The New Girl-22

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, Please read the previous part here ( The New Girl-21 ). Now let’s continue

We were seated on a L-shaped sofa around the table. Pankaj and Sharath were already drinking beer. Dad looked at me, he asked “so are you ready to have your first drink Preeti”?

I said “no dad, I think I will stick to something non-alcoholic. I was given some mock tail and we all said cheers together. For a majority of the time both Pankaj and Sharath kept appreciating my hot looks.

Pankaj gently placed his hand on my thigh under the cover of the table cloth. I looked at him and smiled giving him the required encouragement. As everyone consumed more beers the conversations moved to double meaning one liners and adult jokes.

While we were all laughing and enjoying, Pankaj’s hand slipped under my skirt gently massaging my inner thigh. I too opened my legs a little more to help him.

All the F letter words and words like cunt, cock, pussy, ass etc. were freely flowing in our conversations now. His hand also progressed higher touching my panties now.

I looked at him and gave him a seductive look. Seeing me enjoying his touches, he took my hand and placed it on his bulge. It sure felt thick and to show him that I liked it, I gave it a gentle squeeze.

Dad got up to use the restroom leaving me with them. As soon as he was out of sight, Pankaj rubbed my pussy hard and I in return I squeezed his bulge hard.

Then I held his face and gave him a passionate kiss on his lips. Pankaj used this chance to cup my boobs and squeeze them. Sharath had no idea what we both had been doing all this while.

I looked at Sharath while I was kissing Pankaj, he was drooling looking at me. He said “Preeti it would be an honour if you could sit here between us” patting on the sofa.

I smiled and tried to slide over Pankaj’s lap to the other side. This gave Pankaj a good chance to feel and squeeze my butt cheeks. My plate and drink were also moved to my new seat.

As soon as I settled, I slipped my hands under the table on both their crotches and gave them a good squeeze. When I did this Sharath almost let out an audible moan.

Pankaj scolded him to keep shut before our under table activities get discovered. I turned to Sharath and gave him a lip kiss too. Seeing him doing nothing, I took his hand and placed on my boob and he squeezed it hard.

Now dad came back to his seat and saw me sitting between both of them. Before he could say something I winked at him, I said “dad Pankaj uncle and Sharath uncle are very nice and taking very good care of me”.

Dad understood because this was anyways our plan so he smiled looking at them. He said “Preeti has been after me for a while to meet you both”. Pankaj said “Satish Preeti is very beautiful and talented girl, we are also really enjoying her company”.

While the conversations resumed both of them slipped their hands under my skirt feeling my panties. Just to take thing to the next level, I said “please excuse me because I need to use the rest room”.

Sharath got up making way for me to step out, he said “let me also come with you”. Once we were out of dad’s sight Sharath took me to a dark secluded corner. He hugged me and planted a kiss on my lips.

I took hugged him and kissed back with equal passion. His hands were cupping my butt cheeks grinding my crotch against his, he said “oh Preeti you are so sexy. I have not come across any woman as hot as you”.

To entice him further, I said “uncle that day when you came home to drop dad, I remember how nicely you and Pankaj uncle felt me up, I have been longing for that ever since, can you please do it again”?

He ran his hands under my frock feeling my dripping wet pussy and fleshy buttocks, then he pushed them upwards trying to feel my boobs but the tightness of the frock was making it difficult.

He again pushed his hand inside my panty and fingered me a little, then he brought them to his mouth and sucked them. He said “my god Preeti, you are so tasty. I wish I could eat you right now”.

Even though we were in a secluded corner, there were some people passing by outside trying to see what we were doing. I said “uncle there are people who are looking at what we are doing. Can you find a more private place to continue”?

He said “Preeti, I have an idea. We can go to my place and continue partying there”. I asked “what about dad and Pankaj uncle”? He said they will also come along. Once your dad gets drunk as always we will be free to enjoy”.

I kissed him again and said “oh uncle, you are so naughty, you leave dad to me. I will take care of him. Now let’s go back”. We returned to the table, Pankaj asked “what took you so long”?

Sharath quickly chipped in saying “we had to wait for a clean place which Preeti could use”. We continued drinking and cracking jokes, now Sharath got up calling Pankaj to also join for a smoke.

They went outside, I slipped close to dad and told him Sharath’s plan. Dad asked “so how are you going to manage ‘me’”? I said “leave that to me dad, I will find an excuse to kiss you and you fondle me a little in front of them”.

Dad asked with wide eyes “then”? I said “they will also be horny looking at us making out so I will dare them to kiss me and we will see how it goes from there”.

Both came back and sat again on either sides of me. Sharath said “Satish my place is vacant, If you are game we can buy some booze and starters and continue partying at my place. It will be more fun than here”.

Dad instantly agreed and we all left in our vehicles. We stopped to buy the booze and food, I said “dad I think I will also have something light to drink”. Dad smiled at me, he told Pankaj “please pick up a few breezers for Preeti”.

Then we reached Sharath’s house by 8pm. It was a beautiful tastefully done up house surrounded by greenery on all 4 sides. When we entered inside, I saw many pictures adorning the walls of uncle and aunty together.

I asked “Sharath uncle, where is Aunty now”? He said in a low tone “she is not with us anymore, she left us two years ago”. I felt sorry hearing this. To cheer him up I hugged him and said “don’t worry uncle, I am right here with you”.

I was able to lighten up the atmosphere while dad and Pankaj unloaded everything and setup the place. We all settled in the backyard under a canopy where there was a table to seat 6 people.

Drinks were served along with the starters and the adult jokes along with the F-letter words began freely flowing again. I too had a few breezers and then got up announcing that I needed to use the washroom.

Pankaj got up volunteering to escort me there. I walked following him, after we got inside the house he was walking behind me. I could feel his gaze on my backside dissecting me already.

As soon as we reached the rest room, we both rushed inside and locked in an embrace like horny lovers. He pushed me against the bathroom wall and pulled my panties off.

He knelt between my legs and began eating my pussy, oh god he was so an expert with his tongue that within a few minutes he got me near the edge of my orgasm.

Then he stood up and I unzipped his fly and took out his cock. He was a good eight inches and very meaty and oozing lots of precum. I licked all his precum and began giving him a blowjob.

I had taken bigger cocks in my mouth before this so deep throating him was no big deal. Pankaj was letting out Aah all the time showing that he was enjoying the blowjob I was giving him.

Then I got up and turned around bending against the wall. I positioned his cock at my hungry pussy, I said “uncle please be gentle because you are so big”.

He grinned at me and started pushing inside fucking me full speed. Within seconds I had my impending orgasm while he continued pumping me hard. I raised my frock to my neck and Pankaj undid my bra.

Then he went crazy massaging my boobs while continuing to pound me with his big cock. He said “Preeti you surely have the most beautiful tits I have ever seen”.

After some more time fucking me, he said “Preeti I am close”. I quickly turned around and took him in my mouth. He shot quite a quantity in my mouth and I swallowed it all.

To be continued….

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