Brother and sister get caught by their daughters

Family taboo, Brother and sister get caught by their daughters, “Fuck me harder, brother!” Meg cried out, her voice partly muffled by the pillows her face and shoulders were resting against. She always liked to emphasize our relationship whenever we fucked, especially since we’d started up again six months earlier. “C’mon, Josh, you’ve got more left in the tank than that!”

I’d already been fucking her for 20 minutes in various positions but I squeezed her hips tighter, pulling her torso towards me as I thrust forward. “Your wish is my command, sis,” I said, as my thighs slapped against her ass over and over, causing her moans to get louder.

After already cumming in her twice earlier, Meg’s pussy was swampy-wet, not producing a lot of friction for me. Meg’s body started to shake, in what was at least her tenth orgasm of the afternoon. I kept pounding into her, starting to gasp from the oxygen debt I was incurring.

“I’m not sure… I’m gonna get there again, Meg,” I panted, when her orgasm ceased.

“I’ll get you there,” she said, pulling off of me and spinning around to lie under me, her hand grasping my cock. She said, “Fuck my mouth, instead,” directing my cockhead between her lips as she tilted her head back to align her mouth and throat.

I pressed forward with my hips, sliding my cock into her throat, pulled back and gradually sped up until I was fucking her mouth and throat, hearing her quickly exhale or inhale through her nose between thrusts. Between the tightness, her tongue whipping around my shaft and the suction she was applying, I felt my orgasm approach, my moans matching what I felt. When she reached back and shoved a slick finger up my anus and started to massage my prostate, my ejaculations burst forth, down her throat, then into her mouth as I pulled back to let her swallow and breathe.

When I was done shooting, I pulled out of her mouth, then backed up so I could lean down and kiss her upside down, tasting myself on her tongue.

We were trying to get in the last sex we could before our daughters got home for Spring Break. As far as they knew, we were a brother and sister who wound up as co-parents to twin girls through unique circumstances – but slept in separate bedrooms.

The sudden outbreak of applause from the doorway told us the girls were home early and our secret was flaming cinders. Open zippers on their jeans told me that they’d probably been playing with themselves while watching us. Jess and Amy walked over to the bed and climbed onto it. Jess knelt beside me and kissed me like a lover, while Amy kissed Meg after she also rose to her knees.

“We want in,” Amy declared. “Make love to us, too, Mom and Dad.”


Before I go any further, let me back up and tell you a little about our family’s history.

Meg is my fraternal twin, with two much older siblings. As the babies in the family, we’d always been close and felt attracted to each other. Meg tried several times in the first months after we turned 18 to seduce me. I resisted because I knew cystic fibrosis ran in the family. It wasn’t until we were both tested in 1990 for the recently discovered gene that’s responsible and we became certain that we were both carriers that she stopped pursuing me. We headed off to different colleges.

I started dating Meg’s best friend Carly during the summer after Junior year of college, then married her in 1994, just a month after graduating. We immediately started trying to get pregnant. Due to an eventual diagnosis that Carly’s fallopian tubes were blocked, we had to resort to in vitro fertilization, which my first job’s health insurance actually paid for back then. Four embryos resulted from the first IVF cycle in the summer of ’96. Two were frozen and two were implanted into Carly and both took.

Three months into the pregnancy, Meg and Carly had gone shopping together on Black Friday. Meg was driving home on the interstate, with Carly in the passenger seat, when some maniac with a rifle started shooting into the backs of cars from a perch next to an overpass where he couldn’t be seen by oncoming cars. A bullet smashed through the rear window and the seat and hit Carly in the back, tearing a hole in the abdominal section of her aorta. As she hemorrhaged internally, despite Meg’s desperate efforts to stop the exterior bleeding after pulling the car into the breakdown lane, Carly realized she was dying and begged Meg to be a surrogate for her other two embryos. Her last words before losing consciousness were “Josh needs them.”

