Father becomes obssesd with his daughter’s panties

Father becomes obssesd with his daughter’s panties, incest stories, Gavin was obsessed. He has always been a pussy man but ever since he accidentally saw his 18 year old daughter’s panties in the laundry basket he has been thinking what would they smell like.

It wasn’t easy for him, he could clearly differentiate his wife’s panties from his daughter’s and knew it was wrong but here he was in the middle of the night thinking about those simple white panties and stroking his dick. Desire was tearing his body while guilt was plaguing his mind. He watched his wife sleeping next to him and got up from the bed disgusted with himself but unable to stop his following actions.

Going to the laundry room he searched frantically for the underwear of his teenage girl until he finally found it. He grabbed the pair and went to the bathroom where he sat down and tried to restrain himself from going further but to no avail. He brought the innocent pair of underwear to his nose inhaling and his dick got infinitely harder. He pulled his member out and started to stroke himself with quick movements unable to prolong his pleasure at doing something so abhorrent. He finished on himself and cleaned his cum with the panties guilt once again in his mind.

Over the next few weeks, he got into the habit of waiting for everyone to fall asleep before taking his daughter’s underwear and jerking off thinking of her. He also started to pay more attention to her admiring her and giving her compliments. He even went to the mall with her with the pretext of indulging her so he could sweeten her up and buy her a gift. He couldn’t understand clearly what was he doing but he was courting her nonetheless. Little by little, he was showing her how much he loved her and she took it as a fatherly love, a bond to get them through the years unable to comprehend the new directive her father had taken.

One day a few weeks after he had started his nightly routine he saw her getting down the stairs in thighs and sports bra and like the recently attentive father he was he asked:

‘Going to workout, sweetheart?’

‘Yes, daddy. I need to get some exercise on since I haven’t been able to move much from all that studying.’ she said smiling sweetly at him.

‘Want some company? It would be good to move my old bones too.’ he said anticipating watching his sweet girl stretching up.

‘Sure, it will be fun.’ she said grinning.

He was ecstatic and they weren’t going far, just in the backyard where he had made an improvised place with some gym equipment and free space for moving with mirrors.

‘I’ll put some training clothes and will be there with you.’

‘Ok, dad. I will start stretching.’ and she went outside.

Gavin was quick on his feet and up the stairs where he put a cutout tank top and some loose pants with no underwear. He wanted his dick to be free in case his girl looked at it. He was doubly pleased with himself as he knew his wife would be coming late from work thanks to her phone call.

Entering the little studio he enjoyed the look of his daughter as she was bending up and down stretching her legs, the lips of her pussy raising the material. He gulped down the sudden influx of saliva in his mouth. He went behind her and started stretching himself smiling at her in the mirror. She gave him an appreciative look and checked out his dick which was sporting a semi at the moment and was moving inside his pants.

Finishing up with his warming up and a few jumping jacks where his girl’s gaze was definitely glued to his jumping dick he went to the bench and took some weights to do exercises for his upper muscles.

Lisa had started doing some aerobics following the music he had put on for the tempo. After a while, she took a flooring mat and went down to do some sit-ups. Gavin kept giving her praises for her good work so it was natural for his girl to ask for assistance.

‘Dad, would you keep my feet down while I do some other types of sit-ups?’ she said panting.

‘Sure, I will, baby,’ he said and moved over.

Now, he could have sat near her and held her ankles but what fun would that be?

Instead, he sat on her thighs, the material on his pants stretching over his dick, and leant back taking her calves in his hands.

‘Go on sweetie, how many would you like to do?’ he said savouring the feel of her and the sight of her breasts, he imagined she would look like this while having vigorous sex, sweaty and panting and oh, so enticing. His dick sure appreciated the view judging by the twitching it gave.

‘Maybe 50?’ she said asking me instead of telling me.

‘Ok, I’ll count.’ he said.

Lisa was happy with the attention her dad was giving her and wanted to impress him with her determination. Gavin on other hand decided that this was the perfect opportunity to get more touchy with her and while counting he kept saying ‘good girl’, ‘great job’ and other motivational words. So soon on one particularly hard sit up he said:

‘That’s my girl just 20 more!’ and leant towards her face and gave her a peck on the cheek. She giggled and continued. On the next, he kissed the other cheek. Next was her forehead, then nose, then her chin. She started waiting for the kisses while in an upward position and with the next one he pretended to accidentally kiss her in the mouth. He then put his hands on the sides of her abdomen caressing it with his thumbs and continuing giving her kisses putting slightly more pressure on them than before.

‘Aaand 50! You did it baby girl, mission completed.’ he said grinning moving his hands over her stomach and hips, taking advantage of the moment she was relaxing. ‘You have one minute of rest now. How do you feel?’

‘Good, I think I will make some back extensions too.’ she said moving her legs, giving me a hint to give her space to turn around.

He didn’t move much and stayed on her thighs this time watching her ass flex and giving her encouragements on the way while he counted again.

He put his hands on her ass cheeks telling her innocently:

‘Great job, sweetheart, I can feel your muscles working hard.’ by then he moved his hands all over her back and ass trying to pull it as being a good exercise helper.

‘And .. 50! You did really well, Lis. Have some rest now, while daddy loosens your muscles. She was panting from the exertion but groaned when she felt her dad’s fingers rubbing her back, he felt encouraged and moved over to her sweet round ass right between her legs. His dick was killing him, trying to point out its way of his pants while he massaged her. He then lied down on her trying to get some real friction with her body and foregoing any kind of decency, his arousal had reached a fever pitch. He started moving on top, gliding slightly, finally receiving some rubbing on his dick which was now safely nestled between her ass cheeks. He groaned in her ear.

‘Doesn’t it feel good, baby girl?’ he said pushing his pelvis in her ass.

