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Hi readers im praveen im going to tell you abot how i fucked my tenant. her name is supriya (name changed) she is from andhra she is married and have a 2 year old kid she stands 5.7 feet tall with more muscles in her legs and thighs with medium size ass.

Coming to the story i was 21years i used to chat with her often she was a graduate. It once happened i went to give her current bill, i knocked the door but the door was not locked from inside i entered inside and searched her finally i heard water running in the bathroom i went to check who is it . The bathroom door was not locked i peeped into th door …….holy fuck …..its supriya….. nude under the shower, for the first time i saw her boobs it was actually medium in size with black nipples. but her thighs and legs were sexier than her boobs i waited to see her pussy she turned around there i saw her pussy it had small hairs in the pubic area. I already had a tent in my shorts i took few pics of her being naked . i was about to leave the bathroom but the door cracked and she turned at me she was shocked but fortunately i had already turned from her. She wrapped a towel and came out and asked me in shock ” enduku ila vachavu”(why did you come) i told ” current bill ivadaniki vachanu aunty”(came to give current bill) she said “nenu snanam chestunapudu nuvu chusavu kadu”( you peeped me when i was bathing right?) i said “nenu chudaledu aunty”(i did not see you aunty) in a innocent voice. She saw the bulge in my shorts and looked sheepingly, i came to know that she knew that i was peeping her she did not say anything she said i didnt expect this kind of behaviour from you and asked me ” yemaindi enduku ne shorts lo pedaga undi”(what happened why is that big thing in your shorts) i thought how come she dont know wat happens if a guy gets hornier. I said nothing gave her the bill and returned home. I didnt speak to her for a week i used to see her pics in my mobile and stroke my tool. I fantasized of fucking her and that day came.

One day my parents had been out of the town me and my brother stayed back, even her husband and her kid was to leave to their hometown for some work the kid was attracted to his father so he was taking him. That morning my parents left the home at time of dawn. My brother dressed up at 9 and left to meet his friend and told me he will be back by evening. Her husband and kid were trying to book a ola and i said i will drop them by the bus stand in his bike. He waved goodbye to her and i left him at the bus stop and returned home. she was going down to shop i stopped her and gave her the bike key and smiled and went to my home and locked the door. I couldnt stop imagining her body i started to masturbate by clicking her pic on the TV 5 minutes later someone rang the doorbell i thought it was the maid but surprisingly it was supriya just i was fantasize her and she appeared all of a sudden, i was wearing only shorts and i was topless without asking me she entred my home and shut the door immediately and locked she pushed me on the bed where i was masturbating and put her one leg on the bed , i asked her “em kavali aunty enduku thalupu vesaru”( wat you want and why did you locked the door) she said dont be innocent. I know that you peeped me at shower dont lie you thief or else im gonna tell your parents. I was scared and accepted my act i said ” avunu aunty nenu mimalney chusenu parents ki chepoddu please” she said “seri nenu chapu kuduthante nenu cheppindi nuvu cheyali” in firm voice i said ok aunty . she added ” nuvu nanni eh roju supriya ni pilavali seri na? i said ok supriya she asked ” em chestunavu ra bidda” i kept silent she ordered me to say i said ” nenu masturbate chestunanu supriya” .

I could see a small amount of smile on her face and now she saw her nude pics on the TV that i captured. she said ” ooohhh nanu thaluchukoni ne madda kotuthunavu ana mata”(so you have masturbating thinking of me) i nodded my head she said mmmmm and bit her lips she saw my penis making tent in my shorts and said me” ne shorts ne ippu ra ” i said ” naki chala sigestundi supriya” and covered my face with my hands she said in low tone ” ippu ani nene cheptunanu kadha” still i was shy she then made her move and touched my penis , i experienced a current flowing in my body ahhhhh i moaned hearing to this she said”abba em idi soundu chala bagundi” i said i moaned she hold my penis over my shorts in her hand “ore ne madda inta rai laga inta gatti ga undentra babu”(hey you dick is rock hard man) i smiled .

She removed my shorts very quickly and my meatpole was flowing in free moment she was happy and said” ore ne madda na magudu kanna pedada undi vadu kanna ne balls pedadiga undi ra” mmmmmmmm aaaaahhhhhhh she let her moans she said “relax chesko ra bidda” i was feeling bit relaxed and she was giving beautiful strokes i tried to sit but she pushed me i said im about to pee and i went to bathroom but i was unable to pee since my pole has reached its erection i was letting moans ahhhh she came behind me since we were of same height she was able to see my cock and the veins in it she said” enti bangaram urine ravatleda undu nenu help chestanu” and she held my cock in her hands i was feeling sleepy and put my head on her neck later i peed for 5 minutes i had my tank filled she hugged me from behind and was caressing my waist shoulders chest hip and finally got hold of my balls that were hanging. She dragged me from behing and took me to my room she was wearing tight leggings and a tee shirt she said “ em chustunaavu ra na dress ni ippu ra kodaka”( what are you looking at undress me man) I obeyed her and slowly put my hands on her thigh damn it was so enormous and hot I pulled her pants down with a flow she was wearing a lagoon colour panty. I started caressing her thighs and legs for 5 minutes later I took her top she was wearing the same colour bra she stood like a porn star alison tyler but her boobs was medium in size. I made her sit and she was licking my dick head and took it fully in her mouth and sucked like a lollypop she was very hungry I removed her bra as she was sucking my meat and caressed her boobs it was dry. I took oil and poured on her and started caressing and I pumped hard she seemed to enjoying it 5 minutes later she pushed me on bed and stood her legs spread her thighs and calf muscles was a highlighted her than her ass and boobs . she removed her panty and pointed her medium hair cunt she bent down and sucked my balls. Without wasting time I pulled her beside me and started rub my dick head over her haired pussy I thought that her pubic hair would disturb me but it didn’t “ ne madda ni na loga dursu ra bangaram” and kissed me I too responded while we were kissing I pushed my jonny inside her” aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh……mmmmmmm praveen dengu ra nani” she said I was giving medium strokes to her cunt