Carly and our unborn children died that day, before paramedics could even reach them in the chaos of dozens of crashed cars that resulted before the police shot the gunman. We hadn’t even known their gender at the time, but it was revealed in the autopsy that they were a boy and a girl. We had discussed Michael and John as names for boys and Cassandra and Amy for girls, so Michael and Cassandra were the names that went on the tombstone with Carly.

I felt at first like I had died with them. The only clear memories I have of the next two weeks are of Meg. She never left my side, when I’d probably have starved myself if left alone.

It took me almost three months after Carly’s death to agree to Meg’s surrogacy of the two remaining embryos, as she prepared her body for implantation. Then, another two months passed after that before I gave in to Meg’s renewed attempts to get me into bed. Between an entry Meg discovered in Carly’s diary indicating that she planned to invite Meg into our bed for a threesome if I had a vasectomy we had been discussing and Meg already being pregnant so I didn’t have to worry about impregnating her, I gave in to our first of many nights of passion as Meg moved in with me, initially for the duration of the pregnancy.

I knew Meg was offering comfort, both emotional and physical, after losing Carly. But, I also knew we couldn’t realistically have the relationship she craved as husband and wife. As the pregnancy progressed, she wasn’t at all prepared to end things with me or to say goodbye to the twin girls her body was growing and just be their aunt.

The compromise we reached was that Meg would adopt the girls and co-parent them with me, living in the same house. We would maintain separate bedrooms and avoid our daughters or anyone else ever seeing us as an intimate couple. For public purposes, at least, a sexless pseudo-marriage. Our parents expressed some doubts about the living arrangement, but came to see it as the best option for raising their grand-daughters with two parents.

Two months before her due date, I had my vasectomy to protect Meg from any chance of pregnancy after the delivery. Two weeks early, Meg went into labor on the anniversary of Carly’s death, delivering the girls early the next morning, Jessica preceding Amy by 9 minutes.

Testing after their births confirmed that the babies were both free of the damaged CFTR gene. Jess inherited her mother’s blond hair, Amy my brown hair, both with my green eyes.

As the girls grew older, it didn’t take long before a sexless marriage was as much fact as image, as it got harder and harder to avoid any observation by the girls. We couldn’t exactly ask anyone to babysit so we could have a ‘date night’, either.

Although disappointed, Meg agreed to the cessation of our intimacy for the sake of the girls, settling for being a mother first and my sexless semi-wife second. After that decision, we both occasionally dated other people for sexual satisfaction, but never wound up together with anyone for very long. While we were never accused of being a couple, most of my dates felt my relationship with Meg was still an obstacle, as if she were an ex-wife I still lived with. Meg reported pretty much the same reaction from her dates.

It wasn’t until the girls were 10 that they fully understood that, although she gave birth to them, they weren’t Meg’s biological daughters, but her nieces. Thankfully, neither of them used the “You’re not my mom!” line against Meg during their teen years. Meg was always just “Mom” to them. That “Mom” and “Dad” were also brother and sister they just shrugged off.

It did lead to some interesting discussions with teachers and other parents, although they all accepted our explanations in the end. Since we were actually living the way we described by then, it was easier to be believed.

Once our daughters left for the same college last fall, though, Meg climbed into my bed one Saturday morning and had my morning wood stuffed into her pussy before I even woke up. I never once considered objecting, having already thought about making the first move to resume our sexual relationship myself. Neither of us were dating anyone at the time, having broken up with our latest girlfriend and boyfriend over the summer. While we knew we might eventually need to date again for some cover, we hadn’t yet.

We stopped having sex when the girls came home for Thanksgiving and their 19th birthdays and for Winter Break, but spent all the time in between getting caught up for almost two decades of resisting our attractions to each other.

Which brings me back to our daughters walking in on us as I blew a load down my sister’s throat.


“We can explain…” I tried to say. Already, my cock was beginning to respond to the mental images that were forming.

