The New Girl-23

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, Please read the previous part here ( The New Girl-22 ). Now let’s continue

After some more time fucking me, he said “Preeti I am close”. I quickly turned around and took him in my mouth. He shot quite a quantity in my mouth and I swallowed it all.

Then we cleaned and corrected our clothes and came back to dad and Sharath. This time no one asked why we were late etc… I looked at dad and gave him a feeble nod signalling that I had Pankaj.

Pankaj on the other hand was raining praises about me. He said “Satish you really have a very smart and talented daughter. I only wish I should have known her before”.

Sharath was grinning at me when Pankaj was talking knowing well what we just finished and came. I too gave him a seductive smile to motivate him to take me next.

Sharath got up to go bring some starters and I went with him. Once past the door we rushed to the kitchen where we hugged and kissed wildly. He quickly pulled up my frock and bra to my neck and made me sit on the kitchen counter.

Then he went crazy sucking my boobs while I was rubbing his bulge. He said “Preeti you have the most beautiful natural big boobs I have ever seen”. He undid his fly taking out his small but plump black cock.

This was the smallest cock I had come across, he was barely over 4inches long but nearly 2inches thick. Before I could have my apprehensions about it I recollected Babu also was small but turned out to be a rock star in bed.

Sharath pulled my panty to the side and put his mouth to my pussy. He ate me for a little while till I could take it no more. I stroked his cock and said “uncle please give this to me”.

He stood up pulling me to the edge of the counter and pushed his cock inside in one hard thrust. He cupped my butt cheeks with his palms pulling me onto him while his cock was doing magic in my pussy.

For sure despite his small size he was giving me as much pleasure as Pankaj and even dad did with their much larger cocks. I learnt today that it is not just the size of a man’s cock that matters the most, performance inside the woman’s holes is more important.

I myself held my boobs to his face so he could continue sucking them giving me even greater pleasures. I don’t remember how long we were at it but was surprised to see Dad standing near the kitchen door staring at us.

I looked at him with lustful eyes while Sharath was fucking me hard totally unaware that dad was standing behind watching us. Dad turned around and was walking back when Pankaj came in and saw us and dad.

He took dad’s hand and walked him out. I did not know what to make of this scenario. I wanted to have sex with Pankaj and Sharath and I was getting it so I did not think much about it.

Soon Sharath came unannounced inside me while my next orgasm also happened at the same time. we both were panting hard still hugging each other.

Then he took me to his bathroom where we cleaned. He said “Preeti you are truly incredible, I have never had so much fun fucking any woman including my late wife and your mother too”.

I was shocked listening to mom’s name again. I probed “uncle when did you enjoy with my mom”? We were back in the kitchen warming up the starters, he said “oh we have been meeting your mother pretty regularly”.

I caught on the “we” word he used, I asked “uncle who is ‘we’”? He calmly said “me and Pankaj, who else”. I asked “when was the last time you met her”?

Sharath said “two days ago, in the morning. Right here in my house”. I asked “since how long has this been going on and does dad know about it”? He said “are you mad. Satish will kill us both if he comes to know that we have been banging his wife since many years”.

I said “well uncle I need to ask you for a big favour”. He said “yes ask darling”. I said “uncle I too have hots for dad and want to enjoy with him, can you please help me with that”?

Sharath froze for a moment, then he smiled. He said “since when is this going on”? I said “it’s been a while now uncle, I have seen dad and mom have sex many times. Please help me uncle and I promise I will come to you more often”.

Now Sharath carried some plates and I carried some and we went to the backyard. I saw dad and Pankaj were discussing something. I quietly went and sat sipping my drink.

The atmosphere was just like before with all the adult jokes flowing. Dad looked a little high because he slurred a few times while talking. They got up and took dad with them to the side to have a smoke.

After a good few minutes they came back, I saw dad also had a cigarette in his hands when he came back. I was surprised because I never before saw dad smoking.

Pankaj and Sharath winked at me while dad took his seat. I looked at Pankaj and Sharath, they signalled me to come to them. I got up and while walking over had to cross over dad’s legs.

Just at that moment dad held my waist and pulled me onto his lap. He said “Preeti I never realised when you grew up so much that you even enjoyed with my two buddies here”.

I held his face with lovingly my hands, I said “dad, I am very sorry for what I did and I am sorry you felt like that. I promise you I will not do it again”. Pankaj and Sharath were keenly listening to our conversation to see what would happen now.

I looked deep into dad’s eyes for a few moments, no words were spoken between us. Then I placed his hands which were around my waist on my boobs pressing them gently.

While dad continued his gentle squeezing of my boobs, I held his face and locked his lips with mine in a very long and passionate kiss. Now it was in the open what we were doing.

Then I got up and removed my frock and bra and sat again in dad’s lap straddling him. I held his face bringing it closer to my boobs. He grabbed my big firm boobs and went mad sucking my nipples.

During this my hands were running on his back letting him enjoy my boobs. I looked sideways and saw Pankaj and Sharath staring at us wide eyed and rubbing their cocks from over their trousers.

I called them to me signalling with my finger. Both came and stood on either sides of me. I placed my hands on both their bulges and squeezed them hard. Sharath became uneasy seeing me do this in front of dad.

I winked at him now turning towards Pankaj. I held his face bringing him closer to mine and kissed him. Now dad’s hands had wandered to my crotch from over my panties.

I let him rub my pussy for a few minutes before getting up and discarding my panties. I was full naked now standing between three horny men. I got on my knees and removed dad’s pants and undies taking his cock in my hand.

I stroked it a few times before licking his entire length and then taking it in my mouth. I looked up and dad had closed his eyes resting his one hand in my hair while he balanced himself with his other.

After sucking dad’s cock for a while I got up and again sat in his lap straddling him. I now held his cock and lowered my pussy on to him. Dad let out a loud moan grabbing my butt cheeks when I did this.

He moaned “Preeti you have the hottest pussy I have ever experienced”. I gave him a long smooch acknowledging his compliment while I continued rocking my bottom on his cock.

I placed my hands back on the two other waiting men hinting them to free their cocks. Pankaj and Sharath quickly undid their pants and got out of them. I held both their cocks stroking them while dad got back to sucking my nipples.

After some time, I got up and turned around sitting again in dad’s lap only taking his cock in my ass now. Now both Pankaj and Sharath were facing me with their hard cocks throbbing in my hands.

I began sucking Pankaj’s cock while I stroked Sharath’s cock while rocking my bottom on dad’s cock. I was super thrilled to be having my first foursome and also realising my fantasy of fucking dad’s friends alongside him.

To be continued….

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