy just comment how is story

This Hàppens recently after that my view of thinking changed regarding sex.
Im from manglore my husband always lev mr unsatisfaied on bed he just think of his pleasure i never came while he fuck me he just fyck me for 3 min longer and sleep.
sex urge increasing in me day by day i was satisfacting my self by readin sex stories or watching pron.


Every year in Summer we wil go to our cousin Ravi he had hi’s home in Kerala he have very big house we all ,6 members planed to go his home to celebrate his bday. in April we booked ticket in train dint info him to give his surprise. Other than me 5 member r neha di, vidya, teju. and 2 boys Mahesh and pavan he is smaller than me els al r elder. Mahesh and Vidya are married in relation. my hubby didn’t joined us as he had some work.
we Went to railwaystation checked list and sat on our seats it ws sleeping couch.

In Train day went normal at night we had dinner and went to our bed to sleep at 12 i wd feelin to lu then just saw vidya and mahi sleeping together hav fun just dim visible he was pressing her milky boob suckin it layin over her fuckin by seeing ther actions i got wet just made sound and got up to loo they wore a blanket on them. pavan was also watching them from so longer he also came to washroom I saw tent on his pant.
in Morin we reched and went to Ravi home to giv him surprise we got a shock his home is goin under renovation he and his wife’s stayin in out house tat ws allotted to servents ther wer on leav…. on tat day we celebrated Ravi bday n had dinner in hotel and came home tat home is too small oly 2 small bedroom in gfloor 1 floor had one very small room oly 4 ppl can sleep.

ravi n his wife occupied one. mahi n Vidya one we went to ¹st floor neha di vidya and teju pavan. al changed to night dress i wore t-shirt n night pant dint wore bra its hot. neha wore sext night nothing under teju ws so tired arranging our bed she slept early in corner besides her neha and besides her i slept but Pawan ws wandering here and ther ravi told him to sleep in hall in ground floor neha di told sleep here oly ther is a space he slept besides me. he was smaller than me i ws thought of he is like my bro let him sleep. i asked neha if she had sleeping pill new place i wont get sleep so she told her bag is in ground floor gav location i went to take but i dint got so came to room she asked dud u got i told yes by miss n offed light n fallen sleep in mid night i my sleep broken due to some one is touching me i thought of neha but ws worng he ws pavan… he thought i took sleeping pill n slept so he dared to hav fun wit me

he ws pressing my boobs over my t. he ws playing wonderfully manly bit hard i thought of wake up n slap him ask him what he is doin but my unsatisfaied sex urge let him do wt he want so i pretend to sleep lets see til how long he go what all he wil do.

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his pressing was goin hard as he shaken my name i dint woke so he put his hands inside my t pressing my boibs pinching it pulling my nipplez i was lovin his actions blankets was woren fully so no1 noticed.
he pull my t up to neck came near my boobs started to lick my boobs n suck slowly i was about moan but controlled…. the
he was suckin one boob pressing hardly other then he sucked both nw he open my pant it was loos and elastic he opend put his hand inside my wet pussy he fingered 3 fingers i was not abled to control i came he removed his pant came over me hand put his dick on my pussy rubbed me he had may b 6″ rubbed for 20 min before may b he came to clamix he took his dick off put his pants back make my dress put blanket(he didn’t fucked me) it was 12.30 some one called his he told ok and cut the call. by now i thought may b he will sleep but he was calling neha( neha was our family friend not our cousin she had really gud figure 363636 unfortunately she is widow) neha woke up by nw pavan told to neha come to my side neha told priya is sleeping if she woke up. dn pavan told her she took sleeping pill then she woke up both make me to sleep in nehas bed by pushing me they put blanket fully on me there was dim bed light i adjusted blanket to see what’s goin on for my shock pawan undressing neha. neha suddenly asked teju is here if she woke up means Pawan told if she sleeps she will woke in Morin oly. then she’s completely nude Infront of him may b she regularly get fuck by him there was another big shocke for me Pawan ws telling that ravi n mahi also coming for that neha ws telling yes we had group for so long its his bdy gift suddenly door opened my heart was beating faster i saw both mahi and ravi Ravi came to Neha start to folding both her boobs in both hands mahi was fingering her and Pawan was kissing her she was mouning they all undress ravi n mahi saw me n tej asked to neha she told i took sleeping pill n abt teju too… they was fearlessly continuing ravi told if i get chance i would like to fuck priya too since our childhood I love to fuck her for tat mahi too told yes we must try her ones for tat Pawan told try nw it self for tat they both told for today our old sult is enough to enjoy for her will see other day.

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i was shock they wer like my brother’s but they are taking abt me like tat and e1 1 was felling happy too dnt kw why.

neha was getting bang by three ravi told i wil go in first he slept and neha say on his dick fuckin herself in other she was suckin mahis dick and giving hand job to pawan.
Pawan dint controlled he make neha to bend and started to fuck her ass wow 3 dicks pawan came in 15 min in her ass spankin her badly but Ravi still pumping her buy sayin meri randi Sult Bitch e1 mahi telling hum sabki person rakhel hai tu…. then make took her ass fucked her both are fuckin her hardly ravi came inside her after 40 min took off his dick nw mahi aske neha to stand up and bend neha did he constantly slapping her ass boobs fuckedtil 20min in tat position Both ravi n Pawan getting blowjob as wel as cleaning ther dicks….

nw pawan said ravi bhaiya iss randi ke chut me 2 lund ek saat dalte dai aur gaad me 1 accha lagega for that neha told nooo please neha got slap for both 3 and they told bloody whore we are not askin ur gand and chut is ours nw how ever we can we can use it pawan told you bitch randi e1 we can sell it Dnt u dare to resist our wishes…. neha kept quiet then mahi slept asked neha to sit on his 8″,dick it was inside pussy in no time. ravi also put his 8″dick inside ass from back side now pawan tooki his dick tries to put in pussy mahi adjust gave space from back side he put his dick for tat neha was shouting noooo then suddenly mahi gave hard bit on her boobs then started to kiss her suddenly in 3 jerks Pawan put his dick inside neha 3 of them fuckin her hardly after some time she also started to enjoy…. after some time ravi n mahi came to me took bedsheet and they called my name and shaken me i dint respond so he slided mi t up grabbed my boobs Both wer suckin one by one pulling my nipples and mahi pulled my pant and saw my clean pussy touched and told she is dripping wet here (because i saw their bang) he fingered me told to ravi her pussy is so tight may her husband does not fuck

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