Jess took my hand in hers, then said, “Dad, you can explain after. Unless you’re going to turn us down? Watching you fuck Mom’s face like that has me so hot I’m going to burst.”

I looked towards Meg. Amy already had her sweater off. Meg was pulling up the tshirt beneath it, revealing that Amy wasn’t wearing a bra over her A cup breasts, that looked like Meg’s did at the same age, gumdrop-sized nipple in the middle of a tight areola. Meg winked when she saw me watching and said, “We were planning to tell them about us anyway, right?”

I turned back to Jess and said, “The only reason I would ever say ‘no’ is to protect you, honey. Even though I can’t get you pregnant, it’s still illegal. You’re old enough to understand the risk and smart enough to keep the secret, so yes, you can join us.”

I reached down and slid my other hand into her open jeans. Felt through her silk panties, her pussy was wet and hot to the touch. Jess rotated her pelvis to push herself into my fingers. Letting go of her hand, I took hold of her waist band with both hands and shimmied her jeans and panties down over her butt to her knees, then lifted and flipped her onto her back, making her squeal. I pulled her jeans down to her feet, pulled off her shoes and socks and slipped the pants off.

Jess was pulling her own sweater and tee over her head as I lay down between her legs, staring at her shaved pussy. Like her sister, she was braless, her ‘between A and B’ tits lying on her chest, her puffy pink areola most of their height.

Pushing her thighs apart, my tongue slid between her outer labia, beginning to collect the elixir of her sweet juices. She reached down and spread them, revealing her inner lips and the extra large clitoris that came from Carly’s genes. “Definitely your mother’s daughter,” I mumbled, as my tongue took its first light pass over it.

“Oh, Daaaad!” Jess cried, running her fingers through my hair. I licked and licked, making sure not to overwhelm her clit too soon. Carly had taught me to wait until it was at its most swollen before sucking it into my mouth.

I started to introduce a finger into her vagina and encountered her hymen at the bottom of the entrance. “You’re still a virgin, baby?” I asked, looking over her stomach to her face.

Jess blushed before saying, “We both are, Dad. There are guys we like at school, but we’ve both been busier making it with girls and each other to let any of the guys get that far with us. We were kind of hoping you’d do the honors.”

From the bottom of her 69 with Amy, Meg said, “I wanted him to be my first when we were 18, Jess. He said no over and over and I finally gave it to someone else. It wasn’t until after Carly died and I was pregnant with the two of you that he finally made love to me, since he didn’t have to worry about getting me pregnant.”

“We can discuss your sexual histories later,” Amy complained. “Right now, I want to cum on your face, Mom, and I can’t if you’re yakking.”

“You’re still not too old to spank, young lady,” Meg countered, with a light slap to Amy’s backside over her head.

“Ooooh, kinky fuckery,” Amy shot back. “Lick me, Mom! Please? I need to cum so bad.”

“Yeah, Dad,” Jess said. “Lick me now, talk later?”

Except for screams of ‘yes!’ and ‘fuck!’, those were the last words exchanged for quite a while, as I focused on bringing my daughter to an orgasm with my tongue and lips. One finger could just fit past her hymen, so it sought out her gspot.

When I finally spotted that scarlet color on her swollen clit, I could take it between my lips and suck hard on it, tapping her gspot from the other side. Jess rocketed into orgasm, clamping hard against my finger while thrashing so hard on the bed that my finger wound up pressed downward against her hymen. I took the opportunity to shove a second finger beside the first and rimmed the whole opening several times, stretching the hymen further, hopefully without tearing it. Anything which would make our first fuck easier for her. If this caused her any pain, it melded into her orgasm, which rolled over her for a full two minutes as I continued sucking her clitoral hood and flicking my tongue over the engorged clit itself.

My cock was hard as a rock again as she arched her back one more time and collapsed. Pulling my fingers out of her and making sure there was no blood on them, I started to crawl along her body, kissing here and there, sucking on those puffy areola before reaching her mouth, where she was trying hard to catch her breath. I kissed her long and hard.

