“I had the whole night planned out!”

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The doorbell rang, “I’ll get it! “ I hollered out!

“Can you tip the pizza guy?!” Dad yelled from where he was sitting on the couch watching the baseball game. I had the whole night planned out! We very rarely had the house all to ourselves, but my step mom would be out all night working on my little sister’s (half-sister) soccer league.

Linda was the league president and was responsible for making sure all the team coaches had the equipment they needed to run their teams. She had dragged Jenny along too, to help out with any of the little things that she needed.

I scurried to the door, and quickly opened it. There pointing a gun, was a very large man dressed in black, with a ski mask over his face, to conceal his identity. I screamed as I stepped backwards, and grabbing me by the neck, he pressed the barrel of the gun into the back of my head!

It wasn’t long before my dad, hearing my scream, had scurried into the entryway near the front door.

“Don’t even think about it!” growled the intruder, as my dad found the two of us. The masked man, forcibly lead me towards our family living room. My eyes were wide, and there was a look of fear on my face, that daddy had never seen in me before. I began to whimper, trembling as we made our way closer, to where he wanted us to go.

“Take anything you want!” Dad insisted nervously. “Just please don’t hurt us! Please don’t hurt my baby girl!”

“Oh don’t you worry.” The Man said with an evil grin on his face. “I will… be taking everything I want!”

I had always thought of my daddy, as being my strong protector, but now, he looked helpless, and there was really nothing he could’ve done. The man in the mask had all the power, and it was clear that daddy would give him whatever he wanted, just to keep us safe!

Living out in the country, and always been one of daddy’s most important things on the checklist of life. Granted there were some really nice perks about living away from the rest of the world, but tonight it would prove to be more of a difficulty then ever imagined. There would be no neighbors to hear our cries, no one to report the suspicious behavior, and certainly, no-one to rescue us.

“Get over in that chair!” The gunman commanded, pointing the gun at daddy. “If you don’t move a little faster,” he hissed through his teeth, “I’m going to put a bullet into your pretty little girl!”

My dad obliged reluctantly, and sitting on the chair, in nothing but his boxers, I could see his muscles tense up a bit, and could tell that his mind was spinning, trying to figure a way out of this.

“Now you, tie him up!,” the grizzly Man voice commanded, pulling some nylon rope, out of a backpack he wore, and tossing it on the ground, pushed me forward and motioned for daddy to put his hands behind the chair.

“Just do what he says sweetie…,” daddy reassured me. “Everything will be OK, if we just do what he says…” Dad went on as he seemed to calmly keep his composure.

I was now worked up pretty good, and crying, sobbing, a little as I took the cord and began tying my Dad’s hands behind the chair. “I’m so scared,” I whispered trying my best to keep things loose.

Just then man with a gun, grabbed me forcefully pushing me down a little bit more, demanded that I make them good and tight.

I cinched the ropes down hard, and watched as my father’s muscular shoulders tightened even more. He was really young to have a daughter, that was only 18. He had gotten my mother pregnant when she was only 16, and he being only a year older, was nowhere near prepared for a baby. They made it last, until I was two years old, and then my mother ran off and I hadn’t seen her since. Of course dad remarried almost immediately with a woman a few years his senior. They had been married only a year, when my sister Jenny was born.

I had just finished up, on the ropes, when my dad said again to our unwanted guest, “Listen fella, let me just tell you where you can find my wallet and some other valuables. We’re no good to you!” He exclaimed.

“If you don’t shut the fuck up!” He yelled out visibly irritated! “Then I’m a give you a reason, that you wish you were not born with a tongue!” Then grabbing me by the strap of my T-shirt, threw me to the ground. The sheer force, of his strength, suddenly ripped the thin fabric, exposing my very large breasts so that they were visible to my father.

I lay in a mess of a pile, on the ground in front of my father. Through the sobs, and tears in my eyes I noticed him shifting a bit uncomfortably, as his now exposed daughter seemed to visibly affect him.

I could feel the gunman’s rough hands, now forcing my own arms behind my back, as he pushed me forward, I came to be within a few inches of my father’s crotch. I could smell the distinct musk of my father’s scent that had always calmed me in the past. As my hands were secured tightly behind me, I could now see, the outline of my fathers prick rise slightly and then jump abruptly.

“Well, well, would you look at that,… “ The Man said mockingly. “Looks like daddy’s got a thing for his baby girl!” He said pointing the gun in the direction of daddy’s crotch.

“No!”Shouted my father! “No way! It’s not like that at all!” And then looking at me he said with pleading in his eyes, “Sweetie I swear! It’s a guy thing,” he went on, “and it just kind of happens! I would never…”

And then he was cut off, as the masked man struck him with the back of his hand on the side of his face. “Well you’re a fucking liar!,” he shouted. “My sisters hot, but I never get wood for her!” He laughed maniacally!