‘Daddy, what are you doing?’ she said trying to hold on and not rushing to conclusions, that was her dad, after all, he wouldn’t be doing something bad to her. Right?

‘Just making you feel good, baby. You were such a good girl! Why don’t you let your daddy reward you for your hard work? Don’t you want a reward?’ he said enticingly with a murmur in her ear while grinding on top of her.

‘Are you sure, daddy? Is this ok? I feel a little bit weird about it.’ she said hesitantly but making no move to remove him from her back.

‘Don’t worry about anything, baby. Just let daddy enjoy your beautiful body.’ he said ready to spill his seed in his pants. He put his hand under her, encompassing her breasts but decided that this was not enough so he pushed her sports bra up and got to feel his little girl breasts for the first time. It was heaven and so he groaned in her ear while she flexed backwards pushing her neck towards his face. He latched on sucking and biting and playing with her breasts while he moved his legs making her open her own so he could get between her legs and pushed harder over her grey tights.

‘Does it feel good, baby? Does daddy makes his little girl feel good?’ he said huskily in her ear continuing his play.

‘Yes, daddy.’ she said with a whisper and moaned quickly afterwards. She was confused, it felt good but that was her father so she felt conflicted in liking the way he made her feel.

‘Do you want to feel even better, my girl? Do you want daddy to show what would be better?’ he said not waiting for her answer but going down and getting face to face with her ass cheeks. He removed his hands from her breasts giving her nipples some final pulls and used them to pull down her pants leaving his well-known cotton panties by now. He ran his nose between her cleft getting reacquainted with his daughter’s scent but this time a hundred times more potent. She was wet and he was fortunate his little girl was so sensitive to his ministrations.

Giving her a few bites on her cheeks over her underwear he then removed it by pushing it down to her knees alongside with her pants.

And there it was his daughter’s pussy, pink and wet from her own arousal which he, her father, had brought up. A wave of pride went through him with this realisation, he pushed the guilt for touching her sexually aside.

‘Daddy!’ she responded with his first lick of his tongue, she lifted up her hips and pushed towards his hungry mouth. He devoured her innocent pussy revelling in the feeling of him being the one to show her this kind of pleasure. He opened her up and licked deeply from her clit upwards sticking her ass bud with his nose, enjoying the naughty act. Up and down he went eating up her juices and extracting moans of pleasure from his daughter. He sucked her lips, then moved to her opening promising himself that soon he would push his own member inside. After all, he created her, doesn’t every creator has a right to use his masterpiece? To enjoy it?

Tasting her, feeling her tremble he decided he could do this for hours just using his tongue to lick all of her. She was starting to get impatient, thrashing and pushing herself so he latched on her clit with a vengeance while his nose was deep into her teasing her channel opening. One of his fingers found her rosebud and teased it lightly, he then briefly let her clit thus by making her object the abandonment and he used his tongue to lubricate her ass.

‘Shhh, don’t fret, my girl, you will get your reward.’ he said diving back into her clit sucking hard while moving his nose inside with his finger slowly teasing and breaching her back opening. She tensed from the assault to her ass but the pleasure brought by the hungry mouth of her father quickly made her forget everything else except the need for release.

And then it happened, he felt her legs shaking, gave her a final hard suck and heard her moaning sharply. Not waiting a second more he then quickly pulled up, got his pants down and pushed inside her, breaching her hymen and making her scream from the sudden pain.

He could still feel her vagina spasming around his dick from her recent orgasm so he hugged her around her chest and whispered in her ear:

‘Shhh, sorry, baby. It will pass and it will feel good. It won’t hurt like that ever again.’ he said rocking slightly inside of her and biting the meaty part of her ear.

‘Do you promise, daddy?’ she said with a teary voice starting to enjoy him inside but unsure if the pain would return again.

‘Yes, sweety, daddy is sure. Daddy will bring you only pleasure from now on, no more pain. You are a grown woman now and such a good daughter to your dad. The best! All the other fathers can only envy me, my beautiful daughter.’ he said increasing the temp of his movements, grabbing her chest tightly, feeling that unimaginable pleasure of being inside his own daughter right after taking her virginity.

Lisa was pacified by his words, she was happy to make her father proud and was really enjoying everything he had done so far, and his trysts inside her made her feel so good. She decided that she would let him do whatever he wanted to her, whenever he wanted.

‘So sweet and tight, baby! You are squeezing my dick so hard I can barely move.’ he said lifting her hips higher and slamming inside her welcoming channel. ‘Daddy will make you feel good again, baby. You will learn that only daddy can bring you that much pleasure and will always come to him to fuck your sweet pussy, my girl.’ he said grunting and pushed his hand in front of her pussy finding her clit and rubbing it firmly alongside with his hard slams into her.

He felt her then, she started to spasm around his dick getting her second orgasm and he pinched her clit making her milk him for all he was worth. He couldn’t take it anymore and released a wild spurt of cum, followed by another and another until he was well spent and lied down on top of her not happy to separate yet from her warmth.

Some time passed before both of their breathing came back to normal and he cuddled her, by moving her sideways without letting himself out.

‘Did you enjoy your reward, baby?’ he said rubbing her waxed bare pussy. ‘Mine’ he thought ‘All mine!’

‘Yes, daddy. It was wonderful. Are we supposed to keep it a secret, daddy? she said hesitantly unsure for the future of their new type of relationship.

‘Yes, baby. This will be our secret and if you are a good girl I will reward you every time like this. In fact, I might come tonight in your room to give you another one.’

‘I would be happy if you do, daddy. I love you.’

‘I love you too, sweetie.’ he said kissing her cheek imagining what would he do to her tonight and feeling his dick twitch in his daughter’s pussy.

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