“Are you ready for what’s next, baby?” I asked, gazing into her green eyes.

She nodded, still panting. I reached between us, placed my glans where it needed to go and slowly pressed forward, feeling her hymen stretch further around me. As the corona popped past it and my shaft started to enter her, I watched Jess’ eyes for signs of pain. Instead, I only saw her love for me as I sank deeper and deeper inside her.

After a slow minute, my groin was pressed against her, my whole seven inches enclosed in her tight warmth, flutters of her muscles telling me she was already close to anther orgasm. As I pulled just as slowly back, I glanced down for signs of blood and saw none. I increased the pace of the next thrust and the one after that, arriving at a medium speed to let her continue stretching around me.

As her opening loosened, it was her insides that grasped me the most. I smiled down at her and asked, “Okay, honey?”

“Full,” she moaned. She bucked her hips on my next thrust, causing me to slap against her. After another five thrusts, she said, “Fuck me like you fuck Mom, Daddy. I want it all.”

I wasn’t sure she was ready for it, but I couldn’t hold myself back once she asked. My hands went under her armpits to grip her shoulders, my elbows on the mattress. I sped up my thrusting, our bodies clapping together, our groins grinding against each other. “Oh, fuck, yes!” she cried. Her hands were gripping her breasts, pulling her nipples outward. I tried my best to aim my cock at her gspot. Ten minutes of pounding later, as I felt her pussy flutters intensify, I threw every ounce of energy I had left into her body. She started to spasm below me, crying out, “Fuck me Daddy!”, her orgasm feeding energy back to me so I could keep thrusting into her.

She shook under me for two minutes, finally coming to a gasping stop. I slowed down and gradually eased myself from her body. No blood on my cock, good.

I lay on my side next to one daughter and proceeded to watch my other daughter and sister shaking in a mutual orgasm. Not their first, to judge by the sounds they had made while I was fucking Jess.

Jess took my cock in her hand and asked, “Didn’t you cum, Dad?”

“Probably too soon after cumming with your Mom, honey,” I answered. “That was already my third orgasm of the day. Men my age do need longer than young guys to recover after an orgasm. Usually the next erection comes back before the ability to ejaculate again. I’m okay that I didn’t cum in you. I expect you’ll get other chances. I’ve got another daughter who I think wants my cock to be erect right now.”

“She does,” came Amy’s breathless voice from the other end of the bed, as she pulled herself off of Meg, who looked blissed out by the orgasm she just had. Amy climbed over Jess and pushed me onto my back. “You don’t have to worry about my hymen, Dad,” she said, straddling my waist in cowgirl position, giving me my first look at her brown-furred pussy, sparkling wet. “I took care of stretching it out myself with fingers and a couple of toys. You’ll be the first human cock inside me, but I’m readier for this than Jess. I want to see if I can get you off, rather than the other way around.”

She grabbed my cock, lined me up and dropped her full weight onto me, sheathing me in one fast stroke, no sign of pain. If she hadn’t told me she was a virgin, I sure wouldn’t have known it, as she confidently bounced up and down like a veteran sexpot.

“God, Amy, you feel so good,” I said, as I felt her flexing her Kegels around me, in a much more determined way than the flutters I had felt with Jess.

Glancing to the side, Jess had moved over to Meg and the two of them were spooned together, watching Amy and me. Meg was behind our daughter, one hand over her hip, flicking over Jess’ labia, her mouth nibbling at Jess’ earlobe.

Returning my attention to Amy, I started to flex my hips, pushing my cock into her as deeply as I could. I knew the angle was hitting her gspot and this was confirmed when Amy screamed, “Cumming, dad! Oh, gawd, it’s so good!”