“Daddy!” I insisted “Don’t worry! It’s OK.” I continued, and as I leaned forward, I rested my heaving breasts against his legs. As I lay there resting my head in his lap, I saw the gunman’s head snap quickly to the side. And then out of the corner of my eye, I saw something that I wasn’t expecting. It was Jenny!

Jenny danced her way into the room spinning around with her Air Pods in, she couldn’t hear a thing! She had been blasting her music for everyone in the house her for several weeks, until her mom finally had enough and had gotten her the Air Pods to pacify her. Now as she, “two stepped” her way into the room. Jenny was completely oblivious to the scene that had been unfolding that evening!

Before she could even react, the man grabbed my 15 year old sister by the wrist and wrenched her tiny frame down in heap next to me. She began screaming hysterically as the wireless buds bounced across the floor with the force of her upheaval. She looked around frantically and seeing dad and me tied, began to hyperventilate in a panic of epic proportions.

“Jenny! Jenny!” Dad hollered! “Try to calm down!” Then Jenny turned, and looked down the barrel of the .357 Magnum, abruptly turned white as a ghost, and passed out from overwhelming fear.

Jenny was pretty much the last opportunity for anything to turn in favor of escape. I didn’t know that she had decided to stay home, but regardless it would be of no use to us now.

Jenny was much more subdued when she came to, but she was whimpering a little more pronounced than before.

“What does he want?” she whispered, cowering next to our father. She wrapped her arms around daddies waist, resting her hands near his now bulging manhood. Daddy had not stopped staring at my nakedness and was very apparently much more “excited” than he might have led on.

“The more the merrier,” snarled the man bruskly, and unexpectedly he tore Jenny’s sundress clean off of her shoulders. The yellow flowered garment lay helplessly around her hips and she grabbed her young fleshy breasts covering them with her hands and arms!

“Well Daddy,” he chuckled, “Your girls have some really pretty tits! I think we’re going to have a little fun! Let’s have a good look!” he told Jenny. “Why don’t you show your big daddy what a fine pair of knockers you have there.” He struggled to move Jenny’s arms away, and ultimately took the gun to daddies head and demanded again, “Let your daddy take a peak!”

Crying even more profusely, she move her hands revealing a gorgeous pair of young breasts, trembling as our father eyes bugged out even more.

“Enough of this foreplay,” the man continued, “You! Little girl! Take off his shorts!”

“No!!!” Screamed Jenny! “I won’t do it you bastard!” she glared. As she said this the man, drew back the hammer on his pistol, pointing it at our father’s head….

“Jenny!” I screeched! “He’s going to kill dad! Just do what he says!”

“It’s ok sweetie.” Daddy said, now shaking with tepid excitement. “Do what the man says, and we will all be fine.”

Jenny continued to sob, as she peeled our father’s shorts off of his legs, and knelt down next to him revealing our father’s massive and now fully erect cock! It was magnificent! I had been with a few boys, who claimed to be well endowed, but nothing compared to incredible piece of meat that our father displayed proudly, but under extreme duress.

“And now,” said the masked man grinning, “You’re gonna stick that thing in your mouth!”

“Please mister!” Daddy rebuffed,…. he was met with another violent blow to the side of his face, now bloodied from the force with which he had been hit.

Pushing her head towards our father’s giant cock, the brutal man forced Jenny’s reluctant mouth onto the straining thing. Daddy pitched his head back, and let out a deep moan. “Oh Jesus,” he groaned, “Oh God Jenny, I’m so sorry” he managed out.
Jenny‘s neck bulged under the strain of her fathers cock, her eyes widened and she began to choke and spit, and then gasping for air as he released the back of her neck, she pleaded for him to stop.

“Again!” He demanded! “and if you don’t do what I want this time,” he said, “I’ll hit you so hard, you won’t get up for a week!”

Jenny returned her inexperienced mouth, to her Daddys throbbing meet and for several minutes, being coached and coaxed, with vicious demands, she continued to move her mouth up and down, slobbering, along the shaft. Daddy really begin to enjoy the attention, despite trying to restrain his feelings, it was evident, that it would be impossible for him to overcome. He started to moan more energetically, and I could tell that he was on the verge of emptying his balls, then suddenly the gunman pull Jenny’s mouth off of her father’s cock.

“That’s enough for you,” he said, “I’m not gonna let you have all the fun! Besides,” he remarked, “It looks like your big sister wants a little for herself!

Grabbing Jenny, he pushed her to the floor, and with a knee in her bag, secured her hands with another cord that he had removed from his backpack. Tossing her over the arm of the couch, so that she couldn’t move away, the gunman made his way over towards me.

