Vacation trip to Goa (love on train: end of trip)

Hello friends,
It’s a nice vacation as we four enjoyed it a lot;on train,in Mumbai,in Goa as we have reached mumbai again to catch our train in the evening.we four are on cab as we have to reach Mumbai Central and August Kranti rajdhani express is on time at 17:00 Bina ,Sonal ,Anish and Kirti are in cab as they are looking out of it and I have put a long frocks on my body to cover my neck to thighs as it’s deep necked,so cleavage can be we reached the platform,I left them and walked towards a magazine store as I bought a magazine and than have some snacks with cold drinks I walked back,I can see Sonal body while talking with my hubby Anish.she is a 25 years married lady as her physical appearance’s seems attractive,her lovely tits and sexy boobs are I put items in a bag,I bend down as I can see some passengers looking at my sexy thighs and I stood up as Kirti smiled on me………

“anything left for journey
(Bina)yes ,a little face wash and a tube of gel for face
(Kirti laughed)oh baby ! Gel for face or somewhere.” And he walked away as I moved closer to Sonal and than asked……….”you both are too busy,seems you will make journey pleasurable
(Sonal smiled)sure sister ,why not your hubby have made me a slave and I love his attitude towards me
(Bina)oh but if you can kiss here ,I bet I will leave him for you during journey.”

And Sonal moved closer to Anish as she put her arm on his shoulder and looking at me ,she kissed his face as Anish got amazed in a busy platform,she took him in her arms and kissed her lips frequently.looking towards passengers,I am too shy as Sonal came to me and said………


“sister,if you will ask me for some thing more here,I can
(Bina)oh you are too bold Sonal.”

And there Kirti came as he put his arm on my shoulder and took my purse in his hand,opening it and put gels as well as face wash in Kirti gave me my purse but he put his hand on my back as he hold me and kissed my face to lips,making me a shameless lady there as Sonal and Anish I bowed my head as Kirti screamed”oh baby,don’t think about spectators,just do what you want” and as I put my head straight,my mind became firesh and I put my hand in his neck as I kissed his lips.its a busy platform as our love session ends soon while train started arriving on platform,now looking at it,waiting to stop and than we four frisked inside A/C-1 we got into our coup-D ,Kirti and Anish is putting luggage inside both lady are sitting as Sonal is in a tight tops with leggings,they both sits opposite to us and now we four are looking at eachother as I asked………

“Sonal,you have made too many passengers hot and horny
(Sonal)leave them sister,they will do their rest.”

As service guy came there with bottles of water,we are waiting for snacks and coffee.later on,we four are taking as drinking coffee have put us more energetic,now it’s time to lock the door of coup but TTE have not checked our tickets,so let him come and as it’s 16:55 hours,our tickets have been checked as Anish locked the door and we have three hours in our kitty to as train starts,both guys stood up and started removing their clothes as I can see Anish and Kirti removing their jeans,I am too horny .now Anish opened the bag as he took out his Bermuda with a loose t’shirt to wear,I stood in his back and hold him in my arms.anish turned back as he is in vest and briefs only,he hold me in his arms as his lips are loving my lips and my hand is rubbing his hot we are that he took my lips in his mouth and started sucking it,while Anish hand have hold my frock as he is lifting it upto my waist and I can feel his palm on my sexy feeling horny,I took out my lips and pushed my tongue in his mouth and he is sucking it wildely as my sexy buttocks have been rubbed ,I can feel it’s going down to my legs,oh !I think Anish is making my vagina nude as I am feeling my mouth with his mouths saliva,now my eyes are closed as I can feel kisses on my sexy ass,oh no!Kirti is there to love my back and while Anish is sucking my tongue hardly,Kirti is kissing my sexy round dome shaped ass .I am too hot as train peaked to high speed and Anish left my tongue as I put my arms on his waist ,like a four legged animal I am standing as my hubby is infront of me and Kirti have got my cunt to I pulled my hubby’s briefs to legs and hold his penis, opened my mouth and took it to suck as I can feel kirti’s tongue licking my anus hole while he is pressing my boobs it’s a new start of our journey as I am sucking my hubby’s hard cock while moving my face up and down ,sexy voice

“uuh aahh uumm”is making us horny as I felt his cock growing harder,I left it and looked back to see Kirti sitting on his legs as he is licking my cunt while fingering my ass I put my tongue on anish’s cock to lick it as Kirti have distracted my labias and flexible vagina is getting his long tongue inside,as feeling like a whore,I am screaming in joy”oohh aahh yes suck my vagina,lick it you stray dog” and Kirti is rolling his tongue inside my vagina as I took my hubby’s penis again in my my hubby have hold my hairs as he starts fucking my mouth with his long thick penis,it’s glans is hitting my throat as Kirti is fingering my cunt with his long finger as his tongue is licking my ass feeling on peak of sexual orgasm,I sucked anish’s cock for a while and than left it as my legs become tired ,I sits on berth with my legs down to earths as I put my frock up and removed it.while sitting on berth nudely,I can see Sonal nude as she is fingering her cunt and there Kirti moved as he hold his wife’s hairs and hold his penis and she opened it, swallowed his long penis to suck as my hubby Anish sits on my he hold my legs putting it in air as his face is on my cunt,now kissing my vagina as I put my fingers to widend its hole,anish’s long tongue is licking my vagina as he is pressing my breast hard and I can see sonal’s mouth being fucked hard with his hubby’s cock so my mouth is screaming”oohh uumm aahh” and my hubby than started fingering my vagina fastly as it’s hot ,I started shouting

“oohh aahh fuck my cunt Anish,I will cum soon…..aahh it’s cumming” and it’s wet as Anish took out his finger from my cunt and licked it ,again he put it in my wet vagina and put his finger in my mouth as it’s great to taste my vaginas Sonal took out his hubby’s cock and soon,Kirti moved to me as he made me stand,now my one leg is on berth as he widend my legs and hold his his one hand is on my waist as he pushed his glans with cock in my wet cunt,it’s coming inside as his half of cock vanished inside,I pressed my ass hard towards earth and his whole cock have made my vagina a burning hole,but he is pounding hard from below as I hold him in my looking toward Sonal ,I can see him standing like a four legged animal as her arms are on coups wall.she have put her sexy ass straight to my hubby’s tool and Anish put his glans inside her cunt as he fucked hard and she “oohh no it’s too hard” and again he fucked as her vagina is full of his cock,she started swinging her ass fast while my legs are moving up and down,I felt his cock hitting my deeper my boobs are getting bruises on his chest as he is pounding my vagina with speed ,much faster than of rajdhani express,so much strength a guy have got while fucking ,it’s natural and my cunt is now like a bolier as I shouted

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