Young guy raj: part-07

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In continuation to my story that is of my neighbourhood guy Raj with me (Bina Mishra) ,I am narrating the story (Young guy Raj part 6)……what happened next?. As I am a married lady of 26 years old ,my sexual relationship with my hubby Anish is at peak while I am in extramarital affairs also with my hubby’s boss Nishant and Vivek but in wife exchanged program ,I have enjoyed with his office colleagues Kirti but only one affair is secret ,that is between me and young guy Raj.we both met in lawn as we are in walking process and lastly our meet turned a nice I have a nice figure of 34-26-36 ,my round dome shaped ass is impressive ,my boobs are tight with long browenish aerola and my vagina glitters like a pearls.I am a lady with no emotion as matters comes to sex,age ,smartness and I called Raj on his mobile……

“Hi Bina
(Bina)hello are you fine?
(Raj)yes coming soon
(Bina)ok but come with a guy
(Raj)but Bina if I am not capable of making you satisfy on bed
(Bina) you can and have satisfied me but I need two guys at a time .”

As it’s 11:10 am and my maid left home after completion her household I moved to washroom with my clothes as well as towel with a shaving gel I removed my gawn as I am completely nude in washroom ,I opened the tap of cascade as I am having my bath .now my body is wet as waters is flowing from cascade on my I closed the tap as I put gels on my boobs to waist and from thighs to legs ,than I started putting shaving gel on my arm pits as well as upper and outer portion of I am sitting on my legs on floor as I pushed my long finger in my vagina and started fingering my vagina fastly.after a while ,I cleaned the vaginal parts with water and arm pits also ,now I put my hand on tap as I opened it and started having finger is making my cunt hot as water is washing the gels of my body.after having bath ,I walked nudely to my bedroom as I am standing infront of a large looking my sexy body in mirror ,I rubbed my wet body with towel and than I sits on bed corner as I am thinking about my dress and lastly ,I took out a pink coloured saree with matched blouse and peticote.just like an Indian lady ,I put a brassier on my boobs and than put blouse , peticote and saree to cover my sexy body.I walked to dinning space as I know Raj’s arrival at 12:00 noon ,so I put three glasses on table with a match box , preparing for drinks together.will Raj come alone or have his friend with him to give me immense pleasure? ,Now I took my mobile as I called Raj and he ……..

“Bina we both are coming in Haifa an hour
(Bina)ok but have bottles of beer with cigarette also .”

Now I sits on sofa as I switched on the A/C to make dinning space cool,it’s a nice place to enjoy together as we will drink wine here and after 15 minutes door bell started ringing ,as I put my sandals on legs and walked to door and opened I can see Raj with his friend as I don’t recognise him ,I smiled and both came inside with a small bag in his hand.I have enjoyed group sex with Raj and his friends but this face is new to I sit on opposite sides on a sofa and both are looking at me ,Raj while opening his bag is taking out bootless of beer as he said…….

“he is my friend Anuj and Anuj this lady is Bina Mishra .”

As he smiled and then Raj started opening the bottle of beer as he is putting it in glasses ,I can see Anuj eyeing my lovely tits as my eyes are on his bulge of penis ,now we three have our glass as we are drinking and Raj…….

“Bina today you are looking like a indian lady
(Bina)I am an Indian lady Raj but I love modern outfits .”

As both guys are unbuttoning their shirts ,I am waiting for them to start our love I can see two guys removing their jeans as I walked to them and now I am in between Raj and Anuj,both are in their undies only as they started kissing my face.I put my empty glass on table as Raj is kissing my right portion of face and Anuj is putting his lips on my left my hand is moving on Raj’s thigh as other hand is on anuj’s thigh ,I am rubbing their thighs as Raj pulled down my saree from my chest and now my two boobs are looking like caged warriors needs independence.

Anuj started kissing my lips as Raj hold my breast and started pressing it hard as my hand moves on their penis bulge and I can feel their lips on my face ,lips as well as hand pulled down anuj’s undies to legs as I got the look of his cock ,a long reddish penis with soft glans and Anuj started sucking my lips as I am masturbating his cock I can see Raj pressing my boobs hard as he pushed his hand on my back and than removed the strings of blouse as he is in hurry to make my boobd nude.while holding anuj’s cock ,I pushed my tongue in anuj’s mouth as Raj took out my blouse and than removed my brassiere lovely boobs are nude as he is holding it tightly as his tongue is licking it’s browenish nipple.anuj is sucking my tongue as my hand is masturbating his penis and Raj took my right breast in his mouth as he is sucking it while Anuj is massaging my left breast.I am bit horny as I pulled down Raj’s undies and now my both hands have hold cocks as I am masturbating it Anuj left my tongue as he put his face on my right breast and started sucking it and Raj is removing my saree’s from my waist as I helped him to remove it.I am screaming in joy……..

“oohh aahh suck my boobs hard you guys don’t let me go easily.” As my upper parts are nude ,I can see anuj’s hand opening the lashes of my peticote ,both are kissing my tummy to belly as I left their cock and than my peticote goes down to my legs as I am a nude lady sitting on sofa.we three are nude as we started drinking beer again and Anuj said….. …..

“Bina you are sexy and a beautiful lady
(Bina)every nude lady looks beautiful
(Anuj)no no .”

And after drinking beer both guys asked me to stand as j stand on ground with my legs stretched ,Raj is on my legs and Anuj is behind my ass .I can see Raj kissing my labias as I can feel anuj’s tongue licking my ass hole ,now I put my one leg on sofa as Raj put his finger on my vagina to widend its hole and started licking it ,while Anuj is licking my ass hole and I am too hot……….

“oohh uumm suck my vagina and fuck me for a day you guys.”

As I can feel tongues licking my both holes ,I started massaging my boobs hard and than Anuj left my back as he is kissing my vagina and Raj walked towards Anuj put his finger in my vagina as he is fingering my vagina fastly and his lips is on my thighs and after a while ,Anuj is rolling tongue in my glory body is in sensation as Raj came back and Anuj is sucking my vagina and my hand hand have hold his hairs and later on ,he left my legs.
I walked to washroom nudely as I took refreshment after urinating ,coming back I can see them drinking beer as they smiled ……..

“Bina I think sandwich type of fuck can make you satisfy
(Bina)as you wish I have no problem.”

And we three walked to my bedroom as on king size bed ,we three are sitting and than Anuj slept on bed with his legs straight as I sits over his long penis .now Anuj hold my waist as I hold his cock and slowely pushed it in my vagina ,his 2/3 Rd cock is in my dry cunt and I pushed my heavy ass on it as my vagina is full of penis and Anuj than fucked me hard as I shouted………

“oohh it’s hard love your cock .”

And I started swinging my ass like a whore as Anuj is enjoying his penis in my vagina ,after a while I leaned on his body as Raj is sitting infront of my I can feel his penis going inside my ass hole as I am not a regular ass fucker ,I love it quiet often and Raj is pushing his hard cock in my ass hole as my ass hole is feeling like a hot bolier .now he hold my waist as Anuj started fucking me from below and Raj is giving my ass fastly.I am enjoying two cocks in my holes and now it’s my turn as I started swinging my ass fast and two cocks are coming inside my holes or going out of it .now I am feeling the heat as I stay screaming…….

“oohh fuck me hard I will cum soon.”

And now Anuj is fucking me from below as Raj is fucking my ass with speed as well as power and after 7-8 minutes of penetration ,we three shouted……”oohh aahh I will cum …..have my sperms in your ass…..have it in your cumy you bitch.” As my cunt become wet after its ejaculation and sperms cooled my both holes as I sucked their cocks to taste it’s cum.

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