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About Me: I am a rishi of 23 years, 5.7 tall, south Indian complexion, broad shoulder, and a well-built body. I basically from bangalore

Coming to the story. A guy named Lohith approached me telling me that he had liked my narration especially on infidelity which is more common these days. He was a happily married businessman from Hassan. He requested me to seduce his sexy orthodox wife Kridhi.


But I did not believe because of the word orthodox which is really rarest rare these days. He then confided in me that he only broke her virginity after marriage. He shared lots of pics of beautiful Kridhi, she was tall and had a sexy figure with slightly spongy bulky belly, ass, and thigh area.

After a week of telling in detail about his wife, he finally told the secret. He got my mail from stories link from her mobile while he secretly scrolled through her web history. She had read my stories one after the other, especially the infidelity based stories.

After this, he got a crazy idea of fulfilling his fantasy of getting wife drilled by another man and shagging. He created a new account to contact me. After the revelation of the truth, we exchanged our personal contact numbers. We started chatting and talking with each other about different ways to get his orthodox wife to fulfill his dreamy fantasy.

Lohith and Kridhi lived in the large duplex house in Hassan, with Lohith’s colleagues and a very few friends of Kridhi as visitors. One night he kept his phone on the table in his bedroom with video call on with me and showed her tight neatly shaved soft pussy.

I had to literally pull my shaft out and massage it to shoot the cum. She was very sexy, dusky face. But milky body especially when he lifted her legs to show me the ass and soft thigh with her cunt. The same night while chatting he sent me Kridhi’s contact number when I had asked for it.

I asked him the timings when she will be free and deep into her mobile world. I texted a ‘Hi’ at around 3 in the afternoon. The message had been delivered immediately but not opened. She replied, ‘Who is dis?’ To which I had replied ‘Hi, this is rishi ISS writer.’

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After reading this message, I found no replies from her for the next few days. After two days, I again messaged a ‘Hi’. She replied almost immediately, “Which rishi, I don’t know anyone by that name.” I replied, “You had sent a mail appreciating my story.”

She took her time in responding. “Sorry, I did not send you any mail.” She then started asking me how I got her number. I replied, “I know you liked my stories on ISS.” A conversation had started since she was so curious in knowing how I got her number.

I was updating all the happenings with her husband Lohith who was enjoying every bit of it. I once texted her when Lohith was close to her. He told me later about her reaction to seeing my message. The next day she instructed me not to message her after 9 in the night, because her husband will be there.

Our chat was normal, with no hot content. Kridhi was reluctant with few messages as a reply. After a few days of our friendship, she got somewhat comfortable with me. I started the hot chats. Initially, I started by praising her WhatsApp display picture.

Later we started exchanging the daily happenings. Later she started sharing her cute pictures in certain attires on my demand after the initial resistance from her with some ‘no’s’. We started chatting hot. But she never shared her nude pictures even after many compulsion.

The chat was about all my stories, my experiences, and the running project. I told her to assume me as her boyfriend and talk openly. But she was totally reluctant and never used certain *** words. She started to feel more companionship in me since I was impressing her in all the possible ways.

I was very much aware of her likes and dislikes from Lohith. I expressed my feelings to see her. But she totally was against the idea, rejecting even a video call. Lohith had told me about her over sweating and smelly sweat problem which I had converted to my advantage.

I was telling her my wildness to smell dirty sweaty females which makes me horny. She used to stop responding for some time. Whenever I started using beep words and describe wild things, she tried to change the topic. But she never told me not to use beep words, which just increased the chances of my tongue inside her pussy hole.

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After a week, I intentionally stopped messaging as well as responding to her messages. She started to show her possessiveness about me. Lohith started to give less time for physical stuff on the bed to just her urge and make her hungry.

I knew she will never go outside in search of physical needs because of the orthodoxy with which she was brought up. A week passed. She started with a missed call then she started calling. But I totally avoided her. Three days past the above incident, I landed in front of her house with Lohith as per the plan.

The house was built on a very big area with multiple plants in the verandah, a car parking area. Lohith rang the doorbell. After a minute, Kridhi opened the door wearing a nighty. She went inside without even a glance at me. I walked slowly behind Lohith into the second entrance door.

Kridhi was sitting on the sofa watching the TV. She turned to me when I intentionally cleared my throat with a sound. It was around half past seven in the evening. Seeing me she just got up from the sofa with a blank face and worried/scary expression. She was very happy as well as tensed.

I slowly walked alongside Lohith towards Kridhi. She started breathing heavily and sweat beads formed on her forehead as well as nose. At that moment I signaled her not to worry/be calm with my facial expressions. She was wearing a dull looking nighty with a red sindhoor behind eyebrows as well as on the line separating the hairs on her head.

A dusky face, big sharp nose, hair tied as a bun. Her mangalsutra was hanging over the nighty with a top button opened. She was around 6 ft tall, taller than Lohit. Wet underarms due to sweat and a pair of gold bangles on her both hands. She was wearing a simple earring and a nose stud.

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Her boobs were not prominent because of the baggie nighty. The nighty was looking slightly dirty. She started walking inside the moment she saw me. Lohith called her and introduced me as Madhan his business associate from Mysore. I gave my hand for a shake.

She was blank for an instant then she wished me with folded hands. She strolled away from us saying she will bring tea. While she was going away from us, I looked at her moving pair of ass which was very prominently peeking out of her nighty.

Lohith was seeing my act. He was very well aware of the things going on. I sat on the sofa facing the kitchen with my view on Kridhi making tea. I kept staring at Kridhi while Lohith continued his talking on some general things. I messaged Kridhi, “Oye nothing to worry, he doesn’t know anything.”

I signaled Kridhi to check the message. I then messaged her, “I am here really for business. I am as surprised, shocked and happy as you are.” She did not reply for a few seconds which meant she did not believe. But I managed to convince her by my story.

Lohith was sitting next to me. He was reading all the messages I sent to Kridhi to which she was responding from the kitchen. She brought the tea in cup and saucer. While collecting the tea my fingers intentionally graced her hands which was brief.

She immediately moved her hands away and glanced at her husband to make sure he is not seeing this. He asked his wife to sit on the sofa nearest to me. She made some reasons and walked back to the kitchen.

Guys lengthy story is always boring to read and I wanted to explain every minute details of seduction. In our next part, I will explain how I pulled her nighty with her ass pressing on my shaft while Lohith peeking from the window.

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