“And now it’s your turn!” He said licking his lips. “You’ll be the one, who gets her Daddys rocks off!” He very quickly finished tearing the rest of my T-shirt completely off. I let my huge 34 double D breasts flop out in front of everyone. At this point I was past shame, if I had any at all? He released the restraints from my hands, and had me go to work on daddy‘s big dick. Having had a lot more experience, I didn’t hesitate, And really got daddy enjoying himself. He apologized what seemed like 1000 times, but continued to moan and call out my name.

“Oh Jesus Marissa!” He wailed! “Oh God! Where did you learn that! My God you feel amazing! This is so good! Oh, Marissa,” he cried, “please forgive me! I’m so sorry!”

I slobbered, pumped my mouth onto his prick. And grabbing his cock at the base, swallowed the gigantic beast, and held it, while I breathlessly, manipulated his balls. As I continued, I noticed that the man had removed the cords from my father’s wrists.

“Now,” he said grabbing me by the hair, and turning my ass in the direction of daddies cock, “Take her pussy! And if you get any ideas,” he added, “I’ll be right here behind you!” He said waving the gun from side to side.

It seems weird to say this, but I had become overwhelmed with lust for passion. We did have a gun, pointed at the back of our heads, but it didn’t seem to matter for either of us anymore. Daddy slid himself behind me, and leaning over whispered in my ear, “I love you Missy,” he cooed. That’s what he would call me, when he was being particularly affectionate. “I am sorry, but we really don’t have a choice.” he added.

My cunt was a sopping mess. With all that was on display, It hadn’t taken long to get me going. Without much warning after that, daddy rammed his thick cock, deep inside my dripping wet pussy.

“Oh my God!” I screamed! “Fuck that thing is huge! Oh my God daddy! You’re stretching my cunt! Oh fuck!” I screeched as my mouth, came to form a perfect ring, a perfect O. “Oh Jesus” I continued, “You’re so fucking big! My God! I’ve never had this feel so good!”

I noticed out of the corner of my eye, that the gunman, he dropped his pants to the ground, and was rubbing up his cock on Jenny’s slit. She was trying to struggle free, but had no luck doing it. And as daddy pumped his meat into his older daughter’s sweet pussy, he didn’t seem to notice at all, the cries from from his little virgin daughter Jenny. She called for him, when the brutal man pulled her panties to the floor. She cried for him when he rubbed the head of his cock against her tender slit. And she screamed out loud when the masked man, thrust his rod into her tight little pussy.

And I smiled, and didn’t seem to mind, while daddy grabbed me by my small waist and continued to mount me like an animal.

“Oh fuck Missy!” he grunted, “Oh my God! he said, “You’re so tight! I love you my sweet little girl! My God! I love fucking your sweet cunt!” He continued on deliriously. Smacking my ass with the flat of his hand, he pounded into me even harder, lengthening his strokes, as he pleasured himself with my body.

I could tell that Jenny was crying helplessly, but began to feign some signs of pleasure, as the brute of a man, that was taking her, refuse to relent. He assaulted her virginity, with no remorse, and I could hear the beginnings of his climax, as he emptied his balls inside of her. He had cleaned himself up, and in no time to let himself out, even while daddy continually and now deliberately ravaged my young body.

“Oh my God daddy! Oh fuck me daddy!” I now said unbridling my lust. “Fuck me daddy! Fuck me harder! Fuck your seed deep into my pussy! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh God, Yes!” I screamed gasping as I spiraled into a mind blowing orgasm. Holding my breath, while it subsided, I screamed again. “Fuck me daddy! Fuck your little girl! Make me your whore! My God I want your cock! Cum inside me! Give me your baby!” I continued on senselessly, as I plummeted into another orgasm even stronger than the first.

“Oh Missy!” He grunted! “I’m going to cum! I’m going to give it to you!” He moaned, and now putting his big hand around my throat, he pulled me back and screamed primally, filling me with his seed, pumping his cock into my pussy, and draining every last drop from his balls, almost choking the life out of me, and then he collapsed on top of me, out of breath, painting erratically.

After taking a few moments to recover, daddy and I are carefully untied Jenny, and the three of us huddled together in each others arms, naked on the couch, amidst whimpers, and sighs, we vowed, to keep this secret for the rest of our lives. Only with daddy reassuring us, that if we ever needed comfort of any “kind”, that he would make himself available.

A few days later, I waited in a dark corner in a nightclub on the southeast side of town. Pouring two drinks, a large man set across from the table. I slid him an envelope, it’s all there I said, you can count it if you must. I had the whole night planned out, and I was very pleased with how it all turned up. And as a bonus, you must’ve been very happy, to fuck my little sister…..

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