Horney Teacher satisfied by her Student 2

Hi, readers its sai again . Last time i satisfied my fuckin hot teacher rosy (name changed). We had a good relation between us, we used to sex chat often sharing our nude pics. few days passed by rosy invited me to her home on one weekend for dinner. I agreed to visit, i went near her home and rang the door bell, i was shocked that her husband opened the door, he asked in firm voice asking me who are you?, I replied that im rosy’s student she had invited me to dinner, he seemed to be strict male, rosy came and invited me inside. Rosy and her husband was at home, rosy called me to kitchen i went and asked the reason for inviting me for dinner, her hubby was taking shower. Rosy cried and said that her husband torchers her daily hitting her abusing her in front of her childern forcing her to sex so she told that she want him show how much my student loves me she also added that she wanted to be satisfied by me in front of her husband. I was frightened and asked her what if he gets angry and whack us, she said that he is a total dumb and dont know how to react, finally i agreed her husband came and went three had dinner , after dinner she pulled my hands and took me to her room.

Watching this her husband rushed to the room , rosy told ” The student of mine here is here to show how to make love to a woman” he was shocked to hear he said how dare she do that in front of her hubby? she replied you are waste and dont know how to treat your wife , saying that she sat beside me and kissed me and i too responded, her husband was watching me, But i didnt bother him watching . slowly rosy started to rub over my cock parallely french kissing me and gradually removed my shirt and saw by topless toned body and said to her husband ” Watch this body”…she told to put my hands on her and i did it slowly, she wore black saree i touched my hands over her soft silky legs and move to her leg muscles , damn it was muscular and soft i slowly ran my hands on her thunderous thigh and starting to massage it slightly pinching it she was moaning i was kissing her neck ears eyeball cheeks chin she looked at her husband who was dumstruck watching us, i put my fingers on the dry cunt the moment i started to touch her pussy it starting to ooze out sticky juices, i took my finger to her mouth and made her taste her juices, she was sucking my fingers, like a baby i stood and she removed my jeans and saw my cock creating tent in my boxers, she planted kiss over my boxers and removed them slowly my meatpole spang free over her face, his husband was siting opposite to us , he was shocked to see my long dark tool rosy pulled her hubby and pulled down his shorts his cock was of 4 inches she was comparing her hubby’s dick to my cock. She told her hubby ” see and learn how to fuck” and started sucking my hanging dark balls and cock fro and pro her mouth was hot, she was looking georgous today i was caressing her boobs and head

I made her nude her back was stunning i kissed her back and took my cock between her ass cheeks it was big and chubby i slapped lightly and started stroking outside i let soft moans aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh mmmmm i wanted to try a fetish style i tied her hands to corner of bed as his hubby was watching and started stroking his cock i sucked her boobs it was tremendous milk flowed out of her nipples she said me to drink her milk , i drank all her milk from her nipples, i came down and slowly started to insert my man meat into her love hole it went easily this time probably she was inserting her fingers regularly. I started to bang her in moderate speed her husband was watching us with his mouth struck and already cummed, i gave her hard strokes which she was enjoying to the core, i could see a lust on her face, she was biting her lips and letting moans mmmmmhhhmm uuuuuuhhhhhhaaaa….. room was filled with rhythm of pluch pluk phath phath…… i could feel her insides clearly, i imagined how would her inner pussy look like. I used adult toy called masturbator and played it often which made me to fuck for a longer duration, we were having a healthy sex, after 20 minutes i took my pole of meat and she cummed on my face, i licked it was sweet , by this tym her husband has cummed thrice ,she made me see her husband stroking his small cock, i smiled at it. I made her in doggy position got a oil and poured on my cock and spread all over it, she did not know that i was into anal penetration,i slowly put my cock in her ass hole and pushed inside i was ina paradise of lust. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh my god sai you are tearing my asshole my darling show it to my dummy hubby how to anal fuck, i was smiling with lust in my eyes, his husband opened his eyes wide to see my meatpole throbbing inside her ass, he exclaimed oooooooohhhhhh shit, i started to dig her ass hole deep as possible, it was small hole but i kept banging with my firm cock, my veins in my penis was clearly visible to me, she was letting moans which made me turn wild,aaaahhhhh please dear stop its hurting she said i stopped and took my hard penis out she sucked my cock wildely, her hubby was sad to see her wife giving best blowjob to a young boy,probably he missed his best from his wife , what a pity….i cummed over her face seeing her husband without warning her, “sorry” i said she laughed and said “you are so nice to women wow i love you dear” and kissed me and told her hubby ” did you see how to fuck a woman you stupid workholic” he left the home immediately I said “he must have cummed more ” rosy said who care whether he cums or not ” we both stood nude and kissed passionately i was pumping her ass slapping it ,aaahhhh yyyaa fuck da ,again i fucked her ass hole this time harder and faster whenever she used to feel pain i slowed down the pace and started throbing in full speed,i was hearing sounds of our fuck phat pluch pluct phat , i penetrated for 20 minutes in her ass in various positions in various places in her home ( hall, kitchen, dining table, corridor, washroom)


She wanted to try fetish so she tied my hands and legs to the corners of the bed and came on me she sucked my nipples chest bent down and took my hanging balls in her mouth and sucked them, i felt like a vaccum in her mouth she sat on my hot rod and started vainal penetration we had a wonderfull night after 10 minutes she released the knots and i banged her hot pussy it was really hot i told her where to cum she said cum inside i was scared of her getting pregnant for which she said its fine and …laughed…. i asked her if she’s on pills she said dont worry my love im on pills all i wanted your hot liquid inside my womb, i was happy and smiled and banged and within few minutes i cummed hot sperms in her she was gasping for breath i stood and asked her ” who do you feel mam” she sat and said she has out of the words to describe she said ” wat a nice boy you are very respectfull to woman , boys of your age dont respect anyone but you do what a lucky charm you are ” saying she pulled me towards her and made me sleep beside her i was still feeling shy to touch her , she saw me in my eyes and kissed me and i also responded and kissed for 5 minutes i asked her about her hubby leaving home she said smilingly “he is not so worth infact he has to return home anyhow” she saw me drenched me in sweat even she was soaked with wet she took me to the restroom and had shower, i cleaned her and she cleaned me she took my hanging balls in her hand and complemented my body she asked me how i had a good toned muscles all over my body, i said i do swimming she said she too wanted to tone her body , for which i said to join swimming class with me she agreed immediately.

it was 12am We finished shower i was hungry but i was hesitating to ask rosy , but she understod my hunger ( a perfect home girl) she said she will dress up and serve the food but i wanted to see her all naked the whole night i told her to stay nude for the night she obyed me. she fed me food which was delicious i carried her to the room and got over her and kissed and touching each others sexual parts exchanging saliva 10 minutes later we were asleep and woke up 5 in the morning i saw her beautifull face i was caressing her knockers she woke up and smiled at me we had a good morning session in doggy style and when i was about to leave i took a courage and asked her if she want to experience 3some she was scared of some unknown guy fuckin her along with me.I said trust me its gonna be between us she agreed and i left happily.

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