Maid slept for Money

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I had many sexual fantasy with my neighbouring ladies. My maid was one among them. She stood 5.5 inches tall with medium built with a normal complexion and 2 years elder to me. Im sai i will tell you how my maid slept with me. Please don’t forget to give feedback. I work part time i earn handfully and help my family.

I imagined fucking her the whole day. I once made it happen. The maid was in an need of money due to her husband was sick, she asked money from every source but she couldnt gather more money. She approached my parents and asked for money, my parents gave her money, but it was insufficient to treat her hubby. One day i was on leave and the maid came to clean home and asked me for my parents for the reason of seeking money with them.I said they were out of town and i said that i can help her with more money than my parents gave her. But i asked her favour in return. I was trying to use the situation in favour of me. she asked me what favour, i disclosed my sexual fantasy on her, she was shocked at first, and started to think, i said she is running out of time, but i said i can help her with her hubby’s treatment if she fulfills my sexual desire and assure her for privacy. I said her to come evening and we will have sex. She was shocked and left, i was egarly waiting in the evening. The door bell rang, i greeted her inside and made her to sit and went to room and i got the money she needed, she came with her son, i understood that she has agreed to my proposal. She was stunned, she handed over the money to her son and said her that her mom will return at night.

Her son left and i locked the door, and i hugged her from behind, she tried to release but failed, i said “you are mine for the whole night”. I kissed her neck ears shoulders from behind. I made her turn towards me and placed kiss over her soft lips, i put my tongue in her mouth, she first hesitated but later let my tongue inside. We kissed for 5 minutes and i carried her to my room and threw her on my bed. She sat at the corner of the bed, i came near her and took her tender hands over my pants. My dick was rock hard by the touch of her hands. She holded my erected dick so softly. She was filled with shyness, she slowly moved my pants down,( i didnt wear undies). She opened her mouth and seeing my erected shaft. It was 6 inches long and 2 inches fat. She saw me and asked me “can i touch it” i nodded, she took my penis on her soft hands and placed on her hands and planted a warm kiss. Current flew in me. My penis was at its erected point with all the veins visible by now. slowly took my man inside her mouth,”aaaaaahhhhhhh” i realesed a sigh of exictment. she saw my face and was sucking my cock.

Though she’s a maid she is an expert to please any kind of man. She did the sucking very perfectly and beautifully. I bent down and kissed her, she stood and took away my shirt and smiled at me. I was naked in front of a maid, she caressed my chest, shoulders, abs, abdomal, slowly holding to my testicals, i was hanging and she was playing with my balls. We were kissing, i pressed her boobs, it was a sponge she wore a chudidhar, i removed her top, she was wearing purple bra, and i unhooked her bra. damn the maid had a perfect medium sized boobs with dark nipples, i slowly touched her boobs, the nipples were erected, i could feel that, she was bitting her lips, she was enjoying it. i sat and removed her pant along her undies. she had a small pubic hairs not around her pussy. she had already wet, i spread her pussy lips, woww, it is so soft and fresh with a brown colour, I kissed on her pussy lips and slowly inserted my index and middle fingers inside her pussy


she moaned, her pussy was warm and wet, i licked her pussy, it was a hole, her flesh inside was visible. We both stood nude and looked at the mirror, she had a perfect ass not big neither small, we hugged and i kissed her, I made her love, she was very shy, I said that no need to be shy and can do anything. I gave her the freedom to feel free and tried to relax and I was able to do it. she made me sleep on the bed and stroked my dick and came over me and directed my meat to her cunt. I slowly rubbed my cock over her pussy lips, and slowly entered her hole, “aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhooohhhhhhhhhhh”…….mmmmmmmmm” she moaned, she said this pleasure. She is a very silent woman, and I loved her so much that i started giving her slow strokes, i was giving her strokes in sleeping position, while she was sitting on me with her legs spread. She now started to stroke faster, while i was still she was letting herself to my way, i then started to throb her faster

“oooohhhhhhhhh….aaaahhhhhh….mmmmmm…yyeesss…yyesss” she moaned and bit her lips.