Her pussy was so cold, I thought it would be hot I felt I pushed my dick in a ice I was enjoying her body I was pressing her thigh pinching it and her calf muscles was so flesh I could not take my hands from it .” enduku na kalu ne press chestunavu “ I said your legs and thighs are sexier that your sexual parts. She seemed to be a strong woman she said she is feeling not pain but pleasure I said “ nuvu naaki chala nacchavu” she responded by kissing me I put her in doggy style and fucked by standing on the bed aaahhhahahahahahahaha….uuuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh….mhmhmhmhmmmmmmmmmm she was singing her moans.

I was throbbing her which lasted for 15 minutes I then made her stand facing the wall and kneeled down and suck her pussy it was cool and few drips of thick love juices were flowing out of her. I stood and fucked her by standing we both were enjoyed the position. After 10 minutes we sat on bed she was giving nice strokes and tickling my balls that time she said “ na husband manchi vadu nannani 3 months ki oka saraina baga degadu gani vadu madda challa sanna ga undi mari 10 minutes loga cum chesdadu”(my hubby was a good man he used to fuck me once in 3 months but his tool was thin and bit smaller than me). I put her in missionary position her tummy was shining her armpits had little hair an I licked it very well and I hold her waist she felt tickled and moaned ssssssoooohhhhhh ahhhhhh I put my hands on her small boobs and started to press hard and fucked simultaneously she said “ na puku ni degutu na chinna rommu ni nokkutunaavu ahhhh yem santrupti chestunavu ra nanu” ( by fucking me and pressing my boobs wat a satisfaction you are giving to me), we were little bit sweat I took my cock out and I slept beside her caressing her cunt she said “naaku epudununchi yuvakaluto deginchukovali ani undi gani eh roju nuvu nannu thega thesesa ( I was imaging of having sex with young guys and today you have ripped me).

I smiled and was about to fuck her she said “ nuvu punuko bangaram nenu ne meda savari chestanu”(you sleep dear and I will ride on you) she seemed to be very adjustable to men, I was in other world and she made cowgirl position and rided on me for 15 minutes, I was still pumping her boobs I appeared to be big this time she bent towards my face and I started sucking her nipples and kissed her wildly this time I then tried to lift her to fuck her by me standing and carried on me …damn she seemed to be heavy I said ” em dappam ga unna ve nuvu na bitch” she challenged me “nanu nuvu ni bujam mida thesi nanu dengite………eh roju motham nenu nuvu chappidindi chestanu” wat a words…. We both stood same height (5.7)I was medium built but she had more flesh….I grasped my breath and immediately stood still holding her in my hands my pussy was hitting outsides of her pussy “ nenu help chestanu baby” and put my cock in her cunt I was fucking her. I imagined how would it be if a camera was focusing from underneath our sexual parts woowww.Though she was heavier than me I could still throb her hard and perfect ,this time she let a painful moan ……..aaahhhh praveen na puku ipudu nopestundi ra I said it happens at intercourse. i had a perfect holdings on her , I rammed her harder this time for 5to 7 minutes she reached her orgasm and let out cold thick juices over my cock damn she was strong enough to hold her juices for almost 35 minutes I appreciated her saying her she’s a strong woman she was happy and shyed she said her husband used to cum so early before her she asked how could I hold my ejaculation, I said I eat sex drive foods which made me last long, she asked me for the food I said iwill surely list out later and we fell on the bed still I was fucking her and I was about to cum I took my cock to her thighs and released my hot sperms on both of her thighs and legs she spread it out all over her lower parts I still was left with some sticky cum which I put it on her face she licked all of it and kissed my balls and my cock. She said “ nenu eh roju nikki yem cheyali chapu bangaram”such a good woman she was she sticked to her words and thought wat to say …..And I said her to be naked the whole day till the next morning for which she said “ “inte na” I said I wanted a oil massage from her she happily agreed and said when you want I said I will tell you.

We went to bathroom and cleaned ourselves supriya was hot under shower, but her poor husband couldn’t fuck her I felt pity for him such a successful man could not be success with his wife . I said we will move to her home I went to her home and she massaged me very well staying nude after some time I dragged her to me and poured oil over her body and massaged I made her sleep on the bed and made her in bend and put my oiled pole inside her anal hole….aaahhhhh devudaaa….uuuuhhhhh…..rai please ne madda thi ra but I kept banging her very likelingly she was screaming with pain but I was putting my human thing in the ass it was small, I said “ ne gudhu ne deguthu denguthu thani peda hole ga chesta” my cock went dry again I poured oil and banged her badly it was going smooth inside still she was in pain and cried but did not stop me. After 15 minutes I cummed on her face and boobs and stood still and she was flated on the bed taking deep breath she said “na gudhu ni denguthavu ni nenu anukoledu “(I didn’t expect you to drill my ass hole) I made her remembered her that she will do whatever I ask her but I did not ask her instead I used theopportunity. The whole day we were nude caressing kissing each other fucking under shower and in standing position she cooked nude and I was sucking her cunt. I suggested her to take her husband to a sexologist and he will find cure for his problems. Now she is happily gets amazing sex from her hubby.

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