Father becomes obssesd with his daughter’s panties

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Father becomes obssesd with his daughter’s panties, incest stories, Gavin was obsessed. He has always been a pussy man but ever since he accidentally saw his 18 year old daughter’s panties in the laundry basket he has been thinking what would they smell like.

It wasn’t easy for him, he could clearly differentiate his wife’s panties from his daughter’s and knew it was wrong but here he was in the middle of the night thinking about those simple white panties and stroking his dick. Desire was tearing his body while guilt was plaguing his mind. He watched his wife sleeping next to him and got up from the bed disgusted with himself but unable to stop his following actions.

Going to the laundry room he searched frantically for the underwear of his teenage girl until he finally found it. He grabbed the pair and went to the bathroom where he sat down and tried to restrain himself from going further but to no avail. He brought the innocent pair of underwear to his nose inhaling and his dick got infinitely harder. He pulled his member out and started to stroke himself with quick movements unable to prolong his pleasure at doing something so abhorrent. He finished on himself and cleaned his cum with the panties guilt once again in his mind.

Over the next few weeks, he got into the habit of waiting for everyone to fall asleep before taking his daughter’s underwear and jerking off thinking of her. He also started to pay more attention to her admiring her and giving her compliments. He even went to the mall with her with the pretext of indulging her so he could sweeten her up and buy her a gift. He couldn’t understand clearly what was he doing but he was courting her nonetheless. Little by little, he was showing her how much he loved her and she took it as a fatherly love, a bond to get them through the years unable to comprehend the new directive her father had taken.

One day a few weeks after he had started his nightly routine he saw her getting down the stairs in thighs and sports bra and like the recently attentive father he was he asked:

‘Going to workout, sweetheart?’

‘Yes, daddy. I need to get some exercise on since I haven’t been able to move much from all that studying.’ she said smiling sweetly at him.

‘Want some company? It would be good to move my old bones too.’ he said anticipating watching his sweet girl stretching up.

‘Sure, it will be fun.’ she said grinning.

He was ecstatic and they weren’t going far, just in the backyard where he had made an improvised place with some gym equipment and free space for moving with mirrors.

‘I’ll put some training clothes and will be there with you.’

‘Ok, dad. I will start stretching.’ and she went outside.

Gavin was quick on his feet and up the stairs where he put a cutout tank top and some loose pants with no underwear. He wanted his dick to be free in case his girl looked at it. He was doubly pleased with himself as he knew his wife would be coming late from work thanks to her phone call.

Entering the little studio he enjoyed the look of his daughter as she was bending up and down stretching her legs, the lips of her pussy raising the material. He gulped down the sudden influx of saliva in his mouth. He went behind her and started stretching himself smiling at her in the mirror. She gave him an appreciative look and checked out his dick which was sporting a semi at the moment and was moving inside his pants.

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