I stood and put her on the bed and entered my dick and drilled her faster, in missionary position. Her pussy walls were tighter around my cock. I wrapped her around and took her in my arms and fucked her, she was flexible we were smooching and fucked, we were sweating still continued to stroked. She suddenly unloaded cum on my penis and said me its paining. I put her on bed, she really looked like a slut biting her fingers and spreading her legs wide and inserting her other finger in the pussy and rubbing her clit. i took my penis to her mouth and did deep throat. She sucked her juices over my penis, i made her to doggy position and inserted my dick into her anal, as it was tight i lubricated my rod in oil and slowly inserted into her ass hole.

“aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh….ooohhhh my….gggooooodddd” please stop she screamed. I kept my ears deaf and drilled her ass, wow it was awsomee, she was crying in pain i stroked her for 10 minutes and i felt i was about to cum and i stopped to fuck. my dick was still in her anal, i was still and she was exhausted”aahhhh….Uffff” she exclaimed and took a deep breath, i again lubricated my cock and drilled her harder this time holding her hips, wow it was glittering and soft. A maid possess a nice figure,wow its sexy. She was enjoying this time she turned backwards and smiled. I was happy that she’s enjoying, after 10 minutes i made her kneel and shooted my semen over her face, i sat besides her sucking her nipples hard, pressing it pinching it hard and caressing her whole body, and I asked her how did she have a perfect shape, she said she is working the whole day my bending kneeling which made her flexible. she made me sleep and kissed me and stroked my balls and cock softly. She came down and i spread my legs, she sucked my rod and i was gaining erection, what a pro sucker she is. I made her sleep beside me and fucked her behind and parallely smooching her, she was caressing my head, and i was pressing her boobs and giving her medium strokes. she started to tickle my balls, and said your balls are awsome.

I made her in doggy style but made her ass up facing my face and rided on her by half sitting, i was humping in her vagina. it was easy to move back and forth. “aaaahhh….mmmm” ya yes please dont stop”. I made her stand and fucked her by standing with her one leg on my shoulder and licking her thighs, it was a perfect view from the mirror. After 5 minutes i shifted her other leg and fucked her by licking her other thigh. I put her against the wall and humped her hot clit, pressing her whole body and she was letting moans. I pushed her on bed and licked her pussyand sucking it. she wrapped me from behind through her legs. She cummed over my face i drank her tasty juices. i lifted and fucked in her ass hole she was out of control she said do wat ever i wanted to. Still i didnt want to misuse her, i kissed her and cummed over her hot thighs, legs and small amount of sperms over her balls. I collapsed on the bed. she slept besides me and faced the ceiling. We were soaked in sweat, she was barely able to stand since i fucked hard, i carried her to the bathroom, she peed with little amount of blood. I was showering and she watched me, i called her to join with me, she obliged and joined me i cleaned her top to bottom and she too did the same. We stopped to shower. I smooched her and she too responded with pleasure and stroked my soaped cock and balls, i was hot and put my hands inside her pussy and stroked hard, we were doing oral sex in the bathroom, i sat on the floor and licked her pussy and after 10 minutes she stroked and sucked my penis and we cummed at the same time, i pointed my gun to her tummy and let spray on her boobs and tummy while she squirted by pointing her pussy to my face, we were dried out and went to shower once again and made love. We were kissing and massaging each others body for 10 minutes. We came out of shower naked and dried ourselves. She was worried of her hubby, i said he’s gonna be cured from the illness. We had dinner and i fucked her in her asshole in different positions, and had another oral sex in the hall. She said she’s really satisfied now, and mentioned that the oral sex was awesome, she said her hubby did not do foreplay and oral sex. It was 12 am and i dropped her at home. 2 days later she said me that her hubby was cured and thanked me. I said no problem, and asked the same favour wen nobody was at home. We did fucked along many days, and one day she left to her hometown permanently.

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