My hands reached up to pluck at her nipples, intensifying her orgasm as her pussy muscles tightened around my cock. I felt my orgasm getting closer, but still not quite there to be simultaneous. As Amy came down from her peak, she really let loose, rising and dropping faster and faster. “Cum for me, daddy,” she cried, reaching down and pinching my nipples as well.

That did it for me, my muscles spasming, sending several volleys of semen deep inside my daughter just as she started to shake once more.

She wound up laying across my chest, her head turned to watch Meg bring Jess to one more orgasm on the tips of her fingers.

“I love you all,” I said. “We need to be very careful not to get caught, though. We’re meeting your grandparents for dinner at Manetti’s at 8. No flirting in front of them, okay? We all need to grab showers and be ready to go by 7:15.”


“So, how did you two manage to hide being intimate from us, all these years?” Amy asked, during the drive to the restaurant.

“We didn’t have to hide it, because we weren’t being intimate as you grew up,” I answered. “We were lovers for about two years, starting while Meg was pregnant with you two until you were about 18 months old, then we decided it was best to stop, to avoid having you catch us and accidentally let the secret slip before you were old enough to understand why you needed to be quiet about it. We only resumed being lovers six months ago, when you went off to college and we had the house to ourselves.”

Jess considered that, then asked, “You stopped making love for 17 years when you still loved each other and lived together? Why?”

Meg answered, “To protect each other and the two of you. Look, I’ve loved Josh with all my heart and soul our entire lives. I wanted him to be my first lover at 18, but he resisted at the time because we didn’t know whether we were Cystic Fibrosis carriers. Once that was actually confirmed, I agreed he was right. It took Carly’s death and the safety of already being pregnant with the two of you before Josh finally let me become his lover. We continued after your births because he had a vasectomy, but it got too hard to avoid having you catch us.”

I added, “It’s not like we were celibate during those 17 years, either. We channeled our sexual urges into dating relationships and found different ways to express our love for each other. Expressing it physically is great, but not at the cost of hurting anyone, whether that’s health or legal risks. You two had already lost one mother, we couldn’t afford to have you lose both of us to prison. Also, dating other people after we stopped being intimate helped deflect the suspicions that arose when you started school and more people found out about our living situation. Now, those 17 years kinda act like a shield, people just accepting that we live together non-sexually. The two of you, on the other hand, don’t have that reputation. I hope you’re being safe on campus.”

Jess said, “The usual precautions, I guess. Stay as quiet as we can, with music on in the room. Shades drawn, door locked. Our room’s at the corner of the dorm, so both beds are on the outside walls. We don’t leave the room with just one bed made. Nor do we spend all our time making love. We socialize as much as anyone else, maybe more.”

Amy said, “It actually all started with our next-door neighbors. We had a little party in their room one Saturday night and they admitted to being lovers, then said they were attracted to us, too. I wound up making love to Ashley while Jess was with Kathy across the room. Afterwards, Jess and I went back to our room and just climbed into my bed together, we were still so turned on. We’ve debated whether to reveal ourselves to them and make it a true foursome. But we all date guys, too. Ashley’s hinted at some group action with the guys, too.”

Jess said, “We’re not assuming that any of this is going to last past our college years. All four of us want kids and we will be finding husbands once the guys our age stop acting like boys. I’m sure you’re both looking forward to grandkids.”

“Grandma Meg,” my sister groaned. “I’m not sure I’m ready for it.”

As I pulled our SUV into a spot in the parking lot, Jess asked, “I suppose that raises the question, what are the two of you going to do, when Amy and I have graduated and moved out and you no longer have us as a reason to live together? Do you separate or continue living together?”

I glanced over to Meg and sighed. “I don’t want to end things with you ever again, sis. I’ve said ‘no’ to you too often in our lives, mostly from fear. Be my secret sister-wife forever and ever?”

“Wasn’t I, already?” she asked.

“I suppose you were, but we’ve never actually said the words. Will you marry me, Meg?”

“Of course, my love.”

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