The New Girl-21

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, Please read the previous part here ( The New Girl-20 ). Now let’s continue

After freshening up in the bathroom she changed into her usual nighty and went to the kitchen. I too followed pretending dumb. I asked “mom why are you looking so tired”?

She said “oh nothing dear, today I did a lot of exercises. That’s all”. I asked “did you meet Aslam today and tell him about my clothes”? Mom smiled and said “yes dear, I have explained everything nicely to him”.

Mom was lying like a pro about her ‘exercises’ but that does not matter to me anyway. She can do whatever she wants to do with her life. Soon we all retired to our respective beds.

Today dad was super horny and in our first session of the night he fucked all my holes one after the other before cumming in my mouth. Maybe what I had said about mom’s sexual adventures with his boss, bosses friend and Aslam was his trigger.

After our first intense round of sex we were resting with me lying on top, I said “dad please grant me my wish soon”. Dad asked “what is it baby? Did I not take you shopping today as promised”?

I said “dad, it’s the other one where I want to enjoy with Pankaj uncle and Sharath uncle”. Dad asked “are you sure you can handle them baby”? I said “I have handled men of all ages and types, so yes I am sure”.

He said “well it’s difficult to arrange but let me think about it”. I said “dad, I know you have not gone out drinking with them again for a while now, so make a plan to go with them and take me also along. I will handle it from there”.

Dad with a perplexed look asked “what do you have in mind baby”? I said “you don’t worry, just do as I say and go with the flow”. He excitedly asked “can I plan for today evening then”?

I said “yes, but let us start early so we can get back by the time mom finishes with Aslam and your boss Irshaad and returns”. He said “ok, be ready by 6pm. I will pick you up from home”.

This conversation had made dad’s cock very hard again. We had another round of wild sex before going to sleep. Next morning, we did our usual two morning sex sessions followed by another threesome with Hardeep and dad.

Then me and Hardeep left to school, I started off with Khan. On my way to the class Vikas sir caught me. He took me to the terrace, in an angry voice he shouted “why did you not come all these days bitch”?

I made a sorry face and said “I am having lots of problems at home with my parents, so I could not step out. Please understand I am also dying to be with you Vikas”.

My answer had a positive effect on him. He took me to his house and fucked me twice like a possessed animal. I just lay faking my moans and orgasms to make him feel good that I was enjoying it too.

Then we got back to school, I went straight to Prakash’s cabin and did not find him. Then I went to Pillai and he too was not there. So I went back to my classes.

The last class before lunch hour was Babu’s class. He asked “can we meet today afternoon babe”? I said “I am not sure but will try. What time will you be free”?

He said “I am free all afternoon, come anytime babe”. I decided to go with Babu instead of waiting for Prakash and Pillai because as the saying goes, a bird in hand is better than two in the bush.

Then the lunch break bell went off, after finishing lunch I went straight to Babu’s lab. He had just finished lunch too. He asked “so how much time do we have today babe”?

I said “next three hours because I want to go back and attend the last hour lecture”. He went and locked his door then pulled out his mattress spreading it.

He took out a box of condoms placing it by the side. I removed my clothes and lay down while too undressed and joined. We made love three times with enough rest in-between.

The good thing about Babu is that he is gentle yet very energetic and long lasting. When we were resting after our third round he asked “so baby when are you going to come home so I can enjoy you with my wife”?

I said “you know Babu I have been trying but I am not able to make excuses at home to be with you. Maybe one of these days we will skip school and enjoy whole day at your place”.

Babu was very excited to hear this, he said “I have some leaves pending, I will let you know when I will take them and you can meet at my place. Thank you babe”.

Now he got back on top and we had our fourth crazy round of love making. I was also crazily aroused and excited because I was going to have my first threesome with his wife.

After we finished and got dressed I kissed him and left from there. I went straight to Prakash’s cabin but did not find him there, next same thing with Pillai.

I wanted to make good of my available time so I decide to go to Khan’s place. I met him at the gate, I said “please get Govinda and come quickly”. I removed all my clothes and sat on his bed.

Both of them came soon and stripped quickly. I started sucking Khan’s cock while stroking Govinda’s cock. Govinda said “Gudiya I cannot wait” and entered my pussy while I gave the blowjob to Khan.

After a few minutes Khan also joined him entering my butt. Both men were on fire today and fucked me good. I was also on fire thinking about the excitement of getting laid by dad’s friends tonight.

I was in no hurry today because I had all the time. Both men fucked me twice each taking turns in both my holes. They still managed to cum inside me just before the closing bell went off.

They disposed off the condoms and Govinda brought me my usual fruit milk shake. Then Khan cleaned me nicely and dressed me up. He said “thank you Gudiya, we were both thinking about you only”.

I kissed both of them and headed back. The closing bell went off now and I reached my class and collected my stuff and headed home. I avoided the playground on the way because it was already 4.30pm and I needed to get ready.

I reached home and took a shower, then I ate something before dressing up in a pink frock with a push up bra set and heeled sandals which dad had bought me.

I did my minimal makeup and was ready by 5.30 waiting for dad. He same early and as soon as I answered the door for him, his jaw dropped seeing me all decked up.

He locked the door and went crazy carrying me to the bed. He said “baby you are looking so hot and sexy that my friends are going to have a very hard time.

Just thinking about the night ahead made us both horny and wild in bed. We had an intense fuck session during which I experienced the most powerful orgasms ever.

We had another quick shower before getting ready again and heading out. We left in dad’s scooter, on the way I noticed that all male eyes on me because this frock was showing a decent amount of my tits and cleavage.

I also noticed mom riding behind Aslam on his bike and told dad about it. She was sitting behind hugging him like a couple while talking and laughing her heart out.

We followed them from a distance and saw them enter a big bungalow. Dad confirmed to me that it surely was Irshaad’s house because he had been there before.

I asked “what do you have in mind dad”? He said “let’s not waste out time behind this bitch because we already know why she has gone there. Let us make the most out of our evening as planned”.

We reached a nice upper market restaurant and went inside. Both Pankaj uncle and Sharath uncle were already there and were surprised to see me. Guess dad wanted to give them a surprise to add to the excitement.

Both came forward to hug me one by one and as expected quickly felt me up. We all sat together at the table with dad on my right side and Pankaj on my left and Sharath next to him.

We were seated on a L-shaped sofa around the table. Pankaj and Sharath were already drinking beer. Dad looked at me, he asked “so are you ready to have your first drink Preeti”?

To be continued….

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